The Taking of Jenny

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This is written for the more broad minded reader. It would be nice if who ever reads it takes just that extra few seconds to vote. The vote is an invaluable source of information to a writer as it lets them know whether the subject matter and style are something readers would like to read more of.

I always had a thing for her, even when we were kids I had always wanted to get into her knickers but, her being my sister, I had so far managed to restrain myself, mainly due to the belief that if I made a move on her she’d go straight to mum or, even worse, dad, who I was sure would belt the living daylights out of me.

It has been always very difficult to restrain myself around her but especially hard in the last couple of years, trying to control myself in her presence had been testing when she had been less developed but had become even more arduous now that she looked so hot. Like most 18-year-old girls she wore very tight trousers that clung to her body like a second skin so that when she walked I could see every movement of her arse, leaving little to the imagination, and whenever she bent over her arse looked so tight and inviting I just wanted to rip her clothes off and fuck it there and then. Even worse were the times when she wore those really short skimpy skirts and pranced about the house or just after a shower when she just wrapped a towel around her self and I knew there was nothing else underneath. At times like these I couldn’t take my eyes off her and found myself trying surreptitiously to look up her skirt or trying even harder to look up her towel, while she sat in the lounge doing her nails, hoping to catch a glimpse of her tight unfucked pussy. I’d even sit there praying for the towel to fall so I could see her beautiful tits, which were at least a double D.

I watch her now as she goes about tidying up the house for mum; she seems to have shot up this year. As she stretches to tidy up the cupboards in the kitchen I assess her, she’s about 5’8″, 130 pounds, 36DD/27/35, her legs are long and slim but not thin, and they are well formed and smoothly waxed, her whole body moves gracefully with the posture of a ballerina, Jenny has long thick almost jet black hair that reaches all the way down to her waist,. She is very beautiful, like our mother, with lovely green eyes above which are long dark eyelashes which are crowned with thick nicely shaped eyebrows. Her mouth is large but suits the rest of her facial features well and she has full bodied lush lips. Jenny’s nose is well formed almost sculptured turning up very slightly at the end making her look especially cute. Today she is wearing an old green pleated school skirt, which since she has shot up, is now a lot shorter on her than when it was originally purchased. As she stretches up the skirt lifts and I can see most of her thighs and even an occasional glimpse of her flimsy white knickers, my heart seems to miss a beat as my cock jerks inside my trousers and I lick my lips at the though of engulfing her fresh tender virgin cunt with my mouth and savouring her hot sweet juices. I know she is still a virgin as mum and dad are so strict, she is hardly ever allowed out of the house on her own, even then she has to dress down as dad is very strict on what she wears outside the home. The school they have chosen for her is an all girl school which means her experience of boys is very limited.

We’re on our own today and most of tomorrow, as mum and dad have gone to see our grandparents in Portsmouth before she goes off on holiday.

I watch her closely, she has finished with the cupboards and she moves across the room gracefully, like a gazelle, as she makes herself busy putting water in a bowel to scrub the kitchen floor. I can’t help but just spy on her moving around the room, not exchanging a single word as I watch like a predator waiting for his prey to slip up so he can devour it. Her very nearness excites me as she gets down on her knees and begins scrubbing the kitchen floor tiles with the scrubbing brush. As she moves forward her skirt rises and soon I have a clear view of her panty covered arse and cunt, the thin white nylon knickers seem completely see through and cling to her mount as they are swallowed up into the groove of her cunt, I can make out some of her light coloured fine wispy pubic hairs as they protrude from the knickers. This is the last straw; my cock is now rigid and takes over my brain, my restraint, which I have struggled so hard to maintain over the years, disappears. I get down on my knees behind her and begin gently rubbing her pussy through the thin fabric of her knickers with two fingers back and forward. She tries to rise up as she protests.

“No Peter, what are you doing? Please stop, we mustn’t, this isn’t right we have to stop please. I’ve never been touched down there before, please stop.”

It’s too late; I couldn’t stop now even if I wanted to. At this point in time my self control is completely depleted. I pay no heed to her protest and use my free hand to force her down. Her pendik escort cunt is now becoming wet and sticky quickly making her knickers damp as it lubricates itself automatically as part of the primeval instinct in preparation for mating. Her self-control is slowly ebbing away and her protests are only nominal and mumbled at this stage. My nostrils soon detect the scent of her excited secretions stimulating me further as I inhale the heady scent through my nostrils; my cock is so hard it’s almost ripping my trousers in its eagerness for release. I move my other hand down to her knickers and with a quick jerk manage to tear the flimsy material of her knickers apart exposing her cunt. I thrust a finger deep inside her tight moist sex, I can feel the thick sticky sap as I withdraw my finger and move it towards my mouth, the smell as it reaches my nose is intoxicating and the taste of her sweet syrupy juices, as I stick my finger in my mouth and suck on it, drives me insane with wanton lust. I push her head down so that her arse is sticking high up in the air, positioning myself behind her I can see her soft fleshed quim with the very fine pubic hair of a young girl; it looks so beautiful, soft, pink coloured folds of glistening flesh, her juices, like early morning dew resting on rose petals.

“Please stop Peter we mustn’t you’re my brother, this isn’t right, as much as I may want this we must stop.”

Her protest was half hearted and the wording she had chosen to use let me know that she wanted this, perhaps not as much as I did but she did want it, she had vocalised the fact and there was no going back now.

I bury my face in her arse my nose in the crease of her buttocks pushing at her pucker as my mouth makes contact with her hot juicy pussy for the first time.

“Peter what are you doing stop, don’t do that its not clean stop, please stop.”

I may have stopped had she been more negative or had screamed or something but her soft mumbling voice does little to put me off. My mouth begins to make love to her virgin pussy, sucking on the thick inner labia that have now become bloated as her arousal increases thanks to the recent stimulation of her treasure cave by my experienced fingers. I plunge my tongue into her depths licking just past the entrance wanting to eat her, swallow her lovely flesh marinated in virginal juices, the more I have of her sap the more I want and I attack her quim as though I’m a famished wolf and a rare bloodied steak has been placed in front of me. As her protests vanish they are replaced with cries and moans of pleasure, she is now too far gone with the pleasure my mouth and tongue is giving her cunt to want to stop.

“Ahhh… ahhhh… mmmmm… yesss… oh… god… yes… yes… don’t stoppp… kissss… my… pussy… god… don’t… stop… please… Peter… eattt… mmmmm… me… ohhhh… it… feels… sooo… ahhhh… mmmm… gooddd… ahhhhh… yesss… it feels… Soooo… nice… goddd… yessss… “

I have no intention of stopping as I suck harder in an effort to drain her of her wonderful elixir that is now pouring out of her sweet pussy like a stream. I unbuckle my pants and pull them down while continuing to eat her. I haven’t got any underwear on so my cock just springs out like a coiled spring standing straight up, rigid, swollen and bigger than ever. Holding her tightly I roll her over, positioning myself so that I am on top with my cock just above her wonderful mouth in a 69 position hoping that she will reciprocate my efforts and take my cock inside her warm mouth but am disappointed when her mouth remains closed.

“Suck my cock Jenny, put it in her mouth and suck on it, lick it go on Jenny please suck me.”

Having given her the instructions I return to her pussy licking from one end of her cunt all the way down to the rubbery dark pink pucker which is all ready wet from the mixture of her pussy juices and my saliva which have run down her crease. I repeat this several times before latching onto her clit with my lips while slowly pushing two fingers inside her tight pussy and begin fucking her with them as I nibble gently on her clit, which is now fully erect and much bigger than I would have imagined.

I am thrilled when I feel her warm breath on my cock head as she opens her mouth, hesitantly and very slowly Jenny takes my cock inside her warm oral cavern inch by inch. She must like the taste as she is now taking more and more of me inside her mouth as her tongue brushes the underside gently. I’m impressed as to how quickly she takes to cock sucking and how much of my fat 8″ cock she finally manages to swallow. I move my tongue to her arse hole licking the tiny entry lubricating it for what’s to come as she squirms beneath me. Returning my mouth to her clit I suck it into my hot mouth while with my tongue tip I lazily stroke it, my two fingers still buried to the hilt inside her tight virgin hole as I stop sucking her clitty just long enough for me to coat a third finger with saliva and this one I push slowly maltepe escort but deliberately into her tiny anal hole, excited as the rubbery flesh parts to allow my violation of her anus to continue. She briefly struggles beneath me at this fresh violation but soon settles once accustomed to this new intruder as I rhythmically finger fuck both of her virgin holes simultaneously, she seems to quickly become accustomed to the long fat finger embedded deep in her arse and begins thrusting upwards to meet the three invaders of her lower orifices while her head moves upward sucking hard on my cock which is now nearing explosion point. I push my fingers deeper in her cunt and can feel the wall that must be demolished before she becomes mine. I decide to cum in her mouth first knowing that the second time I will last a lot longer and want to make sure her first fuck is one she will remember.

I am surprised and pleased with her cock sucking efforts; they have served to build up my excitement. After her initial protests and delay in actually allowing my cock to enter her wonderful wet warm mouth she seems to have had a complete change of heart once she has tasted my meat, her large soft lips are made for sucking cock as she swallows my manhood they grip round my flesh like a vice drawing more and more of my length inside her sweltering mouth while her tongue swiftly wipes the pre-cum off the tip of the head again and again.

Once she had accepted my offering I begin fucking her mouth as if it is her cunt pushing ever deeper until I feel her squeeze my rock hard balls and I instinctively bite down on her clit relishing the taste of her virgin juices at the same time feeling my balls swell as the skin around them hardens and my spunk rises to the surface to finally erupt like a gusher out of the tiny pee hole on the tip of my dick with a burning sensation. I can feel and hear her as she tries to swallow my cum, but even I am surprised at the abundance of spunk that pours out of my cock like never before as my cock throbs and twitches wildly inside her oral fuck cave. I am excited with her performance and spread her cunt and arse open with my strong hands as I begin feasting with a renewed enthusiasm on her warm fresh flesh not touched by other hands since she was a baby but now being stimulated not just with both hands but orally as my tongue licks every nook and cranny of her virgin pussy and goes even further down to forbidden territory as it licks at her anal opening smelling the muskiness of that place as I try to push my tongue inside. She is now squirming beneath me as I saturate her holes with more saliva and insert two fingers in each, her legs spreading wider to give me right of passage as she groans loudly and then begs me for more.

“Oh god Peter… yesss… oohhh… mmmy… god… I can’t… whatttt… are yooou… doiiinngggggg… to me, ooohhh… goddd we shouldn’t be doing… ttthhhiss… I feel… soooo… hot… I’mmm… burning up… inside… yessss… goddd… yessss… youuu dirty… bastard… III… yesss… god… donnnnttt… stoppp… “

I pull my cock out of her mouth and move to her side kneeling next to her as I hungrily seek out her mouth, then her tongue sucking it inside my mouth as I hold her to me, I move down to her tits tearing the blouse open and pulling her bra down to reveal her wonderful breasts my head goes down engulfing a nipple in my mouth and I suck hard alternating between the two erect peaks and listening to her moaning getting louder like music to my years.

“Get on top Jenny let me make love to your pussy with my mouth again. ” I implore her.

She is now in need of some form of release and obeys without protest straddling my face and I feel her voluntarily take my semi erect penis back inside her oral Eden sucking it inside while her large firm lips squeeze around it as they draw it further in, my cock reacts almost immediately as it grows with her quickly learned oral stimulation of the crown. I am now like some starved werewolf my mouth sucking every bit of her soft flesh it encounters, her inner lips are now fully engorged as I suck hard on them then nibble at them initiating little whimpers to join her moans until she suddenly explodes inside my mouth her cum filling my mouth like a huge tidal wave as I suck her even harder trying to drink every drop of her first male induced precious cum.

She lifts her head off of my now fully erect hard manhood and cries out.


I continue my feast like a man possessed as my mouth moves quickly from one hole to the next sucking, licking, biting while she puts her hands behind herself pulling her bum cheeks open for me while her head continues bobbing up and down sucking my cock, her saliva dribbling down to my balls impaling kartal escort her mouth on my cock like a well versed slut. I push my fingers inside her well-lubricated holes feeling them slide in with ease now as her orifices grow accustomed to being used and violated. I want to fuck her but can’t bring myself to stop eating her cum soaked flesh, my mouth locates her big long clit and I suck on it hard until it is in my mouth using my thumbs to open her cunt wide at the top so that her clit is completely at my mercy my tongue ravishing it before I bite gently on it making Jenny scream. I release the tiny nerve filled hub from my teeth stroking it rapidly with my tongue until she explodes cumming again, screaming and writhing uncontrollably above me as she tries to get up but I hold her down guzzling her cum until she looses control her cum suddenly shoots out in a jet of fluid as she begins ejaculating taking me by surprise as I gulp the sweet tasting liquid, like a thirsty man would a cold beer to quench his thirst on a scorching day, the thick sweet liquid warming my throat.

It’s as if her sap has given me renewed energy, I half push half lift her off of my body and before she has a chance to stop me I have her pinned beneath me trapping her legs between my shoulders and the floor while my hands press hers to the floor high above her head. I push my body forward, as if made for this union I feel my cock head find its target first time as it seeks the opening of her virgin pussy like a laser guided missile and slowly pushes her delicious wet and delicate fleshy folds apart until it’s resting on the edge of the entry to her cunt surrounded by her soft engorged pussy lips.

“Please Peter we mustn’t. I may want this as much as you… but we shouldn’t… you’re my brother… it isn’t right, please stop… I’ll suck you again… please let me just suck you… I’ll suck you until you shoot in my mouth but you shouldn’t… ma… fuck me.”

I t was too late now my cock was in full control, she had only used the word shouldn’t not can’t and the way she said fuck so hesitantly, so innocently made me want to fuck her all the more. I pushed my cock inside her tight hole with all my strength and felt the soft fleshy barrier collapse with the first assault as I begun to fuck her, pushing my cock all the way inside her until I could feel her cervix then thrusting my rigid shaft in at an angle alternating which side of her juice box I rammed it into. I got a rhythm going, I thrust into her with slow long deliberate plunges, her tight cunt felt good as it squeezed my cock, and then pulled out of her just leaving the tip of the head inside her orifice and then pushed back until I was again as deep as I could get. At first I could tell she found it uncomfortable and perhaps painful and she shed a few tears, I wasn’t sure whether this was down to pain or the thought that her brother had taken her virginity or a mixture of the two, whatever the case the problem seemed to vanish after a few thrusts, perhaps knowing her cherry was gone for ever her reservations and restraint had gone with it. She begins to moan wildly and then she screams out her encouragement.


Listening to her talk dirty drives me nuts as I fuck her ever harder and faster my cock splitting her cunt open as it slams inside her until my balls slap her arse only to be pulled back out an instant later so it could be rammed back inside her harder and faster than before.

I can feel her body quake beneath me as her cunt tightens around my cock drawing it into her wet abyss and I continued to thrust into her soft pliable pink flesh which is saturated with her cum enabling my cock to slide easily deep inside her body. The position she is in allows me to penetrate her fully and deeply. I can feel my hot spunk churning inside my swollen balls waiting for that moment when it will be released from them enabling my seed to rise up and travel from my aching balls through the narrow tube in my cock to make a break for freedom inside her pussy. Her words excite me, listening to her begging for more while simultaneously having my cock milked by her cunt is too much and I finally loose control, my cock inflating inside her body like some long fat balloon before finally bursting and releasing its jet of thick spunk inside her pussy while it in turns continues to milk my cock in its greed for more of my seed as nature intended. I have now cum inside her and moved off her but I want more, much more I had waited for this moment long enough, my imagination of what we would do when the moment arrived was rife with possibilities and my mind and body needed to put those ideas into action.

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