Visitation Rights Pt. 01

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This is my first story submission. Hope you enjoy it. Feedback welcome.


“I’ll give you a ride out. I’m going to Target anyway,” I say.

My ex is here to pick up our son. His truck broke down last night but he’s made good on his promise to visit with him, taking advantage of the last few months before Jamie goes off to college.

I can’t believe we have an almost-college kid! Evan and I got pregnant and married right out of high school, but we just couldn’t make it work as a family. We divorced when Jamie was 3 and my parents helped me get back on my feet. Eventually, I completed a 2 year degree at a community college and now run a small bakery. Evan worked his way up from electrician to contractor. It was hard but we both had to do a lot of growing up in a very short time.

Because of our mutual love for our son, we’ve remained friends, albeit more acquaintances than the intimate relationship we had when we were young. We even stayed in the same town. Neither of us has remarried. I’ve dated here and there but was generally too busy to get serious. Evan, on the other hand, has been dating his current girlfriend for a couple of years now.

Jamie has his father’s height and stocky build and my olive coloring, brown hair and eyes. I’ve always had custody, but Evan has been a strong presence in Jamie’s life, attending school plays and soccer games and sending child support like clockwork. They built a solid relationship on their love for Legos, sports and food. Now that Jamie’s older they act more like buddies than father and son. Jamie turns 18 in a soon but even so I know his dad is still going to come and hang out with him. He’s a decent father, even if he wasn’t ready to be husband to me.

“Help yourself to some cookies on the counter while canlı bahis you’re waiting,” I add, calling over my shoulder.

Jamie was in his room, the faint boom-boom of his too loud music escaping from his closed bedroom door. I bang on it to make sure he hears me.

“Honey? Dad’s here!” I shout through the door. I hear a muffled, “Okay!” as I walk past Jamie’s room and into mine.

I enter my room, not bothering to shut the door closed. I quickly slip off my t-shirt, walking over to the closet to pick a new top. By habit I look in the full length mirror I have across from my bed and smooth my hands over my utilitarian skin tone bra. Not bad, I thought. Not as perky as when I was 17 but not saggy either. My stomach wasn’t completely flat, but I could almost pretend it was by sucking my breath in a little. My long, dark brown hair needed brushing and curled at the edges, framing my oval face. I smiled and rose to my full 5’2″, hands on the waistband of my loose jammies. My son’s friends frequently mistook me for his sister, a fact that makes Jamie by turns both embarrassed and proud.

Distracted, I didn’t hear the click of the door being locked. The musky smell of outdoors and freshly cut wood and the faint aroma of minty aftershave envelop me. He moves fast, slipping the straps of my bra off my shoulders and freeing my 36B breasts. I hear the breath catch in his throat. A large rough hand comes from behind to cup my right breast, hold its fullness, thumb circling around the dark pink areolae. I gasp, surprised.

“Evan! What are you-” but the sentence is cut off by a moan. Mine. His hot ragged breath travels up and down my neck as he deftly twirls and twists my nipple and it hardens. I have no time to think about his girlfriend or my son just the electric jolts blasting bahis siteleri from my core to the tips of my toes. “Mmmmmm…so beautiful!” he whispers in my hair as his muscular arm traps my lower body, securing it to his. I feel a growing bulge on my lower back.

I find my arms have a life of their own, rising up to cradle his head. I arch against his worn cotton shirt so he has more access to my naked upper body. His touch burns, fingers moving so fast that I am soon awash in waves of pleasure. I turn my head to kiss but he has other plans.

I hear a soft clink as his belt buckle falls to the floor along with his pants. My pajama bottoms and white cotton panties are pulled down together, joining the heap. I open my eyes and see us in the mirror: a hunter gripping his very willing prey. I look like a madwoman- my skin flushed, my nipples hard, my legs spread. His hand moves down from my breasts to my tummy to my inner thighs, separating them even more and I feel heat down below. It takes all my self control not to cry out.

“I want you, Tessa.”

His voice is thick with desire. His words slow and deliberate, “I want to fuck you.”

“Ev-evan, wait…I can’t…oh god please.”

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he slowly asks. The question is cruel. My body is on fire and my mind cannot think. I’m turned on by the touching, the dirty talk, the urgency and the fact that Evan was giving me exactly what I wanted. I feel his rough, fat fingers trailing down before disappearing into my slit. My mind is screaming but my body betrays me. I am already sopping wet.

“If you want me to stop, I will.”

The tone is teasing but strained. He slips first one then 2 fingers into me, slowly drawing them in and out. I spread my legs even further, humping his hand. I bahis şirketleri find it hard to speak and squeeze syllables out between moans and gasps.

“P-please… Evan…”

“Please what?”

“D-don’t stop,” I whisper weakly. “Fuck me, Evan. Fuck me, please.”

He smiles and I see a steely triumphant look in his green eyes. He pushes me down so I am bent over in front of him. I use elbows on my bed to support me. I am trembling as he slides his cock along my wetness. It is hard, thick and cold and soon coated with fluid.

The mushroom head slices through my slick pussy lips before jamming at the entrance. “Relax, baby, just relax,” he grunts, “Fuck, Tessa, you’re so tight.” He moves slowly, easing in and out until I can take all of him. I feel stretched and full before he forces his way to the hilt. For a moment we are still, strangely complementary once more.

Then the dance begins. A slow rocking and thrusting, hips rising and falling. A thin sheen of sweat starts to form on my back and torso, sticking to his green cotton shirt. Our breaths are shallow and interrupted by soft moans and ohs and ahs slowly climbing in pitch. My face is glowing with sweat and want and my head is spinning with the delicious ache of pleasure. By turns he grabs at my breasts and hips – the better to hold me in place. He thrusts faster, slapping his balls against my clit, keeping a steadily escalating rhythm. I grow weaker as I climax and he holds tight to keep my knees from buckling under me.

“Evan… oh god… yes… oh god fuck… ohgodohgodohgod!”

He flips me over so my back is on the bed while hitching my legs on his shoulders. He deep thrusts while I spasm on his shaft. It’s not long before he pulls out, lashing me with hot cum. It lands on my chest, my stomach, my legs, everywhere. I am still shuddering, riding the waves of my own release.

Blood is pounding in my ears and I almost do not hear him as he turns away.

“Thanks, hun but Jamie and I will just catch the bus.”

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