University Sex Ch. 01

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As I sat on the bench in front of my old locker sweating profusely, my intestines started to knot up. I immediately knew what that meant.

I had gone out jogging earlier than normal, because it was so a hot and humid. Apparently, my bowels were re-acting and for some reason that was causing my cock to harden.

I urgently stripped off my sopping wet running shorts, socks, and tank top, then kicked my shoes off, and quickly headed for the huge, Men’s bathroom.

My fast pace caused my growing cock to start bobbing, uncontrollably. I grabbed the base to steady it. My actions would have caused incredulous stares had anyone seen me, but it was Saturday morning and there wasn’t anyone around.

Except for my immediate urgency, it was very relaxing for me to be the sole person in the vast locker room. I could walk around completely naked, without anyone staring at my completely smooth body.

The Men’s bathroom was huge, too. It contained at least twenty stalls, countless urinals, and over a dozen sinks. Most unique were the high, narrow, cathedral like windows that faced the gym parking lot.

The University had built a couple of new gyms and this old gym – over forty years old, was left by the way side. It was hardly on anyone’s radar.

The locker room was on the humongous, ground floor. Above it was the basketball arena and some fifteen-thousand seats, along with abandoned classrooms and offices on every floor.

The gorund floor had so many nooks and crannies, that you could spend over an hour exploring them all. What I found particularly interesting were certain alcoves. While in them, you could see out, but no one could see in. As a result, a couple of the alcoves became rendezvous for horny, young athletes like me.

When somebody would show up with hard a cock or even less frequently – a wet pussy, privacy between consenting adults was guaranteed. Saturday mornings was a good time to cruise.

Anyway, I picked a stall that was doorless, straddled the toilet, and sat down with my back to the door. I then grabbed my ankles and pulled my bare feet up onto the toilet seat.

I was now in my favorite position to drop my fourteen-inch log – straight into the bowl – in one long grunt. (In case you are wondering…I’d read that was how you were suppose to go – squatting…not sitting.)

As I worked the big one out of my guts, I thought I felt someone watching me. Sure enough, when I glanced behind me, a young man was standing about fifteen feet away, watching me. On top of that, he was slowly stroking a very long, flaccid, white cock.

Despite my embarrassment, my eyes lit up when I saw that monster in his hand. I nodded my head at him and then turned my head back, so that I could concentrate on finishing my business.

A couple of seconds later, I heard the adjacent stall door open and close. Curious, I peered through the huge gloryhole. I almost feel off the toilet seat, when the monster, white cock popped right into my face.

It looked so scrumptious, that I didn’t even think about it examining it. I just engulfed the precum-bathed cockhead in mouth.

The precum was sweet and plentiful. It just oozed out of the big, rubbery cockhead continuously, as the shaft grew larger and larger.

Since his balls were not only smooth, but also large – I made sure to give them a good licking, too. This young man’s package was a cocksucker’s delight.

After a few minutes, he was completely hard and so big, that even though I had wet it thoroughly with saliva, I could only get a few inches of it into my mouth. Honestly, I wasn’t worried about that because this cock was going up my ass. I just knew he wanted to fuck me and give me a sperm enema.

Sure enough, the owner, probably stymied because I could only swallow a couple of inches of his nine inch cock, pulled it back, leaned down, and said, “Let me see your ass.” In my world, that usually meant I want to fuck your ass.

Despite my feeling of excitement, I did not feel clean. I hesitatingly said, “Sure. Let me take a shower first and lube.”

My response was quickly countered. He replied, “Trust me. Your ass is more open now, than it could possibly be in the twenty minutes.”

When I did not say anything, he continued explaining. “Right after a dump, the anal cavity is completely opened and relaxed…naturally so.”

“Ohhh. Well, I’d still like to be clean…”

The young man smiled and reassuringly said, “Don’t worry about it. I won’t… This will be a new experience for you. Besides, what do you have to lose? My cock is pretty big, right? I’ll come over and sit down and then you can try it out.”

“Okay,” I tentatively said.

When he came over and sat down, I was even more skeptical of being able to take all of that fat horse-cock up my ass without lube. However, I was so horny I knew I just had to have that it all the way up me.

I ataköy masöz escort backed up to him, reached around, took hold of his cock, and lowered my ass, until I could feel his cockhead against my greasy anus. Then I slowly lowered myself down, stopping, when the cockhead eased into my rectum. “So far, so good,” I thought as my anus clenched the massive cockhead.

I took took a deep breath and waited until my slick anus relaxed round the thick cockhead and then moved my hips a little lower and then lower still. It was like trying to sit down on a telephone pole. I couldn’t believe what sitting down on that huge cock felt like.

After about half of his cock was in me, it became easier, and I started to pull off him and then shove down, working more and more of him into me every time. Although I was breathing hard straining, the young man was cool and calm. l guess with a cock that big, you were used to watching people struggle with it.

When I finally forced the remaining inches of his cock all the way in, I shuddered. My ass had never been stuffed like this. All I could think about was that it felt like I was riding a horse. I hoped he would cum like one too!

Even though my sphincter was stretched to the max around the base of his cock, I felt no pain. This was too good to be true. The monster cock was all the way up my ass.

Straightening my legs slightly and then carefully sank back down on his lap, and gently wiggled my ass. Feeling the cockhead move so deep in my bowels was a very unique experience, to say the least.

“I promised you,” the smiling young man said. “Now fuck me. Don’t go too fast. It’s been awhile…”

Without hesitating, I started to move my ass up and down the enormous cock as I felt my anus flex in and out. Gradually, I went deeper and deeper.

As my legs began to tire, the young man started to buck underneath me. He began driving the full length of his cock up me as far as possible. Why not? My anal canal was wide open.

Shock waves rippled though my body, causing my chest to shiver and my nipples to harden like diamonds. I began breathing heavily, and moaning continuously, “Ohhh! Ahhh! Ughhh!” as he reamed me silly.

Suddenly from out of nowhere, a young black man appeared in front me stroking his hard, black cock. My first thought was that his cockhead looked pretty ugly. It looked like a dog had been gnawing on it. Anyway, he looked at the man fucking me and asked, “Can I join you?”

When the white guy said, “Sure,” I opened my mouth thinking the black guy wanted to get his ugly, thick meat sucked. However, I completely froze when he reached down, grabbed my ankles, straightened my legs, and hooked my knees over his arms, taking care not to dislodge the cock in my ass.

I started to say, “Oh no!” when I realized his double anal intentions, but it was too, late. Way too late.

The white guy knew exactly what to do. He arched his hips up; causing me to fall back against him and involuntarily spread my legs. This allowed the black guy to move his hips forward and press the head of his cock hard against the white guy’s buried shaft.

With one mighty push, the black guy’s cockhead forced my sphincter to stretch even further. I cringed and groaned loudly as he popped his cock into me.

“Now what,” I wondered as I desperately tried to relax my wide-open asshole. My anus was probably stretched open at least four inches, further than it had ever been stretched before.

Although all three of us wanted to experience this incredible sensation, it was not easy to do in this position. With their cocks resting in me, my two butt fuckers agreed to continue this threesome in the alcove, behind the rear wall of metal lockers.

The alcove was, approximately, twenty-by-twenty feet. It was hard to get to, but worthwhile. If you were able to negotiate the six-foot high wall of discarded, rusted out gym lockers in very dim light – without injuring yourself, then you deserved Valhalla. However, for those of us accustomed to traversing the daunting obstacle, it was easy. Strategically placed lockers offered sure footing and an accessible path to follow.

Overtime, the austere alcove had been mysteriously outfitted to accommodate sexual adventures. A two-inch thick wrestling mat covered most of concrete floor. Practical pieces of furniture: several metal folding chairs, a long, bench seat, and a metal cabinet containing cleaning supplies were also added. Oh, needless to say, porn magazines for every sexual orientation were abundant.

Despite the thoughtful upgrades, the alcove was highly prized because it guaranteed privacy. You could see out into locker room, but you could not see into the alcove because it was too dark. There were no lights in the alcove. In addition, you could hear anybody coming over the metal locker wall. Last, no one ataköy otele gelen escort knew the alcove was there, unless they had been in it.

Upon entering the alcove, the three of us stood abreast, as we looked out into the vast locker room. It was somewhat thrilling to be standing there, completely naked, in the quiet, cool, semi-darkness. I reached out with my left and grabbed the black cock and with my right, the white cock. I then began stroking them as we continued to look outward.

A few minutes later, the white guy lowered himself to the mat and stretched out on his back. His enormous, cock pulsed over his belly button. I submissively did what was expected. I lubed his cock and then my asshole. (I had made quick stop at my locker on the way and picked up some lube.)

When I was satisfied with the lube job, I mounted him, planting a knee on each side of his hips. I then took hold of his giant cock and directed the pink knob into my greasy anus as the black guy patiently watched and jacked his cock to keep it hard for the moment when he would enter me.

I clutched the white guy’s shoulders tightly and wiggled and thrust my reddened behind down, forcing the big white all the way up my greasy rectum. I grimaced slightly as anal canal was stretched out, again.

When the black guy approached us, I automatically leaned back, as he carefully, but firmly pressed inwards. A determined thrust of the white guy’s hips upwards and I had two cocks up my ass and two pairs of large nuts to play with.

Both of them were unable to do more than fuck me slowly. Every thrust in and out was difficult because of my tight ass.

Looking straight into the black guy’s eyes, I could tell he felt overwhelmed by the pleasure. This was probably his first time doing this, too.

When the black guy closed his eyes, his furrowed brow told me he was close to orgasm. Moments later, his body shuddered as he silently climaxed, spurting his hot jism into me.

The moment his spent cock softened, my anal muscles forced him out. The white guy took immediate advantage and began thrusting and ramming his mammoth cock into my soupy ass. He went deep inside me, to the innermost depths of my sperm-filled anal canal.

The exquisite friction of his thick cock pludering my ass became too much for him, too. He cried out several times as his mighty balls contracted, before flooding my ass with his sperm.

Groaning softly, I climbed off the panting white guy’s body and lay down on the mat. All three of us were now resting on the mat.

“That-was-amazing,” I said quietly. “I have never been fucked like that. It’ll take my ass a week to close.”

About thirty minutes later, the two guys were ready to go, again. As I laid on my belly, they took turns fucking me and alternating between my horny ass and mouth.

At various times, through the next hour or so, we saw joggers come in, strip, and shower. We even watched one guy jack off.

When the guy came back from his shower, there was a girlie magazine on the bench opposite him. I am sure he wondered for a brief moment how it got there before he opened it up and began looking at the pictures.

From the alcove, we watched his cock harden and then his hand slip down to stroke it. After a couple of minutes, he stopped for a moment and peaked around several corners to make sure no one was around.

Satisfied, he began furiously beating his meat. Right before he came, he arched his back, aimed his cock at someone’s locker, and then fired several rounds against the locker.

His sperm hit the metal locker hard enough to produce a slight echo in the empty, quiet locker room. He left not knowing he had highly entertained us.

While the guys showered up, I sat on the commode farting out all the cum in my bowels. When I was ready to shower, they were gone. I wouldn’t see the white guy again, but I certainly would see the black guy, again.

After my shower, I ambled back to the bench where the girlie magazine was, picked it up, and headed into the restrooms. I was horny and had not cum, yet.

I went into a stall, sat down a commode, closed the door, and began idly leafing through it. I stopped at the first picture spread. A gorgeous, naked blonde babe, with medium-sized tits, and a nice looking ass was giving saucy looks to the photographer as she posed on a bed in various positions. The last two photographs showed her, pink pussy spread wide open.

I jacked my cock as I imagined fucking her. After a few minutes, I decided to move onto another pictorial. This one showed even more promise.

A guy pulled his fine looking girl to him and began kissing her. He then slid his hands under her nightie, and squeezed her bare cheeks. After feeling her up, he pulled the nightie off over her head. The next pics showed him lifting her heavy tits in ataköy rus escort his hands as he sucked her pink, erect nipples.

By the next page, he has put two fingers into the cleft of her cunt lips as she kneels over him, sucking his semi-hard cock. When I see him slide a finger into her pink anus, I cease my handjob and listen intently. Someone had entered the restroom.

I peered through the crack in the door and saw a black guy standing at a urinal, not far away. As he stood there, I thought it funny that he wasn’t making any pissing sounds. I leaned back and waited for about a minute.

When I looked through the crack in the door, again, the same guy was facing me now, stroking a long flaccid, uncut cock. When he saw me peaking at him, he began smiling.

Always hungry for a whopper, I slowly opened my door. I began to open my mouth as he walked up to my door, but then he stopped.

Not knowing what he wanted to do next, I looked up at him. The guy acted somewhat shy, but managed to hesitatingly say, “My friends want to watch me fuck a guy in the ass. When I saw you walk in, I thought that I might ask to see if you would be willing.”

I looked at his cock, and then at him. He appeared to be a very clean cut guy. I nodded and said, “Sure.” His black cock was almost erect and it was throbbing.

When we exited the restroom, his two friends were waiting in the locker room. I took them back to the alcove.

The guy who had first talked to me was the first to undress. When he laid down on the mat, I knelt beside and tenderly stroked his cock. It was massive and hard as a rock.

No longer shy, I asked him, “How do you want me?”

He smiled and said, “Suck on it for a little bit and then lay on your back.”

I tried to take my time, but I have to say I was hurrying as fast as I could to get my lips around that magnificent piece of ebony rock. I slowly licked it from base to head each time giving it a little kiss suck on the tip. Soon, I was tasting precum.

“Oh yeah! Suck that cock!” his friends quietly chanted.

After a few minutes of sucking on the giant tool, I laid on my back, unashamedly raised my legs, bent my knees back, spreading my cheeks, so I could access my anus. As they watched, I applied liberal amounts of lube to the outside and inside of my anus.

When I had finished prepping myself, the guy moved between my legs, adjusting them the way he wanted them, and then began rubbing his massive cock head around my butt hole. I could not help but moan in lustful anticipation.

Finally, the guy gently pushed and my greasy butt hole started to part, allowing the huge cock entrance. I gladly gripped his muscular biceps as he skillfully maneuvered his monster into my eager, hot hole.

I could not believe it. I was getting fucked by two enormously huge, but different fuck tools on the same day!

When he had sunk most of his cock into my rectum, he lifted my ass high in the air. Each of his hands gripped a butt cheek.

I grimaced and then gasped in horror as his friends began snapping pics of the huge, black cock that was stuffed into my white ass. This was an unbelievable predicament and I could not do anything about it.

After several pics, my hips were lowered, and he started to slowly fuck me. Feeling the large black cock traverse my rectum pole made me so hot.

I rubbed and pinched my tits and masturbated as he worked my ass. Finally, he gripped my cheeks, groaned, and flooded his baby gravy into my eager rectum.

After he came, he stayed inside me for a few minutes, letting my anal canal milk the rest of his sperm from his giant cock. My ass shook wantonly when he pulled his cock out of me.

Before I could say, “Boo!” one of his friends lifted my legs straight up and then rammed his erect cock, balls deep into my exposed, gaping anus. He pounded my up turned ass hard. Thankfully, my ass was well lubed.

As soon as he had deposited his sperm in me, the third guy flipped me over onto my stomach, and plunged his cock into my dilated ass. He gripped my shoulders hard as he plowed my ass without mercy, fucking the other men’s sperm out of me.

When he unloaded, the first guy was up, again. I was still on my stomach as he moved between my legs and spread them even wider. He then grabbed my ankles, pushed them to my thighs, and sank his gigantic cock into my rectum. I groaned very loud and hard as I felt his thick cock go all the way my ass, in one long thrust.

Once he had lodged as much of his huge cock into my rectum as possible, he began to ride me. I just turned my head to the side and grunted loudly like a pig, each time he thrust into me. Eventually, his two friends had me suck their cocks clean, probably to get me to shut up.

It was thirty minutes after he entered me the second time, that he shot another huge load of sperm into my bowels. I could feel each and every spurt as he held his cock still in my ass.

My sore ass made a huge sucking sound when he finally pulled out of me. At least, I gratefully thought, my ass didn’t expel all the trapped air in my bowels.

All three guys thanked me politely as they left. I remained on my belly, resting. I had had enough cock for one day.

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