Who Said That?

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Both Characters are over 18, Seniors in High School. Jimmy 19, kept back a year and Jenny 18 Graduating this year.

Walking to school today, it’s a cool morning and I was enjoying the smooth breeze coming from behind me as I think of the last few days of Senior High School. I had to take a slight detour and relieve myself, never worried about anyone seeing me.

“Do you think you can just drop your drawers and pull out that monster and piss anywhere you wish?”

I turned and saw no one near me. “Who’s there?”

“Um, sorry? But I forgot to pee when I left home.”

“So, you think you can do it anywhere in front of anyone?”

I was still standing with my cock hanging out, “Where are you, I don’t see anyone.”

“Oh, if you saw me that would make it ok then?”

“If I saw you, I wouldn’t have pulled it out to pee.”

“Then why is that monster still hanging out?”

I look down and put it away. I was embarrassed, kids at school always make fun of me because I have a large penis, 8″ long soft. Even my sisters tease artemisbet yeni giriş me.

“Happy now? I’m sorry I live in a small house with eight sister’s and my mother, the bathroom is a novelty I don’t get to use much.

I started to walk away when I heard giggling. On the other side of the road was my sister Jenny, also graduating in a few weeks, now looking up at me. I walked toward her when she demanded I stop. I kept walking.

“Why are you out here this early.” I looked down and I saw her peeing. What a beautiful sight. Her beautiful black bush and tight thin legs.

“Jimmie stop starring, it’s hard to pee with you looking at me.”

“You were looking at me.”

“That was ok, you couldn’t see me and you kept peeing.” She giggled.

“She used a tissue and wiped, placed it in a bag and stood up, I fell backward when I saw her complete pussy.”

She ran to me with her panties at her knees. “Jimmie you ok?”

“No please cover that beautiful bush.”

“You like my bush, do you?” she turned and artemisbet giriş bent over. “How about now?”

I was so impressed and came right then.

Jenny looked at me in amazement. “Jimmie follow me, I have to show you something.”

I looked at the front of my pants the wet spot was huge, I can’t go to school like this.

“Jimmie, hurry up here.”

“I climbed the rock and she was sitting on it naked.”

She tossed her bra at me, it said 32d. I looked at her breast, they were beautiful, she looked so wonderful.

“Jenny you’re, you’re naked.”

“Do you like?”

“Very much, yes”

“I’ve always wondered what you looked like naked, you’re so pretty.”

“Well, thank you, our sisters all look just like me, so you can do better than that.”

“But, I haven’t seen any of them naked.”

“Good point, why don’t you look when you go through our room, we always want to tease you, but you keep your eyes so tight. We stand there naked many times just to see you get hard.”


“Yes, artemisbet güvenilirmi Jessica saw you in the shower once masturbating, and videoed it for us to see. We masturbate to it a lot.”

“You do what?” I was shocked to hear this.

“Why are you naked in front of me now?”

“I want you to get undressed and have sex with me.”

“But you’re my sister?”

“Favorite sister true?”

“Well, yes.”

“Then have sex with me, I don’t have a cherry because I ride horses, and mom put us all on the pill when we turn sixteen. I have waited for you to take my virginity for two years and I love you.”

I undressed fast and asked her what she would like me to do?

She told me to start with a kiss, then she wanted me to learn how to eat her, while she gave me a blow job. She had me play with her gorgeous breast also.

Then she wanted us to have sex, We were on that rock until 9pm learning and I will never forget this wonderful time we spent together.

Jenny and I got together several times before school ended for the year. I was leaving for college days after graduation. She was getting married following Spring

I promised I would meet her the night before I left. I almost missed my flight.

Years later we are still meeting at the same rock, I love her with all that is in me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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