Will and the Mystery Woman Ch. 04

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Double Penetration

The next morning Will and Cindy logged on to the website that the neighbor Agatha contributed to and registered themselves as ‘bikelovers2’.

It turned out that their hunch was right: Agatha had watched them have sex, thanks to the window which was left open and she had written a story on that called, “Neighbors’ amour”. They commented on it, saying it was well-written and got them aroused.

After half an hour, Agatha came to meet them and they told her they called themselves ‘bikelovers2’ on the website and had. commented on her story.

“Wow. thank you so much for that. I will check it out later and am also glad that you didn’t mind my watching you perform last night. So what else do you have in mind next?”

“Nothing special right now,” Will said.

“Why don’t you have sex on the steps of your front door at night, maybe at 2 a.m. when there won’t be a soul around?” Agatha suggested.

They were a bit taken aback by her boldness and her assumption that they would do anything she wanted them to do. But they found it exciting and saw nothing wrong in that.

Cindy was the first to speak: “Ya, that would be a fine idea. But can’t you just imagine and write that instead of asking us to do it.”

“I have written some stories earlier from imagination but I need to see how it works out practically, and how you innovate and perform. That lends more authenticity and originality,” Agatha said.

That sounded reasonable to them and they assured her they would indulge in sex on the front steps around 2.

“I find the idea arousing and am wet already,” Cindy said after Agatha left.

“I can do something about that,” etlik escort Will said and squeezed her pussy.

Around 2 a.m. they went out; Will was dressed in boxers and Cindy in a short skirt. They stood on the porch and kissed under a dim light which was bright enough considering the darkness all around. Cindy went down, pulled down his boxers and stroked his erection which sprang out. She took him fully in her mouth, savoring his meat and coating it with saliva. She stood up and he squatted before her and pushed his head up into her skirt and ate her soggy cunt.

Will sat nude on the steps and went almost supine and Cindy squatted over his face and let him eat her for sometime before sitting on his erection and sliding up and down. Will held her hips and raised himself into her and the rhythmic movement continued with passionate kissing. Then Cindy got down from him and knelt on the steps prompting Will to take her from behind. He rode her feverishly and the tempo reached a peak culminating in a fierce explosion that rocked his body. She moaned as his hot jets of semen splashed on her vaginal walls and filled her. Breathing hard, they sat side by side and after a few minutes went inside.

Next morning, they read Agatha’s version of their act and found she had pepped it up a bit by saying that there were afraid of being caught or being embarrassed by a neighbor and hence ended their indulgence soon. As they finished reading, they heard a car pull up next door and went to the window and saw a man going into the house and assumed that would be Agatha’s husband. Will turned to look at Cindy and found her face pale gaziosmanpaşa escort and stunned. She went to her bedroom and Will followed her.

“What happened? Do you know that man?” Will asked her.

Cindy remained quiet for sometime and Will let her be, sensing that there was something sensitive connected to that man who had just then walked into Agatha’s house. After half an hour of silence, Cindy got up and went near the window and began speaking.

“I worked for that man, my first job. He was very nice and pleasant. Two weeks later he took me to a party and got me drunk. He offered to drop me at my house and took me to his place and … and that bastard screwed me twice. I was too drunk to resist. When I told my mom she said that was nothing. After all he was the boss. My dad was always travelling and I had no one else to turn to. But the real tragedy was … was… that bastard, son of a bitch… was screwing my mom too. I found out it was my mom who got me that job. That man is a womanizer and a bastard to the core,” Cindy finished.

“I am sorry, Cindy, really sorry,” Will said.

“I know, Will. You are a nice man. I thought I could be here for some more time but I never thought my past would catch up with me. I wandered for sometime, doing odd jobs here and there, never stopping anywhere for long, trying to outrun my shadow. I was foolish. I never had sex for a long time, but only when I met you, my sexual feelings came back. When everything was going fine, this man had to come back. I have to go from here,” she sighed.

Will tried to speak to her but she had withdrawn into herself. ankara escort He wanted to tell her that she can’t avoid her past for ever and it would be better to face it but he felt that would hurt her further.

That evening she took her things and prepared to leave.

“Cindy, I know it is useless to try to stop you. But if at all you change your mind, please come back,” Will told her as she came and kissed him on the cheeks and walked towards the highway.

Two days of loneliness, drinking and confiding with friends did not cure Will of his sickness of being in love and enjoying sex. Agatha came to meet Will on the third day.

“My husband was here and I was busy,” Agatha said and looked around for Cindy.

“Cindy left. Your husband is a bastard. He screwed Cindy forcibly and his mom too. He is fucking everyone except you, you frigid cunt,” he shouted at her.

Agatha looked at him nonplussed and nodded. “I know what he is. He married me for my father’s money and I stay with him because… there is an understanding between us, that he won’t harass me for sex and I won’t question his libido,” Agatha offered to explain.

“Fuck you and your husband. Just get up and go,” he shouted at her again.

That evening when Will was drinking with his friends, they unanimously told him that he should have stopped Cindy from leaving.

“That would not have worked with her. She was too upset. She liked me and thought I understood her well and had I compelled her to stay, she would have been upset even more. But I am sure, she would come back one day.”

Will went on with his life, losing himself in cars and bikes and drinks with friends in the evening. Cindy’s advice that he should not attach himself to anything, including her, kept him going. And on highways, he was always on the look out for a woman dressed in jeans and shirts and sporting sunglasses waiting for a lift. That could be his Cindy.


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