Two In The Morning

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It is early in the morning and the storm has awakened me. I glance over at your sleeping form next to me and the desire to touch you overcomes me. First I watch you for a few minutes watching the rise and fall of your chest in a steady rhythm as you sleep. The little snoring sound you make.

I admire your unruly hair and the unshaven shadow on your face. I love to watch you sleep. You don’t even stir when I pull the sheet back and your naked body is in full view in the lowly lit room and I study every inch of you.

My fingers begin rubbing the palm of your open hand that is next to me and I begin rubbing your arm. You stir gently and I pause until I am sure you are still asleep. You strong thighs feel soft yet firm under my other hand which touches you inside your knee and slowly moves up your inner thigh.

Then my kisses following the same path beside your knee and up your thigh stir you from your sleep a little more. When I feel your hand in my hair and a long deep moan I know you have awakened.

My tongue presses firmly against your skin and I lick the tender area high on your inner canlı bahis thigh stopping to suck it into my mouth and bite gently. I feel your cock twitch against my cheek as I do this. My hands press against your parted thighs urging them further apart.

Sitting on my knees between those wonderful thighs I can see your face and the anticipation building. Placing my hands beside each hip leaning over and licking hard against your right nipple then pressing it between my lips until it is hard I begin to feel my own arousal. Then going to the left nipple and circling my tongue around it many times feeling it grow hard as well.

Your cock is hard and pressed against my stomach. I like how that feels so I slide my body down assuring it lays between my breasts and I press them together and hold your cock tightly between them and I begin to stroke you this way.

Baby do you want me to move up and take you deep inside of me and enjoy your release as it floods my walls enclosed around you? Or do you want me to ease down dragging my tongue along the way until I wrap it around your cock and my tongue feels the bahis siteleri soft skin and how warm it is?

Mmmm, I want to feel you inside of me, I want to rock slowly back and forth bringing great pleasure to both of us. This way I can watch your face, see your eyes. My legs open in order to straddle you and take you inside of me. The feeling so wonderful I have to sit still for a moment and just “feel” you.

Leaning over and resting my head on your chest I rock slowly feeling you sliding inside of me. I feel so warm as you wrap your arms around me and pull me closer. Making love this way is so pleasing. My whispers, urging you to enjoy, and to go slowly. Then I begin to kiss your neck, gently suck on it and taste you. My hips move more quickly as my grinding becomes more aggressive. I have to sit up. Force you deep inside of me now. Pressing my palms into your chest and my head falls back as my back arches. I need you to reach up and touch my breasts, tease my nipples you always know what to do.

I need to cum baby. Your hand drops from my breast and your fingers know exactly how to touch bahis şirketleri me. You know I am so close. My clit is so hard and your fingers touch me just right. My screams into the room and the pulsating you feel let you know you have brought me there.

After a moment I raise up and you slip out of me. I need to taste you so bad. My hand wraps around your cock stroking firmly as I get into position between your legs. Still stroking you I suck your balls into my mouth, I love how they feel. Alternating kissing and sucking feeling them grown hard.

I can tell you are ready too, do you want to cum and bathe my face and neck and see it? Or do you want me to take you in my mouth and feel it spray the back of my throat knowing I can barely swallow quickly enough?

I want to taste it, all of it. I take you into my mouth wrap my lips around you and begin moving up and down the length of you, faster each time. When my hand reaches behind your balls and presses against the tight opening of your ass you release.

Spurts fill my mouth as I try to loose not a drop. Continuing even after you stop to lick and tease you with my tongue. I love how you taste. I know when you can’t take it anymore. Moving up my chest against yours I want to kiss you.

Taste my kisses fresh with your scent your aroma and flavor on my lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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