The Scarlett Letter Ch. 02

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In the first chapter of this story, I told you about my situation. I shared the fact that I live with my very-remarkable wife Angel and my sister, Scarlett. I told you about the circumstances that led up to Scarlett becoming my — rather, our — lover. I went on in detail, although a lot of people would have liked more details, about Scarlett and the life the three of us lead now. Just to be clear, I gave you the full details.

In any of the previous chapter, did I ever happen to mention that my amazing wife and naughty baby — I dare not call her “kid” — sister happen to be out of their effing minds?!

No. Allow me then, the chance to discuss this further while I have the opportunity to jot all of this down without them reading over my shoulder. They are out in our spool, splashing about with a new “visitor”. I’ve got a bit of time to myself, so here’s hoping what I’m about to reveal will entertain all of you.

I recounted all of my adventures with Angel and Scarlett up to this point and I’m sure that I must have told you that it’s a bit hard to adjust to the fact that my younger sister is now, as she describes it, my fuck toy. I’m becoming more accepting of that fact, little by little.

When my petite and sexy, flame-haired sibling is on top of me, riding my cock, screaming out my name while my wife is playing with her tits and they’re making out like they’re doing porn, it’s hard not to accept the reality as it exists. Some didn’t believe me when I said Scarlett has the body of a porn star. I should have said that they both do. My wife works for a few porn stars on a part-time basis and I’d put either of my girls in their league. Angel also was smart enough to ask for some pointers and Scarlett, she devours any erotic thing she can get her hands on. She’s almost gone through our extensive porn library and most of Angel’s erotica collection. Scarlett tells me that she’s happy that I shared our story and that she’d like to try her own hand at writing soon. I told her when she thinks she’s ready, I’ll gladly cede the computer to her and let her contribute some words about our happy, nutso little family.

My wife and sister have much higher sex drives than I do and mine is nothing to sneeze at. I love sex, but I practically live with two nymphomaniacs. They choose another term, a “badge of honor we’re both proud to wear”, in Angel’s words. My girls are happy to call themselves sluts. As long as I get as much sex as a guy like me can handle, I’m not going to be stupid enough to make an issue out of it.

I’ve been involved with a rather large case as of late and as the newest partner, a lot of the work fell in my lap. Some of the younger associates, a few paralegals we hired to help and my assistant Janine have taken a lot of the heavier stuff away from me, but not all of it. The buck still has to stop here.

I came home from work a few days ago and I was bushed. All that I wanted out of life was a swim, a drink and dinner — in that order. I didn’t even check for the girls, I just went upstairs, put on my swim trunks and hit the pool. The water was very refreshing and after about 30 minutes had passed, I went inside for a much-needed beer. When I left the kitchen with my beer, I went into the living room and I saw that dinner might have to wait. The ladies in my life were both wearing skimpy teddies and bedroom slippers. I was allowed to drink my beer, but only just. I was then dragged upstairs where they put on a hot (is there any other kind) lesbian show for me. Scarlett had been shopping that day and purchased her first strap-on. She proceeded to show my wife that her unbridled enthusiasm had not waned one whit in the weeks she had been staying with us. With whoops and hollers, Scarlett fucked the holy hell out of Angel’s tight snatch and begged to fuck her ass. Angel begged off, saying she wanted to be able to sit for dinner. Then, I got a wonderful dual blowjob and my sister’s fiery body rode my face while Angel took care of my dick. We didn’t finish that way, as I recall.

Dinner was a marvelous Italian meal, one of Angel’s specialties. She is half-Italian on her mom’s side and she doesn’t make ANY of it using canned supplies. Everything is fresh and for our first anniversary, she wanted a pasta maker. When she looks at me with her beautiful eyes and uses “that voice” on me, she gets what she wants. I didn’t think it was very romantic, but Angel has a practical side that surprises me. Just to be clear, she also got diamond earrings. I’m not a total idiot.

After dinner, the girls were all over me, flirting, nibbling and teasing me with those incredible, irresistible bodies of theirs. They moved all over the room, dancing and showing off bodies that no sane man would say no to. As I just stated plainly, “irresistible”. What sane man — or bi-sexual woman — would say no?

Quick answer — me. Me, myself — I did. I resisted. I said no and saw two sets of eyes open wide.

“Baby, Scarlett, pendik escort you know that I love you both, but it would take an Act of God and the stamina of a porn stud to make me perform tonight,” I explained to my dejected duo. “I’ve worked my ass off for the past few days, I’ve given you all I could in the bedroom, including a few short hours ago — but I’m only human.” I saw my saucy sibling about to comment and I stared her down. “I’m not kidding, Scarlett — Angel — I’m done in. All that this guy wants to do by way of a bed is to sleep in one. I have court in a few days and I don’t want to represent my client looking like someone out of a zombie flick.”

“Pooh!” was my sister’s reaction to that, although I realized she respected my beliefs and opinions that I was simply not up to it tonight. I saw her kiss Angel and they began to make out, tongues mingling and bodies entwining. The two lovers marched upstairs and I followed, more out of curiosity than desire. The two of them were already in our bed when I got there. Angel shook her head.

“We’re both horny as cats in heat, but we understand, don’t we kid?” Angel said to Scarlett. Even now, I still don’t understand how she gets away with calling Scarlett “kid” and I get a look that would sour milk I do the same. “We’re going to fuck, trib, lick and whatever else two horny bi bitches can think to do — but you’re off the hook. Go down the hall to Scarlett’s room and close the door — we’ll see you in the morning.”

“You’re kicking me out of my own bedroom?” I asked rather incredulously.

Angel and Scarlett both nodded as they moved closer together. “You know how — rambunctious — we both get,” Angel answered as my sister giggled in near-hysterics. “Once the two of us go all out, we’re going to make a fair amount of noise and move about. We might end up falling out of bed if we use Scarlett’s bed, so why don’t you sleep in there and get some rest?”

I was a bit pissed at the time, but I’d done it to myself, so I grabbed my PJ’s — not wanting to be tempted — and went to my sister’s room. I still think of it as the “guest room” because I don’t think Scarlett has even spent a week of time there yet. Once I got myself situated, my mind still grumbling, I got in bed. My objections to sleeping alone instantly vanished the instant my head hit the pillow, because I was O-U-T.

When I got up around 8 AM, rested and refreshed, I saw that Angel had done something she had never done to me before — she lied. I didn’t see her and there was no sign of Scarlett. The coffee wasn’t made and there was no breakfast. Before you start calling me some kind of sexist, let me explain that I don’t cook because A) Angel loves to cook and considers the kitchen HER domain and B) I am a lousy cook. I’m very good at barbecue but it stops there. Angel doesn’t mind sharing her domain with my sister, but I get a stern lecture if I even attempt anything more than cold cereal. I was dressed and ready for work and hungry. I groused all the way out to my car and in traffic, up the elevator and into my office where Janine (thank GOD for her!) had coffee for me. I slumped back in my chair and relaxed a bit, while asking her to order me some food from the bakery below. I was a regular at Brandi’s place and knew whatever she sent me would satiate my hungers.

Once I’d consumed some kind of coffee cake that probably made me gain say, 10 pounds, I got a lot of work done. I went home promising to fuck holy hell out of my two kinky nympho lovers. They were out by the pool and I got a delighted squeal from Scarlett when I picked her up with a hot kiss. The squeal sputtered out when I threw my adorable redhead in the pool, with Angel to follow suit.

“You — you rat!” Scarlett fumed as she got out of the pool. “This suit isn’t for swimming, it’s for looking!” I knew she was a bit peeved, but it would pass. The kitchen might be Angel’s domain, but my wife likes me to be the “man of the house” and so does our young playmate.

After dinner, I expected enough heat to peal the paint from our bedroom walls. That, as it turned out, would have to wait. “Your sister has something she wants to discuss,” Angel said. Her tone was a tiny bit flat — something was off. Angel wasn’t happy with whatever Scarlett had to share with us.

“I want to get a job,” Scarlett informed us both. “I want to be employed and contribute to my room and board.”

“I told her I didn’t want her to work,” Angel insisted. “We don’t need the money, I like having her around.” Unstated but implied was that my sister was available for a fuck whenever my wife wanted one. Ginger had actually called a few days ago and let me know she hadn’t seen Angel in a few weeks. I hadn’t realized my wife’s infatuation with Scarlett ran quite that deep.

“Angel is right sweets, we don’t need your money,” I said to Scarlett. “If you want to work, maybe you can come to work for my law firm in some capacity.”

“Thanks maltepe escort Adam, but no,” Scarlett said with a toss of her red curls. “I want something that I thought of and something fun. I have a few ideas and I’ll keep you both in the loop. Meanwhile, stop being such gloomy gusses — I want your cock inside me and I want Angel’s sweet body on my face — now!” My sister threw away what little clothing she had on and raced up the stairs. Imagining what they had been doing last night had me revved since leaving work. I followed my sister’s perky body up the stairs, taking them two at a time. For once in our sex life, my brunette bride was left in the dust. I was already being stripped by Scarlett with a little flourish thrown in for good measure. This time, Scarlett and I were performing for Angel.

I’ve said it many times and I’m saying it here for the record — I love, adore and respect my wife. That being said, sometimes she needs to have the air let out of her every so often. She can be so sure of herself that she almost borders on arrogance. My baby sister’s body was now moving against mine, sliding her nakedness against my solid frame. She was kissing me sensually but taking it nice and slow. I knew that I was expected to make up for last night and my absence by reminding Scarlett who she was in the Baum household — our special little “pet”, ready to fuck at the drop of a stiletto heel. Her nubile, taut young body was almost writhing around me, as if she was using me as a prop in her performance. Scarlett was barely even using her hands, just her lips and her torso to arouse and titillate. Angel’s demeanor was somewhat odd, she just stood there, watching in a mood I couldn’t quite comprehend. She said not a word, trusting our fucky little doll to please both of us. I, for one, was my sister’s very willing captive.

Dancing all around me, my sexy redhead put on quite the performance. Her pert little tits slid down my torso as she slowly, teasingly, lowered me to our pristine and freshly-laundered bed. She hopped in beside me and Scarlett used her long red hair as part of her performance, trailing it over my body and making sexy and encouraging noises as she played the seductress. She was really getting into the act and it almost seemed like she wasn’t aware — or didn’t care — that Angel was watching our every move. Scarlett was entirely focused on my pleasure and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a total turn-on. She reached for some scented oil and covered me with it, including my cock. I realized that the oil must be edible, because that’s when Scarlett swooped down and engulfed my cock. She sucked on me with great gusto and a lot of noise, incorporating that into the show. I looked over at my wife and despite our years together, I could not determine her mood.

“Oh God Adam, I love being with you like this,” my sister sighed as she took a breath. “You have the best cock in the world and I love it. I love you and I love being your sister-slut, your hot little tramp. I don’t ever want to stop fucking you, give me your fucking cock, give it to me NOW!” That was the moment my sister allowed herself a small grin and she threw it in Angel’s direction. “What are you waiting for, whore? Get your ass in this bed and remind me that I’m YOUR slut too, let’s fuck the way we were meant to, as a family!”

Angel smirked and allowed herself a small chuckle as she slithered out of her lingerie. She realized the provocation had all been for her benefit, even the anger she was feeling caused her libido to surge higher. “You little bitch,” she hissed as she climbed in beside us. “You’re damned right you’re MY slut, you’ll always be my horny little whore. Just for this, tonight, you’re going to get that DP you’ve been begging for. I’m going to find my longest dildo, lube it up and fuck your ass while my husband stuffs your cunt full of his marvelous, thick cock. You’ll love all of it too, won’t you, slut?”

“God, yes, YES, you know that I will!” Scarlett cried out, covering Angel’s face with what seemed like thousands of warm, wet kisses. “I love, LOVE, being part of a fucking family. I feel so loved and desired. It’s the most intimate thing I’ve ever known, the fact that my family wants to possess me sexually — I love it, I LOVE IT!” Scarlett ranted as my wife paid homage to her near-perfect tits. Recharged from a good night’s rest, I was already ploughing my sister the way she needed it. I know Scarlett well enough by now to sense when she needs me to be gentle and romantic and when she needs it hard and fast. This was one of those times.

My horny cumslut wife and my teen cumbitch sister were now clawing at each other in their sexual ferocity. At times like this, I just let them go at it. The sex was very rough by this point, although not violent. They were bitch-slapping each other as my hungry, needy sister ground herself on my cock. They tugged at each other’s hair and hurled vast amounts of profanity kartal escort at one another — all in the name of love. My girls connect on such a visceral level that at times, I feel like they’re the sisters and I’m the in-law. If I was ever foolish enough to voice such a thought, I know they’d set me straight by “reminding” me of my status until I couldn’t walk straight. Everyone in our family has a role to play and my women assure me of mine on a constant basis.

I noticed a look cross my wife’s face and it’s one I have come to know well over the years of our relationship. Because Angel is generally soft-spoken and slender, people assume she’s on the shy side. Not so — my wife is very aggressive and highly competitive. I only recently learned that extends to the bedroom. Once she saw that Scarlett was going a little freaky on me, Angel stepped up her game. As my sister currently had control of my cock, my wife took control of Scarlett. With her hands and tongue, she manipulated my sister’s nubile young form, almost making a puppet out of my baby sister. The girls were off and running, fucking each other almost as much as they were fucking me. Tongues were all over me and bodies competed for the cock. I thank God I have learned stamina over the years because I was going to need it. My sister rode me for a while and then she wanted to change things up. I had her legs resting on my shoulders when I saw Angel lower her pussy on to my sister’s face. My sister didn’t even blink, she grabbed her best friend’s body and almost slammed it down on her mouth. My horny bride was getting the best kind of tongue-lashing, the kind that involved multiple orgasms. She moved her body so that she could stroke and caress the joined fissure of cunt and cock. Even being deep in my wife’s pussy didn’t stifle the loud screams Scarlett was making. I’m a guy who loves noisy sex, which worked out well. My wife is a talker and my sister is a screamer!

The girls seemed to be on a similar wavelength and both moved away from me at the same time. Another thing people need to learn about Angel — if she says she is going to do something, she does it. She reached for a long, slender dildo, strapped it on and grinned evilly. “Time for the big leagues, little sister,” Angel said. One again, my sister was on top of my cock, facing the wall. “You’re going to get the hottest DP action your brother and I can provide. Ready for this, Adam love?”

Would it have mattered if I wasn’t? I was an innocent — okay, not quite the right term — impartial, perhaps — bystander / observer of their sexual Olympic competition. Scarlett was ahead, but Angel was coming up on the inside track. As my cock moved in and out of my sister, I could feel the addition of Angel’s fake phallus. Scarlett was now trapped in a game of her own making, not that she seemed to be struggling to escape. My cute sis isn’t quite a “Sub” but she does have her moments.

I could hear Scarlett moaning and whining, but I could also hear the whimpers of pure pleasure emanating from her. She certainly wasn’t pulling away as Angel and I fucked her, picking up the pace moment by moment. When I saw the look on my wife’s face, I almost climaxed on the spot. It’s a hard thing to describe, but I’ll try. It was a feverish look that was almost a combination of crazed lust and total insanity. She was totally into our DPing my younger sister, even more than I was. I was just concentrating on what I needed to do while Angel was throwing caution to the wind and screwing my sister to a fare-thee-well. Scarlett was equally into her sexing, muttering profane words until her breath that I could not make out no matter how hard I tried. The sweat was coming off the three of us in buckets, although it allowed us a bit more freedom of movement by acting as a type of lube.

My sister’s pussy was really snapping tight around my cock, so I was glad of any additional lubrication we might achieve. In the time Scarlett has been with us, my Angel has been teaching her some tricks to achieve a “snapper” and it appeared as if my baby sister had been paying attention. Her pussy was almost “rolling” around my cock as if she was trying to milk me dry. I knew that I couldn’t last too much longer and she would soon succeed. This double screwing had been intense and unlike Angel’s cock, mine wasn’t artificial.

My sister’s face was also part of the problem — Scarlett looks fucking adorable when she’s about to cum. It scrunches up and her eyes close and she just looks so fucking – cute. Her orgasm is quite often a trigger for my own impending cum. So it was that time. My sister made a contented little grunt and my cock started to go off. I shoot a lot when I’m this turned on and my wife was not going to let it go to waste. She scarfed down as much as she could swallow and once we were both free, she shared it with my little sister. Then the two of them moved into a comfortable GG position while I rested and regained my composure.

Got to stop now — Angel, Scarlett and our guest are toweling off and will be inside in a few minutes. I still haven’t told you what me nutty baby sister chose as her new job — her “vocation”. Oh well — you’ll just have to stop by again, won’t you?

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