Unintended Dogging

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It was dusk up in Hamsterley Forest in County Durham (UK), a Tuesday night in late May. I was really into mountain biking at the time and I made the effort to go up to the forest once a week to do some night riding. I loved Tuesday nights up there – I always got an early finish from work on a Tuesday which allowed be to get a good 7 or 8 miles in before it got too dark to see anything.

I had really bright LED lights on my bike and helmet and was just coming down into one of the car parks when the sound of a car door closing made me prick up my ears. All of the forest drives were closed at dusk and this car park was right at the end of the forest – it was really unusual to see anyone in it.

As I came around the corner into the car park properly, I saw 2 cars parked close together and my head torch picked out 2 figures in one of the cars. As I got closer I could see that it seemed to be a woman sat on top of a man in the front of a Land Rover Discovery, the other car was a Mini I think, and seemed to be empty. I couldn’t make out much but it seemed like they were kissing really passionately. He was sat in the passenger seat facing away from me (I was looking at the back of the car) and she must have been able to see my torches as she was astride him facing me.

I slowed down and turned my head torch off. The car park was in a bit of a clearing, it wasn’t quite dark yet. I got off my bike, had a drink from my water bottle and pretended to have a look at my back brake. I just wanted to kill time, see what happened in the car!

I was probably about 15 feet away from the back of the Discovery, still looking at the back of it. I could just about make out the woman’s eyes as she was kissing the bloke… She was definitely watching me.

She sat back against the dashboard and then pulled her T shirt over her head… Wow, she had a great pair of boobs. She bent forward again to kiss her bloke again. I got closer to the car – she WAS definitely looking at me! I couldn’t help but hold my cock through my cycling shorts. I felt hot and sweaty from the cycling but my cock was getting harder.

I walked up closer to the passenger window, getting harder all the time. I could see them talking but couldn’t make out what they were saying… She must have said to him that they had an audience ataköy escort because they both looked at me and smiled. The windows were still up on the 4*4 but what I saw next really encouraged me. She pushed herself off him a little so he could pull his jeans down. I could just about make out his hard cock, just before she sat down on it again! I couldn’t really see what she had on her bottom half but it must have been a skirt, the way she was bouncing up and down he was definitely inside her.

I slid my sweaty shorts down so I could release my hard cock… It felt so good stroking it in the open air, so horny watch the couple fuck right in front of me.

After a couple of mins the window rolled down a little and the bloke said ‘no touching, OK?’. I agreed, and he opened the car door. She climbed off him and out of the jeep. I was right, she was just wearing a denim mini skirt and no knickers. Gorgeous legs and a pretty face too.

He climbed out too, his rock hard cock waving in front of him. She crouched down in front of him and took him in her mouth. He was clearly loving it, with his head thrown back. She worked her mouth up and down his shaft with relish. She beckoned me towards her and then took my cock in her hand. Jesus, I was in heaven! She kept working at his cock until his spunk came, all over her tits. He cleaned her up with wipes, and I was still hard in front of her…

He sat down heavily into the passenger seat, obviously enjoying that lovely ‘just cum’ feeling. He must have been ultra relaxed because even though he’d told me “no touching”, when she asked if she could give my cock a lick, he told her to go for it!

So he’s sat in the passenger seat of the Land Rover, jeans around his knees, just lying there squeezing his softening cock, she’s stood in front of me in her denim mini skirt, no tshirt, lovely boobs bouncing free and I’m there in a sweaty T and cycling shorts pushed down with my cock hard and enjoying the feel of the cool air against me.

I pushed my shorts down off my legs and over my shoes and stood in front of her, naked from the waist down. She looked up at me, smiled then licked my cock from the head to my balls. She kept at this, occasionally swirling her tongue over my sensitive bell end. It felt incredible to ataköy eve gelen escort be with these two strangers getting my cock licked!

He was obviously enjoying the view as I could see him stiffening as he continued to watch and squeeze himself. He then said “what are you waiting for love, suck him properly”…

The feel of her taking my cock inside her hot wet mouth was amazing… It was all I could do not to cum then. After a couple of minutes of this heavenly attention she stood up, pushed my shoulders down and said “my turn”…

I sank to my knees in front of her, sitting back on my heels. She stood above me, with her legs wide apart, bent over with her bum towards the car, facing me. I could feel her tummy pressing down on my forehead as I craned my neck back so my tongue could reach her slit. She tasted fab… Really wet. I pushed my tongue through her folds to reach her clit – it was like a hard little button. She started grinding down onto my face, obviously ready for the attention.

Sitting back as I was I couldn’t see what he was up to… But then suddenly I felt his hand on my cock, squeezing and wanking me as I licked her. Oh my god! I’d never felt another man’s hand on me like that – and I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt him lick me, all the while gripping me with his hands. It only lasted for a second, then I sensed him stand up and grab her around the hips and push his cock into her. I could feel his hairy balls against my chin as he started ploughing into her, feel his hard cock pushing into her juicy cunt…

I was in an awkward position, head pushed back and on my knees but I kept licking until my knees couldn’t take it anymore. I slid myself backwards along the dirt floor kissed my way up her body, licking and sucking at her swaying boobs, moving in time with his thrusts. Finally I stood up in front of her, seeing him smile behind her as he ploughed into her. My cock was nearly bursting as she pulled it into her hot mouth again. She was clearly loving the spit roast, and I loved feeling her get pushed onto my cock by his thrusts. She had one hand on my cock – the other had moved down her body, I think it was between her legs, rubbing her own clit. It clearly felt lovely (probably because I’d made it ataköy grup yapan escort really wet with my tongue) as her muffled moans increased in tempo and urgency as she got fucked by her bloke.

He pulled out and said “if she wants you, there’s some condoms in the glovebox”. His girl, still bent over just told me to hurry up! I opened the glovebox, hands shaking, and pulled out a packet. I ripped it open and then unrolled it down my cock – I couldn’t believe what was happening! I love the feeling of a condom it always feels really naughty. I don’t use them at home, so when I’ve got one on I know that I’m doing something I shouldn’t…!

By the time I’d rolled it down, she was lent back over the car, using it for support but not lying on it. Her legs were wide open and he was stood next to her, fingering her and squeezing his hard cock with his free hand. I got closer and felt him grip my latexed up member and guide me into her. Fuck that felt hot! She leaned back slightly so I could get a better angle and I felt one of her legs curl around my thigh. She felt really wet and warm as I slid in. He then stood back a little so she could grip his cock too.

It felt really good but I knew I wouldn’t come like this. I felt his hand push between us, rubbing her clit while I kept fucking her. It made it a bit more awkward but really sexy – it was really working for her though as she suddenly said “oh my god I’m coming!!”… I felt her cunt pulsing around my cock, it felt amazing.

She pushed me back a little and slid down in front of me and pulled the condom off my cock. She asked if I wanted to finish on her tits! Did I? I couldn’t thing of anything sexier. Her bloke stood next to me and she took it in turns sucking us, wanking us, and even managed to get both of our cocks in her mouth at the same time. The feeling when she rubbed our wet cocks together and licked them was amazing, so gorgeous. As she concentrated on him I grabbed my cock and wanked it harder… and came! As promised, all over her gorgeous tits. She looked up and said “thank you”, kissed my cock and pushed me away so she could concentrate on her bloke, all the time my spunk was dripping down her tits.

I watched them until she made him spunk again – we then chatted as we got dressed. They’d never been dogging before, it turned out that they were both just playing away from home. They having an affair and someone had told them about this secluded car park that no-one ever went to after dark… So were as surprised to see me as I was them! I never saw them again and barely managed to cycle back to where I’d left my car on my wobbly legs…

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