Welcome Home Darling

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She woke that morning and stretched vigorously, not wanting to leave her bed and put hold to her dreams until that night. She was so sexually aware, aware that her body needed attention and some serious loving.

The train trudged slowly into the station and she noticed the guard giving her the come on… he was handsome in a weird sort of way and she resisted the urge to drag him into the guard hut and impale herself on his cock. She did not know how she was going to get through the day, her pussy was wet and had been for 2 days.

Her lover was away on business and she was lonely…she had even volunteered to stay behind at the office whilst everyone else went out for the financial year end lunch, she couldn’t face the joviality and would prefer to be alone.

The morning passed slowly, everyone was in high spirits desperate to have fun at the free lunch and come back to the office slightly sozzled. She thought to herself… oh so how easily pleased some people were, what she longed for was a hard cock deep inside her pussy, banging so hard balls were smashing against he ass. Little shivers swept over her and she busied herself at her desk, a little while later everyone started to leave the office, she flicked on the answer machines and buried herself in her work willing time to fly.

Her desk was facing the window of the office, a big desk with a pedestals at one side open on the other. She kicked off her shoes and looked out to the park… watching young lovers flirting with bedava bahis each other she became aroused. Kicking off her shoes she parted her legs and pulled her panties to one side so she could gently circle her clit. It felt good, she was wet and swollen. Glancing behind she could see she was totally alone and would be for some time. She put her bum nearer to the edge of the chair and parted her legs wide, leaning back she closed her eyes and let the shivers cruise through her body. She noticed on the desk a small cylindrical drum she used once to put a flower in that someone had given her, she eyed it and smiled to herself, it looked the perfect shape and size. Opening her legs as wide as the confines of the desk would allow she began to rub the drum along her pussy, circling it until it sat between her lips, pushing her hole. A gentle push and it began to slide into her wet pussy, her eyes were closed and she leant back in her chair.

She heard a noise and immediately brought her hands to the desk… with such force someone had grabbed the base of her chair and pulled it toward the desk pinning her tight, she could not move. Fear seized her as she struggled to free herself and then she felt a familiar touch… warm breath hit her thigh followed by the trailing of a warm tongue. She remained pinned against the desk but now she did not struggle.

He roughly parted her legs again, his tongue delved into her pussy hard and deep, she clung to the desk. His lips took bedava bonus her clit and he pulled sharply, twisting and sucking hard., all the time keeping her legs wide. She could hear him drink her juices, feel them running down her legs. A brief pause and he pushed 2 fingers deeply into her pussy and started to pump her hard and fast, so deep banging against her g spot with every forward thrust. A slow long moan escaped her lips… she felt started to buck wildly on his hand as he relentlessly fucked her. She come hard, so hard… warm love juice flowed from her pussy, down his hand, dripping form his wrist and she could feel him drinking her.

Not giver her any time to recovery he pushed the chair back with such force she traveled 6 feet across the room, he pulled her from the chair and yanked her skirt up high over her hips, turning her he forced her down over the table and with one hand on her back he kicked her ankles apart exposing her ass and pussy… still jumping from her violent orgasm. He took his cock from his trousers… her eyes opened wide, he was so big and hard, blood was rushing to his cock and it glistened at her.

He pushed his cock against her pussy and with a steady pace he pushed forward hard, not stopping until his cock was deep in her pussy, she stretched for him but she was so tight, she moaned loudly eyes wild a little fearful. She had not seen this side of her lover before, his eyes wild with wanton lust, intent on fucking her hard. deneme bonusu Leaning across the desk his hand kept the pressure on her back not allowing her to move.

Then he started to fuck her, long, deep, hard, penetrating strokes, each stroke going deeper than before, his balls were banging against her ass and now with two hands on her hips, they grabbed at her skin, pulling her closer to him. Leaning forward to took her head and pulled it free from the desk, both arms came around and ripped her shirt open, grabbing her tits he squeezed hard pulling her nipples, he kissed her roughly on her neck, almost biting her, now reaching through her opened legs he squeezed her clit too, never letting up the relentless fucking his cock was giving her pussy.

The fear in her had subsided as he caused her body to convulse with pleasure… back with his hands on her hips clawing her skin pulling her closer she began to shake. He sensed her approaching orgasm and pushed one finger into her ass, just penetrating her. Immediate orgasm ensued… he was not far behind. His cock hardened like never before, his balls so tight and he was throbbing deep inside her pussy, pulsating wildly, her muscles contracting around him lightening his pleasure even more.

They both cum together, long and hard, their juices squeezing from her pussy, dripping down her thighs, he called her name repeatedly as his cock exploded deep inside her.

After what seemed an eternity they regained control… he ran his tongue gently and softly up her back and turned her to face him. He took her face in his hands and sensually kissed her mouth, his hands moving through her hair, her hands holding his lovingly.

He said I’ve missed you darling, she said I’ve missed you too honey.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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