Tony, Tina , … Rachel?

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As they arrive home from dinner at their favourite restaurant, Tina takes control of the situation immediately, pushing him back against the door, kissing him hard on the lips as she stood on tip toe. At 5’4, she barely reached the chin of her taller husband. Tina is not usually aggressive but tonight she will be the dominant one; giving Tony a taste of a fantasy they have discussed.

“Tony! I have a surprise for you”; she said biting her lip, feigning nervousness. “But first. Do you trust me?”

“Yes, of course, what are you up to?” He asks with a smile.

“Good! Turn around so I can put this blindfold on you!”, she says with a small laugh, but the scarf in her hand was all he needed to see that she was serious.

Tony dutifully turned but asked again “You are being very mysterious tonight Tina. First the unexpected dinner, discussion about threesomes, the text messages o your cell phone during dessert, now a blindfold. I’m intrigued”

” I will explain in a moment, lets get this on you. Can you see anything?”, pulling it snugly.

“No, I can’t”, as he turned back around towards her. Again Tina pushed him against the door with a kiss.

“Rachel, my friend from the health club, is upstairs waiting for us. She let herself in while we were out to dinner and is sitting on the couch in our bedroom. The text was to tell me she is ready for us. NOW, the deal is this Tony; Rachel will not talk or touch us. She is here to watch us fuck. You can try to speak to her but she will not respond and if you try to touch her, the game is done. Are you ok”

“Yes” he said expectantly, “I understand Tina, but why the blindfold. Why can’t I see her?”

“You and Rachel don’t know each other and we would rather keep it that way. As we were discussing at dinner, I’m not sure if I’m ready to include someone else in our bed SO, this will be a way for us to test out the idea and have some fun at the same time.”

“I’m up for whatever you have planned Tina!”, Tony said with a big grin on his face. “I understand the rules and will respect Rachel’s request.

“SO, you get that she won’t be joining us and is here to watch?”

“Yes, I won’t ask.”

“OK, follow me”, she said taking his hand, leading him upstairs.

They güvenilir bahis walked into the bedroom, stopping by the edge of the bed. “Hi Rachel”, Tina says, “Tony understands that your hear to watch. Enjoy!” Tina said as she unbuttoned his shirt, sliding it off his shoulders, and then taking a nipple into her mouth, biting it slightly to make him groan.

Sliding down to the floor, Tina unbuckled his pants, letting them slid down his legs, and did the same with his boxers. His cock was hard as she grasped it, using one hand she pumped up and down on the shaft.

“Rachel likes your cock, she is motioning for me to take it into my mouth. Would you like that?”

“Yes” Tony replied huskily, wanting his wife’s mouth on his cock. Tina pumped her fist over him a few more times before moving forward to suck on him. He moaned out at the contact of her warm, soft lips wanting Rachel to know he was enjoying what she told Tina to do.

Tina continued to alternate fisting his cock and sucking on it until he stopped her, not wanting to come in her mouth he pulled back to stop.

Tina stood up to kiss him again, grabbing one ass cheek as she did, then turned her head to ask Rachel “Did I do that right? His cock is nice a Big isn’t it?” Tina giggled as she said “She says you have a nice ass as well.”

“I would say thank you, but I shouldn’t. What does Rachel look like Tina? Is she naked on our couch?”

Tina kissed him lightly on the lips again before moving back a step from Tony to undress. “Rachel is 5′ 6″, so a little taller than me with red hair, green eyes. We usually do our workouts together at the gym and I have to tell you Tony, I find her attractive. She has great legs, nice breasts and is a sweet sweet person. Oh ya, and she talks about sex a lot! This girl is always horny Tony.”

“You shower together after your workout?”

“Yes we do, and you know” Tina is now naked in front of Tony and placing his hands on her breasts, “I swear she knows I’m checking her out. She seems to enjoy taking extra time to wash her breasts, using lots of soap and rubbing them like your doing to mine now. Her nipples always get hard when she is in the shower. Do you like my breasts Rachel?”

“What was her response türkçe bahis Tina? I think they are great. Can I suck on one?” Tony instinctively turned his head towards the couch expecting a reply but of course did not hear anything.

“Yes, she nodded that she likes them. In fact she is massaging her own and I can see that her nipples are hard. She has a white t-shirt on and no bra so they are easy to notice. Rachel is motioning that you should suck on the one closest to her. I think she wants to see you licking it.”

Tony did as he was asked, enjoying the scenario that Tina had created for them and wanting to please his wife, he made sure to make his licks long and soft, sticking his tongue out far enough that Rachel would get a good view of what he was doing.

“I think she is enjoying that Tony and is jealous that I’m getting all the attention. Aaawww, what a cute pout Rachel. I will get to suck on those soon for you honey, I just have to make sure its ok with Tony here.” Tina said as she pulled his head up to kiss her again.

“We will talk about it later, but what is Rachel wanting us to do now? Tony said. He is clearly enjoying the scene.

“I think she wants you to suck on my clit. I see she is rubbing herself through her jeans and motioning that she wants the same thing to be happening to me. Kneel down Tony as I lie back on the bed. That’s it, move towards oohhhh, uuummm. That’s it, suck on it just like that.” Tina was enjoying the tonguing she was getting, “yes, yes Tony keep doing that, keep sucking my clit just like that, your going to have me coming any minute now.” Tina was not always very vocal but tonight, she wanted Tony to really get into what was happening.

“Would Rachel like to come with you Tina? Is she getting close as well?” Tony asked, pausing for a moment to rest his tongue and catch his breath.

“Keep going, don’t worry about her. I need to come now!!” Tina grabbed a handful of hair, raising her hips to his face, to the tongue that was about to get her off. “oooohhhhhhh yyyeeessssss”, she cried out to Tony and Rachel as her orgasm started.

As Tina was coming down from her orgasm, Tony moved up her body, kissing her mouth and neck as she regained her breath and her body calmed güvenilir bahis siteleri from the explosion he helped her achieve.

“Are you ready for me to fuck you now?” Tony asked

“Oh yes, Tony. I want that big cock of yours in me.” Tina replied, “RACHEL, your bad. I don’t think he will do that?”


“Rachel says she wants you to fuck me in the ass, will you do that?”

“I don’t think we should tonight, that’s not something we have done yet Rachel. Tina, roll over onto all fours so we can fuck doggy style for our guest!”

“Good idea Tony and Rachel agrees. Go slow at first so Rachel can enjoy you fucking me”

Tony felt Tina ease back to him, he reached out and found her hips then taking his cock in one hand, he guided it towards his favourite destination. “Look at Rachel honey while I fuck you.”

Tina felt the head of his cock push against her then slowly slid past her outer lips. She could feel every inch of him as he slid himself fully into her. Concentrating, she gripped at his cock with her muscles wanting to feel every nuance of the new, thick intrusion. “Fuck you feel so big. Oooohhhhh” Tina sighed

Tina grunted as Tony pulled her hips towards him while driving his cock into her. He started to fuck her hard so the bed shook with each thrust as he slid his entire cock into her. Tony wanted to really put on a show for his wife’s friend.

It was not long after he picked up the pace that Tina was shuddering through her first orgasm and quickly heading towards another when Tony said “I’m ready to come Rachel, watch as I shoot it on Tina’s ass.” Forgetting himself in the moments leading to his orgasm. Pulling out he held his cock against Tina’s ass while his come pulsated out and over her ass.

They collapsed together onto the bed, to catch their breath.

“Tony, I’m just going to walk Rachel out and will be right back. Come on Rachel shows over. I know I know, stop the pout we can do this again sometime.” Tina walked downstairs, then opening and closing the door, the smile on her face could not have been any bigger. Her plan had worked; she had pulled off the fantasy.

There was no Rachel in the bedroom. Tina had used the name of a friend from her club, and truth be known, she was turned on by her, but tonight was about breaking some barriers, giving her and Tony more to talk about and more to fantasize about but for now, she would let him believe as he wished. In the morning she would tell him the truth.

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