The Substitute

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Life was good. I was eighteen, in my first year at university doing pre-med and I’d just had my first fuck.

My introduction to the real delights of the flesh, as opposed to the imaginary ones I’d conjured up over the years during my frequent masturbatory sessions, came about without planning or forethought. A fellow student had asked if I could come back to her room to help her with some chemistry problems and before I realised what was happening I was wedged in the very wet hole of a very horny young woman.

I’d been seduced and I loved it. I wanted more. And judging by the noises my newly acquired fuck-partner was making, so did she. It came as no surprise therefore when she asked me to come back that evening to further our relationship.

I did, we did, and after an exhaustive session stretching over several hours, we fell asleep. As a result I didn’t get home until very late hoping my mother didn’t hear me creeping in.

Now let me tell you about my mother. She’s in her late 30’s, rather ordinary but through my eyes still a very sexy woman. Quietly spoken, I’d never heard her say anything stronger than ‘damn’. She’s also very possessive and extremely ambitious for her only son, me. For years now she’s pushed me hard through school the uncontested aim being for me to go to medical school. Nothing, she once told me, was going to stop her doing whatever it took for me to become a doctor.

Next morning at breakfast I quickly realised my late return had not gone unnoticed.

‘You were late in last night. Where were you?’

‘Oh just out with a friend’

‘Girl friend?’

‘Not really. Just a casual friend.’

‘But a girl?’


‘Were you fucking?’


‘Well were you?’

For some reason I couldn’t bring myself to lie as I was sure I couldn’t do so convincingly. Instead I mumbled something which I hoped would be sufficiently incomprehensible to satisfy.

‘Mike, let me make one thing perfectly clear. I’m not going to let any little slut who is ready to open her legs get banged up and screw up your chances of becoming a doctor. So young man tell her goodbye. Do you understand?’

‘Yes’ I replied quietly. ‘But hell mum I’m nearly nineteen and get so horny some times I can’t concentrate on my work. I masturbate a lot but there’s no substitute for the real thing, you know for what a woman’s got’

‘You mean a cunt I suppose’

Mum’s use of words I’d never thought she even knew really threw me but if they were good enough for her then I saw no reason why I shouldn’t use them too.

‘Yes, that’s just what I mean. I now realise my right hand wrapped around my cock is no substitute for a wet cunt.’

‘Oh darling what am I going to do with you? I suppose that now you’ve got the smell of cunt in your nostrils you won’t be able to get your mind off it. But I’m not having you running the risk of getting some tart pregnant and having to face the consequences.’

Nothing more was said for several minutes but it seemed to me that mum was deep in thought. Then she spoke.

‘Tell me something. güvenilir bahis If I arranged someone for you to fuck, someone who wouldn’t pose any problem, someone who I’m pretty sure you’d enjoy, would you be prepared to stop fucking anyone else until you graduate?’

‘Well that would depend on who it was. It would have to be someone I enjoyed being with. Ideally someone I already knew.’

‘You already know the woman I have in mind. She’s quite a bit older than you but very experienced. She’s also very discrete and I know would be prepared to do whatever you wanted with her whenever you wanted, subject of course to the time and place being right. I know too she’s had thoughts about your cock and what you can do with it for some time now. I’m sure you’d enjoy her.’

Oh my God I thought. It’s Aunt Julia, mum’s younger sister who I’ve always had the hots for. And to think she feels the same way about me even though she pretty well ignores me whenever she comes to visit. Fantastic.

‘She sounds ideal. Tell me, who is it?’

‘I’ll tell you but first I want you to promise that if you don’t like the idea you’ll never mention it to her and we’ll forget we ever had this conversation. Agree?’

‘Agree. It’s Aunt Julia isn’t it?’

‘No. It’s not Julia. There’s only one woman I’d trust to look after your interests and to make sure you stick to the path I’ve set out for you and that’s me’

For what seemed an hour but could only have been a few seconds I stood looking at my mother, my mouth open, my brain refusing to take in what she’d just said. Did I understand her correctly? Was my mother saying that I could fuck her whenever I wanted in return for giving up all other women for the next several years?

‘Say that again’ I managed to say.

‘I thought I’d made myself perfectly clear but if you want it spelt out then listen carefully. In return for your guarantee not to have sexual relationships of any nature with any other woman until you graduate I will until then make myself available to you whenever you want, to be fucked and sexually used however and whenever you wish subject of course to the place and time being acceptable. So what do you think?’

‘Mother I just can’t take it in. I’ve adored you since I was little and lusted after you ever since I got my first erection. I love looking at your legs and try to catch sight of your breasts whenever you’re not looking. I jerk-off to visions of you naked, laying on your bed, your legs spread wide open ready for me. I just can’t believe you’re now offering to make my dreams a reality. Please tell me again so I’m sure I’m not dreaming.’

‘No darling, you’re not dreaming. You know I love you dearly as a son but what I’ve wanted to tell you for some time but couldn’t find a way until now, I’ve increasingly come to think of you as a lover. Just as you think of me naked and ready for you I fantasise about you. I too masturbate quite frequently and when I do it is always with a picture in my mind of you fucking me or me sucking on your swollen cock, feeling your lips on my open cunt filled with your türkçe bahis cum and then on my mouth sharing our juices between us. So let me ask once again. What do you think?’

‘Here’s my answer.’ I replied getting to my feet and closing the short distance between us. Taking my mother in my arms I put my lips to hers, gently, slightly open. At that very moment all thoughts of my mother left my head and were replaced by thoughts of a hugely desirable woman, returning my kisses, duelling with our tongues as our lust for each other grew.

‘Let’s go to your bedroom’ my mother breathed. ‘There’s no time like the present to satisfy each other that we’ve made the right decision’.

Reluctantly I allowed her to pull away from me but eagerly followed her as she led me by the hand to my bedroom. Closing the door she again faced me and pulled me close to her. Between kisses she managed to convey exactly what she wanted me to do.

‘Darling undress me. Take off my blouse and my bra and play with my nipples. Suck them and make them big and achy.’

I needed no second asking. I tugged and pulled and quickly exposed my mothers beautiful tits. Beautiful was the only word for them despite being just a little saggy. Big but not enormous. Large aureoles but, surprisingly, what appeared to be almost flat nipples.

‘Suck them darling. Suck hard.’

I did as instructed and to my amazement found my lips clamped around a fat protrubence. I later learned that mother’s nipples were inverted, quite unusual but quite delightful. She told me that when they were sucked out they became very sensitive and she had on occasions been able to orgasm just by having them sucked.

‘Now the rest of my clothes. I want to show you my cunt. Oh please like it – I want so much for it to be your favourite plaything.’

Again I quickly stripped off the rest of mother’s clothes until she stood naked before me.

‘There. There’s my cunt for you’ she whispered turning to the bed and positioning herself on her back in the middle, her legs spread wide.

The vision before me was not far removed from the one which sprang into my head often at night. At 39 she’d worn well, she’d looked after herself and her body showed it. Somewhat plumper than my about-to-be-dumped fuck-mate but all the sexier for it. Good legs as I knew, plumpish thighs, slightly protruding belly and oh shit, a mass of fine straggly darkish hair forming a perfect vee just below her navel.

‘Like it so far?’ she cooed.

‘Love it so far’ I almost panted.

‘Let me give you a tour.’ Reaching down she gently pulled apart her puffy cunt lips exposing two smaller ones inside. These she separated with two fingers to display an entrance and, inside, a redness.

‘There’s my fuck-hole and these are my cunt lips. Above the hole the much smaller opening is my piss-hole and just above that you can just see my clit poking out from its hood.’

‘Smell it.’ instructed my mother. ‘Smell my horny cunt which is getting wetter by the minute as you look at it. Then when you’ve filled your lungs with my cunt smells kiss güvenilir bahis siteleri it, put your tongue in my hole and then suck my clit.’

Somehow I managed to strip baring my very stiff erection before falling between mother’s open thighs her cunt lips agape for my pleasure. Even before my lips touched hers my senses were reeling with the indescribable smell of mature cunt. I’d not ‘gone down’ on the only other woman I’d known sexually but had faint memories of a ‘different’ smell. But nothing like the one which hit me now filling my lungs and my mind with delight.

My first taste of cunt was equally mind-shattering. Salty, fishy, oily, a little pissy, an indescribable cocktail of flavours which I lapped up with relish.

Following instructions I pushed my tongue up my mother’ hole licking the insides of her tunnel bringing forth murmurings of pleasure.

“Yes darling, more. Lick my cunt. Eat me out. Tongue my piss-hole. Suck my clit. Yes just there. No a little higher. There, that’s it. Oh God don’t stop. My cunt’s getting hotter and hotter. I can feel it tingling. Yes, yes I’m going to cum. Keep sucking and licking. Oh fucking hell I’m cummmmmmmmmming!’

My mother’s whole body stiffened and then suddenly relaxed with the release of a heavy sigh. She opened her eyes, smiled and whispered.

‘That was wonderful darling. Now fuck me.’

The words were hardly out of her mouth before I had my steel-hard cock positioned at the entrance to her fuck-hole. Almost without resistance it slid in smoothly until our pubic hairs were pressed hard against each other. Reaching up I pressed my lips lightly to hers my tongue slaking along the fleshy insides. Mother moaned.

I lay still inside her fuck-tunnel relishing the feel of her tightness around my swollen shaft. I knew that as soon as I started to move I’d cum and I wanted with all my being for this incredible experience to last as long as possible, if not for ever. But mother had other ideas.

‘Fuck me darling. Fill me with your hot cum. Fuck me and enjoy me my love.’

Her sexy words of love coupled with gentle squeezings from her cunt muscles proved more than I could cope with and as I felt the cum rise up from my balls I pulled back and then drove forcefully deep inside her releasing wave after wave of fuck-cream as far up as I could reach as I continued to pound her.

Finally, spent with the force of my ejaculation I collapsed on to my mother’s breasts covering her with little kisses while mumbling words of love and endeavouring to describe the wonder of what I had just experienced. Mother held me in her arms and cooed in reciprocation.

As I lay still imbedded in her I began to sense the flexing of mother’s cunt muscles on my cock which I quickly realised was rapidly regaining its stiffness as she worked her magic on it.

Unlocking her lips from mine for a moment mother said ‘Now we’ll fuck with love my darling. Just take your time and enjoy your mother’s body and above all her ripe cunt. Let me enjoy your wonderful cock and let me show you how two lovers can make the most wonderful love, love intertwined with delicious sex. I’m all yours darling. Whatever you want from me you’ll have.’

And so began a journey of discovery, of incestuous love, and ultimately, a journey with unexpected consequences

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