Your Night

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You’ve just gotten home from work and see that all the lights in our apartment are off. You frown slightly because you had been looking forward to making love this evening.

You unlock the door and step into the entrance way. Candles in little glasses of water lighting the way to the bedroom are the only illumination in the room.

You try to turn on the light, but nothing happens. You turn to lock the door and see a note taped to it.

It reads: Remove all your clothing and leave them on the chair then come to the bedroom.

You feel your penis swelling in anticipation and quickly remove all your clothes tossing them carelessly onto the chair.

You make your way to the bedroom in the dim light and see another note on the closed bedroom door.

It reads: go lay face down on the bed

You open the door and see me sitting across the candle lit room from you.

You start to walk towards me then remember the note and move to the bed instead.

You lay down and groan as you feel the satin sheets rub against your erect nipples and penis. You turn your head in esat escort my direction and see me stand up and walk slowly toward you.

I stand at the side of the bed and look down at you for a moment before lightly trailing my fingernails down your spine then back up.

I open the drawer next to our bed and take something you can’t see out then move your legs apart and straddle the one closest to me.

You smell something citrusy then feel my slick hands glide over your neck, shoulders and back. I gently kneed the muscles in your shoulders and back working my way slowly down to your thighs.

When I get to your thighs I lightly scratch your inner thighs with my fingernails then bend down and lightly bite your shoulders.

I stand up again and tell you to roll onto your back.

You roll over for me and wait to see what I’ll do next.

I tell you this is just for you so no touching me and grin when I see your erection jumping slightly as if begging for my touch.

I decide to ignore it for the moment and kneel next to you again and softly kiss your lips. etimesgut escort I suck and nibble lightly on the bottom lip and rub my hard nipples against your chest moaning quietly into your mouth.

I break the kiss and lightly bite your neck then scoot down the bed slightly so I can tease your nipples.

I bend down and flick your right nipple with my tongue until it’s nice and hard then bite it hard enough to leave teeth marks but not so hard as to cause pain or break skin then gently flick the nipple again with my tongue while it’s still caught between my teeth.

I straddle your thighs and switch to your other nipple. I flick the ring up and down with my tongue then pinch the right nipple and bite the left at the same time.

I can feel you hard penis rubbing slightly against my clit with each movement I make and grind against it slightly.

I slowly nibble my way down your stomach stopping along the way to tease your birthmark and belly button with my tongue then work my way down to your hips.

I decide you’ve been teased enough and reach ankara escort down to stroke and look at your erect penis for a moment then slowly lower my lips to take just the tip into my mouth.

I bite it very softly and flick my tongue over the tip to taste the pre-cum then slowly take it the rest of the way into my mouth and as far into my throat as I can get it.

Every few strokes I stop to tease the tip with my tongue and very lightly graze you with my teeth or nibble softly.

Deciding I’ve teased enough; I slide my mouth up and down the shaft several times slowly at first then faster, flicking the head with each upward movement.

The urge to taste your cum has taken over all other thought and I concentrate on pleasing you with my mouth and throat while stroking you with my hand. I reach up with my other hand and start pinching, twisting, and pulling on your right nipple.

I can feel you getting closer to cumming so I increase suction to make my mouth tighter and stroke faster with my hand.

I jump slightly as the first blast of cum hits the back of my throat. I swallow as quickly as I can and continue swallowing and bobbing my head until I’m sure you’ve been drained of every drop.

I finally remove my mouth and tease the tip for a moment more with my tongue before looking up at you and saying ‘My turn.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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