Unexpected Encounter Ch. 2

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Continuing on with the description of our night of pleasure with Fred and Amy, I’ll pick up at the point where Fred, Sue, and I left Amy on the kitchen table where the three of us had just brought her to an intense orgasm.

When Amy told us she would join us in the bedroom in a few minutes, Fred walked over putting his arm around Sue’s waist and started to walk out of the kitchen, he called back saying, “Cmon, Jack follow us for some more fun!!” I followed them down the hallway, Sue and Fred turned toward each other and started to kiss as they walked, and I couldn’t help it, as I looked at Sue’s incredibly tight sexy ass as she walked, but feel my still half-hard cock begin to swell again. As we turned into their bedroom, I could feel my anticipation of what was to happen the remainder of the evening rising more and more by the second. Their bedroom was huge, to the left was a good size sitting area with a table and two chairs, to the right was a double French door and I could see through to a large bathroom with a hot tub inside, and straight ahead against the back wall of the room was a huge four poster bed with curtains hanging down from the posts.

Sue, never one to be shy about what she wanted sexually, disengaged herself from Fred and walked over to jump on the bed, laid down on her back and beckoned us over saying, “Come here guys, I want you both to fuck me until I can’t take it anymore!” Needless to say, we were both on the bed in a flash and lay down on either side of her. Fred started to suck on Sue’s left nip and had his hand down playing with her wet cunt while I turned her head towards me and kissed her hard stuffing my tongue inside her sweet mouth and played with her right nip with my hand pinching it hard and pulling it away from her body. She was moaning pretty loudly by now and reached out to grab both of our cocks and slowly rub her hand up and down our rock hard shafts.

None of us needed much foreplay at this point, so after about a minute or so of playing around, Sue sat up and got up on all fours with her lovely ass facing us and said, “Fred, I want you to fuck my ass while I blow Jack”. With that Fred said, “Who are we to turn a lady down!” He reached over and went into the nightstand next to the bed to get the K-Y jelly and liberally applied it to his huge cock and pushed some into Sue’s sweet little rosebud. “I’ll take it easy but I just want to let you know it will be probably be pretty painful no woman has ever taken me up the ass not even Amy so if you do you’ll be the first.” Knowing how Sue loves challenges, I said “I wouldn’t be surprised if she did it, Fred, she’s already taken a few big cocks up there but I have to admit none as big as yours.” I was hot as hell and really wanted to feel Sue’s lips around my cock, but curiosity got the better of me and I got on my back between her legs so that I could watch him try to get that big thing in her ass. I was rock hard from the anticipation of Sue being pleasured by him, I was in perfect position to suck on her cunt and I reached up and began to maul her hanging perfect tits with both of my hands. But for now I was content to just play with her tits and watch the action. I intently watched as Fred moved forward and pushed the head of his cock up against her anus, looking at it (the head of it looked slightly bigger than a golf ball), I had second thoughts about my confidence that she could accommodate him.

He was pushing harder now, I could see his face contort with the effort and he was holding the base of his cock with his hand to keep it on target. I could feel Sue pushing back toward him and I watched as slowly but surely the head of it started to enter her ass. “ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH”, Sue cried out as the head completely disappeared inside her. I knew that once she got a little used to the size of his cockhead it would be somewhat easier because the shaft had a little less girth to it. He continued to slowly work it further and further inside her. “My God, he’s splitting me open, it hurts but it feels so good at the same time!” After a few minutes he had more than half of it inside her and continued to ease it up her tight channel. I moved my head up and started to lick her soaking wet cunt flicking my tongue over her clit while I continued to pull on and pinch her hard nips with my hands. Sue was almost incoherent by now moaning loudly and I knew that it wouldn’t be long before she had an orgasm. I picked up the pace of licking and biting her sweet clit and looked up to see that Fred was now completely buried in her ass to the short hairs. She DID it, and I told her that it was all the way in her, she said, “I’ve never even come close to feeling so full as I am now, and it feels soooooooo good!” With that, Fred started to withdraw almost all of the way out and then started to slowly fuck her ass for the first time. I renewed my assault on her clit as Fred increased his pace fucking her sweet ass faster and faster.

I could tell that Sue was very close to cumming, her juices were really flowing and had soaked my face. I released my right hand from her tit and inserted two and then three of my fingers into her cunt, she felt so tight being stretched aksaray escort from behind by Fred’s big cock. At that point, I felt my cock being deep-throated; I had to assume by Amy. In the heat of the action I didn’t realize that she had come into the room and it felt sooo good. The three of us had been going at it for probably close to 15 minutes or so, and I was close to blowing my load without being touched until then. Keeping my fingers pistoning in Sue’s cunt I lowered my head to watch Amy work up and down my thick cock with her talented mouth. About a minute later, I heard Sue scream out, “I’m cumming fuck me harder it feels soooooooooooo good!!” and with that I could see her arch her back almost bending in two and started spasming screaming out incoherently as she came, “AHGGGGGGGGGGG, fuck,shit, my head is blowing off!!”

I could see her spasming for what must have been a good minute or so before she straightened up and flopped her face forward resting it on my stomach as she almost collapsed from the huge orgasm she just experienced. The only thing holding her up at this point was Fred’s cock in her ass and my stomach. I was amazed that Fred still hadn’t cum yet, the friction of his cock against the walls of her ass must have been unbelievable yet he just slowed down a little bit after Sue orgasmed. I continued to slowly fuck her wet cunt with my fingers and I knew that if we continued Sue would be ready in a short time for another cum. I said to Amy, “Slow down a bit, I don’t want to cum just yet I think that Sue might be ready again for another good fucking!” With that Amy not only slowed down but released my cock from her mouth and crawled over beside Sue and reached out to circle both of Sue’s tits with her hands playing with her still hard nips saying, “Do you mind, Sue? They look sooooooo beautiful I loved watching your firm tits swaying as you were fucking Fred and Jack I just can’t resist feeling them!” I knew what Sue’s answer would be before she said it and sure enough Sue replied, “Mind!! Hell, no I love the touch of another woman please touch me as much as you want to!! With Amy playing with her tits and Fred and I continuing to fuck her two holes I knew it wouldn’t take much to get her started again.

After a minute or two, I removed my hand from her cunt and crawled out from underneath her moving over behind Amy reaching around her to play with her fantastic tits and she turned her head toward me and we started to kiss. We broke the kiss after a short time and she bent down to suck on one of Sue’s nipples as I moved to the side of her doing the same thing to her nip and running my hand down through her dark patch of pubic hair to run my finger up and down her wet slit and hard clit.

I could see that Amy had started to do the same to Sue’s cunt. Sue was really warming up with this attention Fred still slowly fucking her ass. I disengaged from Amy and now crawled back under Sue the other way positioning my aching cock at the entrance to her moist fuckhole. Sue started to moan, “Fuck me both of you, I want to feel you both in me at the same time!” Needing no encouragement I raised up as Sue started to move down slowly inserting my cock into her steamy cunt. Her cunt was incredibly tight stretched by a huge cock pressing on it from the back and my thick cock easing into her front the front. I could swear that I felt the head of Fred’s cock against mine as I finally buried all six inches inside her. Still holding onto Sue’s tits and pulling on her nips Amy moved over putting her knees on both sides of my head and sat her sweet cunt down on my mouth.

I immediately started tonguing her slit, it was soaking wet from her juices. Sue was moaning loudly now encouraging us to fuck her faster, and Fred and I got into a good rhythm alternately withdrawing and inserting our cocks into her. I started sucking on Amy’s clit and inserted two fingers in her hot cunt then three then four. She was moaning loudly also as the sounds of hot sex filled the room, Fred and I both grunting with the exertion of pounding Sue’s for all we were worth. Fred couldn’t take any longer and announced that he was cumming I swear that I could feel his cock twitching as he shot his load deep into Sue’s ass. Sue’s climax wasn’t far behind as I could feel her spasming I finally shot my load in her cunt and with that Amy announced that she was cumming and as she did she shot a fair amount of her juices all over my face. Boy, she was a squirter, my face was soaking wet and I tried to lap up as much as I could before it dripped off.

At that point, being pretty fucked-out, we all disengaged I could hear the plopping, sucking noises as Fred pulled out of her ass and I out of her cunt. We all laid down beside each other for a couple of minutes basking in the euphoria of post-orgasmic bliss. I think that all of us were starting to drift off when Amy sat up and said, “Why don’t we all jump in the hot tub, while you three were fucking each other I went in and turned it on and I brought our drinks and some finger food in for us to enjoy.” Fred said, “We can’t disappoint the hostess now can we!” With that said, we all got up and anal yapan escort followed Amy into their huge master bathroom and stepped into their hot tub. It was just big enough for the four of us, and Amy passed us our drinks and she passed around a tray of snacks for us to nibble on.

This was really relaxing as the warm jets of the hot tub against our backs felt so good after our great fuck session. We started to talk getting to know each other a little more. Fred did most of the talking and explained to Sue and I that he was forty-two and Amy had just turned forty, they had known each other since high school. They dated off and on all the way through college got engaged and married a few years after they graduated, Amy was going to law school and Fred was working for a manufacturing firm when they got married. Fred was now an executive VP and Amy was an attorney working for a large law firm.

Fred went on to tell us about the circumstances that led up to their being at the bar that evening, he explained that their sex life in the beginning was extremely hot and that they couldn’t get enough of each other. But after a few years of having sex just about every night of the week, Amy started to make up excuses for not having sex as often, and finally confessed to him that it had become somewhat painful for her to have intercourse and the pain of it was overpowering the passion. She had gone to her gynecologist and the doctor couldn’t find anything physically wrong, and had suggested that they take a break from fucking for a few weeks to see if that would help. So they did, but things just weren’t getting any better for her.

Amy then piped in, “I love Fred so much and want to please him more than anything in the world, but it just was so painful. This has been going on for more than a year now, and we’ve talked a lot about ways that we try to renew our sex life. I knew that Fred was getting increasingly frustrated because we didn’t fuck much anymore, so we started going on the chat lines and swinger sites hopefully to get some advice about how to handle this problem. But all we got was replies from people who didn’t care about helping us but how to get together with us to fuck with them. We were more than disgusted with how crude most people were. To be honest with you both, we didn’t go to the bar tonight to meet up with anyone, but when Fred asked me if it would be alright if he asked you to dance with him, Sue, and I saw the two of you on the dance floor and Fred rubbing your ass and grinding against you, I started to get a little jealous but also a little excited. I was also glancing over at you, Jack, when I caught you staring at me with a look I took to be lust in your eyes and I don’t know why but I started to get a little nervous but also a little excited too! When Fred came back to our table after his dances, and told me that you have invited us over to your table and asked me if I wanted to go I felt my mind racing with all kinds of conflicting feelings about whether or not I should. He was pretty persistent, though in a concerned kind of way, so I agreed. As I walked over toward your table I felt myself becoming more and more nervous, but as Fred introduced me to you both and we started talking I started to feel more and more at ease.”

Amy laughed and said, “I think a lot of my feeling more at ease came from the drinks too! Seriously though, I could see that Fred was really caught up with your flirtatous attitude, Sue and I sensed that he really wanted to fuck you! And Jack, I know that you thought you were being secretive about scanning my bod, believe me I saw the way that you were undressing me with your eyes. I was really starting to get turned on thinking that you might be interested in me sexually.”

I said to her, “What man in his right mind wouldn’t want to fuck you! You are a vision of loveliness, and I feel really lucky to have both you and Sue with me tonight. It’s like a dream come true!

Sue piped up saying, “I agree with Jack a hundred percent, you really are a beautiful woman, Amy, and Fred is a beautiful man with a beautiful cock!”

Fred put his two cents in saying, “And you, Sue, are a sexy and beautiful woman, I absolutely loved fucking you, you are soooooooooo hot!”

We all laughed as Amy continued, “Now that we’ve make each others heads bigger with all these compliments, I’d like to finish my thoughts about dealing with “our” problem. As we continued to talk with you, I started to feel more and more at ease, but I have to admit I still wasn’t sure that I could deal with seeing Fred fucking another woman or me fucking another man. I’ve haven’t been with another man since a year or so before we were married and have been with three other men sexually in my life. So this was a big step forward for me, but I also realized that I had to see if this would help us get back closer to being happy in our sex life. After Fred asked you to come back to our house for a drink and you accepted, I felt the nervousness start to grow again. In the car on the way to the house I kept talking to Fred about whether or not we should let things go any farther and questioned atakent escort whether or not it was the right thing to do. Fred kept reassuring me that we should both just see where the next step took us, and to keep an open mind about it.

He said that he really wanted to fuck you, Sue, he was a little like a little puppy dog in a way somewhat pleading with me to let him fuck you even if things didn’t work out between me and Jack. My mind was racing with thoughts about what things would be like afterwards if we went through with it. It seemed like we got to the house in no time at all, and when we got inside the first thing I could think of is to go make another drink hoping that it would help with the anxiety I was feeling. I think that when I came out of the kitchen and saw Fred taking your shirt off and observing the look in his eyes as he bared and saw your tits for the first time, Sue, was when I realized that I really wanted to try this for the sake of our happiness together. Jack, I was so glad that up until then you hadn’t grabbed or groped me, I had the sense that you realized that I wasn’t too sure about being with you.

I also realized that you probably wouldn’t make the first move so that’s when I came over to you and asked you to dance with me hoping that you would sense that I was ready for you to pleasure me. Not being with another man for so long, I really couldn’t come out and ask you to fuck me, and I was glad that you picked up on the signal I was giving you. Right now, I couldn’t be more happy and thrilled about what’s happened so far tonight, and I can tell from the contented, happy look on Fred’s face that he’s equally thrilled! No offense to Fred, but those were some of the best orgasms I’ve had in a long time. Your cock felt soooooooo good inside of me! Enough of this talk now, I’m ready for some more hard fucking! Anyone care to take care of me?”

You didn’t have to ask me twice, and I immediately stood up and stepped out of the hot tub. I was already half-hard from our conversation and the fact that I had been looking at the finest four tits I had ever seen for the past half hour or so peeking out from over the water in the hot tub. Fred and Sue declined for now saying that they still wanted to relax a little more and Fred said to me, “Enjoy it, Jack, I’m sure that Amy will!” Amy stepped out beside me and handed me a towel to dry off with, and with pleasure I took it from her and started to dry her incredibly sexy body taking care to make sure that her spectacular tits and succulant pussy were as dry as possible. Amy took her towel and dried me off also making sure that my rapidly rising cock was as dry as possible. As we walked out of the bathroom, Amy dimmed the lights and said to Fred and Sue, “That’s so you can see the action a little better.”

As we walked in the bedroom, I turned around and saw that Paul and Sue had both moved to the far end of the tub facing the bedroom and that he had moved his hand around her back to begin playing with one of her sweet tits. Sue blew me a kiss and smiled. But for now, I turned back toward the bed and saw that Amy was lying on her back and was extending her arms toward me inviting me to partake of her great body again. Wow, what a rush I felt as this goddess welcomed me into her arms. I gently lay down on top of her and lowered my lips to hers I could feel her gently sucking my tongue into her mouth. I rolled a little to one side so that I could play with her right tit and nipple as we continued to dual with our tongues. It felt so damn good to fondle her tit, it was so firm and her nipple hardened quickly to my touch. I could sense that it wouldn’t take much foreplay to have Amy ready for me, I was almost fully hard by now. What happened next I was totally unprepared for. Amy pulled her mouth away from mine and whispered to me, “I’d really would like for you to fuck my ass, I watched as Fred fucked Sue’s asshole and saw the pleasure it gave her and I want to try it with you. Fred has tried to fuck me there, but he is just too big and I can’t take the pain of it.” I whispered back to her, “Of course, I will. Anal sex is one of my favorites too. I promise I’ll be gentle with you!!”

Hearing my reply, Amy gently pushed me off of her and crawled over to the nightstand beside the bed and pulled out a tube of Vaseline and rubbed a big glob of it all over my rock hard cock. When she finished I reciprocated rubbing a copious amount on the opening of her asshole as she knelt on the bed. When I finished I moved over behind her and holding my cock with my hand I aimed it for her almost virgin rosebud and started to rub the head all around the opening teasing her. After a minute of this, I slowly started to push the head inside her incredibly tight ass. I looked up(we were sideways on the bed and facing their bathroom) and saw that Fred and Sue had started to play around again too. Sue had sat down on top of Fred both of them facing the bedroom and he was reaching around her fondling her beautiful firm tits. Sue was moving her hips around, it was obvious that he had his huge cock in her again and they were both intently watching us. I continued to slowly inch further and further into her until I finally got the head fully inserted. Amy was moaning loudly and I asked her if she wanted me to stop and if it was too painful for her. She replied, “Yes, stop for a bit until I get used to it but for God’s sake don’t pull it out. It hurts a lot, but I really want you inside me!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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