Unexpected Pleasures

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For one as unaccustomed to partying as myself, the wild and energetic lifestyle can wear heavily over time. Francie and I had been partying long, strong and hard for the post few months and it was starting to lose its appeal.

Not to mention the fact that it was starting to get expensive.

So we decided to take things easy for one weekend. Getting together with a group of friends we decided to go watch a movie. Nothing too exciting, compared to our usual routine, but it was a refreshing and relaxing change of pace.

We chose a recently released comedy and set aside the next few hours for laughing our asses off. We had been joined by Adi and Mita, a couple of foreign students from the university that we were all attending, and Lauren.

Lauren was the kind of girl that had every guy’s head turning as she walked through the halls. A 25 year old senior from Detroit, she had a sophisticated yet down to Earth manor that only served to accentuate her tanned skin and blonde hair. She was the ideal model of a beach bunny and she knew it.

So imagine my delight when she sat next to me during the movie. During the silence before the movie previews we started a nice conversation about our hometowns. Coming from a small town, it was hard for me to imagine growing up in a big city like Detroit, but she made it sound exciting and lively, despite its crowded streets.

After the movie we all decided to go to a local restaurant and have dinner where we could all drink a little and have a good time. Francie had come with me to the movie theater to simplify matters, but I was surprised when Lauren followed the both of us to my car.

“I’ll just ride with you guys if that’s fine with you?”

Of course it was fine with me. Francie climbed into the backseat and I almost choked when Lauren climbed into the front seat and I saw her skirt climb up her legs. Obviously I hadn’t noticed how short her skirt was in the movie theater, but out here in my car it was all I could focus on.

Lauren flashed me a knowing smile and a wink that Francie was unable to see before I shifted the car into gear. The dinner went rather well as we all enjoyed the wonderful food. Halfway through my meal I felt something wander up my thigh, and found myself turning to stare directly into Lauren’s eyes.

“James, that looks delicious. Do you mind if I try a taste?” she innocently stated as her hand came to rest on my crotch.

“Huh?” I stuttered, finding it hard to breathe. Turning her head she looked at my plate.

“oh, sure.” I tried to regain my composure. Twisting the pasta onto the fork I lifted it up and slowly fed the fork into her mouth, savoring her moan of appreciation. Some of the white sauce dripped off of the fork and onto her chin as I pulled it out, and with a devilish grin, she licked her lips catching all traces of the sauce.

I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t aroused. I squirmed uncomfortably in my seat as I could feel my dick pressing uncomfortably against the hem of my crotch and what I wouldn’t have given to release the pressure right then and there.

“It’s very delicious James. You must have good taste.” And with that she cupped my crotch in her hand and squeezed gently before removing her hand and returning to ataköy anal yapan escort her own dinner.

“So, what are we doing next?” Adi asked. Even more unaccustomed to drinking and partying than Francie and myself, Adi was well into a drunken state after his first drink. His hands all over Francie I could feel the tension from her as she looked to me for help.

“Well, we could always go back to Francie’s and drink and just hang out. Besides, I’m sure the little pup would love the attention.” I suggested.

Francie smiled at me thankfully. In her own apartment Francie was a lot more comfortable letting go.

So, paying our checks, we all left the restaurant and headed for her place. Then I remembered how little alcohol Francie had in her apartment.

“Hey Francie, why don’t you, Adi, and Mita head on over to your place and get things situated and Lauren and I will stop by the Liquor Barn and pick up some stuff?” I suggested again.

“Works for me.” Lauren jumped in. So after a periodic stop at the Liquor Barn, Francie’s apartment was fully stocked to accommodate most drinking needs. And of course, Lauren and I got stuck pulling bartending duty. Lauren actually had a job at a local bar, mixing drinks, so she was far better at it than I was, considering that I had gained all of my knowledge from a book. But between the two of us we had everyone pretty well off and happy within a few minutes.

The only one not drinking was Adi, who on the way over had decided to sober up and be Mita and Lauren’s designated driver.

A few hours later and the four of us who were drinking had lost all inhibitions and concerns for “decency” as our heads fuzzed over with booze.

Our conversation had gone from casual stuff to sex talk and now we had started playing cards, with an extra stipulation. Adi was just sitting to the side, moping, as Mita and myself took on Francie and Lauren in a modified version of spades. We would play until the first team reached 300 points. Then that team got to pose a Truth or Dare scenario for the other team.

In retrospect it was a bad idea for a game. But we were drunk, and we didn’t care. After a few hours of the game we had made it through easy Truth or Dare questions. Until finally Mita and I won our first full game of the night.

Turning to me, Mita told me that I would be given the honor of choosing the question. By this time, I was well beyond common reason and I was more than a bit horny, thanks to Lauren’s previous teasing. So when she looked at me with those lustful eyes and licked her lips I got a bit daring.

“Have either of you ever kissed another girl?”

The tension in the room immediately increased as shock filled the faces of everyone around the table.

“No.” Francie said, staring at me unappreciatively.

Then silence. Turning, we all looked at Lauren and saw her blushing heavily. I raised my eyebrow inquisitively. I had never even guessed as much.

“Dare” she said.

The rules of the game had been very clear from the beginning. If both teammates could not answer the question then they would both have to participate in the dare.

I could feel everyone’s eyes on me as they waited for me ataköy bdsm escort to pass judgment on the dare. A small trace of devilish desire crept into my brain and I couldn’t resist the urge.

“You two kiss.”

Again, shock flew across everyone’s face, except Lauren’s as my request registered with them.

“No way!” Francie screamed. “Hell no!”

“Hey, you knew what the possibilities were when we started this game. You can’t back out now. If everyone wants to quit afterwards then that’s fine, but you have to do the dare.”

Francie looked at me, as she realized that I was correct. In reality, there was nothing forcing her to go through with it. Except the social pressure. The whole point of playing truth or dare was the risk of doing something you didn’t want to.

Eventually, Francie sat back down on the couch next to Lauren, staring into her eyes.

And then she sighed.

“Fine.” Closing her eyes, Francie leaned forward with her lips puckered, waiting for the moment. It was unfortunate that she closed her eyes, too. Because she never saw it coming. Lauren reached forward grabbing the back of Francie’s head in her palm and pulled Francie forward into a deep kiss, a far cry from the peck on the lips that Francie had expected.

Pulling backward violently from Lauren, Francie jumped off the couch in anger.

“What the fuck!!” she screamed. Filled with embarrassment, she ran through her apartment into her bedroom, locking the door behind her.

We all stared around the room uncomfortably as the mood of the party quickly changed. Adi was the first to break the silence.

“Well, I think its time for all of us to head home. James you want a ride with the three of us?”

“No, I’m going to stay and make sure Francie’s okay. I’ll be fine, thanks.”

“All right man, it’s your funeral. Come on girls.”

“I’m staying too.” Lauren spoke up. We all looked at her, shocked.

“I feel bad about embarrassing Francie like that. I think I should stay too.”

Throwing his hands into the air, Adi helped Mita stand up. Mita had obviously drunk too much because she was holding onto Adi’s shoulder’s as her legs became limp.

“Here, I’ll help.” I said, placing my shoulder underneath Mita’s other arm. As we carried her out of the apartment I could hear Lauren knocking on Francie’s door, asking her to let her in.

All I could hope was that I wouldn’t come back and find her dead on the floor.

After I finished helping Mita into Adi’s car I thanked him for coming and waved goodbye to them as they pulled out of the parking lot. I kicked myself in the ass repeatedly as I walked back up the stairs to Francie’s apartment. I had taken the game too far, and I knew it.

Walking into the apartment I didn’t see Lauren anywhere so I assumed that Francie had let her in. Crossing my fingers that the silence meant that Francie hadn’t already beaten her unconscious, I locked Francie’s front door and walked back to her room, petting the dog as she looked up at me.

Opening the door I walked in, catching them up to speed on the situation. “Well Adi and Mita have left and their . . . ”

I stopped dead in my tracks at what I was seeing. Francie ataköy elit escort was lying back on her bed, Lauren hovering over her body, as the both held each other in a passionate kiss. My mouth hit the floor.

Francie was the first to jump out of their embrace, turning away from me embarrassed. But Lauren wouldn’t let go completely. Looking in my direction, Lauren motioned for me to sit in the chair in the corner of Francie’s room.

Following her instruction I sat down as Lauren turned Francie’s face towards her and once again locked their lips together.

I watched with fascination as Lauren began to strip away the layers of Francie’s inhibitions, cautiously but firmly caressing her bare skin. Again Francie hesitated as Lauren began to slide her shirt over her breasts, uncovering her pert breasts.

Francie looked up at her, caught between indecision, before Lauren leaned down, capturing her nipple into her mouth. The moan that followed from Francie’s lips sent chills up my spine that ended in my groin. I gave a gentle tug at my crotch, as Lauren’s lips soon found Francie’s other breast, giving it the same loving attention as its twin.

Next Lauren began a descending trail of butterfly kisses down Francie’s stomach, causing Francie to arch her back off of the mattress. Tugging at Francie’s jeans, Lauren easily stripped them off of Francie’s legs, quickly following suit with her panties.

By now Francie had completely given in to the situation and even managed to glance over in my direction. She threw her head back, squealing as Lauren’s tongue and mouth touched her pussy for the first time. Spreading Francie’s legs wider, Lauren buried her face between Francie’s thighs.

Francie grabbed a handful of hair as she pulled Lauren’s mouth deeper into her mound, causing Lauren to moan hungrily. Lauren’s ass began to sway seductively in the air as she went down on Francie.

Finally I couldn’t hold back and longer, and I crossed the room eagerly, as I knelt behind Lauren, raising her skirt above her ass. Sliding Lauren’s panties to the side, I ran the flat of my tongue across her mound, licking up the juices that had collected there.

Francie looked up at me hungrily as I climbed up onto the bed behind Lauren, dragging my pants down to my ankles. Grabbing her by the hips, I steadied her gently swaying motion, as I pressed the head of my cock against her opening, causing her to moan.

“Yeah!” she murmured between Francie’s lips, as I plunged myself into her, grunting as her pussy clenched tightly on my manhood. It didn’t’ take long before I was driving repeatedly into her from behind, forcing her mouth into Francie’s sex.

Before long, I found myself nearing the edge as the erotic nature of the situation and the tight clench of her pussy sent smooth ecstasy coursing through my body.

Grunting hard I warned them “Oh god, I’m gonna cum soon.”

Suddenly Lauren leaned forward and withdrew herself from me as I stared confused at her. Then she grabbed me by the arms and threw me down onto the bed where Francie had been laying.

Next both girls were kissing and sucking at my dick, their tongues intertwining over the head and shaft, as their hunger built to an unquenchable state. Grabbing them both by the hair I growled almost painfully as the pain in my balls were released, jets of semen exploding onto their waiting tongues.

Lustfully they both leaned closer to each other and once again locked into a deep kiss. Then Francie began to push Lauren down onto the bed with a deep smile.

“Now its your turn.” . . .

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