Wedding Tales-Bachelorette Party

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Gloria sat on the side of her bed with a hangover. It was just seven o’clock but today she was getting married. She was at Kerry’s house since she lived with her fiancé, Jack. They had had a girl’s night out the night before and everyone had gotten hammered. Luckily Kerry had hired a limousine for the round trip.

The bed moved and Gloria looked around quickly and then groaned as her head started pounding. Kerry wrestled with the covers and then pushed up with one arm. She had a pained expression on her face and one eye open. She saw Gloria, groaned, and laid back down.

“I thought I was in the guest room,” Gloria whispered and then looked down. She was naked. She didn’t normally sleep that way. “Where are my jammies?”

Without raising her head, Kerry said, “The same place as mine probably. I remember us undressing each other or trying to anyway. I remember crawling into bed and I do mean crawling. Then I was asleep, I think.”

Gloria searched her memory. She remembered leaving the apartment and getting into the limo. She remembered picking up Carol and Connie. She remembered them getting to the club. After that it was bits and pieces. “You’re doing better than me,” she said a moment later.

Kerry rolled over toward the center of the bed and ended up on her back with her bare hip against the back of Gloria’s equally bare ass. “What happened to Carol and Connie?”

Gloria started to shrug but her head felt like a hammer on a gong as her shoulders moved. “I remember us picking them up and a few flashes at the club.”

“Flashes of them or flashes of something else?” Kerry asked.

“I think I remember you having your tits out.”

Kerry opened one eye again. “I remember your tits out.”

“I’ve never flashed in my life,” Gloria protested.

About then, the bedroom door swung open and a short compact naked little blonde said, “Sorry but you can’t say that anymore.”

Gloria groaned softly. “Carol, you’re crazy. I don’t do things like that.”

A taller naked blonde appeared behind Carol. “Girlfriend, you did a hell of a lot more than show your tits.”

Gloria’s eyes grew wide as she looked at Connie. “What… what do you mean?”

Connie reached around Carol and caressed her breasts. “Where should I start?” She said into Carol’s ear and then she licked it teasingly.

Carol shivered. “You’re going to start something again if you keep doing that.’

Connie grinned and licked the ear again. “I can handle it, how about you?’

Carol whimpered and leaned her head to the side so Connie could lick and kiss her neck. Gloria groaned as a memory of a tongue on her neck came to her. Then she remembered hands on her breasts but not who’s hands.

Kerry chuckled as she watched Connie’s hands massage Carol’s full breasts and then she sighed deeply. “Oh yeah, the topless dance.’

“What…. What topless dance,” Gloria asked quickly.

“The four of us on the dance floor at that last club,” Kerry said as if that explained everything.

“I… didn’t even know we went to more than one club,” Gloria whispered more to herself than anyone.

“Three actually,” Carol said and then moaned as Connie rolled and pinched her nipples as she continued to kiss the shorter girls neck.

Connie took a long slow lick up along Carol’s neck and then grinned as she looked at Gloria. “That last one was your idea. I didn’t even know it existed in this town.”

Gloria shivered as she remembered a lick very much like that one on her own neck. She had no idea what Connie was talking about and said so.

Kerry groaned as she sat up and leaned her head against Gloria’s back. “The Beaver’s Den,” she whispered softly.

Gloria’s eyes grew wide and she whimpered softly. “We… we didn’t go there,” she said and then groaned as she remembered the little club down by the river. It had been dark and loud and almost empty as they got there very late.

Connie grinned and licked Carol’s neck again. “From that groan I suspect it’s starting to come back to you.”

Kerry kissed Gloria on the back and then took a short lick along her spine. Gloria shivered and arched her back. Someone had kissed her back last night the same way. And then she groaned as Kerry licked her back again more firmly. A tongue on her back and a tongue on each nipple jumped to her mind. Her hands came up to her breasts and squeezed them.

Connie chuckled. “She’s getting there but I think she needs a refresher course.”

Carol shivered and stepped away from Connie. She walked over to Gloria and moved her hands away from her breasts. She stepped back and pulled Gloria to her feet. Gloria wobbled a little and then took a deep breath. “I… I… I…”

Connie came over to stand next to Carol. Carol licked her lips and then leaned forward to lick Gloria’s left nipple. Gloria gasped and then jerked as a hot tongue was applied to her tailbone and slowly worked its way upward. Connie’s tongue on her right nipple made her groan.

Gloria’s eyes slowly closed as the memory of ankara escort the loud music and licking tongues of her three best friends kicked in from the night before. Kerry’s tongue moving up her back made her arch it. When she did, Carol and Connie started to suck on her nipples. She gasped loudly and grabbed a head with each hand.

By the time Kerry’s tongue was between her shoulder blades, Gloria was moaning softly and pressing her breasts even tighter to the two blondes faces. Two warm wet mouths, two sets of nibbling teeth, and two swirling tongues had her in her own little world of shooting pleasure.

Hands slipped around her waist and two soft warm breasts were being rubbed against her back. Kerry kissed her neck and licked it. “Remember now?”

Gloria just moaned as Kerry bit her neck lightly and then kissed it. Hands on her belly, breasts on her back, licks and kisses on her neck, two mouths on her breasts, Gloria was building to a large orgasm in leaps and bounds. The memory of doing this in a public place the night before just added to the fire.

Then another memory flashed behind her eyelids and she was coming like there was no tomorrow. A mouth was on her pussy and a tongue was snaking its way up into her vagina. Connie had her right foot lifted up off the floor, her hand under Gloria’s knee.

That tongue was marvelously long and flexible. It kept going and going and Gloria kept coming and coming. Her left leg threatened to collapse but Kerry’s arms around her waist kept her upright as that tongue did wondrous things deep in her pussy.

Gloria let out a yell as a finger suddenly started to roll her clit around. That hadn’t happened last night she thought through the haze of her orgasm.


With a soft groan, Gloria flexed her hips up and down several times. There was a hot wet tongue rolling her clit around now. It was a light feathery touch that made her want it more firmly planted on her clit. Her hands were on her breasts. Where had the two mouths gone, she wondered briefly. The tongue licked her more firmly and she moaned as she raised her hips. Another orgasm was rising slowly. She was flat on her back with her feet up close to her ass and her knees wide apart.

She opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling. Her fiancée had eaten her pussy and did a fairly good job of it but the tongue on her clit now was doing things perfectly. Not to fast or to firm or to light. Her hips shivered and she looked down between her breasts to see a dark head of hair.

“Kerry?” she asked in disbelief.

The tongue disappeared from her clit and Kerry’s grinning face came into sight. Then it disappeared and the tongue was back on her clit. Gloria groaned deeply and arched up even more.

“She’s good for a beginner,” Connie said from next to Gloria.

Gloria rolled her head sideways and gasped. Connie was on top of Carol in a 69. “Carol is learning also,” Connie said and then took a hissing breath. “Her tongue is so hot and slippery.”

“I… I… I….” Gloria stammered as she remembered a hot slippery tongue from the night before in the limo on the way home. She had been naked and Carol’s short blonde hair was between her thighs.

“Yeah, I think you enjoyed being her first,” Connie said and then winked.

Kerry’s tongue moved off Gloria’s clit and flicked and licked it’s way down along her slit. It teased and tickled her opening and then stabbed inside. Gloria gave out with a yell and started to come hard. Visions of her best girlfriend’s tongue in her pussy danced behind her eyes.


Gloria shivered and then groaned as she opened her eyes. She was still on her back but her feet were now on the floor, her legs closed. Her mind was floating in a haze of pinkish fog.

A long drawn out muffled groaning moan from Kerry, made Gloria turn her head. Carol was sitting on Kerry’s face and Connie had her head between Kerry’s wide spread thighs. Kerry’s body was arched up with just her shoulders and feet on the bed. Her hips and ass were jerking to a rhythm of their own.

Gloria groaned and closed her eyes. She was completely worn out and sated like never before. Then her eyes popped open as two questions shot across her mind. Who had that long tongue belonged to and whose pussy had she eaten? She sat up quickly and then groaned as muscles in strange places hurt.

Carol was sitting on her heels beside the bed. She licked her lips and grinned. “Is the night a little more clear now?”

“Uh, in some areas. In others it’s still a blank for the most part.” Gloria replied and then shivered. “Who was the woman at that last club?”

Carol chuckled. “Which one? There was nothing but women there.”

“The… the one with the long tongue?” Gloria asked and then blushed.

“Rachel, I think she said. She works with you from what I understood.” Carol replied. “She was the one who told you about that place.”

Gloria groaned and laid back down on the bed. Rachel was Jack’s secretary. She was also gay and had made several escort ankara passes at Gloria. “That ain’t good,” she whispered to herself.

“You seemed to enjoy it immensely,” Carol said as she came up on her knees. “I know I wanted to try that tongue out myself but it was a special gift just for you.”

“A special gift? From who?” Gloria asked in confusion.

“Us.” Connie replied with a big grin as she lifted her head away from Kerry’s sex. “I’ve been bi most of my life but I’ve kept it to myself around you guys. Last night when you showed us that club I had the wild idea that you might be also.”

“Uh, no. I only knew about the place because Rachel told me about it. She’s Jack’s secretary,” Gloria said quickly. Then she looked at her three girlfriends one after the other. “Who… whose pussy did I eat?” She asked with a big blush.

Kerry groaned and sat up. “We could be mean and say everyone’s but….”

Connie laughed. “The thought crossed my mind believe me.”

Gloria looked at Connie. “You’re bi?”

Connie nodded.

Looking at Kerry and Carol. “How about you two?”

Carol giggled. “I am now.”

“That about says it all,” Kerry said with a grin.

“We’re all three single and you’re getting married today,” Connie said as an explanation.

Gloria gave a start and looked around for a clock. “What time is it?”

“It’s not even nine yet,” Kerry said. “You have another five hours before we have to leave.”

With a groan, Gloria laid back on the bed. Her mind was racing with the events of the night before and the things that had happened this morning. She had had dozens of orgasms and several had been mind blowing but there was a nagging little question floating around in her head that wouldn’t go away.

“Uh, this is cheating on Jack,” she said and then shivered.

Connie laughed and Gloria looked at her sharply. “You’re not married yet,” Connie whispered with a grin. “You were not a virgin when you met Jack and you’re not one now.”

Gloria groaned and then she giggled as she sat up. “I wonder what Jack would do if our first kiss as man and wife had three different pussies mixed into it.”

“There’s only one way to find out,” Connie whispered as she leaned over and kissed Gloria on the lips.

Gloria groaned deeply and kissed her friend passionately. She still didn’t know if she had licked anyone’s pussy yet but she had an idea that she was about too. Life was sure changing fast.

Connie broke the kiss and pushed Gloria back flat on the bed. “So, who do you want to start with?”

Gloria whimpered loudly as her eyes went to Kerry. Kerry groaned loudly and climbed on the bed. “This won’t take long, it’s one of my wildest fantasies come true,” she whispered as she straddled Gloria’s head.

Gloria moaned loudly as she looked up at Kerry’s wet sex. “I… I… I…” she stammered a moment later and then half sat up, her mouth and tongue zeroing in on Kerry’s clit before she could talk herself out of it.

Kerry gave out with a yell and humped her sex against her best friends face. She was coming just that fast. Gloria groaned loudly for two reasons. One from the pussy on her face and second from the tongue in her pussy. She attacked Kerry’s clit even harder. Kerry yelled again, her hips slowed and her hands found the back of Gloria’s head, pulling her mouth tighter to her clit.

A few minutes later, Kerry released her best friends head and lunged forward away from her sucking mouth and fluttering tongue. She groaned loudly as she rolled to the side. “Holy shit!” She said between ragged breaths.

Gloria glanced that way as she licked her lips. Kerry’s pussy tasted much like her own but a little spicier. Someone straddle her head and she looked up to see Carol smiling down at her. “It looks like I’m next since Connie is a little busy.

Gloria looked down between her breasts to see blond hair between her spread thighs. She groaned and flexed her hips. Connie’s tongue wasn’t nearly as long as the one last night but it was hitting something that was driving an orgasm up and up. Carol lowered her pussy close to Gloria’s face and cut off the view of Connie.

Carol’s sex was small and almost round. Her bright pink clit was just above her opening. It looked so small and delicate even with the slit open and the inner lips unfurled. Gloria raised her hands and pulled Carol’s ass forward and down. Her tongue tentatively licked the opening and then wiggled it’s way inside. She moaned deeply, as did Carol.

Gloria was surprised at how sweet Carol tasted and how deep it felt like her tongue went inside. It was a tight fit and Carol’s inner muscles kept trying to grab her tongue. Gloria curled her tongue and pulled it out. She felt a rough patch of skin as she did. G-spot flashed across her mind and then she realized what Connie was teasing.

With a loud groan, Gloria tickled and massaged Carol’s g-spot. Carol gasped loudly and wiggled. Gloria wondered if she could get Carol off before Connie got her off. ankara escort bayan She worked harder on the little patch of roughness. Carol wiggled more and was whimpering, moaning, and groaning almost continuously. Connie kept up a slow steady pace of flicking Gloria’s.

A few minutes later, Carol let out a soft yell as her hips jerked and bucked. Gloria’s tongue came out of Carol’s pussy and flicked her clit several times rapidly. The yell got louder and then Carol stood up, only to fall back to her knees.

Kerry laughed as she grabbed Carol and pulled her over to the side. “Two down and one to go,” Kerry said and Carol groaned loudly as she laid out flat on the bed.

“Nope, two down and two to go,” Connie said as she lifted her face away from Gloria’s sex. She crawled up along her friends body and then kissed her long and deep. They both groaned. Gloria could taste her own flavor on Connie’s lips and tongue.

Connie broke the kiss and grinned as she started to turn around. “Of all the ways to eat pussy, sixty nine is one of the best.”

“You’ve got a head start on getting her off,” Kerry said to Connie.

Connie’s knees were now straddling Gloria’s head and her head was above Gloria’s sex. Looking over at Kerry, Connie wiggled her ass. “You could always help her. Two on one might even the odds.”

Kerry grinned as she moved over behind Connie. She looked down at Gloria and winked. “We got this. You attack her clit and I’ll concentrate on the rear.”

Gloria started to reply but gave a jerk instead as Connie licked her clit. She looked at Connie’s clit. It was bigger than Kerry’s or Carol’s or even her own. She jerked again as Connie’s tongue flicked her clit a second time. Without even thinking Gloria raised her head and sucked on the clit in front of her and lashed it with her tongue.

Kerry leaned in, licked at Connie’s asshole, and then dropped her tongue lower to circle the opening to her sex. Connie gave a jerk and then stiffened as Kerry’s tongue ran in and out of her sex. Gloria’s tongue was doing a number on her clit.

Connie groaned softly and arched her back down. Her head came up as she did. She had never had two tongues at once before and it was blowing her away. The tip of Kerry’s tongue found her g-spot and she forgot all about licking Gloria’s clit.

A minute or so later, Connie yelled as her arms collapsed. She was coming big time. Her ass was angled more and the two women behind her had even better access to her clit and g-spot. She tried to pull away but Gloria had a death grip on her hips. The orgasm rolled on and on as Connie rocked her hips.

Sometime later, Gloria realized that Connie wasn’t moving anymore. She released the clit in her mouth and moved her head down. Kerry was still tonguing Connie’s pussy. “I think she done,” Gloria said with a grin.

Kerry moved back and looked down at Gloria. Then she looked along Connie’s body to her face. Her eyes were rolled back and her mouth was open. She was breathing hard and heavy. Kerry giggled. “Down and out is more like it.”

From somewhere to Gloria’s right she heard Carol giggle. “I know that feeling.”

Kerry looked down at her best friend and then leaned down to kiss her passionately. Both of them groaned softly. Kerry broke the kiss and licked her lips. “Interesting mixture, I must say. I love it. Now about Jack?” She said and then laughed.

Gloria smiled as she read the lusty expression of her best friends face. “Five on a honeymoon is a few too many.”

“How about three?” Kerry asked with a crooked grin. “We could like break him in easy that way. Less of a shock.”

The thought of Kerry sitting on her face while Jack fucked her flew across Gloria’s mind. She groaned and shook her head. Then a vision of her bouncing up and down on Jack’s dick while Kerry sat on his face crossed her mind. She groaned even louder.

Carol giggled. “I think she’s warming to the idea.”

Kerry sat back on her heels, looked at Carol, and then down at Gloria. “I can wait,” she whispered with a grin. “Sooner or later, Jack will walk in and find one of us in a sixty nine with her. We’ll just have to make sure she is on top.”

Connie groaned and sighed deeply.

Carol giggled. “There is life after an orgasm from two tongues at once.”

Gloria shivered as she remembered Rachel’s long tongue from the night before. “One extra long tongue was enough for me.”

Kerry and Carol laughed. “We’ll have to get her number for the first anniversary dinner.”

“Anniversary dinner my ass,” Connie whispered and then groaned as she thought of that long tongue wiggling up her ass. The other three woman groaned right along with her.

Connie pushed up with her hands and crawled off the end of the bed. “I need a shower and so do the rest of you.”

“I don’t think the four of us will fit in one shower,” Carol said as she sat up.

“We’d all end up back in bed,” Connie whispered as she laid down on the floor and rolled over on her back. A moment later, she snored softly.

The three on the bed laughed. “I guess she won’t be first,” Kerry said.

Gloria sighed and sat up. She licked her lips and shivered at the taste. “Jack would shit a brick,” she whispered and licked her lips again.

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