The Tale of Her Mother Too Pt. 02

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Shelly and Moira

Shelly Castle and her friend Dr. Moira Parker were seated in their favorite café in downtown Palm Beach having their breakfast. Dr. Parker was actually a PhD in Psychology not a medical doctor but she was a therapist. Both she and Shelly were bi-sexual and had an affair going on and off for about two years. Both of them knew Audrey and both of them wanted to fuck her brains out.

“You know Moira I haven’t seen hide or hair of Audrey in over two months. I hear she’s living with her daughter’s boyfriend.”

“Now, now, don’t be catty; and for god’s sake, please don’t start any rumors about her. I still would like to fuck her brains out. She is a gorgeous piece of cunt. All she has to do is walk into the same room as me and my pussy starts to drip. I don’t know what there is about her, but she exudes sexiness.”

“I know, I was after her about a year ago. I even sold her that big house she lives in.”

“Really, I didn’t know that. What did she pay?”

“I sold it for what the state was owed for back taxes, just over a million.”

“Wow, what a buy! How’d you get away with that?”

“I was fucking the deputy treasurer at the time and he arranged it for me. The only problem was that bitch didn’t come through. It was only later that I found that Audrey was so naïve, she never understood any of my hints.”

“Yes I know, she is naïve, she was a patient of mine when she first came to Florida about three or four years ago. Some men tried to break into her house, and really scared her badly. She was having nightmares. The wall and the high iron fence is what attracted her to the house. She felt safe in this house. Her security company provided armed response; they showed up and had a shoot out with the perpetrators. Audrey is terrified of guns. Her brother was murdered when she was 10 or 11 years old, in an attempted holdup.

That’s what did it, with all of the shooting, and then the police showing up, and all the noise; she almost had a nervous breakdown. She was married when she was 15 years old but she looked twenty five and was absolutely breath taking. She had the body of a woman and the mind of a teenager. The marriage lasted for six years and never once did she have an orgasm by her husband. He was twenty five years older than her. She had a daughter when she was seventeen or eighteen. There was something wrong with him too. From what she said he had no sex drive at all. She came from money, her parents were quite wealthy. She was a kid when they got married and didn’t know any better. I believed she was 14 when she became a model.”

“She still is gorgeous. I still have the ‘hots’ for her. One day I’m goanna fuck her bowlegged. I still have ‘gargantua’ and I plan to fuck her with that.”

“Well what about you coming over to my place and you can fuck me with that beast.”


Hours later they were lying in Moira’s bed in her bedroom. Both of them covered in sweat. Moira was lying face down in her bed. Her arms spread wide and her wrists were cuffed to the headboard. She was too exhausted to move. They had been fucking nonstop for over an hour. There were five pillows under her hips keeping her ass high in the air. Her legs spread wide by a five foot spreader bar attached to her ankles. Shelly was kneeling behind her, wearing that monster dildo in a leather harness. Part of the dildo was still inside Moira’s pussy.

“Ple … ple … please Mistress let me rest. Please, my pussy is too sensitive; don’t make me cum any more. I’ll do anything you want, just let me rest for a little while.”

“Oh, quit your bitching, not more than five minutes ago you were screaming don’t stop, don’t ever stop Mistress. Besides, I want to fuck you up your ass again, you got a great ass.”

“I know,” she giggled, “Arnie Schaefer, told me the same thing last week.”

“You fucked Arnie Schaefer? I thought he was a patient of yours.”

“That was two years ago, and for a guy in his forties he still has a hell of a body. His dick is about eight inches long and about as thick around as a silver dollar. Besides after this little respite, I could go for a good ass reaming.”

“What a slut you are Moira.”

“That’s right, Mistress, and tonight I’m your slut.”

“You’re right bitch, you are my slut. I only wish I had Audrey here.”

“If you’re serious, Shelly, I have an idea about that.”

“Oh really, what’s your idea, we drug her and take her to your place?”

“Almost, but you got the right idea. Monday I got hold of some ruffies.”

“Where the hell did you get Rohyp …?

“Never mind how I got them. I have them. My plan is to invite her out to lunch. Slip a couple into her drink; and bring her back to my place. You know how I was always talking about building a dungeon in my basement. Well, I did it. I even had a couple of gals down there already. It scares the shit out of them. Do you know Ilene Corelli?

“Yeah, sure I know her. She’s that curly black haired, little cunt. I was recently güvenilir bahis trying to figure out how to get introduced to her.

Well she comes to my office three times a week now and she’s my slave. I hypnotized her and took her down to the dungeon. I told her she was a slave now and had to obey me. She actually told me to fuck off. I gave her a real good spanking and she was sobbing when she begged me to stop. So I told her she better start obeying her Mistress. When she saw me raise the paddle to begin again, she promised to be good and do as she was told.

From then on she was putty in my hands. I made her eat my pussy, and boy is she a natural. She really gets off on being dominated. I’ve just had her pussy shaved, and rings permanently install in her nipples and her clit. She bitched about everything, but after a few good hard slaps, she purred like a kitten. She’s a true submissive.”

“Jesus Moira, are you kidding me? When is she due to come to you again? Can I watch and will you share?”

“Don’t get greedy, I’m still breaking her in. She has that head of curly Jet Black hair, I had her shave her pussy. She really didn’t want to, and she bitched like hell, so I gave her a real good spanking again. After which, she begged me to forgive her. She is just beginning to obey me without arguing all the time. She’s becoming more ‘slave’ like with a simple, yes Mistress.

Anyway, after she shaved her pussy, she always had a five o’clock shadow around her pussy and it ruined the effect. So last month I ordered her to buy a bottle of Velvet, permanent depilatory oil. You should see her now, no more five o’clock ‘shadow’. That stuff is great. I’ve been making her use my Tanning bed and she’s now a perfect golden bronze and with her pussy bald the way it is, she looks like a teen ager.”

“You should see her now. She rarely argues with anything I tell her to do. She’s my gorgeous little sex toy, and she loves to eat pussy.

“She sounds good enough to eat. When is she due at your place again?”

“She’ll be at my place tomorrow. But not so fast, are you gonna help me with Audrey?”

“Absofuckinglutly, maybe we could make her our slave too? What time should I be at your place tomorrow?”

“Don’t you think we should call Audrey to see if she will be available for lunch?”

“Yeah, your right. You got me so excited about your new slave Ilene that I’m not thinking straight.”


Moira called Audrey that evening.

“Hi Audrey, its Moira.”

“Oh hi Moira, I was just thinking about you. Shelly called earlier today and asked if I was free for lunch tomorrow? I told her I wasn’t because Rick and I were going to drive up and see Susan at her school. We were supposed to leave in the morning, but apparently that rainstorm we had today was much worse up north. A part of the road was washed away causing 3-4 hour delays. So we had to call Susan and tell her we couldn’t make it tomorrow.

She told us that it’s even better because all her Friday classes were cancelled. When Rick heard that, he said let us call you back in an hour and let me check with my flying club. When he called his club they told him they were expecting to have a turbojet Mooney come in tonight. It’s a six passenger but has a much faster cruising speed. We would be there in a little less than two hours. It would only cost him $525.00 more than the smaller plane. So we are flying up on Friday morning. Personally, I would rather fly two hours than drive 6-8 hours and that’s depending on how long we spend for meal and potty stops.”

“That’s great, shall we pick you up or do you want to meet us there?”

“No, pick me up and we all go together. Where are we going anyway?”

“Mayhew’s, they have the best salads with green goddess dressing.”

“Oh you’re right; I absolutely love their green goddess dressing. Then I’ll see you tomorrow at 11:30 AM. Bye Moira.”

As soon as Audrey hung up the phone rang again. This time Rick grabbed the phone. It was Susan again, her roommate’s parents wanted to know if you would call them. When he asked why, her roommate, Rita, got on the phone.

“Listen, I know this is asking a lot of you and you don’t really know me. My dad got downsized like 8 or 9 weeks ago, because of the economy. So they really can’t afford to spend $1600.00 round trip right now. Susan told me you guys are goanna fly up Friday in a Moonie. Is it a six passenger, 624 turbo?”

“Yes it is. How do you know about Moonie designations?”

“I had a boyfriend who was an airplane mechanic. I spent a half day with him at the airfield. When he finished work, he said, let me show you a real beauty. That’s when he showed me the Moonie 624, it really is a beauty. What’s the cruising speed, 300 MPH?”

“It’s 310 MPH. We should be up there before noon. Susan made reservations at Drago’s for lunch, I’ll be very pleased if your parents will let me take all of us to lunch. The flight won’t cost them a penny. Tell them to meet us West Palm Beach Airport, türkçe bahis Private planes section at 9:30 AM. I want to be wheels up by 10:00 AM and if they don’t know where that is, just ask any police officer he’ll be able to tell them how to find it”.

“Really, gee thanks. Listen, my dad is kind of stiff necked, and he’ll probably try to offer you some kind of payment. I know they really can’t afford that, so I’m going to tell him that you’ll be very insulted if he does that.”

“What kind of work did your dad do?”

“He was a Navy pilot during Desert Storm but was wounded by triple A and couldn’t fly any longer. When he was discharged he became a CPA and went to work for Citibank in their investment department. They sent him to law school where he specialized in tax law.”

“He sure has had quite a career.”

“Yes, he has, and he’s super smart too.”

“Okay, I get it. You can stop selling now. So yes, I may have something for him, I’ll explain it to him on the way up. Oh, and by the way, I will be insulted if he tries to offer me money for the trip. I’ve already paid for the plane and we’re flying whether he’s in the plane or not. So tell him to keep his money.”

When he hung up Audrey asked him if it would be alright for her to go to lunch with Moira and Shelly?

“No, it’s not alright for you to go to lunch with them tomorrow. Nordstrom’s is having a big lingerie sale tomorrow and I want you to go there with me. I want you to model for me.”

Audrey giggled, and said, “You’re such a pussy hound, don’t you ever get tired?”

“Not when my baby has such a gorgeous ass.”

“RICK, RICK, she shrieked, STOOOOP… OHHHH MY GOD.”


When Rick and Audrey arrived at the airport, Linda and Ted Warshaw were already there, waiting for them.

“Gee, I’m sorry if we kept you guys waiting. I thought that being here at 9:15 AM would be early enough. I haven’t done my pre flight walk around.”

“No, no, it’s not your fault. I had no idea that there was a private plane section at this airport. I just wasn’t sure how long it would take to get here. So we left earlier than usual, trying to make sure we wouldn’t keep you guys waiting. Let me introduce us, I’m Ted Warshaw and this is my wife Linda.”

“Pleased to meet you both, and I’m Rick Marshal and this is Audrey my wife. I understand our daughters are roommates.”

“Yes, they are. Tell me Rick, were you a military pilot?”

“No, I wasn’t, my dad taught me to fly when I was 14 and I got my pilot’s license when I was 15. I love flying and I do so every chance I get.”

The two men were walking around the airplane while Rick checked the flaps the ailerons, the rudder, he even opened the petcock to check the fuel for contamination. When he was finished he told Ted to get his and Linda’s luggage while he got Audrey’s and his from the trunk of their car.

“Okay ladies it’s time to get on board.

With the girls on board he asked Ted to make sure they were wearing their seat belts and then to come up and take the right hand seat, so they could talk after they were in the air.

Later as Ted was slipping into the co-pilot’s seat he slipped on his head- phones and he could hear the tower tell Rick to take runway 34 Left, he was no 1 for departure. As Rick pulled onto the end of runway 34 L he stopped and waited for permission to take off. It came moments later. OK M624 you are cleared for take-off.

Rick pushed the throttle forward and the plane dashed down the runway and slipped into the air in a smooth steady climb. When he reached 13000 feet he asked for permission to climb to 20,000 feet claiming his radar showed much smoother air. He was given permission to do so and was told he was being handed off to Canaveral Station. Have a nice flight M624. He set his flight GPS for Stanford Airport and switched to auto pilot.

“Well for the next thirty five minutes the plane will fly itself. Rita tells me you were a tax lawyer in the investment department for Citibank.”

“Yes that’s right, but with the way the economy has crashed I was downsized almost two months ago. I’ve been looking for a job ever since.”

“How much were you making at Citibank?”


“And how much would it take to start my own investment company?”

“You wouldn’t want to do that.”

“Why the hell not?”

“New start up Investment Company’s take forever to build up any kind of reputation. What you want to do is buy an existing investment company, one that’s barely making it but has been around for a several years. That kind of company can be had for a song. Then you get a PR agency to get the company into the papers. New blood has taken over; they have attacked the investment world and are making millions for their investors.”

“Does that kind of bullshit really work?”

“Of course, besides it must be true, I read it in the papers.”

Rick laughed, “You know something Ted I think you’re going to be worth every penny of the $100,000.00 güvenilir bahis siteleri a year I’ll be paying you. You’re hired as of right now. He reached into his briefcase and pulled out a blank note book and handed it to Ted. Start making lists of the forms you’ll need to fill out so you can get paid. I would also like a list of these companies you’re talking about.”

“You can stop right there. Before I was ‘downsized’ I had already found just the company you would want. I was going to inform Citibank about them as a potential for purchase but I was rushed out the door so quickly I never got the chance. They are just what we’re looking for. They’ve been in business over twenty years. Just barely successful and have never made a breakthrough. Right now they’re being crushed by the world economy and teetering on bankruptcy. We could probably pick them up for a song.”

“Ted you’re looking better and better all the time. When we get back, do you think you and Linda could spend a week at our place so we could continue making plans?”

“You don’t have to do that, I’m working now and I can afford a hotel.”

“You’re right. I’ll just charge you a hundred bucks a night plus your food.”

They were both laughing when suddenly the overhead speaker broke in.

“This is Canaveral center ‘mike 624’ just wanted to give you a heads up. I see by the flight plan you filed that you’re headed to Orlando.”

“That’s right Canaveral. Is there any significant weather I should know about?”

“There is a fairly significant storm coming across the Gulf heading East South East. The winds are variable at 50 to 60 knots. By the time it brushes by Tampa you should be well north of the storm. If you remain at 20,000 ft you should have smooth sailing all the way to Orlando.”

“Thanks Canaveral, I’ll be speaking to you again on the way home. Mike 624 out.”

At exactly 11:33 AM Rick landed the Moonie at Orlando International. Rita and Susan were there waiting for them. As they came rushing to their parents, Linda squeezed Ted’s hand as if to ask well? He smiled his answer meaning (it’s all good baby). Later, as they were all riding in the rental Honda Odyssey, she whispered, (how good?)

He turned and gave her a kiss then he whispered “$100,000.00 to start plus the beginning of all our dreams. I don’t think there are any words to express how much I love you.”

A tear rolled down Linda’s cheek, but Ted leaned forward and licked it away.

The luncheon was filled with a lot of relaxed laughter and confidence. Rick made a little speech welcoming Ted as his second in command and soon to be full partner as they had decided to buy an investment company in the very near future. In fact Ted has agreed to spend a week or so, at their house in Broward County, while they smoothed out their plans.

When the two couples got back to Audrey and Rick’s house in south Florida, Ted took one look and said “Wow, this place is set up like a drug lord’s palace.”

“Shhh, don’t say that too loud. I said those exact words two years ago and Audrey went ballistic. She loves this place and thinks it’s perfect.

Later Rick and Ted were relaxing in the family room drinking beer

“You know, Ted said, there’s something off about this room. That field stone wall with the fireplace …

Rick said, “Yeah, I know, it feels like it’s too close into this room. So you feel it too.”


“I’ve felt it every time I come into this room … it’s like … maybe the fireplace wall should be further back. But that’s crazy, I’ve checked that wall more than a dozen times, it’s solid.”

“We both can’t be nuts, because I feel it too. What’s that handle in the center for?”

“I have no idea, I’ve pushed it, pulled it, tried to move it to the side, both sides. It, just doesn’t move.”

“That just doesn’t make sense. He walked to the fireplace wall. There’s a slot under it, which means it’s supposed to be pushed down.”

“Well, good luck, I can’t make it move.”

“What’s this other handle for?”

“That just opens and closes the flu.”

“Have you tried opening the flu and pushing the handle down at the same time?”

“No, why would I do that?”

“Maybe, that handle unlocks this handle.”

“That doesn’t make any sense to me but let’s give it a try.”

“What do you want me to do.”

“Open the flu and hold the lever down. Once you’ve done that I’ll try to push this one down.”

“Okay, it’s open, now you go ahead.”

“I was right it’s moving down but it’s very stiff. Holy shit!”

“What… what’s happening?”

“The back of the fireplace, the section right behind the hearth has slid back and is now sliding to the right. The handle moving easier too. We got a doorway here. Is there a basement under the house?”

“No. I always thought the house was on a slab.”

Ted was grinning like a kid, “You got a secret passage here buddy.”

They were both grinning like two kids. Rick said, “Should I get a flashlight?”

“Wait a minute, let’s see if I can see anything inside.”

Ted walked around the back of the hearth and stooped inside the doorway.

“Wait a minute I think this is a light switch. Yeah, we got a light here, no problem come on.”

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