The Sexual Awakening Ch. 01

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I wrote this to improve my writing and for personal pleasure. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Any feedback is very welcome unless it’s really bad feedback!

Please note that all characters are 18 or older.


The Finnegan family resigned to their living room to watch a film after the classic Sunday night meal out. There were two-two seater couches in the room and as usual Jim and Mary took one while their children, Tom and Danni cuddled up on the other. This was the common occurrence on most nights of the week. Tom and Danni were the kind of twins that were inseparable, often cuddling together and from an early age, doing most things together.

“I’m stuffed!” Danni sighed.

“You shouldn’t have eaten so much ice cream then you dope,” Tom replied.

“Yes. You need to watch it young lady. You won’t have that figure forever. You’re about to hit that phase where all those skinny young girls suddenly put on a ton,” Mary teased.

“I’m not going to get fat mom. I want to have the hottest body around,” she laughed.

“You’ve got some work to do then,” Jim said, much to Tom’s amusement.

“You got burned sis,” he laughed.

“Shut up!” She nudged him in the ribs painfully.

“Danni,” Mary said warningly at her daughter. She wasn’t in the mood to break up one of their many play fights.

Danni took the hint and their eyes turned back to the TV screen.

After watching the odd combination of Shrek and then the news, Jim and Mary said goodnight to the kids and disappeared upstairs.

“Let me choose what to watch this time,” Danni begged when Tom grabbed the remote.

“Not after the last time,” he laughed. They had ended up watching a pathetic makeover program.

“No I promise I’ll choose one you will like”. She did her best attempt at a puppy dog face while brushing some of her long dark hair away from her face.

She looked adorable and at first Tom melted at her expression. Quickly snapping out of it he shook his head.

“Fine. I’ll just take it off you then!” With that the slim girl pounced without warning. It took Tom by such surprise that he fell straight off the sofa. She didn’t stop there, pouncing again to knee him in the ribs and climbing his body to snatch the remote out of his hands. Doubling over in pain Tom cursed at his crazy sister.

“Should have given me the remote then shouldn’t ya,” she stuck her tongue out at him while looking down at him.

She resumed her previous position on the sofa but spread herself out more. Tom didn’t know whether he should join her or take the empty sofa. He chose the latter.

“What are you sitting over there for you goof,” she smiled.

Tom felt sheepish as he got up and curled up next to her on the sofa. He was always the gentleman but lacked that bit of assertiveness needed when around girls; even if that girl was his sister. Danni loved that she could take charge of a situation with him. She took his arm and pulled it around her, knowing that he would never have done otherwise.

Tom blushed and tried to take his mind off his sister to what was on TV. Within seconds it had changed however to a makeover show.

“Hey you said you would change it to something I would like,” he whined.

“I did. Wait for it,” she laughed.

A few moments later an extremely attractive blonde came onto the screen.

“See. Do you like?”

“Oh yeah. Ok I see now,” he replied.

“You’re such a guy,” she rolled her eyes. “Is that the kind of girl you like?”

“Well she is attractive. But I prefer brunettes and redheads.”

“Rachel’s a redhead. Would you date her?”

Tom pondered it for a few seconds. Rachel was Danni’s best friend and he had a crush on her ever since the first time his sister brought her home from school. In Tom’s mind there wasn’t a more attractive girl in school.

“Hypothetically of course, yes I would,” he replied trying his best at being diplomatic.

“Is that because she’s so pretty?” She teased.

“She’s very pretty and she has a nice personality as well. But she hasn’t got anything on you sis.” He smiled at her for reassurance as he genuinely meant it. She didn’t say anything. She simply kissed him on the cheek and snuggled closer to him.

Tom silently congratulated himself for being charming.

They cuddled close for a while and Tom could smell her perfume in the air. She was wearing a tight red top and a short black and frilly skirt but somehow avoided looking skimpy at all by wearing some black leggings. Danni began to drift off to sleep.

Quite suddenly, she sat up and stretched. “I’m off to bed now bro, see you in the morning.”


Tom waited another 10 minutes before he felt sleepy enough to head up to bed. There was nothing to watch on TV anyway. He turned it off and made his way up the stairs when he heard a faint moaning coming from his sister’s bedroom. Was it an erotic moan?

His heart skipped a beat and a mixture of excitement and adrenaline filled his body. Ashamed of his excitement he silently went to walk straight past her güvenilir bahis door. There was a sliver of light coming through the crack in her door which wasn’t closed all the way. The curiosity was too much to bear and within the split second of walking by, he turned his head.

What Tom saw was far more than he expected; enough to make him stop in his tracks. He was shocked and even more excited at the same time. Very slowly, he back peddled and turned his head once more, except at a fraction of the speed of before.

There in her room, was Danni sprawled across her double bed with her legs wide open. The big shock factor was the large cock and balls dildo she was gently nudging against her pussy.

The only piece of clothing she had taken off was her black leggings and she had nudged some frilly black panties off centre so that she could allow the dildo entry. Tom was transfixed on the scene. He was shocked and disgusted that his sister could participate in such a dirty hobby but found himself getting aroused nevertheless.

He stared at her womanhood. She was clear of any hair and it glistened with excitement. Danni nudged the head of the cock against her opening, and rubbed it up and down the length of her slit. He heard her moan quietly with her eyes closed. She did the same action but put more pressure on her hole. The third time she pushed the dick up into herself and her vaginal lips parted, allowing less than an inch of the dildo inside her.

As she felt the pressure on her pussy change, she arched her back and groaned slightly louder than before. Her free hand rubbed her C-cup breasts through her shirt. The dildo was slowly inserted further into her making the whole head disappear.

Tom admired how beautiful his sister was while she became more animated from the pleasure she was giving herself. He reached into his pants and pulled his cock out which was painfully hard. He took it in his hand and gently massaged it, feeling a twinge as he did.

He watched Danni as she groaned and writhed around on her bed, gently inserting another couple of inches inside her. Her free hand roamed the rest of her body, pulling her shirt up and exposing her smooth stomach. She played with her clit once or twice, teasing her pussy into a pending orgasm. The oversized dildo was gently withdrawn a few inches and inserted a few inches. She took care not to do anything quickly and never used much more than half of the potential length available to her.

She quickly teased her body into an orgasm. Her back arched once again as she rotated her hips around on her toy. She grabbed her clit and inserted the dildo to what she was using as its deepest penetration. Her stomach muscles quivered as she groaned and twitched her way through a powerful orgasm. The moans coming from her mouth sounded so pure and erotic at the same time that the sounds alone were pushing Tom to new levels of arousal.

She withdrew the dildo and to Tom’s bewilderment, what looked to be water trickled out of her and down her crack to her asshole. From there it dropped onto her black skirt and bed sheets where it formed quite a substantial puddle.

“Show me what you’ve got,” she groaned to her imaginary lover as she grabbed hold of the dildos balls with one hand and started jerking it with the other. Squeezing the balls of the dildo, it spurted what Tom was now sure was water, powerfully across her body landing on her neck, breasts and stomach. She squeezed once more and this spurt went shooting up to hit her pillow and land on her face and hair. The third jerk did much the same, spraying her in the face and drenching her stomach and chest.

Danni was kick-started into another orgasm and she twitched uncontrollably while the dildo saturated her with the water it stored.

Tom was shell-shocked. Amazed by the spectacle in front of him and drawing his own orgasm close.

“Yes, I love that cum,” she groaned at the inanimate object. “Cover me in cum.”

The dildo piled one last, extra large spurt of ‘cum’ on her sexy body before slowing and dribbling the rest onto her soaked vagina.

Tom stared with pure arousal at his once innocent sister: Covered in sweat from the summery air, her orgasmic fluid and the substitute cum. Her bed sheets were soaked, as were her clothes. She was still panting and her stomach rose and fell at quite a pace.

She pushed the head of the cock back into her vagina and left it there for a moment. The girl in front of him wasn’t his sister. She was a beautiful girl who had just had one of the most epic masturbation sessions Tom had ever seen or heard of. He rubbed his own member furiously embracing his own orgasm.

Danni’s stomach rose and fell while she caught her breath. She raised a hand clearing some of the water droplets away from her eyes. Her other hand cupped her breasts rubbing it into her saturated shirt. Tom was close to coming himself. He felt dirty watching his sister like this and he also felt dirty for his sister; who was much more sex obsessed than he thought.

All of a sudden, his masturbating fist hit the door and made a knock. türkçe bahis Danni gasped and shot a look of fear at the door. Tom stood back into the shadows and froze with fear.

“Hello?” She called nervously, her voice cracking.

Tom didn’t answer and instead crept inch by inch to his bedroom not daring to close his door all the way and make noise. He collapsed on the bed immediately removing his clothing and reaching for his erect penis. He stroked it thinking about Danni and her dildo. He hadn’t felt this horny for a long time.

It took a matter of seconds for him to orgasm, shooting his own seed in thick streaks over his stomach. He called his sisters name by accident as he came enjoying the vision of his dick shooting on her body to hit her wet body.

He came down from his high and wiped the cum off his belly with a tissue. He felt guilty and wrong for thinking of her in that way and tried to shake the thoughts away. He pulled his covers over his naked body and stared at the ceiling. He couldn’t believe what had happened along with the shame of masturbating over his sister.

Danni silently left the partially opened door and made her way back to her own room after seeing her brother furiously masturbate and call her name as he came. She slipped into the bathroom that she shared with her brother which separated their rooms and began to silently clean up.


The next day Tom awoke to his alarm clock. Groaning he pressed snooze and dosed for the next 15minutes.

“Come on Tom we have to leave for school in a few minutes.” The sound of his sister’s voice made his stomach lurch as he remembered what he saw last night. Did her voice seem dejected and quiet? Did she know he saw her?

The thoughts gave him a sudden cause to be alert. He sat up rubbing his eyes. Danni saw she had done her job and returned downstairs to finish her breakfast. When Tom arrived in the kitchen, the whole family was already there.

“Come on you’re going to make your sister late,” his mother nagged.

“It’s alright,” he moaned glancing at the clock noticing that it wasn’t alright as he should have already left. “I’m not really hungry. We can leave now if you want.”

Danni nodded silently and went to get her bag and shoes. She waved goodbye to her parents and went out the front door. Tom followed after her trying to keep up.

Danni was already sat in the passenger seat when Tom was closing the front door. She looked adorable sitting in the passenger seat with her seat belt on. Then the visions of her dildo spraying herself in liquid entered Tom’s head and he cringed that his baby sister had changed the way he saw her in just a few moments.

The car journey was very quiet and Tom had to put some music on to dim the tension. Danni hadn’t said a word to him and he was beginning to suspect that she knew he saw her.

They pulled up in the school car park and found a space. “See you sis. Have a nice day.”

She woke from her thoughts and flashed him a smile that she hoped would disguise her worries. “You too bro.” She glanced at his face, knowing that she had done it to near perfection. She loved how she could play with his emotions and that she knew him so well, his facial expressions were like a book to read.

Tom watched her leave him and join up with some friends who had just pulled into a space nearby. He felt better now she had spoken to him and her smile always made him feel on top of the world.

He made his way into the school and met his own friends eventually catching up with Johnny and Katie. “Hey guys,” he said cheerfully.

Katie turned around to see him first. “Hey Tom,” she said cheerfully, hugging him. Tom got a waft of her perfume from her mousy brown hair. She may be a bit of a boy personality wise but she always smelled so god damn good.

“Hi bud,” Johnny briefly glanced at his best friend.

Johnny was preoccupied with a girl he was currently trying to bed. She walked past and gave the big star quarterback a cheeky wink. “Oh yes. I’m definitely going to get laid,” he said with such confidence it was as if it was a common occurrence. To revise that, it was a common occurrence.

“Urgh, Michelle. Really?” Katie said with reference to the girl who had winked.

“Yes she’s going to get it,” Johnny said.

“She has slept with half your team already John,” Tom chipped in.

“I know they say she is wild. She does all sorts of naughty stuff,” he grinned.

“Oh it all becomes clear now,” Katie rolled her eyes.

“Quiet you! It’s not like you’ve had any action in years,” Johnny teased her.

“Not years. Just one year,” she replied with annoyance. Tom realized it was actually getting to her.

“Don’t worry. We’ll find someone special eh,” he said in an effort to cheer her up. Her last boyfriend had been a serious one; they were together from a young age and shared a lot. Much to her dismay, they were known around the school year as the earliest couple to start sexual relations. Sadly he had been hit by a car last year and died later that month in hospital. Katie had never been güvenilir bahis siteleri the same since and boys tended to stay away from her out of respect.

“Yeah well you’d think hanging around with this sleaze would have some sort of benefits,” she said motioning over at Johnny.

“That and my fantastic personality.”

“Yeah that’s the one,” she laughed sarcastically.

The three friends continued the banter all the way to their first class


Tom and Danni were once again on the sofa that evening watching TV. They had chosen Rush Hour 3 as neither of them were interested in watching a serious film. Their parents had retired to their room for the night and were most likely watching their own TV.

Danni was still cringing with embarrassment. She was almost positive that her brother had watched her during her solo cum scene last night. Danni had been repeatedly kicking herself mentally all day for not making sure her door was fully closed. What had freaked her out more than anything was that Tom had immediately gone to his room to masturbate over her. She took it as a compliment that she must have looked good to get him so horny but at the same time it felt wrong and embarrassing. She thought about Tom masturbating; the sight of his erection shooting the white cum that turned her on so much over his own belly. She had never seen real cum before and had to remind herself that he was her brother… The wetness in her own underwear suggested otherwise.

The siblings sat on different sofas tonight as they were both still too freaked out to even converse with each other. Tom was having troubles as well. He was constantly playing the memories of his sister’s orgasm in his head and trying to shift his position to release the tension on his rock hard cock. He hadn’t been this frustrated since his early teenage years and he too struggled with the fact that the feelings he had were for his sister.

Eventually Danni couldn’t ignore the growing wetness in her panties. She stood up and mumbled to Tom that she was going to bed. Tom was now certain that she knew he had been there last night from the subtleties in her mood. Usually she would give him a hug or kiss on the cheek.

Danni reached her room upstairs and stripped off her clothes except for her lacy black bra. She would have taken that off too but she felt prettier with it on.

She lay on the bed and spread her legs. Her hands roamed her upper body, feeling the curves and the beautiful soft skin of her breasts and stomach. Her hand slowly reached down and it grazed the top of her slit. A gasp of frustration suddenly ripped through her body like no other feeling she had ever experienced. Her clit was on fire and she shuddered with excitement as her fingers brushed across it. Where had this tension come from?

Danni glanced at the closed bedroom door and a thought came to her mind. Unwillingly getting up from the bed she moved across her room and opened it so a small crack was showing, and then she returned to her bed.

Suddenly she felt naughty and bad for possibly putting herself on show; but it made her heart rate shoot up and she was somehow hornier than she was before. She could feel her insides purring with pleasure and she started to groan out loud. She hadn’t even touched herself yet and she felt like she was about to orgasm.

Her legs parted some more and her hips were automatically raising her cute butt off the bed. Her hands massaged her breasts as she felt no need to touch her vagina yet. The sensations were way too sensual to ruin by touching.

Her thoughts turned to her brother. She initially tried to push them away but they quickly returned. She imagined him standing behind her door peaking and slowly reaching for his erection. A powerful shock went through her pussy and lower body causing her to gasp with pleasure and surprise. She was on the verge of coming.

Smiling and panting, she brushed some of her dark hair out of her face and returned to her breasts, reaching under the cups of her bra and touching her nipples. She had never felt this sensitive in her life and her clit demanded attention. She wasn’t going to grant it though.

In her head, she imagined Tom standing there and massaging his penis while staring at her. Groaning at the thought and the sensations it brought her. She imagined him naked.

“Oooohh. Fuck,” she actually said while she got ready for an orgasm. The next thought that entered her mind was of her brother orgasming at the foot of her bed.

She imagined his muscles tense up and a few seconds later the white seaman fly out of his penis and onto her legs. “AAAAHHHHH!!” She groaned while her orgasm built up inside her; there was no turning back now.

Her brothers imaginary cum shot its second load, hitting her square on her pussy and lower stomach. That was enough to bring her orgasm to full speed.

She was shocked that she was coming even though she hadn’t even touched herself. Her hands gripped her breasts tightly as her hips spasmed and moved on and off the bed. She didn’t know how loud she was being but it felt too good to stop. Groaning in pure pleasure, she felt her vagina tense and un-tense, making her legs twitch. Her pussy streamed her cum and through all the pleasure she felt it wet her inner legs and drip down to her anus.

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