The World’s First Futa 06 – Futa’s Beauty Pageant 2: Futa’s First Sultry Decision

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The World’s First Futa – Futa’s Beauty Pageant

Chapter Two: Futa’s First Sultry Decision

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

April 17th, 2047

“So you said that most of the contestants just sang songs?” Adelia asked, the caramel-skinned talk show host leaned closer to me. She liked doing that, getting close, her thighs pressed tight, stained with my futa-cum. “That’s it?”

“I know, it sounds so boring compared to the modern competitions where the contestants try to do the most outrageous solo sex acts they can to win style points,” I said with a smile. “But this was Ms. Bred 2019, the first time the beauty pageant was ever held. The best they were doing was a mild striptease while singing, if that.

“But three of them…” I shuddered, my pussy growing wet and my futa-dick throbbing so hard beneath my skirt. “Three of them impressed. They put effort into doing something that would turn me on.”

“And were those three the same three that made it to the final round?” asked Adelia.

I winked at her. “I will say this, I will never think of a magic trick the same way again.”


March 23rd, 2019

The buzzing high from fucking Anemone, a gorgeous redheaded contestant who was the first disqualified in the orgasmic endurance round, faded fast as I suffered through the next pregnant, young woman’s talent performance.

Another song. Worse, it was the one contestant I utterly despised: Kristina Fishman.

I glared at the Black woman as she rocked back and forth on a swing, her naked, pregnant form glistening with oil and glitter. The stage lights focused on her, her dark tits bouncing at the apex of her swing, while she belted out one of the songs I hated the most.

Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus.

Listening to it was like hearing nails scraped across a chalkboard. I cringed at her performance. It was terrible. I shook my head, trying not to wince every third note as her voice warbled. She had trouble hitting all the right notes.

“Jesus,” whispered Amelia McCreery. She sat beside me in a low-cut, red dress, shaking her head. She was also pregnant, bred by me six months ago when she tricked me into appearing on a live interview. She just wanted to fuck me on CNN’s cable channel to boost their ratings and her career.

But I made her beg like a bitch before I bred her with my cock dirty from her producer’s tight asshole.

That was a satisfying moment. Far more satisfying than listening to Kristina. I wished I never fucked the Black girl. She just used Kurt, my ex-boyfriend and good friend, to get close to me, dating him just so she’d get the opportunity to be fucked by me. Then she dumped him.


“Well, she’s not advancing,” muttered Mr. Mondale, the third judge. He was an older man. This sexually charged beauty pageant was all his idea. The President of CNN saw great potential in the attraction I drew. The world’s first futa captured imaginations, particularly of women. It was like I awakened something deep and primal lurking in all their minds. Last poll said eighty-three percent of American women thought good of me with fifty-six percent of them wanting to have sex with me and thirty-four percent willing to do anything to fuck me.

And they hadn’t even been exposed to my pheromones which triggered them going into a kind of heat, making them so horny they just wanted to be bred.

“No way I’m voting for her,” Mr. Mondale continued. He shook his head at Kristina. “Why would she choose singing if she’s tone deaf?”

“Exactly,” Amelia said. “The last two girls, while they weren’t as sexy as they could be, at least could sing with zest.”

I nodded my head in complete agreement. “Thank god, she’s winding down.”

Kristina slowed her swinging to a stop. She climbed off, clutching her round belly as she reached the final words. The song died down. Tepid applause rippled out of the audience as Kristina flashed them a bright smile.

“Well, that was something,” Karissa Walmsley said. The pregnant host of the event was the last winner of the Ms. Universe Contest. She stood on stage, one hand rubbing her stomach through her silver dress. She wasn’t as pregnant as the contestants, her belly only slightly round with my daughter.

If I didn’t breed every woman I fucked, then we wouldn’t have this amazing beauty pageant. It started with twenty women, but half were eliminated by the orgasmic endurance challenge. It was so hot watching all those beautiful women, their bodies ripe with new life, gasping and moaning and fighting against their orgasms.

“I’m sure our judges were impressed by Kristina’s… interesting performance,” Karissa said, her voice warm and bubbly. The woman’s coffee-brown skin almost glowed under the spotlight, enhancing the silver of her dress.

“Interesting is one word to describe it,” I whispered beneath my breath, shifting on my seat. My little, black dress rustled about me, my blonde hair, styled to spill down across my right shoulder, caressing my neck.

“Horrifying is what I’d used,” Amelia said back, her voice low so Kristina wouldn’t hear.

With a final bow, the Black girl strode off stage like she was the hottest thing in the world and… Mr. Mondale groaned, his hand vanishing beneath the table as Kristina swayed past us, giving us a sultry look. My futa-dick twitched all on its own.

She was hot, and that glitter…

No, no, she doesn’t deserve to win.

“Next up we have Cass Alymer,” Karissa said.

I perked up. The black-haired, busty contestant had impressed me with her self-control during the orgasmic endurance round. For a while, she was meditating as the vibrator churned her pussy to a froth. I was interested in what she would do.

A light, familiar sound started playing. I blinked as I recognized the opening chords of The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy playing. Then Cass waltzed on stage as graceful as a woman nearly nine months pregnant could be. She wore a pink tutu around her waist, the translucent skirt flowing out around her lush thighs and fluttering beneath her taut stomach.

She spun and came to a stop in the center of the room, her heavy tits swaying as they music tinkled around her. She stared with such a bold look at the audience, her shoulders thrown back, her arms at her side.

She winked.

I leaned forward, frowning. There was something about the way she stood that was so… exciting. I couldn’t quite place it. What was she doing? Why wasn’t she dancing? Surely that was the point of the song. To put on a ballet for us and…

My dick throbbed hard and I groaned with Mr. Mondale.

Her right breast twitched.

She made her heavy tit bounce without moving her body. Then her left tit jiggled beside it, swaying with its plump weight. Her right breast bounced again then her left, alternating back and forth, matching the tinkling of the waltz.

“No way,” Amelia groaned. “Is she flexing her pectoral muscles to make her tits bounce?”

“Yes,” I groaned, my futa-dick, only half-hard, chubbing up to its full girth beneath my skirt. “Yes, she is. That’s so hot.”

Cass just faced the audience, the stage flights alternating through various pastel hues, panting her body in pinks and blues and greens and purples and yellows. All these soft colors that made her black, braided hair seem even darker while her skin glowed. She didn’t move save for some twitching in her fingers as she bounced and jiggled her tits to the beat of the music.

My hand slipped beneath the table. The music played around me, making me sway from side to side. It was so hypnotic watching those fat nipples buck and sway, to witness the way her tits jiggled and wiggled.

She had such a huge smile on her face as she matched the rhythm of the music, some times twitching her tits in rapid succession, other times slowing them down, letting them sway to a natural rest.

“God, those tits are so succulent,” Mr. Mondale groaned beside me.

“Uh-huh,” I panted, my hand drawing up my skirt. The fabric rubbed on the tip of my futa-dick, making it throb so hard.

“Jesus, Becky, she’s amazing,” Amelia said, her hands sliding beneath the table. “That’s making my pussy so wet. I have to book her on my show. Ooh, the ratings of having her do that will be amazing.”

I only nodded my head as my futa-dick sprang out of my skirt and into my stroking grip. I ran a hand up and down it so slowly, groaning as I couldn’t look away from those big, pillowy mounds. They looked so soft.

“I would love to get a titty fuck from her,” groaned Mr. Mondale, his hand busy beneath the table just like mine.

I nodded my head in agreement.

Something white beaded the tips of Cass’s nipples. My eyes widened as I realized her breast milk was flowing. It started off as these little drops. I licked my mouth as the one forming on her left nipple dribbled down her bouncing mound, leaving a streak of white that picked up the different color lights, almost glowing like a florescent.

The crowd of the Dolby Theater in LA groaned behind us at the sight.

I licked my lips, stroking my dick faster as the white beading on her right nipple trickled across her mound. Pleasure ran down my dick to my pussy. I squeezed my thighs tight together as my cream flowed hot, staining my skin with my slippery passion.

Amelia whimpered beside me. Then I felt her hand on my thigh. I gasped at her hot touch sliding up my skin until she reached the base of my cock. My tip throbbed as my hand stroked it, shooting pleasure down to my hot cunt. Then she grasped the base.

I let go of my cock and let my fellow judge stroke me.

“That is so hot,” Amelia moaned as her hand stroked up and down my futa-cock.

It felt so much better having someone else stroke my girl-dick. Her hand felt so silky and hot. The frenulum of my cock, that wonderful meeting of my spongy crown and thick shaft, drank in her pumping grip, my pussy growing hotter and hotter.

I licked my lips and shoved my hand between her thighs. I reached past her belly swollen with my daughter to find her shaved-smooth pussy. She groaned as I stroked up and down her pregnant snatch, her juices staining my fingers.

I jammed two into her.

“Yes,” she hissed, stroking my girl-cock faster.

“Uh-huh,” I whimpered, kocaeli escort pumping my digits in and out of her snatch as we watched Cass’s breasts leaked more and more milk.

Rivulets ran down her twitching tits as she kept smiling. Every time she flexed her tit, more breast milk flowed from her nipples. I hungered to taste that creamy treat. What did it taste like? My tongue ran across my mouth as wiggled my fingers in and out of Amelia’s juicy cunt.

Then the milk squirted from her nipple.

A groan ran through the Dolby Theater as streams of white shot from Cass’s left breast as she flecked it. The droplets glittered like falling stars in the stage lights. Then she bounced her right tit to the next tinkling beat.

More milk fired.

My pussy clenched. My orgasm swelled through me as I groaned in hunger. I jammed my fingers as fast as I could into Amelia’s pussy while watching the delicious sight before me. My dick ached and throbbed in her stroking hand. She pumped it faster and faster, teasing me.

The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy built towards its finish, milk spurting over and over from Cass’s nipples. Her pregnant belly quivered as she raised her arms out to the side, eyes closed, lost to her naughty performances.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I moaned, more juices flowing from my dick.

“Oh, my god,” groaned Amelia, her cunt squeezing down on my fingers, caressing them with her silky embrace. “This is so hot. All that milk!”

“Uh-huh!” I moaned, my eyes fluttering. It was incredible. This was so intense. It was so wild.

The final beat played. Cass bounced both her tits to it. Two delicious streams of milk fired from her voluptuous tits. I gasped at the dual sprays of her creamy treat. At the same moment, Amelia’s hand stroked up to the pinnacle of my dick and caressed that sensitive transition from shaft to crown.

I came.

My pussy convulsed.

My futa-cum fired, splattering the bottom of the judge’s table. I groaned through grit teeth as the Dolby Theater erupted in thundering applause. Stars burst across my vision, rapture jolting into my mind. I groaned, leaning forward, digging my fingers deep into Amelia’s cunt as she fisted my dick.

Her hand stroked out every drop of cum. It dripped down on my thighs, my futa-jizz so hot. I whimpered, watching Cass take a bow, milk running down her tits and spilling across her pregnant belly. Dizzy lust washed through me.

“Well, that was one impressive feat,” Karissa said as Cass sauntered off stage. “I don’t think any of us will ever think of The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy the same way again. Oh, my, and the breast milk at the end… Just perfect.”

“So perfect,” grunted Mr. Mondale, his voice strained.

Like me, he was spewing cum beneath the judges table.

My fingers twitched in Amelia’s pussy as I came down from my orgasm. My fellow judge hadn’t cum. She gripped my cock, holding it fast as the next contestant came on, Jordan Teller. I settled into a daze as the former producer from Amelia’s show did a fairly tame strip tease to Fireworks by Katy Perry, timing ripping off her top to the first chorus.

It was a fun performance, but lacked the sheer eroticism, and skill, of Cass.

I kept fingering Amelia’s pussy, stirring up her pregnant snatch while she idly stroked my girl-dick during through performance. At least Jordan could sing, so she had one up on Kristina. The pregnant blonde finished her set with a booty shake at the audience.

They clapped with enthusiasm for her, but it wasn’t Cass’s thundering applause.

“Well, I’m ready to explode,” Karissa said as Jordan sauntered off stage. “Mmm, that got my pussy just primed. Maybe later on tonight, Jordan, you could do something about it.”

Jordan paused and gave her a wink.

“Mmm, I do love naughty blondes,” Karissa moaned, her body shivering. “I blame Becky.”

I grinned, glad I made an impression on the girl voted most beautiful woman in 2018.

“Now we have Sabrina Wright up next,” Miss Universe said, her silver dress sparkling as she pointed towards off stage. “And she’s going to give one patriotic performance.”

Sabrina sauntered from off-stage wearing flashy, thigh-high boots covered in red, white, and blue rhinestones. She reached the center of the stage and smiled at the judges table. “I’m going to be singing the Star Spangled Banner for all you wonderful people.”

I fought my groan. Really?

“But with a naughty twist.” Sabrina sauntered towards the judges table. “I just need a little assistant from our wonderful futa-judge, Becky Woodward.”

Applause rumbled as I frowned. Was this allowed? But Mr. Mondale didn’t say anything and Sabrina had to clear her act with the producers during practice yesterday. So it must be. A naughty tremble washed through me as the caramel-skinned girl stopped before me, her body lithe and athletic from her years of cheerleading.

I gasped as her hands, held behind her back, came into view. She had two sexy toys. A bright pink butt plug and a long, bumpy dildo. She sat them down on the table then reached behind her and, somehow, produced a blue vibrator, adding it to the table.

Was she holding that clenched between her butt-cheeks.

Then she reached down and pulled out three slender boxes she had tucked into the tops of her boots. They were remote controls, each with buttons that could be pressed. One was pink, one was blue, and one was black.

Color-coded to her sex toys.

“Well, this is interesting,” I said as she brought the pink butt plug to her mouth and sucked on it. “I thought you were singing the Star Spangled Banner, not showing off your toy collection.”

She popped the butt plug out of her mouth and winked at me. “These are to help me hit those high notes.” She reached the butt plug behind her, her body wiggling. “Mmm, and as you can see, you’ll have the remotes right here for you to play… with!” She shuddered. “Ooh, that’s a nice butt plug.”

“They’re all vibrators?” I asked as she grabbed the black, bumpy dildo next.

“Yep,” she said as she brought that between her caramel thighs, pressing it against her shaved, pregnant pussy. She groaned as she worked the thick toy inside of her. My girl-dick throbbed in Amelia’s stoking grip as I remembered the joy of fucking her doggy style on the football field back in September.

If I hadn’t done that, I never would have gotten the opportunity to judge this naughty beauty contest.

“And where does the third one go?” I asked, grabbing the blue vibrator with my right hand, my left still busy fingering Amelia’s juicy snatch.

“Why, so you can have fun, too, Becky,” she said with a wink. Then she turned and sauntered away, the pink end of the butt plug peeking out between the toned cheeks of her rump.

“Damn,” Mr. Mondale groaned, snagging the control for the butt plug.

Amelia grabbed the blue remote for my vibrator in her left hand, her right stroking my girl-dick faster. “Go on, slip it in and let’s have fun.”

I nodded my head as Sabrina reached the center of the stage and turned to face the crowd. She stood legs spread wide, almost appearing like a cheerleader about to perform on stage. Her ripe belly only enhanced her. I slipped the vibrator into her pussy as the music began playing and her melodious voice began singing.

“O say can you see, by the dawn’s early light,

What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming,

Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,”

I was shocked by how sweet she sounded that I didn’t turn on her vibrator. Her voice only quavered for a moment when Mr. Mondale activated her butt plug, but I was so entranced by the majesty of her voice that I just gripped my remote control.

Then the vibrator in my pussy hummed to life.

My futa-dick throbbed at the sudden churning bliss exploding through my pussy. I gasped, shaken out of my reverie of Sabrina’s delicious voice. I arched my back in my chair, Amelia stroking my girl-dick faster while toying with her control, her pussy clenching down on my fingers.

“Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;”

I could have fun, too. I hit the button turning it on.

“O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave”

Sabrina’s tits jiggled as her body swayed. Her face twisted for a moment as both her holes were attacked by the sex toys. My cunt clenched down on my buzzing vibrator, giving me a taste of the pleasure she felt.

“On the shore dimly seen through the mists of the deep,”

I plundered my fingers faster and faster in and out of Amelia’s pussy while I pushed the button to increase the vibrations. Sabrina’s eyes widened. Her hands clutched her pregnant belly as she quivered, her brown hair swaying about her lush face.

“As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?”

“This is so hot,” Amelia moaned then increased my bliss.

“Now it catches the gleam of the morning’s first beam”

The vibrator churned through my pussy. The buzzing delight surged up to the tip of my girl-dick massaged by her pumping fist. I groaned, my eyes locked on the trembling Sabrina as she belted out the national anthem, her hands cupping her pregnant belly.

I increased the dildo churning up her pussy. She groaned, arching her back, her ripened breasts jiggling above her swollen stomach. Her voice warbled, but she kept singing the lyrics even as rapture crossed her face.

“O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

“Oh, yes, this is so hot,” groaned Amelia, her pussy clenching about my fingers. I thrust them faster, inspired by the pleasure coursing through me.

I squirmed on my seat, my round breasts jiggling beneath my low-cut, black dress. My nipples ached and throbbed, drinking in the sweet caress of the fabric. I licked my lips, groaning and shivering as the churning swelled and swelled inside of me. It drove me towards an orgasm.

Just like it did to Sabrina.

She fought it. I could tell as she arched her back, the words flowing through her lips. Pussy juices glistened on her thighs, reflecting the stage lights shining down on her. The beauty and passion of her voice echoed around the stage, making my cunt ache more and more as it clenched about the buzzing toy.

Amelia turned up the intensity. I did the kocaeli escort bayan same for Sabrina.

“And where is that band who so vauntingly swore”

I groaned to the rhythm of the song, swaying in my seat as the vibrator buzzed so hard in my cunt. My pussy drank in the sensations, feeding the growing ache at the tip of my girl-dick. My fingers plunged so fast into Amelia’s cunt, making her shudder beside me. Her hand fisted my shaft faster and faster, stimulating me, driving me towards another orgasm.

“God, this is so hot,” Mr. Mondale groaned and pressed the button on the pink vibrator, turning the butt plug to its highest setting.

Sabrina’s eyes widened. Her knees buckled. But she kept singing.

“A home and a country, should leave us no more?”

Her delicious voice echoed through the air. It quivered more and more, but she reached for those high notes with confidence. She was right. The pleasure only fed the passion of her performance. Her caramel-hued body trembled, her pregnant belly wiggling before her.

I bred her. I ripened her body.

“Oh, god, I’m going to cum,” I moaned, the vibrator humming away in my snatch.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Amelia purred beside me. “She’s so sexy. I want her eating my pussy, too. I want to press my pregnant belly against hers. It was so hot watching your breed her on live TV.”

“Uh-huh,” I moaned, the ache swelling at the tip of my girl-dick. My ovaries tightened.

“And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave,”

Sabrina drove towards the climax of the sung, clearly fighting against the orgasm building inside of her. I fumbled at the remote, the fingers of my other hand thrusting over and over into Amelia’s pregnant depths, and hit the highest setting on the thick dildo buried in her cunt.

The pregnant cheerleader quivered. I thought for a moment she would lose it. That she would cum before finishing the song. Her knees buckled. She leaned over, grasping her thighs with her tight hands. Her tits swayed before her.

But she kept singing.

“O thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand”

I came.

It was so inspiring to see her fighting through her orgasm, resisting the rapture churning away at her cunt and asshole that I couldn’t hold back. My dick erupted. My pussy convulsed about the vibrator humming away in my snatch.

More futa-cum splattered the bottom of the table. Waves of ecstasy washed through my body. I cried out in climatic rapture, jamming my digits deep into Amelia’s snatch. Her hand fisted up and down my cock, squeezing out my cum.

“Blest with vict’ry and peace, may the Heav’n rescued land”

More and more jizz fired from my futa-dick. My eyes widened. It was more than usual. The vibrator kept buzzing away inside my snatch, feeding my orgasm. Keeping it alive. I bucked and convulsed, ecstasy melting my brain as rapture kept firing from my girl-cock.

“Oh, my fucking god!”

“Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,”

“Ooh, this is so hot!” Amelia gasped, her hand fisting so fast up and down my erupting girl-cock. “You’re multi-orgasmic.”

“I am!” I screamed out, stars bursting across my vision.

I stared at Sabrina as she reached for the finale of the national anthem. I gasped and moaned, blast after blast after blast of girl-spunk firing from my dick. I whimpered and moaned, my mind melting into utter rapture. It was incredible. It was outstanding.

It was the best performance of the Star Spangled Banner I had ever heard.

“O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!”

Sabrina threw out her arms and surrendered to her rapturous orgasm after crying out the final line of the national anthem. Her entire body bucked and heaved. She came so hard, her pussy juices pushed out her dildo. It fell onto the stage, buzzing at her feet as she screamed her pleasure.

“Oh, that’s so hot!” Amelia gasped, her pussy clenching down on my pumping fingers.

Then her hot flesh convulsed about my digits. Amelia joined Sabrina and me in orgasmic rapture. My dick still fired. My cum still erupted out of my girl-cock. I leaned over, gasping and groaning, my pussy growing sore from the constant buzzing.

“I love this competition!” Sabrina gasped as she sank down on her knees, her tits and pregnant belly swaying before her. “So good! Oh, yes, yes, yes! I love cumming while everyone watches me!”

“Me, too!” I whimpered, my right hand thrusting down between my thighs. I had to stop this. I couldn’t take any more orgasms. They were too much. They rippled through me. The tip of my dick ached. My ovaries were sore.

I ripped the vibrator out of my snatch and heaved a sigh of relief as my orgasm crashed into buzzing bliss. I leaned back in my chair, my fingers slipping out of Amelia’s snatch. As the Dolby Theater thundered in applause, I could only gasp and pant, my mind melted.

I couldn’t think. I couldn’t focus.

“I don’t think anyone will forget this performance,” Karissa said, awe in her voice.

“No,” Mr. Mondale croaked beside me.

“Sabrina Wright has put on the best rendition of our national anthem ever,” Karissa continued. “I’m feeling so patriotic. And horny.”

“Mmm, maybe I can join you with Jordan after the show,” panted Sabrina as she rose on rubbery legs. “I’m not a blonde, but I can still be pretty fun.”

“Maybe,” Karissa said. “Now, our next performer is Elaine Firmin and that beautiful smile of her.”

I hardly noticed Elaine playing her violin naked as I drifted through the euphoria from my multiple orgasms. Futa-cum stained my thighs and dripped down from the bottom of the table. I felt so amazing. My entire body buzzed from that bliss.

Applause rippled through the audience when Elaine finished. I was blinking, struggling to focus as Rochelle Brice came out next, a redhead with short hair and a pixyish face. She had such cute dimples on her face as she sat down on a chair, spread her legs wide, and fingered her snatch while singing My Heart Will Go On.

She was no Céline Dion. Nor did she have Sabrina Wright’s skill. And it just wasn’t the same watching her masturbate as it was watching Sabrina war against the buzzing toys in her pussy and asshole. Toys she couldn’t control.

But my dick was swelling hard again and I groaned as Rochelle came so hard she squirted. Juices gushed from her pussy and splashed the stage a good five feet from her. Her toes curled as she cried out in rapturous delight.

“Oh, my, she’s a gusher,” Karissa said, fanning her face. “I know who to go to when I need a shower to cool off.”

Laughter rippled through the audience. I smiled while Mr. Mondale chuckled beside me, nodding his head in complete agreement. My eyes widened as I finally remembered when I bred Rochelle. I bumped into her shopping and she showered my face in her cream as I ate her out in the changing room of the Forever 21 at the Northgate Mall.

“I think I know who are three finalist are,” I said. Cass, Sabrina, and Rochelle.

But there were still two more to go.

“Now let’s welcome Jacki Colbert on stage. She’s going to do something different.” Karissa paused. “She’s going to perform a little magic.”

“Magic?” Amelia asked.

Jacki strutted out in a delicious outfit. She had on a sparkling top hat, but not a full-size one. It was cut and tiny and perched at a jaunty angle on her blonde hair. She strutted out in a modified sexy tuxedo outfit, the type a magician’s assistant would wear, the tails dangling past her cute rump, her thighs clad in fishnet stockings. The front was cut low to keep her large breasts exposed while it hugged her pregnant belly. She moved with such confidence as she came to a stop in the center of the stage.

“Hi,” she said, doing a little flourish with her hands, “I’ve always believed in magic.” She showed her palms were empty. “I always thought that it existed in the world, but until I met Becky and her amazing cock, I never had proof.

“But thanks to her, I’ve gained abilities.” She snapped the fingers of her right hand and suddenly she had a blue egg vibrator held in her open palm.

I shuddered, wondering where she hid it since her outfit didn’t have long sleeves. I leaned forward. I always loved stage magic. I knew it wasn’t real, but it was still so impressive knowing that they magicians were manipulating objects in a away that defied belief.

“Of course, my magic has a naughty bent,” she said, waving her hands and then gasped as the egg vibrator hummed to life. You could see it quivering in her hand and the microphone she wore picked up just the faintest buzzing. “Not surprising given how horny Becky is.”

The audience laughed and Mr. Mondale guffawed loudly beside me. I couldn’t help smiling, my futa-dick aching and throbbing again. I was such a horny creature.

Jacki wiggled her fingers again and the vibrator clicked off. “It has been so wonderful to explore these strange abilities Becky has awakened in me since she bred me with that delicious futa-cock. But to do the magic I need tonight, I need more of her touch.

“I need her up stage with me, helping me out.”

Applause thundered through the audience as the spotlight suddenly fell on me. I shuddered as I rose, my futa-cock thrusting out the very short skirt of my little black dress. There was no hiding the cum staining my thighs and calves as I strutted out on stage. I didn’t care at all. I loved it when people knew I was naughty.

I reached her and said, “Riiiiight, you need me to power your magic.”

She gave me a naughty grin. “What, are you calling me a liar?”

“I’m calling you a horny, pregnant beauty that just wants to have an excuse to play with my futa-dick.”

The blonde gave a wicked laugh, her left hand, the one not holding the egg vibrator, touching my arm. “Well, that’s just a bonus, isn’t it? You can’t blame a girl for wanting to enjoy her work.”

“No, I can’t,” I said.

She laughs again, the audience joining her. She shook her head as she cleared her mirth. “Mmm, I need to be careful around you. You’re such a distraction. So… where was I?”

“You called me on stage to help power your magic trick.”

“Right, right,” she said and held out the egg vibrator. “Now what is this?”

“A naughty toy.”

“Mmm, so naughty. I tried it out just yesterday. To make izmit escort sure it was fully functional.” A shiver ran through Jacki’s body. “Now why don’t you take it and examine it.”

I grabbed it, my fingers sliding along the smooth plastic. Unlike many egg vibrators, this one didn’t have a cord connected to a control box. But I knew there were some that were remote controlled like Sabrina’s toys were and—

Jacki snapped her fingers and the toy buzzed to life

I squeaked in shock, almost dropping the toy.

“So, as you can see, it works as intended,” Jacki said. She snapped her fingers and it shut off.

“Was it intended to be controlled by magic?” I asked.

She winked at me and did another flourish with her hands. A marker appeared, thick and black. She held it out to me. “Now this is a waterproof marker—and that’s very important for this trick. I want you to take it and right your name on it. Make it distinctive so you’ll recognize it.”

I uncapped the marker, the strong whiff of heady chemicals filling my nose. It was a little tricky writing on the smooth ovoid toy. It kept shifting in my palm. Getting a little frustrated, I gripped it with my fingers and penned my name quickly.

But I didn’t spell my name right. I scrawled Becki instead of Becky and put a little swirling dot over the I. I wanted it to be memorable.

“Done,” I said.

Jacki snagged the vibrator from my hand, holding it between her thumb and forefinger. “Oh, that’s cute how you spell your name. Trying to be tricky?”

I winked at her.

“I like that,” Jacki said. She brought the egg vibrator down to her pussy, holding it in that same grip, keeping it in sight the entire time. Her outfit left her shaved pussy on display, her fishnet stockings doing nothing to hide her engorged labia. She easily slipped the toy through the opening and groaned as she pressed it into her pussy.

But not far. I could still see the bottom of it peeking out of her snatch.

The naughty, pregnant magician turned around and bent over, her hands rubbing at her ass, moving the tails of her outfit. They draped off her rump but now didn’t hide her pussy as she wiggled her rear at the crowd. I could see the egg vibrator nestled in the folds of her snatch, half in her.

“Now, Becky, if you wouldn’t mind pushing the toy deep into me with that big futa-dick of yours,” she purred.

“So this is how you get to enjoy my cock,” I said, giving her a big grin.

“Yep,” she moaned, wiggling her hips. “Ooh, and let’s make it fun.” She snapped her fingers.

The toy buzzed to life, its edges growing fuzzy. She groaned, low and throaty. The tip of my girl-dick ached. I shuddered and moved into position. I felt the cameras on us, the crews moving at the edges of us to capture this moment for the people watching live on the cable network where the FCC’s puritanical regulations didn’t matter.

I groaned as the sensitive crown of my girl-dick brushed the buzzing toy. Pleasure shuddered down my shaft as I pushed it into her pussy. Her cunt swallowed all of the blue egg and then her labia spread around my thicker tip. I shuddered as her silky heat embraced my cock.

“Oh, my god, you are hung, Becky!” Jacki whimpered.

“And you’re so wet,” I groaned.

I pushed the vibrating toy deeper and deeper into her cunt. I shuddered, groaning in delight as her pussy clenched and relaxed around my cock, working her muscles as she wiggled her hips. It was so incredible. She had such delicious control over her pussy walls, adding another delight to the buzzing bliss humming against the tip of my dick.

I sank to the hilt in her, making her gasp and whimper. I groaned, her pussy squeezing and contracting around my cock. I wanted to fuck her. To pound her. But I also didn’t want to move. She felt so incredible about me. So silky and hot. I could just stay like this forever engulfed in her tight bliss and feeling that vibrator buzz against the tip of my cock.

“Now pull your dick out of my pussy,” Jacki said, her voice throaty.

“But I haven’t cum yet,” I protested.

“Well, you’ve cum in my pussy before, so you’ll survive. I have proof.”

Laughter rippled behind me. I couldn’t help smiling while my hands sliding around her to grip her pregnant belly through her outfit. My dick ached inside of her. My snatch grew hotter and hotter as the vibrations traveled down my shaft.

“You feel too good to pull out,” I groaned.

“I know, I know. My pussy is Grade A cunt.” She squeezed down hard on me, the silky pressure making me shudder. “But… you’ll cum. I promise, Becky. Pull out your dick then fish out the vibrator humming away in my pussy.”

“Fine,” I groaned and drew my girl-dick out. I shuddered as I popped out of her snatch. Then I shoved my fingers in after her. I had to reach in deep, sinking more and more of my hand into her. She groaned and gasped as I began fisting her.

Her silky flesh squeezed down so hard around me.

Then I snagged the buzzing toy and worked it out of her cunt. I shivered as I drew it out of her silky embrace and—

“Holy fuck, it’s red!” I gasped as I held the crimson vibrator in my hand. It was blue when she stuck it in. I saw it. “This is… I… Wow.”

“Mmm, and is your name written anywhere on it?”

“No,” I said, shaking my head. “This is… incredible. Where did mine go?”

“Maybe you should stick your cock in my asshole,” Jacki said, wiggling her hips.

My dick throbbed as I stared at her tight, puckered hole peeking out between her butt-cheeks. I clenched the sticky egg vibrator in my left and brought my dick to her sphincter. I found that opening and pressed forward. My pussy-soaked cock slid with ease into her rectum.

I let out a loud, wanton groan as I pressed deeper and deeper into her velvety bowels. Her anal sheath clung to my dick, the friction shooting delight down to my pussy. I shuddered and she whimpered, her body shaking and—

“No way,” I groaned as I felt plastic pressing against the tip of my cock.

Her fingers snapped.

“No fucking way,” I moaned as buzzing bliss caressed the tip of my dick.

“Now, let’s see if you can get it out of there,” Jacki moaned.

“Wait, wait, I have to cum first,” I moaned, my body shuddering, the vibrations rippling up my shaft.

I squeezed my eyes shut, drinking in the pleasure of the buzzing toy caressing the tip of my cock while her asshole clenched and relaxed on my dick. She wiggled her hips, stirring her sheath around my futa-dick.

My groans rose out of my throat. My tits jiggled in my dress as I let her massage me with her asshole and drank in the delight of her buzzing toy. Such bliss flowed through me. Such incredible rapture engulfed me.

It was such wicked delight. I couldn’t believe how amazing this was. I swayed and groaned, the toy teasing my cock, bringing me closer and closer to erupting. I felt the cameras on me, the eyes of the world watching me enjoy Jacki’s asshole.

“Oh, Becky, yes,” groaned the pregnant magician. “Ooh, yes, yes, yes, I love your dick in me!”

“Anal slut!” I groaned, my left hand bringing the other vibrator, still humming away, to my nipples. I pushed it against my right nub, the fabric now barrier to the buzzing bliss.

Electricity shot down to my pussy.

My snatch clenched. My futa-dick throbbed. I gasped as my orgasm exploded in my ovaries. The jizz rushed down my cock and erupted against the egg vibrator buried in her bowels. I threw back my hair, my blonde tresses slipping off my left shoulder.

Rapture exploded through my mind. It pulsed through my body. My cum fired over and over, bathing the egg vibrator churning away in her asshole. She groaned and gasped, her flesh writhing and rippling about me.

“Oh, yes, Becky, mark the vibrator with your cum!” she moaned. “Ooh, yes, yes, yes, this is so good! Mmm, your cock is so deep in me!”

“You are the best magician in the world!” I howled as my orgasm carried me so high, pussy juices gushing down my thighs. I trembled and whimpered, my dick spurting one last time into her asshole.

I swayed as the rapture peaked in me.

The vibrator turned off.

“Ooh, now let’s get it out of me,” groaned Jacki.

I nodded, ripping my cock out of her asshole. My fingers went towards her loose hole. I pressed into her, her sphincter stretching and stretching, swallowing two then three then four of my fingers. Then her asshole engulfed my entire hand. I fisted her bowels as I reached into her cum-filled depths.

I brushed the egg vibrator. My fingers seized it. She gasped and moaned, her anal sheath writhing and convulsing about my hand as I pulled the toy out of her. Her back arched and her body shuddered as her orgasm raged through her and…

I pulled out the blue vibrator. My signature was half-covered in my pearly jizz. “Holy fucking shit, it’s my vibrator! I saw you put this into your pussy.”

“That’s what makes it magic,” she moaned as she straightened, her face flushed.

My jaw dropped as I held the egg vibrator in my fingers, the scent of her sour ass and my salty cum filling my nose. I knew who was making it to the finals. I turned to face the audience as they thundered their applause.

I loved judging this beauty contest.


April 17th, 2047

“It was no contest who we chose for the finals,” I said to Adelia, my dick throbbing hard as I remembered that delicious magic trick. “The decision was simple. Cass Alymer, Sabrina Wright, and Jacki Colbert not only blew us away, they set the bar for what contestants had to perform if they wanted a chance of winning the crown.”

“Yes, they did,” Amelia said, her caramel face flushed. “Ooh, just hearing you talk about it has made me wish to see Jacki Colbert’s performance. I’ve only heard amazing things about her career in Vegas.”

“The naughtiest stage magic act you’ll ever see,” I said, nodding my head. “Though still not the naughtiest burlesque show I’ve seen in Sin City.”

“Shame you can’t talk about that,” Amelia said, a grin on her lips. “You know, because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

I smiled, laughter bubbling from my lips. “So true. Good thing Ms. Bred Beauty Pageant is held in LA.”

“So, you had narrowed down the final three contestants,” Amelia said. “Now they just had to prove why they were worthy of the crown.”

“And they were all so eager to do it,” I purred.

To be continued…

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