Well… Ch. 13

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I have to be very honest, I was tired from my exertions of the night so far and was staggered at Amanda’s appetite for sex.

After she and Steve had finished their lovemaking in front of the fire Brian had slid between her spread thighs and spent some time slurping at her gash cleaning up the copious amount of sperm that was dribbling from her after Steve’s last ejaculation.

Where he got his recovery powers from I don’t know but I would love to be the same!

It was at this juncture that Mary slipped alongside me and asked ‘Why haven’t you fucked Amanda yet? I thought you would have wanted to have her by now!’

She was right of course I did want her but I was tired I explained to Mary and with a glint in her eye she said ‘You won’t be when you see what the other girls and I have planned for you’.

I was lead by the four girls to the fireside and laid out with a cushion under my head and as everybody else left I was told not to move.

I don’t know how long they were gone because the warmth of the fire helped me to ‘drift off’ for a while but I soon awoke when I felt somebody taking long swipes of their tongue up and down my hardening prick.

Looking down I saw Amanda working on me; taking me deep into her mouth one minute and then just teasing me round the tip of my cock the next.

The three boys were all sat on the settee watching and Mary was stood with a video camera in her hand getting all the action going on in front of the fire.

Any tiredness I felt was melting away as this was something I had always wanted to bring into Mary’s sex life and mine. Not for general distribution but just for our own consumption at the appropriate time.

Amanda leant down and offered me a succulent brown nipple, which I devoured with gusto. Nipping at her and sucking that magnificent flesh until it was as hard as my pick, whilst reaching round and playing with her seriously juicy cunt from behind. All the while Mary was getting close-ups of my lips on this beautiful women’s black body and my fingers slipping and sliding in and out of her pussy.

Mary called Ann into the action now advising her that she wanted her to suck at my cock while Amanda was told to move up and straddle my face.

This was beginning to be seriously exciting now as Amanda’s pussy appeared right up near my eyes, so brown outside but pink inside with lips that peeled back like an opening flower.

Her clit was my first target and as I sucked on her and ran my tongue in and out of her so Ann was working her magic on my cock and balls.

Mary got in close to my forehead so she could film my oral ministrations and encouraged me to ‘lick that clit, beylikdüzü ucuz escort go on make her wriggle you muff diver, get her juices flowing’ all of which was getting me seriously close to climaxing.

My wonderful wife soon recognised the signs and moving Ann away from my prick got Brian to position himself behind Amanda. Still filming she had Tanya place her husband’s very stiff cock between Amanda’s pussy lips and then got close in so that she got him disappearing into her with my tongue working on her clit at the same time.

This was all getting too much for me. Watching Brian plough his large dick in and out of Amanda was spellbinding from so close up but I decided I wanted to move out and watch the action from Mary’s viewpoint.

I slipped from under and as I did so Mary had Steve move into my place. Tanya was still kneeling beside Amanda and was told to rearrange Steve and Brian so that they were both in her at the same time. Tanya took no time at all in smearing some of the black girl’s juices around her puckered arse and taking Brian in her hand again placed him gently at her entrance and whispered in his ear ‘Fuck her arse for me Brian, give it all you’ve got’.

Brian slid smoothly in and Tanya then grasped Steve and settled his mighty prick between her dripping lips telling him to ‘Fuck the dirty bitch, she loves having Brian’s cock in her arse’.

James had been moved into position now by Mary who wanted him to ‘Fuck her mouth’ and as the four of them slipped into a rhythm that was staggering to watch I stood by the fire with my arms around Tanya and Ann awestruck by the whole event.

Mary was still directing matters but by now was so worked up herself that she put the camera on a tripod and dropped to her knees in front of me and engulfed my aching cock in her warm mouth. The camera was still running, catching everything that was happening in the room.

Ann and Tanya were now showering my body with kisses and sucking at my nipples whilst playing with my balls and arse. Mary was conscious of my closeness to coming and looking at the action in front of the fire moved our little group over to be closer.

‘I’m so close’ I told the girls and Mary told Amanda to get on her back. Gripping my cock she made me kneel and with a couple of more strokes watched as I shot wad after wad of come all over Amanda’s magnificent tits. Tanya grabbed Steve and jerking his huge cock with both hands had him do the same just as Ann brought Brian to his climax all over her and James finished himself off, spattering come all over her too.

Amanda was covered in thick white spunk and as soon beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort as we had offered her our tributes started to rub it into to her shining black skin.

Ann and Tanya didn’t want it going to waste either and as Mary took the camera back into her hands they started to lick and suck at Amanda’s slickly covered body, every detail of which was caught on tape.

Our group started to split up then as everyone went off to shower and tidy up. A couple in this bathroom and another somewhere else with plenty of giggling and laughing going on as parts were soaped and ‘crevices’ attended to.

I put on a pair of shorts after my shower and took a walk down the lawn towards the boat which was moving slightly on its mooring because of the wind which was also rippling the water.

Standing in the cockpit, leaning on the starboard rail was Ann, freshly showered, and looking splendid in the moonlight.

She didn’t move as I got on board, continuing to gaze out over the river but when I moved up behind her and put my arms round her waist she stuck her bum out at me and sighed deeply saying ‘What a wonderful night’.

She was right. It had been absolutely terrific and I hoped would last a little longer with this delightful creature in my arms.

I couldn’t stop myself from caressing the underside of Ann’s chest in a very lazy and almost disinterested way but when I moved my hands higher to run my fingers over her nipples I realised that my gentle movements had had a stimulating effect on her.

She turned around and pushed me back onto the stern seat advising me ‘sit down and watch, you might enjoy this’.

So watch I did as she started to dance, humming a little tune to herself as she gyrated languidly round the cockpit.

Ann had put on a blue outfit after cleaning up, elasticated at the waist and with a peasant type ‘off the shoulder’ top. It was very expensive looking and made of a flimsy material so that her delights were not hidden by it but merely enhanced by the slightly ‘hidden’ effect it gave.

She tucked her fingers into the waistband and slowly drew the skirt down her thighs allowing me to see the matching blue thong underneath. The skirt ended up being thrown at me as the blouse was sexily shrugged from her shoulders, one at a time and likewise slid down her legs to be thrown in my direction.

Ann’s hands covered her tits primly and she turned then and bending stuck her magnificent arse straight out at me. Her legs parted slightly and two fingers made their way between them to run lightly over the patch of material covering her pussy which beyoğlu escort very soon was pulled aside so that she could insert her fingers into her waiting gash.

The little tune she was humming soon gave way to little moans of delight as she teased herself and turning again she dropped to her knees in front of me and, while still fingering herself, started to pull and twist at her very erect nipples.

She knew only too well the effect this was having on me because she could see the rapidly rising tent in my shorts.

‘Take your shorts off’ she whispered ‘and play with that beautiful cock for me’. I stood and did as I was told, removing my uncomfortable shorts and sitting down again with my cock in my hand I started to stroke it slowly from top to bottom.

‘Are your balls full for me?’ she asked, still teasing me with her gyrations and the way she was toying with herself, ‘are you going to give me a present soon?’

‘Most certainly I am’ I replied still stroking myself ‘But I want you to sit on my prick now so I can fuck your brains out’.

I had noticed Ann liked this sort of talk and she soon stood up and, spreading her thighs, sat on my rampant cock sticking her prodigious chest into my face for me to suck on her nipples.

She raised herself slowly up and down on me moaning and whimpering slightly as I slid in and out of her. Her juices made everything so easy and I lubricated my finger and slid a little into her arse as she bobbed up and down hastening her climax as we continued our steady pace.

‘Fuck me from behind’ she pleaded with me as she rose and bending over grasped the backrest to the seat we were on. I slid into her again like a knife into melted butter and soon took up a varying rhythm, sometimes going in deep and others staying on the edge, teasing her cunt lips with my cock and making her ask for more.

My hand reached around so I could play with her clit and within seconds she came hard, pushing back into me so she got as much cock in her as I had. I continued with my thrusting and so did Ann. ‘Faster you bastard, harder, I want to come again and I am soo close’. That did it for me. All pretence at control went out the window as I plunged my prick in and out of her for all I was worth.

‘Come you beautiful bitch’ I shouted ‘come for me now’ I roared as I felt my juices begin to rise. She did. Ann shuddered and shook like I have never seen her do before and this wail issued from her, which I thought would wake up the whole world.

I came too. My backbone felt as if it was melting inside me as I gushed forth my semen. Time and again I thrust into Ann as the twitching continued and then it was over and we sunk down onto the seat drained completely.

A round of applause erupted into the night air and looking up we saw the rest of our group all stood clapping at us with the exception of Mary who was still filming what was going on.

‘Great performance, darling’ said Mary ‘and I’ve got most of it on tape so we can watch it again later!’


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