Two Bosses to Fuck

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As a young girl Julie thought that she was some kind of over sexed misfit. It seemed to her that she constantly had sex on her mind. In her first job she worked in a huge office with plenty of men and she had five fantasy lovers. She would get herself off while thinking about one or the other almost every night. Her favorite fantasy was having two of them at the same time. Even when she was in a loving relationship she never gave up on her fantasy lovers, which caused her to learn to live with some guilt. That’s what made her realize just how important sex was to her and made her accept herself for who she was. Some people were born with a big nose, she reasoned, she was born with a big libido. It wasn’t like she was a slut, most of her sex was fantasy, she rarely if ever carried her thoughts to fruition. Her promiscuity was confined to her imagination for the most part. But as she got older she got bolder and if opportunity presented itself she didn’t dismiss it out of hand.

When she answered an ad for a secretary in a small office she had no idea it would lead to the realization of her fondest sexual fantasy. It was a unique situation, secretary for two men in a three person office. Although she wasn’t crazy about the idea of working in such a small office with so few men, the two men were very attractive. Paul looked like an active and athletic type, a guy who looked good in shorts. Warren seemed quieter and more reserved a sort of a mild mannered James Bond. When she got the job her vivid imagination ran wild with fantasies of what could happen between the three of them in such confined quarters on a daily basis.

Over time a certain slow burn intimacy developed between the three of them which she knew could explode into a seething passion under the right circumstances. Even though all three of them were married they became very close and shared many personal things about themselves. Despite a lot of suggestive sexual banter the opportunity to take it to another level hadn’t presented itself. She had long ago stopped denying her attraction to these men and admitted to herself that if one or both of them tried something she’d almost certainly go for it. It seemed like she was constantly wet when in the office leading her to wonder how she ever got any work done.

One warm summer day she wore a short skirt to work, it was a Friday and her husband was away. Sometimes on a Friday afternoon they went out for drinks and most of the time they invited her to come along. She had to refuse for the most part but if she was invited today she hoped her short skirt would be noticed and after a couple of drinks, well, who knows. Paul made several excuses to come to her desk that day. He couldn’t seem to take his eyes off her tanned, bare legs which she flirtingly let fall apart every now and again. She was very excited and flattered by his attention and apparently he shared her excitement because she noticed a bulge in his pants while he stood there chatting. Warren was away that morning and her head swam with expectation of what he might be. This was it, she thought, everything was in place for him to make a move. They were alone, she was giving all the right signals, and according to the way he looked at her he was receiving them loud and clear. The sexual tension was broken by the ringing of the phone. It was Warren calling from the court house, Paul had to take it. He told her he’d take it in his office and her heart sank as she watched him walk away from her into his office. “I have to leave” he said dejectedly when he returned. As he was going out the door he stopped and turned back towards her and said “Oh, in case I didn’t verbalize it, you look scrumptious.”

She sat there for a while dumbfounded and disappointed. She was so worked up by her near miss that she couldn’t resist getting herself off, if just to alleviate her overwrought emotions. She sat back in her chair güvenilir bahis and spread her legs. She slid her hand up under her skirt and right away the total effect of their flirtation became apparent. Her sexy satin panties were drenched. She pushed them aside and let her fingers caress her enlarged clit. She came quickly and hard, squeezing her saturated fingers between her thighs and trying to stifle her moans. Being alone in the office she decided to catch up on some work that she’d been putting off. Paul called and asked her to retrieve a file from his computer and bring it to him. He gave her instructions on how to retrieve it and hung up the phone. She went into his office and sat in the big leather chair at his desk. She took the mouse in her hand and moved the cursor over the icon of the file she wanted to open. You can imagine her surprise when instead of a file, a series of pictures of naked people taking part in an orgy popped upon the screen. It was Paul, Warren and their wives along with some other people she didn’t recognize. There were different shots of them in the throes of sex, mugging for the camera. One photo in particular got her juices flowing. It was a threesome scene, Paul fucking his wife from behind while she was blowing Warren. Whether it was intentional or by accident this is how she found out that they and their wives were swingers. She eventually retrieved the right file and brought it to him. Unsure if she should say anything about what she saw on his computer she decided to say nothing.

The idea of them taking part in an orgy excited her but she wasn’t into it herself. Her fantasy of having a three-way with both of them though did seem more plausible now. For weeks after her nights were filled with a lot of fantasizing and masturbating. Even during her work day she’d sometimes daydream about one or the other of them calling her into his office for something or another and she’d end up blowing him. She loved to suck cock it gave her a sense of power and control and she would sometimes cum while doing it without even touching herself. But with her husband married to his job she hadn’t tasted cock for awhile and she was beginning to crave it.

So when Paul invited her to a two day business conference in Chicago she jumped at the opportunity. Even better, Warren was going too. Right away her naughty mind began dreaming up erotic scenarios. She hardly slept that night. She got herself off four times with all kinds of wild fantasies before she finally drifted off.

Their first day in Chicago had been a long one and they had made plans to meet for a drink after they freshened up. When she got back to her room she slipped out of her clothes and into a nice hot bath. She was in no hurry because they were supposed to meet at the bar and by the time she got there they’d probably be into their second or third scotch. But it seems that they had a change of mind and showed up at her door with two bottles of wine and three glasses. She had just finished applying her makeup and was only wearing the complimentary bath robe of the hotel, with their logo blazoned on the breast pocket. When they saw her Paul said to Warren “hey, I have a great idea.” He excused them and told her not to get dressed that they’d be right back.

Five minutes later they showed up at her door wearing the identical hotel bath robes. “Toga party” Paul yelled. This was working out as if she had scripted it, she thought. All three of them with nothing on but loose fitting robes, she was already getting a ticklish sensation from between her legs. As the wine flowed they all became looser and sexual innuendo dominated the conversation. It was only a matter of time before it went from joking to actuality.

At one point Julie bent over too pick up a napkin she had dropped. The front of her robe sagged affording them a revealing view of her breasts; she made no attempt to cover up. türkçe bahis

“Oops” Paul said as he purposely dropped his napkin on the floor after she straightened up. She knew the way they looked at her with lusting eyes that they wanted her. She wanted both of them with all her heart and nothing short of a police raid was going to change that.

“There’s no need for games” she said in a low sexy voice. “You want to see what’s under this?” she asked holding both ends of the belt that was keeping her robe closed. Neither one of them answered but then there was no need, the question was rhetorical.

She untied the belt and let the robe fall to the floor. One of them gasped at the sight of her naked body. She was a little overweight but it was in all the right places. Her tits were big and round with nipples that stuck out from them like miniature boners. Her belly had a little padding as well as her thighs which made her look voluptuous making her a treat to their horny eyes. She didn’t shave her pussy but she kept the lush black hair well trimmed which, as luck would have it, both men preferred to a clean shaven pussy.

“Your turn boys” she said Paul slowly untied the belt of his robe and let it fall open; exposing to her a big semi hard cock that looked so suckable it got her even wetter than she was. Warren wasn’t as bold but she could see a bulge in his robe as well. She literally saw Paul’s cock rising before her eyes. It was now rock hard with a big, pink, swollen head pointing right up at her as if challenging her to make the next move. She looked at Warren who still had his robe belted but who had an obvious hard-on beneath it. She didn’t have to say a word; he followed their example, undid the belt and opened his robe to bare a cock that rivaled Paul’s. It was shorter than Paul’s but much chunkier, leading her to speculate how it would feel to get fucked with it. Both their cocks were beautiful, the pictures she had seen on Paul’s computer didn’t do them justice. All she could think of was getting them in her mouth.

The air was rife with sexual tension as Paul approached her. She felt the tip of his big dick pushing into her belly just above her pubic hair when he embraced her. When her nipples touched his chest it was like an electric current had run through her. When he kissed her, her knees went weak. When he placed her hand on his stiff cock all she wanted to do was drop to her knees and suck it, suck it, suck it.

Warren got behind her, now she felt his hard-on poking at her ass. She reached behind and took it in her hand; she could just barely get her hand around the thick shaft. She worked the pair of cocks until she had the men sucking air and moaning. Paul’s felt as hard as a rock in her hand. Warren’s was bigger and more flexible but filled her hand like no other she’d ever handled.

Suddenly she was overwhelmed by the realization that she was handling the excited cocks of two men. Her mind was inundated with compelling reasons why she shouldn’t be doing this. But Paul’s gentle kisses combined with Warren’s caressing of her shoulders and back had her in no mood to listen to her conscience. She was finally experiencing one of her long held fantasies and if guilt was to be felt it could wait, she wasn’t about to let anything spoil the moment.

She spread her legs to aid Warren in getting his hand to her sultry slit. “Oh yes” she heard herself moan almost in a whisper “right there, yes, that’s nice.” Warren had found her swollen clit and was teasing it tenderly beneath his fingers.

“Let’s move to the bed” Paul suggested. She was getting off so much by having their stiff swollen dicks in her hands she didn’t want to give them up. She had even hoped to drop down and suck them both as they stood there. Or to bend over at the waist and suck Paul while giving Warren a perfect opportunity to fuck her from behind. Her mind reeled with güvenilir bahis siteleri things she wanted to experience, but after a few more squeezes and tugs she reluctantly relented and released her prizes.

They laid her down across the bed. Paul sat on one side of her and Warren on the other. They picked up from where they had left off, Paul kissing her while Warren sucked her nipples, caressed her thighs and pussy. It was wonderful beyond description being so tenderly made love to by two of her beloved men. It seemed like they had taken lessons on how to double team a woman, their never ending kisses and caresses had her on fire. Warren placed his hands on her knees and started spreading her legs. She was glad now that she had taken that bath before they had come to her room. She let her legs fall wide open confidently, pleased that she needn’t be self conscious about her hygiene. She was playing tongue tag with Paul when she felt Warren’s tongue make first contact with her receptive love button. It wasn’t long before his lapping created the stirrings of her first orgasm. She glided easily into it with two loving and tender men doing all the right things in all the right places.

An orgasm did little to cool her ardor. She wanted Warren to fuck her with that thick, chunky cock while she sucked on Paul’s big beauty. She just hoped it would be Paul’s dick in her mouth and Warren’s in her hot, aching box. She didn’t have the courage to come right out and tell them but she was so horny by now that she wasn’t about to let an opportunity pass her by. When Warren stood to change positions she playfully captured him with her feet and pulled his body in between her open legs.

One look at her inviting fur lined pussy and he didn’t need convincing. She felt the head of his cock touch her pussy lips as he got in position to fuck her.

Warren slid his chunky into her, bringing a loud moan of pleasure from her. Her moan alerted Paul to what Warren was up to. He knelt on the bed and rubbed his dick teasingly over her lips. She tasted his pre cum and was anxious to taste his meat. He slowly slid it deep into her mouth. Finally the moment had come for her to realize the fantasy that had driven her to masturbation so many times. Warren was eagerly jamming his broad cock into her saturated pussy while Paul was leisurely fucking her hungry mouth. Now that she had the two cocks she craved so much inside of her she never wanted to give them up. She wished she could suck and fuck them forever. She just couldn’t get enough of their pleasure giving bones and it wasn’t long before she began feeling the onset of another orgasm. She came hard, squeezing Warren between her legs and pulling him tight against her. She sucked Paul vigorously between ever increasing moans as she came.

Watching her making love to Paul’s dick while he was fucking her had Warren on the verge of going off. Paul’s cock got as hard as a steel rod and she knew he was about to cum. Suddenly it erupted filling her mouth with warm fluid. Seconds later she felt the contractions of Warren’s dick discharging his load deep inside her pussy. To her, being filled with the love juices of these two wonderful men was almost as good as cuming herself.

She looked at her reflection in the bathroom mirror and pinched herself to be sure she wasn’t dreaming. In her 33 years she’d had some great sexual encounters but nothing could hold a candle to what she’d just experienced. She couldn’t envision ever blowing a man again without wanting another one fucking her. It was a thousand times better than her wildest fantasies about it. She wasn’t sure if she would tell her husband about her encounter, it would probably ruin their marriage. But then again she didn’t much care, it’d been on a down hill slide for some time. The only thing she was sure of was that she would have sex with Paul and Warren again, as many times as she could. Maybe next time they’ll bring their wives along, she thought. The idea excited her and compelled her to reach for her clit. Mmmm, she thought as she rolled her clit under her fingers, I’ve always wanted to try eating a woman’s pussy.

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