Young Woman’s Secret

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Big tits. As they say, first impressions are very important. The woman’s tits entered the bar room ahead of her and caught his attention. She paused and turned to speak with someone while in the doorway so Bill’s first view remained for a few extra seconds. His only thought was ‘Nice tits.’ As she then passed into the room he instantly assessed her overall as young, attractive and busty but his focus remained on her chest. He loved large tits.

He stared at the young woman as she crossed the room toward the bar. She had a large rack accentuated by a form fitting top. The rest of her body looked trim and slightly too small for her chest. Bill guessed that her tits had been surgically enhanced but that was alright with him. He visualized how her body would look naked and smiled to himself. The term ‘Barbie’ came to mind. She was tall and lean except for her breasts. They were too large for athletics or fashion modeling but they looked great to him.

Bill definitely wanted to meet this woman. Estimating her path to the bar he moved toward the same space. There were no available stools and no waitress for the tables so to get a drink you had to find gaps between the seated patrons and hope the bartender would notice you. Bill squeezed next to the woman who had reached the same gap at virtually the same moment. He acknowledged that she should be served first and introduced himself as they stood and sought to catch the eye of the bartender for both of them.

Bill tried valiantly to ignore her tits as he exchanged idle comments with the woman about the crowded bar. He wanted desperately to drop his eyes and get an up close look at her chest but knew that would be sudden death to any possible hook up. He hoped his discipline in the first few minutes might earn him the privilege of sitting with the woman for a longer time and who knew where that might lead. As politely as he could he offered to pay for her drink and asked if she’d join him at one of the high top tables.

She declined- noting that she was meeting her girlfriends. She casually gestured to some women at a table in the corner. He nodded and insisted on buying her drink anyway. She was served and turned to leave while thanking him for the drink. The woman said her name was Sue and perhaps they’d see each other again.

Bill got his drink and moved to a high top table where he joined two male friends. Bill adjusted his stool so he could see the corner table to which Sue had gone. He continued to act discretely but stole countless glances at Sue’s chest over the next hour while he sat with his friends and watched college football on one of the bar’s TVs. The TV and his idle conversation were great cover for his surveillance. Her eyes met his as he was checking her out on one occasion but he held his ground and smiled innocently. The woman definitely had a killer body. Her face and silky hair added to her appeal but it was her tits that held his attention. He guessed they were about DD cups. Her top wasn’t obscenely tight but it was closely fitted and gave him a clear outline of her body. Her slim waist made her breasts look especially large.

As the televised game ended and his friends left for home Bill was disappointed to see the group of women also rising and getting ready to leave. He was taken by surprise when Sue broke away from the group and walked toward him. Reaching his table she said, “If you’re not in a rush to leave I’m not. Can I join you?”

Bill welcomed her and ordered them each new drinks. They exchanged names again and followed up with some comments about the game and the group Sue had just left. Bill knew one or two of the women in the group. Sue admitted that she’d vetted him with the group and those that knew him had vouched that he was an okay guy. The conversation expanded and they soon got to know a little about each other. They were both relatively recent college grads in lower level white collar jobs with higher aspirations. Neither had a significant other. The conversation covered a wide range of topics and flowed easily.

After a second drink Sue leaned in and whispered, “I must compliment you. I’m well aware of your interest in my chest but you’ve done remarkably well in being a gentleman. You’ve talked to my face almost all of the time and not been overtly leering at my chest like most guys do.”

Bill coughed and blushed. After gathering his thoughts he replied, “I have been trying. It hasn’t been easy but I’ve really been trying. I have an older sister who lectured me as a teen on how important it is not to be creepy when you meet a woman – especially a woman whose body you find incredibly attractive.”

Sue smiled and said, “Wow. You get even more points for complimenting me while admitting you’ve been undressing me in your mind.”

Bill replied in an exaggerated county-bumpkin drawl, “Ah shucks… I was just being honest Miss.”

Sue smiled and Bill felt empowered to follow up by saying, “You have no idea how hard I’ve been çankaya escort trying. I have a particular love of women who are…ah… well endowed. I know its shallow but that’s the first thing I notice and then I have to discipline myself not to be a creep.”

“Okay. That’s enough on that subject for now,” replied Sue. “You’re now losing points by being too honest. I actually graduated from an Ivy League school with Honors and have a personality. I am more than breasts.”

“Sorry. So…tell me about your job.”

Sue chuckled at his feeble attempt to change the subject but accepted his invitation to describe the sophisticated research lab work she was doing. Bill had to ask questions as she spoke since the chemistry terms and equipment were foreign to him. Her job sounded important and complex; the woman was clearly very intelligent. He was also intelligent and somewhat of an academic snob so he was pleased to learn that she had more than looks.

They spent a half hour of talking about their jobs and various trends in their respective fields. Various college experiences came up and Sue revealed that she’d been a four year member of her college’s track team and the captain of the debate team. Bill tried to lighten the mood by saying, “Okay. You’ve certainly convinced me that you have a great mind to go along with your other attributes. I apologize to you and every other woman I’ve offended by being too much of a guy.”

Sue smiled and said, “Apology accepted. As your sister apparently taught you it can be very frustrating when guys don’t take a woman seriously. Guys seem to think being pretty or busty means a woman is an airhead. I’ve lived with that since my body started to develop during middle school.”

Bill replied, “You’re right. Since you’re both pretty and shapely you must get dissed a lot. Of course, things are getting better. For example, each of the CSI shows on TV has attractive women characters who are smart.”

“Come on. Those shows aren’t pro-woman. They unrealistically populate each lab with attractive women in tight tee shirts to appeal to male viewers. It’s the tee shirts that men like- not the women’s intelligence.”

Bill said, “Well, yes but they are smart, too. Ah…I surrender. I can’t successfully defend my gender. Overall, we’re lustful pigs but I do try to convey a better first impression.”

“You’re wise to surrender. Men are pigs and you have done a good job tonight of disguising your inherent traits.”

Sue said, “I’m going to have to leave soon. I’ve enjoyed talking with you.”

Bill responded that he’d enjoyed meeting her, too and added that he’d like to see her again. He concluded with, “How would you feel about working with me on the charity marathon this Saturday morning? It’s the race to benefit St John’s Hospital.”

Sue quickly said she wasn’t a distance runner and Bill clarified that he wasn’t running; he was merely a volunteer worker for the hospital who would handle last minute registrations on the morning of the race. They talked about the time and place and Sue agreed to help him for his two hour commitment. He suggested they could have breakfast together following their shift and she agreed.

Soon thereafter Sue said she needed to get home. Bill paid the check and they left the bar with Bill offering to walk Sue to her car. The couple said goodnight at the side of her car with Bill wanting to kiss her but feeling it would be pre-mature. As Sue slid into her open car door she said, “Bill, I’m thinking I may have given you the impression that I’m a militant feminist and that isn’t really the case. We talked a lot about our jobs and our backgrounds but I know there was a question that you didn’t get answered.” She paused for a long few seconds. She then gestured for him to lean in close and then said, “34 Double D and 100% natural”.

As she closed her door Bill gave her a huge smile. She started her car and drove off.

That had been their first encounter; he’d long remember how turned on he’d been by her bold parting phrase. He’d never met a woman who had brains and class but was able to leave him speechless with a sexual tease. She’d certainly made quite a first impression.

Their Saturday meeting at the marathon was far from sexy. It was a cold blustery day. Sue was dressed in a bulky sweatshirt and sweat pants which hid her figure completely. Bill was disappointed but recognized that this was not going to be a sexually charged morning. The couple put in their time at a table near the starting line of the race. Each of them worked diligently and made a real effort to assist the runners in answering questions and filling out the needed forms. They were too busy working to chat and the raw weather made the whole experience difficult.

They couldn’t wait for their shift to end with the start of the race so they could get warm inside the local diner. Once inside they warmed quickly. Initially Sue kept bundled up in her bulky clothes. After cebeci escort about 15 minutes Sue said she was getting too warm and peeled off her hooded sweatshirt. Bill had to restrain himself from smiling too broadly at her new look. Her torso was now sheathed in a snug long sleeve tee shirt. Across the chest in in large block letters the shirt proclaimed on the top row ‘CRIME SCENE’ and below that ‘INVESTIGATION’.

“I love your shirt. It suggests great intelligence,” said Bill.

“I couldn’t resist wearing it. It was a gift from a niece who says I look like the actress Eva LaRue who plays Boa Vista on the CSI Miami show.”

“There’s a resemblance but you’re much bustier.” Sue smiled.

They had a nice breakfast. He continued to make an effort not to stare at her chest. The shirt made that difficult. Bill harbored a fantasy that she’d invite him back to her apartment for wild sex but she was too classy for that. He was disappointed but still very interested in pursuing the woman with a brain as well as natural 34DDs.

Before leaving Bill invited Sue to go out to dinner with him the following Friday night which she accepted. He described where they’d be going so she’d know how to dress and she gave him her address. They agreed on timing and exchanged contact information.

She dressed nicely for their dinner date in a tailored little black dress which revealed some nicely shaped legs to go along with her great body. The dress had a high neckline so there was no cleavage but it was a fitted style which subtly exhibited her Barbie-like shape. Bill got to ogle the outline of her tits a lot during dinner but still tried to be discrete in glancing when he thought she wouldn’t notice. When he kissed her goodnight he gave her a hug which pressed her chest into his. She didn’t recoil and Bill thought she might even have rubbed her tits against him a little but he wasn’t at all sure. In any case, Sue made it clear that the kiss was all he was going to get. She again teased him as she closed her door by saying that she appreciated his continued effort at looking at her face rather than her tits and then adding, “I think they’re worth the wait but, of course, that would be up to you.”

The couple spoke on the phone several times and arranged another date for the following weekend. It was to be a casual evening at a local tavern with a light supper at the restaurant next door. When Bill arrived at Sue’s apartment to pick her up she invited him in and offered him some wine.

Sitting next to Bill on her couch Sue said, “We both know that you’re a big fan of large breasted women and that is what attracted you to me. I’ve been very forward with you in telling you my bra size; I’m not usually so bold and am still a little shocked that I did that. I’ve also teased you about my breasts being natural and by wearing my CSI shirt. I’m not usually a cock-tease but you seemed so obsessed with my breasts and yet so gentlemanly I couldn’t help it. In any case, we need to have a little further discussion before we spend much more time together.”

Bill was unnerved and didn’t know if he should be apologizing for his focus on her tits or if she was about to shock him with some strange body defect or mental hang up. When he opened his mouth to try to say something Sue held up her hand to silence him.

“I haven’t lied to you about my breasts. I just haven’t told you everything and I feel I should. A little background is probably a good idea. I developed larger breasts than any of my classmates when I was in 7th grade. Throughout high school and college I was always bigger than those in my peer group. As a result I knew the guys were all checking me out and the other girls were envious. I enjoyed the attention and my breasts became somewhat of an obsession with me. I knew men viewed me in sexual terms because of my breasts and so when I was alone I’d touch my breasts sexually.

“Starting in middle school I discovered how to give myself sexual pleasure by playing with my nipples. They’re very sensitive and since I didn’t date much in high school they became an integral part of my self- pleasuring. Later, even when I had a boyfriend a lot of my orgasms came through my breasts. I’m telling you all this since I think it helps explain my current situation.” She paused, took a long sip of wine and placed the glass down.

“About six months ago I had a baby. The father was a guy I’d been dating for quite a while but the pregnancy prompted him to run away as fast as he could. I gave the baby up for adoption since I couldn’t imagine handling the responsibility of being a single mother. That was all difficult but is merely history.

“My secret is that in the latter part of my pregnancy I started to think about lactating. I’d touch myself and have sexual fantasies about my breasts being swollen with milk. When I gave up the baby my doctor gave me some pills to stop my milk production but I didn’t take them. Instead I bought a breast ankara escort pump and started pumping my milk regularly which caused my body to do what comes naturally. It produced more milk.

“I know it might sound weird but just as I’d fantasized it was sexy to be lactating. I enjoyed having my breasts swell at least a cup size. After feeling fat for several months I liked my new top heavy figure. I got even more male attention than I had in high school and college. My nipples became even more sensitive. And…well since I’ve been lactating my nipples feel hard wired to my vagina…um… in simple terms I have orgasms every time I pump my milk.”

Bill was confused but also aroused saying, “So are you saying you’re still lactating?”

Sue replied, “Yes. That’s exactly what I’m saying. I pump my milk 4 or 5 times a day. Each time there’s about 4 ounces from each side. I needed to tell you before you touch my breasts since any contact will prompt them to leak. Depending on how full I am at the time if you were to handle my breasts more roughly or suck on me I’d squirt milk all over. I didn’t want you to freak out.”

A smile came to Bill’s face but he was still unsure of the significance of Sue’s disclosure. Was she saying he couldn’t touch her tits? Or was she telling him she’d leak milk and it would be messy? Was he being invited to suck on her and drink her milk? He didn’t want to say the wrong thing and hence said nothing which created an awkward pause.

Sheepishly Sue added, “I’ll understand if that’s a turn off for you. I know you’ve had some fantasies about my tits and having them squirt milk probably wasn’t one of them.”

“No, no. It’s not a negative. It’s just that I don’t know what that all means. Would I be allowed to touch you and suck on you or are you saying your breasts are off limits?”

“God no; they’re not off limits. They’re hyper-sensitive and would love to have a man’s mouth on them. I just wanted you to know that they wouldn’t be the dry ‘strip show’ tits you were expecting. Mine are ‘working tits’; they swell up every few hours and need to be milked. That would probably appeal to some men and be a relationship killer for others.”

“Well, I don’t have any experience with ‘working tits’ but I’m certainly anxious to learn. You might notice the bulge in my pants; that should show you which kind of guy I am. May I see and explore what you’ve been describing? You’ve made me both curious and horny.”

Sue laughed at his enthusiastic response and said, “Come with me to my bedroom. I’d rather not have my couch get milk stains.”

As he followed her from the living room Bill said, “Ah…could you give me a little more guidance as to what I’m allowed to do? What you’d like me to do and what might be off limits? I don’t know what you do with the milk you pump. You’ve gotten me very aroused with your talk of your milk filled breasts. Can I suck on them and drink your milk or do you have it committed to sell or give away? I don’t want to do the wrong thing.”

“Relax. Most of the milk I’ve pumped I freeze and donate to the children’s hospital every week or so but there’s no specific commitment. You can play with my tits and drink as much as you want. I’d love to have my milk drained by a man’s mouth rather than the plastic cups of my breast pump. I might push you away if I orgasm too violently but I’ll probably invite you back in a minute or less. We’re not going to have vaginal sex but I’ll take care of your cock in due course. I’d guess that working tits can perform rather well for tit fucking if you’d like. It might be messy but pleasurable.”

“Wow,” was all Bill could think of to say.

Sue chuckled at his reply and added, “I’ll take that as a positive reaction to my depravity. I’ve been incredibly horny since I started lactating and haven’t had a man to satisfy me. I’m looking forward to you enjoying my tits with me.”

When they arrived in Sue’s bedroom she said, “Let me just remove the comforter. I’d rather not get it stained.” With Bill’s help the comforter was folded and moved to a chair. Sue then turned to face Bill and he stepped in to kiss her while his hands lightly grasped her waist. Sue broke the kiss saying, “Again, not to be too obsessive but let’s take my dress off before I leak too much and stain it. You should strip to your underwear for the same reason.”

Sue moved to unzip her dress as Bill stripped. Bill watched as the dress dropped to her feet and she stepped out of it revealing her body in a sexy set of panties and bra. Her hourglass shape was beautiful. She was certainly not fat but her body had enough flesh on it to make her very shapely below her chest; her chest was somewhat too large for her body but that made her perfect for Bill’s taste. He noted the bra seemed to be straining to contain her large breasts. Each cup had a wet area starting in the middle and extending downward.

Being aware of his eyes on her tits Sue said, “What you’re seeing is DDs swollen with about 3 hours of milk. I should be wearing an industrial strength nursing bra in an E or F cup size but nursing bras aren’t very sexy. Full disclosure… I was only a D before my pregnancy; I don’t know if I’ll shrink when I stop lactating.”

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