You Can Hear Me Now

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I was annoyed to hear you had your cell phone stolen, so I decided to help you get it back.

I called your number and a male voice answered. “Hey there, sexy. I’m just leaving Victoria’s Secret and I wanted to call and tell you how excited I am that we’re finally going to meet for the first time tonight.”

The guy on the other end sounded hesitant at first and then decided to go with the conversation. He obviously didn’t have the gift of smooth-talk with the ladies that you have, but after a bit of playful banter and leading him on, I asked him if we were still going to meet at ‘Cozi’s’ at Second and Walnut Streets. He agreed and we confirmed a meeting time of 9pm. I told him there was a parking garage 2 blocks further down on Walnut Street and if he would meet me up on the top level, I’d love to give him a little something to make our first meeting memorable. I made sure to drop enough hints about my appearance so he would know who he was looking for, but never gave him my name.

I pulled into the parking garage around 8:45 and positioned myself in the southeast corner where it was pretty empty as usual. I got out and walked around in the crisp air for a few minutes and looked up at the night sky. There are a lot of stars out and remembering how much you love them made me smile to myself. Within a few minutes I heard a car coming up the ramp. I gathered myself and took one deep breath before proceeding with my little plan.

I put my foot up on the bumper of my car and pretended to be adjusting the strap on my new high heels. As the car rounded the corner, the wrap-around skirt I was wearing slid to the side and fully exposed my long lean leg. I picked up my head, tossed my long blonde hair back over my shoulder and looked directly into the driver side of the car and smiled.

He parked, got out of his car and started coming towards me when I sized him up to be about 20 years old and all attitude. He is unbelievably hot though, so I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a big hug. I told him how happy I was to finally meet him because the e-mails that he sends me make me so wet that I have to have him in the flesh.

Without another word, he presses up against me and kisses me full on the lips. His tongue darts into my mouth and it feels so good that this guy is turning me on. I kiss back and he pushes me up against a suv nearby. His hands and lips fumble about my body and I can feel the hardness forming in his pants. I reach down to stroke him and etimesgut escort he lets out a groan. As I unzip him and slide my hand in to find his cock, he slides the strap down on my blouse and begins to suck on my tit. His wet tongue flicks at my nipple making it big and hard so he tugs on it with his teeth. The sensation travels right to my pussy and I can feel the wetness growing. As he runs his hand up the back of my leg, I pull it up and wrap it around his waist to pull him tight against me. My hips begin to grind up against his hard cock and I tell him that I have to suck his big dick right now.

We move between the vehicle and the wall so not to be disturbed and I leaned him up against the bumper. I reach down and cup his balls, which are getting quite tight already, so I know he’s not far from cumming. Another sign of being young and inexperienced. I plant one more long deep kiss, split my knees and crouch down in front of him. From below, I look him dead in the eye and suck his balls into my mouth and circle them with my tongue. His knees start to quiver and I ask him if I should continue. He can’t get coherent words out and makes some kind of noise and nods his head. “If you want me to suck the cum right out of this cock you have to do one thing for me first.”

His eyes are rolling in his head and he mumbles “Anything”.

“Say my name.”

His jaw seemed to drop and he stared blankly at me at first. Then he said “right now your name is bitch and you’re gonna finish what you started” and grabbed the back of my head forcing his cock into my mouth. I didn’t plan on things going this far and I could feel the panic start so I bit down on him enough to make him pull back.

Just then I caught sight of someone coming from around the other side of the suv and figured he brought a friend so I’m in real trouble here. “Her name is Lacey, dickhead!” *WHACK* One punch to the side of the head and he was on the ground.

I stood there in shock for a few seconds before I recognized you as my rescuer. “What are you doing here?”

You said “Apparently saving your butt. Lets get out of here.”

As we started to walk away, I said, “Wait”. I walked back, bent over the guy that was trying to get up off the ground and retrieved your cell phone from his shirt pocket. “You shouldn’t touch things that aren’t yours,” I said as I left him there holding his head.

We got into your car and drove to a small bar where we got a booth etlik escort in the back and you ordered us some drinks. “How did you know where I was?” I asked. You told me that I had mentioned a blind date tonite and knew I always use the same public place to meet. Having a cousin that’s the manager at that café works out great for me. If the date is going bad, I send a signal to her and she helps get me out of it.

We drank some more and talked up a storm. Even though we talk just about every day, we hadn’t seen each other for a few months. Sitting there with you across from me made me realize how much I miss the face-to-face conversations the most.

As the room started filling up with people and smoke, the alcohol was starting to hit me. I asked if we could leave because I really needed to get some air, so you took me back to my car even though we both knew I was too tipsy to drive yet. Back on the roof of the parking garage, you put the top down and reclined the seats so we could just lay back and look at the stars. You showed me some constellations and named some stars that I never even heard of. The night air had gotten much cooler, so I slid closer and you pulled a small blanket out of the back seat to cover me. Between the softness of your chest and the comforting sound of your voice, I felt safe again.

“I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t showed up tonite. I got myself into something I couldn’t handle and could have gotten pretty messed up. Thank you for watching out for me.”

“You’re a great kid, and I don’t want to see you get hurt” you said.

I turned to look you in the eyes. “I am so not a kid.” And I leaned forward and pressed my lips to yours. I could feel your arm against my back pulling me closer as you returned the kiss. I rolled over and managed to stretch out on top of you. As I was running my fingers thru your hair, I could feel your strong hands all over my back. I let out a sigh as you reached down and gently squeezed my ass.

I unbuttoned your shirt and began kissing down your neck and chest. I could tell your heart was beating faster as I slid my hand down and started rubbing your thigh. Feeling your hips starting to move with the motion of my hand, I began to match it with my own hips. I unbuttoned your pants and slipped my hand in to pull out your cock. I had never touched you like this before and was happily surprised when I looked down and saw your big dick standing at full attention. ankara escort I moved back up to kiss you and as you parted my lips with your tongue, I slid my soaking wet pussy down on your cock. You must have been surprised because you let out a little gasp and I could see your eyes open real wide. It’s funny trying to kiss someone who has a real big smile on his face. I let out a little laugh and we went back to kissing. As your tongue probed my mouth, your cock probed my pussy. I broke the kiss and sat up so I could take you in deeper. It felt so good having your cock filling me up and I couldn’t get enough of you. As I slid up and down faster, your hips shot up to meet me. With your hands holding my hips, I arched my back and leaned against the steering wheel, hoping I wouldn’t hit the horn.

You began to massage the tip of my clit with your thumb and I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming out loud. The sensation was overwhelming. I reached behind and played with your balls, stroking them with my long fingernails. I could hear a moan come from you so I began to tickle them a little quicker. The faster my fingers went on your balls, the more your thumb would speed up on my clit.

Within a short time I could feel the intensity building up inside of me. I was so close to cumming and didn’t want to wait anymore. I slammed down harder on your cock and let myself go. I threw my head back and arched my body as far as I could.

“Oh, yessssssss!’ I yelled. At that point, I didn’t care who heard me. While I came, you sat up, pulled me tight against you and kissed me hard. As the spasms in my body began to slow, I pushed you back down and began pumping you again. I reached back to stroke your balls and could feel them tightening up. I could see your eyes starting to roll back in your head so I pulled my knees up as much as I could to take your whole cock in. While you grabbed onto my hips and you began to cum, I grinded down into you as far as I could. The grinding motion made my swollen and sensitive clit tingle and we came together.

I collapsed down on top of you and you pulled the blanket back over us. We lay there peacefully for quite a while until a passing car disturbed the quiet. I moved off of you and we reassembled our clothing. The smile on our faces was enough to light up the whole city at that moment.

You walked me over to my car and opened the door. As I turned to say goodbye, you put your hand behind my neck and kissed me slow and deep. I had to force my knees to lock to keep from just melting right there.

I thanked you again for coming to my rescue and hoped you liked your reward. You told me that anytime I needed a knight in shining armor, feel free to call.

I can do that now that you have your cell phone back!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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