The Saloon

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You and a couple of your friends are prospectors in the mountains of California. You’ve had a hard week in your mines, finding a little silver, not enough to make you rich but more than enough to go to the local mining town to see of the saloon has gotten that new girl the bartender has been promising for months…the regular girls are nice and really pretty but there’re only three of them and about a couple dozen regular miners. They get tired before the weekend is over and not all the miners get a chance to be with them. You’re usually one of the ones who get left out. They get their choice of the order of men and they usually put you towards the last. When you get there it seems like every torch and candle in the place is lit. Someone’s playing the piano tonight. That rarely happens cause only two people in the whole town know how to play and they’re usually too busy trying to get in the girl’s skirts. But tonight someone’s decided to play something new. You and you’re friends look at each other and you say what all of you are thinking:

“I bet the new girl finally got here.”

Ya’ll finally push your way through the crowd at the door and make your way to the table that the bartender saves for you on Friday nights for a nickel a week. You sit and order your usual and look around to see if you can see her. You get a surprise…the whole place looks different!

The tables have been rearranged around the edges of the room and four of them have been shoved together in the center of the room. There’s a girl sitting on the bar looking around at the crowd and smiling. She glances your way and does a slow blink. The kind that says she’s thinking really fast but doesn’t want to show it. You can’t tell if she’s looking at you or your friends but she seems more interested in your table that the rest of the room.

You soon find out what the tables are doing in the middle of the floor. The three regular girls take turns stepping up on them using a chair and one of the audiences’ hands to get up on them. The guy at the piano starts playing a kind of slow tune with a catchy beat and the girls start taking their clothes off to it and the sound of the men clapping their hands. They look a little embarrassed but having fun anyway.

You watch them some but keep looking over at the new girl. She’s a brunette in a black dress that’s short even by the standards of the saloon. The other girls’ skirts are to their knees, the new girl’s skirt is short enough that the tips of her fingers reach past the hem of it.

The regular girls finish dancing and stripping to thunderous applause. The guys always like something new, and even though it’s the same three girls, the dancing is definitely new. They settle down after a minute and when the brunette hops down from the bar there’s almost dead silence.

“Play my song Manny” she says.

You notice for the first time the guy at the piano is new too, but your attention immediately shifts back to the new girl. She’s not wearing any underskirts so her dress just kind of clings to her body. She’s not as big as two of the regular girls but not as skinny as the other one.

The song on the piano is one no one has ever heard before. She starts swaying to the slow beat, swinging her rounded hips from side to side as she walks to the tables.

She looks around the room and asks: “Who wants to help me up?”

Her eyes stop on you. “How bout you, Red? You’re the first redhead I’ve seen in this place so I think I’ll let you help me.” You jump up, so eager to help her that you knock over your chair. She smiles a little wider at that and your buddies at the table laugh at you. She holds out her hand for you to help her up but you have other ideas. You put your hands on her waist and lift her onto the bahis firmaları tables earning a grin from her and catcalls from the other guys.

She starts to dance to the piano’s music. Her dress is only held together by a ribbon lacing up the front. As she dances you walk backwards so you don’t have to take your eyes off of her. You can’t see where you’re going so you almost stumble over the chair you’d knocked over earlier. More of the guys in the saloon laugh at you and the other girls giggle some. The new girl starts, as she dances, to slowly untie the ribbon holding her dress on. She looks over the audience, smiling a little secretive smile. They all have their eyes on her body so they don’t see what you see. You look at her face and realize she’s looking at the men’s laps as if to judge the size of their cocks through their pants.

When she gets to you, you know what she’s looking at so you shift a little in the chair you picked up from the floor, giving her a better view of how the front of your pants is starting to tent. She notices that you’d moved and looks up at you to grin again and wink. The ribbon is completely untied by this time so she starts to pull it out of the little loops that run down the sides of an ever widening gap in the front of her dress. The dress gapes open more and more, revealing the fact that, unlike the regular girls, she’s not wearing a corset!

There’s nothing under the top of that dress but skin! The audience goes wild, yelling and stomping their approval of what they see. She stops dancing and just looks at them. They settle down fast cause they want her to finish her dance. They want to see if she has anything on at all under her dress. She starts dancing again, a little faster this time to the faster rhythm of the piano, letting the dress fall off of her shoulders and down her waist and hips. She keeps looking at your table and by this time you know she’s looking at you.

The music stops. She stops dancing and the dress falls to the table top, completely revealing her body. She has breasts that look like they will completely fill your hands, a little pooch of belly that her confidence in the way she looks makes it seem sexy in itself, and a waist that you already knew would be a soft indentation before flaring into hips that just made your palms itch with wanting to be filled with her smooth skin and soft flesh.

There’s a second of complete silence then the crowd just roars. She’s wearing drawers but not the long kind the big girls wear that come almost to their knees that just have a slit down the center for convenience, or even the short kind the skinny girl wears that come to the tops of her thighs to show off her legs. These are so tiny they’re more of a decoration than a covering, only having a thin strip of silk around her waist and a tiny triangle between her legs that thinned into another thin strip that nestles between the sumptuous cheeks of her ass. They’re transparent and you could tell she shaved her bush completly off.

“Ok fellas, shows over” says a new voice. Two of the biggest black guys any of the regulars have ever seen step up to the tables and offer the brunette their hands to help her down. She shakes her head as she bends down to pick up her dress.

“It’s ok boys,” she says “I’ve already got the first one picked out.”

“OK miss Devon, we’ll just keep the others from jumping the line,” says the one that had spoken earlier.

Devon looks at you and says, “Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s go upstairs.”

The crowd starts yelling out jeers and catcalls saying things like: “He’s got a little dick baby don’t you want someone with a little more meat?”; “Hey baby, the other girls call him a ‘minute man’ don’t you want an all nighter?”; “Honey, he’s kaçak iddaa small and quick. I’d pick someone else if I were you,” this last from one of the big girls.

Devon just smiles and says: “I’ve never been with a redhead and I want to try him out. If he’s not enough I’ve got plenty more to choose from.”

She looks back at you and notices that your pants are tented and your face is blazing scarlet.

“Come on sugar, let’s go upstairs,” she says as she takes your hand and leads you to her room upstairs at the end of the hall. The black body guards take up their posts outside the door. She pulls you inside, locks the door and turns to you.

“Well let me see what you’ve got,” she says.

Your hands go to the buttons on your pants but she slaps them away.

“No start with the shirt. Strip for me.”

You’re so eager by this time that you can hardly undo the buttons.

“Here let me,” she says impatiently. She makes quick work of your shirt, running her hands under it and pushing it off your shoulders.

“Take your boots off,” she commands, pointing to one of the chairs in the room. You sit down and pull them off, making a face as you do cause you have to bend down and your cock is almost pinched by your pants. You finally get them off and stand. She’s been watching you the whole time, just standing there in those tiny drawers and holding her dress.

You look at her and start to say something but she puts her fingertips against your lips.

“Don’t say anything, not a word,” You nod in acceptance. “Now lets see if all those guys were right and if Peg was telling the truth.”

Your face heats up again but you don’t say anything, obeying her wish. She notices your blush and gives you that mysterious little smile. She puts her hands on your shoulders and runs them down your chest, pausing to scrape your nipples with her nails. You catch your breath and she stops, smiling still, and moves her hands to your waist, dipping her fingers into the waistband of your pants. Those fingers come to the front of your pants and undo the first button. Your cock jumps and you groan and try to touch her but she takes her hands out of your pants.

“Hands to your sides,” she says.

You obey and she places her hands back on the buttons of your pants and undoes the second one. You groan again and almost double over. She sees the damp stain spreading down the front of your pants.

“Well I guess they’re at least half right,” she says, sounding like she’s suppressing a giggle. “You were pretty quick.” Your face is on fire again. You can’t look at her but you can hear the laughter in her voice.

“Now let’s see if they’re right about the other,” she says, and makes quick work of the other buttons so she can push your pants to the floor. You stand there naked, hard, and still a little embarrassed while she just looks you over like a stallion for her stables.

“You definitely don’t have the biggest cock of men I’ve been with, but your’s ain’t the smallest either. Can you cum more than once?” You give her a nod.

“Good,” she says, still smiling. “Get on the bed, on your back.”

You do as you’re told and watch as she walks toward you. She takes off her drawers as she walks, pushing them down a little so they just slide the rest of the way down her legs, making it easy for her to step out of them. She climbs up onto the bed and straddles your lap, reaching up into the canopy and grabbing hold of a looped satin rope.

“Just don’t move” she says.

You think she might pull that rope down and tie you up with it. Your cock jumps with the thought. You’ve never been tied up before but just the thought of giving up that much control to a woman is more exciting that you’d ever dreamed. Even more so because kaçak bahis Devon seems to be so practiced at taking command.

But she doesn’t tie you up. She pulls on the satin rope and it doesn’t move. You don’t know whether to be relieved or disappointed. She reaches down and guides your cock into her wet and willing pussy. You can tell she hasn’t been a saloon girl for long cause she’s tighter than the regular girls. With your last functioning brain cell you wonder what she’ll charge you. Then she starts to move, using the rope for support to ride your cock, making it impossible to think.

“You can touch me now if you want,” she says, sounding breathless.

You take her invitation, running your hands up the outsides of her thighs, squeezing those luscious hips, skimming her waist and belly, sliding your hands up her sides to her breasts. You’d guessed right. They did fill your hands almost perfectly with their soft weight.

“Pinch my nipples,” she tells you. You happily oblige, starting gently but she tells you “Harder.” You oblige and she speeds up the rhythm of her riding motions, letting go of the rope and bracing her hands on the bed. You watch her close her eyes and make little moaning sounds.

Suddenly she stops riding you and just rubs herself back and forth. You can feel her inner muscles clenching around your cock for what seems like hours but in reality was probably only a few minutes. After she takes a few more minutes to come down, she raises up off your cock, swings her leg over you and sits beside you, looking down at you.

“I’m sorry you didn’t get to cum twice,” she says, “but there are others waiting for my attention. I certainly wasn’t expecting to cum myself because it’s very rare that I do. I’ll have to take fewer customers tonight and use lotion for those. Cumming at the beginning of the night uses all my natural juice.”

You sit up and start to apologize. She raises her fingertips to your lips again and smiles a little.

“Don’t say anything, Red. I have my own, um, drawbacks, especially as a working girl. I learned really quickly how to deal with them so my work won’t hurt me.”

Again, you comply with her wish to keep quiet, sliding off the bed to pick up your clothes and get dressed. You’ve already dressed, left her room, and are halfway down the stairs when you remember that she hadn’t asked for payment. When you turn around to go back to her room to ask what she wants for payment, she’s already standing on the balcony with her dress back on and halfway laced up.

Before you can ask, she looks at you and says, loud enough for everyone in the saloon to hear, “Don’t worry about ever paying me, Red. I was going to offer my services for free to the first man I chose tonight anyway. You’re considerate enough about not pressing for more that I’ll let you be first every night you’re here and I’ll never ask you for payment, which is more than I’d originally planned to offer my first customer in my own place.”

Your face heats again as everyone in the crowd starts to jeer at you again.

Devon raises her voice to address them. “I am the new owner of this saloon and I will have order. That means everyone uses the manners their mothers taught them, and no one taunts anyone else. It is possible to have a good time without it being at the expense of someone else. I don’t care what you do outside of my establishment, but in here you will either be nice or I’ll have Jupiter and Brutus throw you out and not let you back in for a month.”

With that she looks out at the crowd of men, points to one randomly and tells her bodyguards to wait half an hour then let that one into her room. You watch her turn to walk back down the hall, not taking your eyes off her till she disappears behind her closed door. You rejoin your friends and finish the night trying to field question after question about the new girl. You don’t give anything away, knowing that anything she wants them to know, she’ll tell them herself.

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