The Sins of the Fathers Ch. 18

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***** Writer’s note: For those of you with an interest. This chapter of The Sins of the Fathers was written with a soundscape in mind. If you take the words of the lyrics or the names of the songs mentioned and type them into an internet search engine, you will find YouTube footage or music clips that will let you hear what Uncle Spencer hears. I hope that my descriptions of their effect on a dad do them justice. No pun intended. Enjoy! He does.


Early the next morning, Spence woke up with one simple thought pressing on his mind, I definitely gotta sort out some shit!

Hauling his ass out of bed, he did some quick warm-ups, donned his running clothes, and left the house. Jogging was one of those things Spencer Phillips did habitually, especially when he needed to work off some steam. Which meant that–considering his work, his latest fuck-up with Tammy, and his present peccadillo with his daughter—Spence took a run almost daily. Sure enough, clipping along at a brisk pace for two miles did the trick. By the time he got back home, he was feeling somewhat restored in body and soul–dripping sweat from the workout, needing a shower, and hungry as hell.

Striding down the hall with a towel over his shoulders, he passed his daughter’s room. Her door was open and he glanced in. There was MacKenzie in all her glory, still asleep and sprawled on top of her covers. Spencer had to chuckle. I swear, she’s been that way since she was baby; that child would never stay under her blankie. Walking across the room, he bent down kissing her forehead and shook her gently. “Hey there, Sleepyhead, wake up. Rise and shine.”

Goddamn, you’ve got a cute little body! I do like seeing you naked.

Her eyes slowly fluttered slowly open; then, he saw her focus, warming to his kiss. “Hmm…that’s nice,” she greeted him with a smile. “Good morning, Daddy.”

As she yawned and lazily stretched on the bed, he stood and headed for the door. “Get a move on. I’m gonna shower; then, I’ll go make us some breakfast. Meet me in the kitchen when you’re ready.”

“Yeah sure… okay,” she muttered, promptly rolling into a fetal position and closing her eyes again. Ohhh…but, I’m sooo sleepy! Maybe just a minute or two.

“MacKenzie!” came a warning from the doorway.

He stood there studying her as she sat slowly up on the edge of the bed, her posture that of a child who wanted to go back to sleep. Who am I kidding? Spence chided himself. Scratch any notion of ‘child’, that’s a naked ‘young woman’ who wants to sleep-in, after the night before.

“Okay, Dad. I’ll be right down.” More Sleeeep!

After he showered and shaved, Spencer switched to a pair of light-weight cargo shorts and a white button-top tee.

Mac finally showed up in the kitchen, wearing a yellow tube-top and a pair of bikini-cut stretch panties that looked like they’d been spray-painted on. Her socks didn’t match; one was purple and the other a red and blue striped thing, but, it didn’t matter, she was still irrepressibly cute.

Christ, is there anything you can’t wear? her father marveled. Although my favorite may now be, nothing at all!

Sipping his cup of hot strong coffee, he asked nonchalantly, “Did you enjoy our talk?”

Mac looked up from her granola with a cute little milk-mustache still on her lips. Her smile lit his heart. “That was the best talk of my whole life. That was the best talk you have ever had with me. EVER!”

“Did I answer all your questions?” Please, God, please make her say, ‘Yes’!

“Nice try, Daddy. No, I still have questions. ” She waited as the color drained from his face. Then, she smiled again. “But, not today. Okay? You worked so HARD to answer my questions, I decided to let you have a day of rest.”

He sighed with relief. “So, what are we doing today?”

“Not we, Dad. Nikki texted me. She wants to come over this afternoon. We’re gonna practice twerking.”

“Twerking?” What the fuck is twerking? Maybe I should Google that to see what she’s talking about. I gotta stay informed about all this new shit.

Arching an eyebrow, Mac frowned a second. “Seriously, Dad? Dancing, we’re practicing dancing so we can go dancing at a club.” You honestly don’t know what twerking is?

“Oh, okay. Sounds…great,” he hedged, hoping to conceal his ignorance. “So, what club?”

“We’re going to ‘The Inferno!’ “

Her dad looked puzzled. I know what ‘Dante’s Inferno’ is; but that’s a book. If I remember right, you have to die to get in.

“You’ve never been to ‘The Inferno’? Never?! You’ve never taken Tammy dancing? I mean, really dancing?!” Jesus, Daddy, even girls in a Catholic Girls Academy know about ‘The Inferno’. It’s probably the first place every one of us goes.

“Sure, I’ve taken her dancing,” he countered, insistently. “Of course, I have.”


“I took her to ‘Cowgirls’ last weekend.”

Macs pendik escort brow wrinkled. “I’ve never heard of it. Does it have a web site or Facebook page?”

Spencer had to shake his head, No.

“No Facebook page, no website? How do people find out about it? Does someone write the place’s name and phone number on the wall of some stall in the men’s bathroom? ‘For a Good Time Dancing, Go To ‘Cowgirls’!”

Whipping out her iPhone, Mac relentlessly searched the web. Finally, she found a short description in a review. “Okay, here we go!” She scanned it quickly. “Country-Western Bar and Grill. Their version of the grill is called ‘The Chuck Wagon’. It’s got a limited menu; but, their house-specialty is something called ‘Rocky Mountain Oysters’. What’s that, Daddy, some kind of appetizer? Are they good?”

Spence damn-near choked on his coffee. “Mac, uh…sorry,” he sputtered, “I wouldn’t know; I’ve never tried any.” Hell, I don’t need aphrodisiacs; getting my dick hard is never a problem! “Besides, I took Tammy to a nice restaurant downtown before we went dancing.”

That seemed to momentarily satisfy her; and, she zipped though the rest of the info. “Only beer in a bottle, mechanical bull, Coyote Ugly theme, mix between a Country-Western bar and a regular dance club, top forties from the 80s and 90s played by a DJ.”

She just sat there staring at the web page for a moment. “That is so retro red-neck! So…goat-roper!” she needled him, shaking her head in utter disbelief. “Oh yeah, that sure makes my feet wanna dance. And, you took Tammy there. What… a guy; you’re such a stud.” One eyebrow lifted in disdain. “Hooters in boots?”

All he could think was, Where did all the ‘Gee, you’re the best dad ever’ hero worship suddenly go? Think fast! Change the subject.

“So, Nikki wants to come here,” he sidestepped the issue. “How come you aren’t going to Uncle Jack’s house?”

“She says she thinks Uncle Jack may have a girlfriend. She said he was very pushy about her finding something to do today and not just hanging around the house all day.” Like Uncle Jack could ever find a date without leaving the house or office. Hah! Not possible!

Spencer smiled, recalling Jessica’s fine ass. “Yeah, he does.”

Instantly, Mac was all over him, shotgunning questions right and left. “Uncle Jack has a girlfriend? Why doesn’t Nikki know yet; is it a secret? Why didn’t you tell me? Who is she? What’s her name?”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Remember the rule: one question at a time. The short version is that he’s definitely met someone. But, whether or not Jack thinks or knows she’s already his girlfriend isn’t quite clear; because, she hasn’t told him yet,” Spencer supplied the information.

“Is he sleeping with her?”

Spence chuckled. “No, I don’t believe they are ‘sleeping’. I don’t know, it’s really recent, and I’ve only just met her.” But, sleeping? No! Definitely not sleeping!

“He introduced you to her?”

“Sorta…she kind of introduced herself.” Hello! I’m Jack’s new girlfriend, Jess. Would you like to look at my ass? Why, yes I would! Thank you!

“And, Nikki doesn’t know?” Oh My God, I know a secret that Nikki doesn’t know. And, it’s about her dad.

“MacKenzie, I don’t know. I met her the night you and ‘Nick’ got caught in the bedroom ‘kissing’. Jack and I haven’t had time to talk about her, yet. Okay? But, if Nikki’s as smart as you or smart as I think she is, she’ll figure it out pretty quick.” Jesus, you sure as hell did.

Mac’s phone rang. “Hey, Nikki. Yeah, my Dad said it’s cool. Dancing. No, I’m just hanging out with dad after he crashed and burned with Tammy. We had a great talk. It was the best fucking talk ever!”

Nursing his coffee, Spencer intentionally shot Mac a warning look. It’s a secret; everything we did is a secret. Secret, Secret, Secret!

“No, yes, yes, yeeeees … I’ll tell you all about it. Yeah, even the secret stuff, everything ….” Grinning impishly she eyeballed her dad, who’d visibly begun to squirm. “Every … single … word! I won’t leave anything out, I promise. We have soooo much to talk about, but it’ll have to wait. And don’t forget we’re going to practice twerking this afternoon. Maybe we can show my dad; because he just asked me, ‘What’s twerking’?”

Mac turned on the speaker so Spence could hear Nikki exploding into laughter. “Booty shaking? Nope. Ass dancing? Nope. Cheek’in? Nope! No wonder he’s not getting laid; guys that can’t dance, can’t fuck. And, even if they can, they never get the chance ’cause girls don’t date guys who can’t dance.” Nikki’s voice rang out loud and clear from Mac’s speaker.

Girls don’t date guys who can’t dance!

Pouting like a child, Spence lamented, Oh great! I’ve now been written off as a man by both daughters. My sex life sucks so bad!

“Bye, Nicole, I love you too. Hey, don’t hang up. Bring some music, okay?”

“Well, maltepe escort girlfriend, your ass better be rested; ’cause I’m ready to dance!” Nikki teased.

“Do you need me to come get you?” Mac asked.

“Nope. It’s the weirdest thing; my dad agreed to drop me off. He won’t let me have the car. He said he was going to the Star Trek Marathon at the Six-Plex. I guess they’re showing ‘Space Seed’ from the original series, ‘The Wrath of Khan’, which I think is a movie, and, ‘Into Darkness.’ That’s like seven or eight hours of Star Trek movies. He must be trying to meet a woman his age, who likes old movies. Oh yeah, hang on! Dad wants to know if we’re going out tonight.”

“Tell him, Yes.” Uncle Jack, you are so busted! I am gonna tell on you.

“He also wants to know if we’re coming back to my house or yours after dancing.”

Spencer had to smile at that. Real sneaky, Jack!

“Tell him, we’ll come home to mine.”

“You know what, Mac? I think it sounds like Daddy is having a night out.”

Mac looked shot a knowing look at Spencer, “Yeah, sounds like he wants to get rid of you.”

“See you in ten minutes, Mac.”

“Don’t forget the music or we’ll be dancing to Brittney Spears’ ‘Do it Again’.”

“Oh, I’ll bring the good stuff.”

Mac looked at her dad, arching a single eyebrow. “And, Nikki, bring the little black dress and the slouch boots, okay?”

“You got it, girlfriend.”

“See you in ten.” Mac hit ‘End Call’ on her phone.

“Good stuff?” Spencer asked.

“Music, Daddy, just music.” MacKenzie watched him, waiting.

“What kind of music?” Do they still have kinds of ‘Music’ or is it just what kind of ‘Noise’?

Mac just laughed, when she answered, “The kind you can dance to, Daddy. You probably wouldn’t know any of it.” ‘Cause even though I love you, I don’t think you know how to really dance.

“That dress?” her dad asked, feigning indifference.

“Yeah, you haven’t really seen it ‘on’ me. It’s kinda sexy. Especially, if I can move.” And most especially, if I can shake my ass. I can make that dress dance with the devil.

He swallowed. “And, the boots–those same boots?” He was failing miserably in his lame attempt to appear disinterested. That little pair of ‘Fuck Me Please Boots’?

She looked back at him as she walked away. “Yeah, those boots. The little ‘Fuck Me, Daddy’ slouch boots. I think you’ve seen all of me in those boots. It’s funny; I didn’t actually think you even noticed the boots.” You were too busy looking at my pussy!

What did you think, Daddy, did those boots go better with pink teenage pussy or molasses-colored teenage pussy? Remember? You saw them on both kinds of pussy that night.

Ten minutes later, Nikki walked in the front door. She held up her hand in the Vulcan salute, and said, “‘Live long and prosper.’ Dad said you’d understand. Understand what?”

So, it’s Jessica again. He checked his watch. Seven hours of movies, my ass!

“Probably just a reference to the Star Trek Marathon at the movies this afternoon,” he answered.

An hour later, down in Mac’s bedroom, the girls were going at it full blast. He could hear their music blaring in the living room. At least, he could hear the noise that passed for music. Heavy beat with rapper talk. He couldn’t make out the words.

Nikki came out twice to fetch some water bottles from the kitchen refrigerator. Then about an hour later, she came out again and asked, “Can you come watch us?”

Nikki had on a small shiny blue, short club skirt. It barely did its job of covering her ass. Under that, she had some kind of white sheer stockings or tights that were almost invisible. They made her legs pale and somehow willowy and sexy. She had her hair up in a ponytail with a multicolored hair band of red, yellow, and blue. Completing the ensemble she wore a thin yellow-lace halter top, not much bigger than a bra, which left her belly uncovered. Definitely, no bra. No shoes. On Nikki it was all, somehow, kind of adorable.

She smiled as she walked away. “You might want to bring a beer.” The skirt certainly had a snap to it as she walked.

When he got to Mac’s bedroom, he noted Mac was sweating, too. Both of them looked like they’d been working out, not dancing.

Mac was wearing a pair of white shorts that, somehow, she’d pulled the waist down to make them sort of hiphuggers. You could now see her thong panties’ yellow side-straps above the shorts. Her abdomen was bare, because she’d tied the bottom of her tee-shirt up so it covered her breasts but not her tummy. She was sweating. No bra. Spencer decided the combination made for the best ‘Plumber’s Pants’ snapshot ever.

Nikki said, “Your daughters wanna try some stuff out on you. We need a guy’s opinion and reactions, okay? We’ve been practicing our moves, so now we need to see if they work.” On a man!

Mac sauntered over to her kartal escort dad and led him to her bed, “Just sit here and drink your beer, Daddy. We’ll do the rest.”

Okay, how hard can it be? I’m just gonna watch them dance.

He didn’t know Mac and Nikki hadn’t just been practicing dance moves for the last hour or more. Mac had been telling Nikki about her ‘Birds and Bees’ chat with Spencer.

Nikki nodded to Mac, who picked up her iPhone and hit PLAY. And, so it began. Spencer jumped as the full-bodied sound erupted from a small set of speakers on the floor where they were dancing. Nikki began to move to Brittney Spears’ ‘Do It Again!’. He was surprised, because he recognized the lyrics. Mac looked at him and explained, “We talked and it would probably be best if we start with something you know.” She had a positively impish smile.

Nikki started to move to the music and lyrics, “Oh MY God, what have I done, All I wanted was a little fun, I even brought my bubble gum,” Mostly, her movement was a strut-like sexy walk towards him. Then, she settled onto his knee and began to grind against his leg.

As the song wrapped up, she moved away from him then bent over at the waist. The music changed to “Get Naked”, again by Brittney Spears–a kind of a techno-beat rhythmic thumper. Nikki’s ass began to oscillate slowly side-to-side in that bent over position. Each snap of her hips lifted the small blue skirt barely covering her butt just enough that, for a split second, it didn’t. Fuck!

Spencer swallowed. She can’t possibly know what she’s showing. What the hell’s she wearing under those white stocking thingies? As she slowed her hips he saw slearly what she was wearing. Or maybe a better way to put it, he saw what she wasn’t wearing. Jeez! Nothing’s under those white stockings. Just Nikki. Pretty Pink, open, wet, nylon-enclosed best friend’s daughter’s naked camel toe.

His jaw dropped. He sat up. Mac laughed, happily. “Nikki, I think he likes that one. My turn.”

Nikki took control of Mac’s phone. They were running the music from the phone through a set of rugged waterproof Bluetooth speakers. The music was loud. And, the speakers could put out a decent base beat without vibrating. Mac moved towards her dad. She came up to him and merely put her hands on his knees. Pretty innocent.

Nikki hit PLAY.

MacKenzie began to move as Spencer heard Brittney’s breathy little-girl voice singing, “It’s so hot in here. It’s so hot and I need some air, don’t stop ’cause I’m half way there. It’s not complicated!” Brittney nailed that one. It was positively sizzling in Mac’s bedroom.

Mac leapt up onto the bed straddling his legs. She began to pump her hips. Slow at first, then with an added side-to-side twist. Hang on Daddy! You’re about to learn what dancing is really about. Sex!

She took her dad’s hand, placing it under the yellow thong-strap on her hip, so the strap was now holding his hand against her hip. To Nikki, it looked like he was moving Mac’s small ass with his hand. His hand was cupping her hip all the way back to her butt crack. Her ass was hot.

As the song ground to a halt, she taunted, “Daddy, you aren’t drinking your beer. Aren’t you thirsty?” Mac grabbed the beer from him, took a gulp, and handed it back, stepping from his lap.

Mac warned him he might not know the rest and then hit PLAY as Nikki took her place. Nikki went to her knees on the rug, her ass resting on her heels, facing away from Spencer as she began to move. First on knees, with just her ass moving. The skirt was snapping again about two inches off the rug. She came up onto all fours and leaned forward. Spencer leaned forward, watching her ass move like a metronome. Back and forth. Tic-toc, tic-toc! That’s fucking hypnotic!

The light-weight cargo shorts, which Spence had put on earlier, were proving woefully inadequate for camouflaging the rather obvious growing problem he was experiencing. He really liked their dancing and almost moaned as Nikki came up off the floor, dropping the snapping skirt again over her cute little ass. He’d never really looked at Nikki before. He did now. Cute, thin, not as much meat on her butt as he liked; her butt was no comparison to Mac’s world-class ass. But, in some innocent girl-next-door way, Nikki was outstandingly cute.

Gracefully, she spun and came up off the rug to straddle Spence. Good lord, she moves like a cat! he thought to himself, Which would make me a…? Holy shit!

Unlike Mac, Nikki turned facing away from him. She put her hands on his knees and leaned over them. Then she lifted her ass, so her back was parallel to his legs–perfectly parallel. He swallowed hard; her ass was maybe a foot away. He could already see under the club skirt. Shadow concealed some of what must be there. Christ, it has to be wide open. The white sheer hosiery covered it but made it, somehow, even more open and naked. More obscene, because you couldn’t help but try to switch to x-ray vision, even if you knew you didn’t have x-ray vision.

Then she began to move again. Oh My Fucking God! He closed his eyes trying to make out the lyrics, hoping that they were in English.

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