Welcome to the Club Pt. 03

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Elaine reached over her desk and took Roger’s hand. “Oh Roger,” she said, “a transfer? Why just last week at Orientation we were all in such a good mood.”

Roger was on the verge of tears. “Oh, Elaine, I don’t want to go. I so don’t want to go. I’m looking for another job, but nothing yet.”

“Let me make a few phone calls, dear. I know people here and there.”

Rachel came in to the office and stood next to the chair in which Roger sat across from Elaine. He gently pulled Rachel to him and absent-mindedly inserted fingers in her pussy and rubbed her clit as she conducted her business.

“The fuck machine has come in, Elaine. Where do you want it?” said Rachel, handing her an invoice.

“Room 5, I think, unless you have a better idea?” said Elaine.

“Nope,” said Rachel. “That’s the logical spot.” She tried to leave the room, but Roger still had her around her hips, his fingers working.

Rachel looked at Elaine, who said, “Roger, dear, Rachel needs to attend to a chore.”

Roger refocused his attention. “Oh, I’m sorry,” he said, and let go of Rachel.

“Thank you Roger. That was nice,” Rachel said, kissing his forehead and drawing away from him. He put the fingers that had been in her in his mouth and watched her pussy go from the room through the tears in his eyes.

Elaine said, “Honestly, Roger, there’s no need to despair yet. You’re far too valuable to us. We won’t let you go easily. Let me see what I can do.”

Elaine stood and came around her desk so that Roger had access to her. “Thank you,” he said, getting on his knees and laying first his left cheek on her twat, then his right. Elaine put her hand under his chin and lifted his face.

“Oh Rog,” she said. “Nobody does that to me anymore. It’s so nice to have someone around who remembers the old days.”

“I can’t go, Elaine,” he said on his knees looking up at her. “I can’t.” When he stood, Elaine gave his dick a comforting tug and sent Roger on his way.

Elaine picked up the invoice for the fuck machine and went out to the hallway to see the installation in room 5. She stopped en route to look at the gallery portraits of past male members hung on the walls. If Roger really did go, she’d have to scramble to get his portrait painted before he left. It would go here, next to Frank’s.

Frank. She hadn’t thought of him in a long time. She’d been past these paintings every day for years and had gotten in the habit of not seeing them. Frank had aged out, what was it now, five years ago? Before his equipment had stopped working altogether, he’d been one of the best lays in the club because of his years of experience. To hide his failings he’d become an expert clit manipulator and had won the cunnilingus contest a few years running. He was white-haired and still beylikdüzü escort handsome, still very popular even toward the end. But nobody lasts forever. When his peripheral skills could no longer mask his trouble with his dick, they’d made him an honorary member without Main Room privileges, and he died a year later. She and all the girls had attended his funeral, which had quite surprised his children.

“Frank,” said Elaine, and reached up to touch the painting where it depicted his formidable cock in better days.

She moved down the hall. “Harvey,” said Elaine. Harvey had been a misfit. The club didn’t do fetishes generally, but members weren’t against something different if it wasn’t aggressive. Harvey turned out to be a furry. He’d changed his name to Harvey legally because of the movie. The rabbit turned him on. They’d bent the nudity rule so he could wear a tail, but that wasn’t enough for him. He needed the whole bunny suit. He’d resigned with all good wishes and joined a club that suited him better. He’d posed for his portrait in his tail.

“And here’s Nathan,” said Elaine, wrinkling her nose as if she smelled something foul. Nathan was one of the few men whose membership had been revoked. He’d got himself elected to public office. Nathan called now and then to beg to be reinstated, but nobody wanted a politician around. Elaine was shaken that the psychological portion of the application hadn’t ferreted out his narcissism, and she had hired a consultant to vet her forms. They’d made a few changes and now those propensities could be flagged before the club made the same mistake again. Still, he’d been beautifully endowed. There’s no accounting for genetics, Elaine thought.

“Ken. Oh Ken,” said Elaine. One of the first members. An elite athlete—bicycling. He and Elaine had been special to each other early on, just as she assumed the directorship, so she was in a good position to notice a drop off in his performance at the same time he bulked up and started winning races. She was waiting for him to return from the Tour de France to warn him that using steroids until he couldn’t service the club members adequately would directly impact his membership, and that there would be no peeing in a bottle to prove things one way or the other, he would just find himself locked out. But the problem became moot when he rode off a cliff on one of the turns in the Alpe de Huez.

“Ah… Paul,” Elaine sighed. Paul had been as handsome as a movie star, but looks don’t always accompany sizable genitalia. In Paul’s case, they went together. There had never been a more affable, accommodating male member. He was at the club every chance he had. He’d help set up for events. He chose some of the furniture, and they were very useful pieces beylikdüzü eve gelen escort he picked out, too. He offered his help with lighting and decor. But no matter what he was doing, he understood his first priority was to accommodate the members requests. She’d frequently find him and members humping quietly in a corner while workmen painted or decorators hung drapes or caterers set up banquets. He was so sought after that he’d try to service members in bulk. More than once she found women lying on their backs in a row on a platform waiting their turn. Paul would spend a minute fucking each of them, and they’d take bets on who would bring him off. They had some fine men right now, certainly, but none was the package Paul had been. She had known that it was just a matter of time before he met the woman who would see what a catch he was and marry him. For a while Paul tried to convince his wife to become a member, but then they had kids, and that was the end of that.

Elaine got on tiptoe and kissed Paul’s painted cock. He was her all-time favorite. She hated to admit that she had a favorite, but there it was.

There were more portraits, but Elaine found herself at the door of room 5. She heard a loud grinding noise coming out of the room. She went in and found Rachel and Mandy, her assistants, trying out the new machine. Rachel lay on her back on a platform while the machine pumped a dildo in and out of her, and Mandy was making adjustments.

“Well, What do you think, girls?” said Elaine.

“I think it’s going to take some practice,” said Rachel, her tits bouncing with each mechanical thrust. “It’s good in one position, but if you want to move, you have to stop everything.”

Mandy put a dab of lube on her finger and tickled Rachel’s clit with it.

“Woo!” said Rachel. “That works. But the point of the machine is that you don’t have a human to rub your clit. Watch this, Elaine.”

Rachel tried to turn over while the machine was working. “See? Either it falls out of you or the angle’s all wrong when you get where you’re going,” she said. She turned back around so that she was on her back again and the machine was fucking her comfortably. “I think I’m done with this. Give me a hand, Mandy.”

Mandy straddled Rachel’s head facing the fuck machine, which was still fucking, lowered herself onto Rachel’s face, and bent to lick Rachel’s clit. Elaine picked up one of the attachment dildoes and slid it into herself. She watched the girls as they licked each other and rubbed themselves on each other’s faces while the machine fucked Rachel. Elaine moved the dildo in and out of herself and thought of the last time she’d fucked Paul. She had joined one of Paul’s bulk fucking lines, brought him beylikdüzü masöz escort off and won the bet.

Five minutes later all three women in room 5 were coming at just about the same time. “Whew! That turned out fun,” said Mandy getting up off of Rachel.

“Yes, but you’re right,” said Elaine, turning off the machine, “it’s supposed to be a thing you can use by yourself. Plus it’s loud. Well, we’ll see how the other members like it.”

“It doesn’t take the place of a man, that’s for sure,” said Rachel.

“We’ll always need them won’t we,” said Elaine, smiling. “Thank you ladies, I’ve got to make some phone calls.”

Elaine went back to her office, sat at her desk, and pulled her Rolodex toward her. It shouldn’t be difficult to find something for Roger, she thought. The most likely person to help would be politician Nathan. She hated to use him, but it was the most efficient thing to do. He picked up immediately.

“Elaine! Elaine!”

“Hello Nathan,” she said, unenthusiastically.

“Did you hear? Are you calling because you heard?”

“No, Nathan, what?”

“I lost the election! I’m not re-elected! I can come back! I can rejoin the club!”

“Congratulations, Nathan, but that won’t be automatic, you understand. You know that politics was only a symptom. We still have to consider the underlying problems.”

“Yes Elaine. Yes ma’am. I’ve changed, though. I have.”

“We’ll see, Nathan. In the meantime, I need a favor.”

Nathan said, “Has the Women’s Club contributed to my PAC this year?”

“You see, Nathan? You have a long way to go.”

“I’m sorry! Oh I’m sorry! It’s habit, Elaine. It won’t happen again.”

“All right, Nathan.”

“What do you need, Elaine?”

“Remember Roger?”

“Sure,” said Nathan. “Came in second in the stamina contest a few years ago. Lasted 90 minutes of pure pumping, I think it was. Really impressive.”

“Yes, you remember. His employer wants to transfer him to Hawaii. He needs another job in town.”

“What does he do?”

“Something with transportation and logistics, I’m not able to tell you exactly. Will you see him?”

“Certainly, Elaine. Get him to me right away. I only have a couple of months left.”

“I’ll tell him you’ll see him tomorrow at ten.”

“I’ll look for him, Elaine. Elaine?”

“Yes Nathan?”

“Can I see you about rejoining?”

“Let’s take this up again when you’re out of office,” she told him.

“Ok. It won’t be long, Elaine.”

“I’m very happy for you, Nathan. Still, you lost the election, didn’t you? You didn’t choose not to run.”

“Elaine, I…”

“I want to be frank with you, Nathan. I want you to see that there are serious obstacles. There are steps you can take to regain our confidence, you know. It’s all there in the handbook,” Elaine said. “Roger will see you tomorrow.”

“Yes, Elaine,” said Nathan, and Elaine rang off.

A week later, Roger was thrilled to accept an offer of employment at a higher salary than his old job, and with two weeks more vacation, which meant he would have more time to spend at the club.

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