There I Was

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Anal Fucking

I started going to raves the year after I graduated from college. I mean I went to a few electronic events while I was still in school, but didn’t really feel the need to go on a regular basis until after I started my first real job.

At that time, I was working at a marketing firm in a real junior position. Entry level basically. After a week filled with monotonous tasks, running errands and being basically an overall slave, I realized that I really needed to find a way to let loose over the weekends to balance things out. Going wild at raves turned out to be a pretty good option. It was the perfect answer to a really boring week.

I went to these raves with a large group of friends but I mostly hung out with my best friend Stacey. No one liked to dance as much as we did. Everyone else in our group just dropped, turned into jello and hung out in a cuddle puddle where they massaged each other, did light shows and just well cuddled but when Stacey and I rolled, we became total spazzes and danced all night long glued up against the front of the stage. We were like little dancing machines.

Both of us were Asian. I was Korean and Stacey was a second-generation Japanese girl who had round chubby cheeks with cute dimples that came out when she smiled. She was only about 5 feet 2 inches tall and for an Asian girl, she was pretty voluptuous with big boobs and a big round booty that jiggled when she danced. We were both about the same height but while Stacey was curvy, I was much thinner. I had more of a dancer’s body.

Out of the two of us, Stacey was way more outgoing. She could talk to anyone and was always making new friends bouncing around the scene with a big smile on her face. I was definitely the more reserved of the two. We were opposites in a lot of ways but that’s why we got along. I kept her out of trouble, and she made me do things that were fun that I normally wouldn’t do. And when it came to having fun, I felt like I needed all the help I could get.

I was always at the top of my class when it came to school or sports but when it came to living life, I felt like I was way behind stuck in the remedial section. Even though, I was 22 years old, I had only been with two boys. A six-month relationship during my sophomore year and a one-night stand during my senior year. Most girls I knew had way more experience than I did and that fact made me feel really self-conscious. It made me want to grow up as fast as I could.

The biggest thing stopping me was my shyness. All right, I was a little sheltered too and when it came to guys I was way too picky. I guess, I needed help opening up and that’s why I hung out with Stacey. She was constantly pushing me outside of my comfort zone. That’s what I loved about her because sometimes that’s all I needed. Just a little push. But what Stacey forced me to wear to the rave that weekend was more than a little push. It was a huge shove!

Just to give you an idea of what I was dealing with, Stacey liked to wear as little as possible to these big outdoor events. You couldn’t even call them outfits. They were more like what you wore under an outfit. She said she did this because she got hot when she danced but that was total bullshit. She loved all the attention she got from prancing around half naked, but I really couldn’t blame her. If I was as outgoing as her and had a body like hers, I would probably enjoy it too.

To the rave we were going to that weekend, Stacey took it to a whole new level. On top, she wore a pink lace bra that was practically see-through and way too small for her. It barely covered her boobs and she kept spilling out whenever she moved. Down below, she wore matching colored lace panties. Around her waist, she wore a mini pink tutu that really didn’t cover anything. On her legs, she wore pink thigh-high stockings with garters and pink converse sneakers on her feet. She was basically going to a rave in her underwear.

I was going to wear something a little more conservative but Stacey wouldn’t let me. She forced me to wear something just like her so that we could match. After a lot of debate, I finally relented and ended up wearing a black silk bra, matching black panties with thigh-high stockings, a garter belt and black converse sneakers. My skin was tan from a summer at the beach and the black lingerie contrasted nicely with my innocent looks. I had to admit that I looked good but that didn’t help me from feeling self-conscious about going out in public dressed in basically my underwear.


On the long car ride over to the rave, I felt totally uncomfortable. I couldn’t believe I was outside in public dressed in just a bra and panties. I had never done anything like this before. The boys in our group were also shocked. Some of them teased me which didn’t make me feel any better. I worried about everything that could go wrong. My anxiety grew as we made it closer to the event. But when we finally made it to the parking lot, I felt a little relieved because all the other girls were dressed just like Stacey and I. We weren’t the only ones. Stacey was right. kocaeli escort We would fit right in.

After waiting in a long line, we finally made it inside. The minute we got in, Stacey and I ran around like we were on a mission. A mission to have as much fun as we could as quickly as possible. We held hands as we raced through the crowd looking for a friend who had some molly. As soon as we found him, we bought three pills and took one and a half each. It was the most I had ever taken and from what our friend said these were really pure so I knew I was going to have a fun night.

Right after we popped our pills, Stacey grabbed my hand again, and we raced over to the main stage where our favorite DJ was just starting his set. It was packed and we squeezed our way through the wall of bodies to an area near the front. The dance floor was slammed with a sea of dancing bodies but we were able to carve out a little area for ourselves right up against a tower of speakers just to the side of the stage. The crowd was massive. Everyone was dancing. The mood was so amazing. Stacey and I jumped right in like little kids and started to dance the night away.

After about twenty minutes, the molly started to kick in. I could tell because things got a little fuzzy and I felt little shivers of pleasure race all over me. Every follicle of hair on my body stood up causing me to feel extremely sensitive. The air that was pounding out of the speakers made my whole body vibrate. I felt the beat course through me almost like an orgasm. It felt that good.

Then all of a sudden, from behind, I felt a pair of hands rest lightly on my hip. It felt kind of natural. I didn’t really think about it at first but then those hands started to roam around my body. One hand went up to my chest and I felt fingertips brush against my nipples. Since I was only wearing a silk bra, there was little separating me from his touch. His other hand started snaking its way down between my legs and this shocked me so much that I reacted instinctively. Without thinking about it, I pulled his hands off of me and covered up.

I turned around to see who had touched me but I couldn’t see straight. It was so dark and the molly was making it hard for me to see. Everything looked fuzzy. All I could do was give the people behind me an angry look but being that I was only 5 foot 2 and dressed in black lingerie, I’m sure I didn’t really scare anyone off.

I turned back around to face the DJ but just stood there. I didn’t feel like dancing because I was frozen in place with my thoughts. The beat of the music started to build around me. Everyone else jumped up and down. Things were starting to go off, but I wasn’t apart of it because of all these mixed emotions that was feeling.

Inside, my mind was screaming out. I should tell Stacey, I thought and we would just move to another part of the dance floor. That’s what we normally did when something like this happened but I don’t know why, I couldn’t move. There was something about the way he touched me. My body made me want to stay. At the same time, my mind screamed out to run away. It was so wrong, but then I couldn’t help but admit, that it felt really good to be touched like that. My thoughts and feelings were turning around in circles. I didn’t know what to do.

Then the beat of the song crashed down to silence. A sweet, beautiful melody poured out of the speakers. Everyone stopped dancing and swayed in place. And that’s when the molly really started to kick in. All my anxieties, all my insecurities washed away from me like a wave receding back into the ocean. Then that wave came rushing back and overwhelmed me. It took me under and consumed me with this feeling of absolute joy. My mind stopped screaming and my body stopped wanting, the molly answered all my concerns with this soothing, calm warmth. Everything was going to be okay. So, enjoy yourself. Enjoy it all, the molly said to me.

I put my arms up in the air and surrendered to that moment. Just then, the beat dropped back in. It dropped in hard causing the whole crowd to erupt in a cheer. I felt all that energy sweep through me, and I started dancing again. Soon after, I felt those hands return to my hips but this time, I didn’t stop them from roaming all over me.

As I bounced up and down my little boobs bounced up and down too, and I guess they were too hard for him to resist because I felt a hand cup one of my breasts. An electric surge raced through my body. My nipples were really sensitive because of the Molly. They poked through my bra making it easier for the guy behind me to pinch them. Every time, he played with them, it caused me to breath in deeply intensifying the high that was circulating through my entire being. I was rolling. Rolling really hard.

That high coursing through me made me feel better about everything including the strange guy fondling me. I don’t know how but I could tell by the way he was touching me that he was rolling too. He wasn’t being rough like some drunk guy. He wasn’t really groping me. His hands felt light and soft. His touch darıca escort was more like a caress. It was then that I realized that I wanted him to touch me as much as he wanted to. Anywhere he wanted to. And I swear it was like he was reading my mind because the minute I had those thoughts, his other hand started to slide down my stomach, down between my legs.

By now, I had stopped dancing and just let the guy hug me from behind. His hands were all over me. One hand kept playing with one of my nipples through the thin material of my silk bra. The other hand rubbed me between my legs. I could feel a finger slide down the middle of me. He started to wiggle his finger back and forth to the rhythm of the music. It was like my body was a dance floor and his fingers danced all over me. It felt so good. It made me want to scream.

I was totally lost in his touch when Stacey turned around and saw me being groped by a total stranger. She looked at me in complete shock and quickly grabbed and pulled me away from that anonymous guy.

“What are you doing?”

“I don’t know.”

“Who is that guy?”

“I don’t know!”

“Let’s go somewhere else.”

“No, wait,” I said as I held her back from leaving. She stopped and studied me. My hair was all over the place. I was blushing. My cheeks were bright and flush. As she started to realize how I was feeling, her concerned expression slowly turned into a huge smile.

“You’re such a dirty little slut,” she said teasing me.


“It’s okay! Have fun!” she said and twirled around to go back to her spot in front of me.

“Wait,” I said and grabbed her wrist. “Don’t leave me. Okay?”




This time when she turned back to dance, she stayed close to me. Her body pressed up against me. I felt her big soft butt grind me backwards nudging me against the strange guy behind us. And there I was sandwiched between Stacey and that anonymous guy. The minute, I bumped back into him, I could feel his hands lace around me like they missed me. They quickly moved back into their positions. One hand ran up and down my chest, all over my breasts and nipples and the other moved down my stomach, down between my legs. I couldn’t help myself and squirmed around in his arms. Stacey kept dancing in front of me. She kept her body close and it felt so good to have her there. I felt so safe and good and bad and turned on. I felt everything all at once!

I was completely gone by then. The Molly. Those hands all over me. So you can’t really blame me for what I did next. It’s so embarrassing for me to even write down, but I suddenly wanted Stacey to feel what I was feeling, so I pulled her in to my arms. I hugged her from behind, my arms wrapped around her, and my hands started roaming all over her body. I started touching her like I was being touched. I grabbed her breasts and squeezed them. They felt so soft and nice. They were huge. I couldn’t believe how good they felt. I caressed her and then, I pinched her nipples but then just like me, Stacey quickly grabbed my hand and made me stop.

“Jenny!” She turned her head to the side and leaned back so that her lips against my ear and said, “What are you doing!”

“Oh my god, Stacey!”

“What? What?”

“This is what he’s doing to me,” I slurred into her ear and then I pinched her nipple to the beat of the music. Stacey started to giggle and laugh. Then, I made little circles around her nipples just like the guy was doing to me. The material of her bra was soft and smooth and it felt nice to play with her as someone was playing with me. I then reached down between her legs and rubbed my finger against her like the strange guy was doing to me. I played with her to the beat of the music and we all just rubbed each other and squirmed around for what felt like forever. The three of us, Stacey, that anonymous guy and me were all entwined in this ball of heavy petting and heavy breathing. I was so turned on, I no longer felt like myself.

Then, the hard pounding beat disappeared replaced again by a sweet innocent melody and a girl sang out this happy riff. The dancing crowd slowed to a still. Everyone caught their breath while they swayed back and forth like we were all in a trance. Even the guy behind me let his hands drop down from off of me. Stacey slowly turned around in my arms and we held each other in a soft hug. I could feel everything about her. Her lips right by my ear. I could feel her body against mine. Her chest against my chest. We were breathing in unison. These full deep breaths. I can’t tell you how good that simple hug felt.

While we were still wrapped in each other’s embrace, we pulled our heads from our shoulders and looked at each other. She was smiling from ear to ear. Her face was flush. Her cheeks were as pink as her bra. Her eyes sparkled. Her smile. Her dimples. Her hair was all over the place. She looked as wild as I felt.

And then we started to kiss. Not like the little pecks we usually gave each other but a deep wet kiss. It was the gölcük escort first time, I had kissed a girl like that. Her lips felt so much softer then a guy’s. Her tongue was light and cool. It tasted so sweet. We kept kissing like that with our tongues twisting around each other’s. Kissing her felt so nice. It went really well with the molly high. Everything became more and more intense. A warm surge rushed through me filling me up inside like I had everything I ever wanted. Everything I ever needed. And everything was inside me. My mind, my emotions, my body were all fully stimulated.

I could hear people cheering and shouting all around us, and when we broke free from our kiss, we turned to see fireworks exploding up above the stage. Brightly colored tracers flew threw the sky and then exploded into starbursts causing people to cheer and celebrate. It felt like everyone was peaking together with Stacey and I. Then, this heavy hard beat dropped back in and the crowd started to jump up and down at the same time. We were all together in the same rhythm. I swear I felt the earth move below my feet as we bounced on it like it was a giant trampoline.

We stayed there near the front of the stage for the rest of the night. We danced, we held each other and we played with each other, and we kissed. The anonymous guy behind me made a few attempts to get me to leave with him but I didn’t want to go with him. I didn’t want to go anywhere. I wanted to stay right where I was with Stacey in front of the stage. I wanted to stay as close to the moment as I could when I felt everything and everything felt good. Stacey was feeling the same way and we didn’t budge from that area for as long as we could.

We stayed there until the end of the night. As the event was closing down, our friends finally found us and dragged us away from that area in front of the stage. One of our guy friends had to pick Stacey up because she kept trying to run back to the stage. I wanted to go back too but there was nothing that we could do because the night had finally come to an end. We all got in our cars and headed back to reality.


After a long quiet drive home, we finally made it back to Stacey’s studio apartment right as the sun started to rise. The minute, I got inside, I fell on top of her bed completely exhausted. Stacey went about the room and put on some calm ambient music to help us decompress, she got us some water and closed all the blinds making sure the room would stay dark as the sun started to rise outside. After everything was set, she lay down next to me on her bed.

Still in our rave outfits, we lay on our sides facing each other. I ran my hands through her hair and she caressed my arm. We were still rolling a little but the high was beginning to fade away. In its place, I started to feel the beginnings of a gloomy withdrawal that always came after a long night of doing Molly.

“Are you okay?” Stacey asked me.

“Yeah, just a little tired.”

“Did you have fun?”

“Yeah, I had the best time ever.”

“I bet you did. You totally got felt up.”

“Oh my god.”

“Jenny got fingered!”

“Stop, you’re embarrassing me.”

“But it felt good. You liked it didn’t you?” she asked me.

I gave her a sheepish smile and nodded my head. We both started giggling. I grabbed hold of her and held her against me. Her head ended up nestled up against my chest. I stroked her hair as I thought about it. Having that anonymous guy’s hands all over me did feel nice. It turned me on, I had to admit but when I was being really honest with myself, feeling Stacey’s body turned me on even more. And that kiss we shared. That kiss was amazing.

Just then, almost as if Stacey was reading my mind, she turned her head up from my chest and gave me a look like she wanted me to kiss her. Her lips were pursed outwards a little and I bent my head down and gave her a peck. Just as we kissed, I felt a little spark inside me. I kissed her again but this time, I gave her a little deeper of a kiss and again, I felt a little surge race through my body. The more we kissed, the closer I felt to that moment when everything was perfect and I was high on Molly. I tried to chase away that gloomy feeling of withdrawal by kissing her and it started to work.

I think Stacey was feeling the same way because after a few moments, she started to kiss me back. Before I knew it, we were making out again just like we made out on the dance floor. Her soft lips were pressed against mine. Her tongue wrapped around mine. It felt so good. It felt amazing. And that feeling kept building and building inside me. I was starting to lose myself again.

“I liked it when you touched me,” Stacey whispered in between a kiss. “Just like you were being touched.”

Without thinking about it, I reached my hand down between her legs and started to play with her. The minute, I touched her she flinched back but then she thrust her hips into my hand and let me rub her through the thin material of her panties. At about that moment, I felt her hand creep down between my legs and on to me. She started rubbing me getting me really wet. We broke from our kiss but kept our lips against each other’s. We breathed and moaned into each other’s slightly parted mouths as we continued to play with each other.

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