“You’re Mine, Too.”

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Welcome to my first post on Literotica! I’m very excited about this submission. A majority of my works will be of reasonable length, specifically my incest fics, which I find require a lot of build-up. But this is just to get this account kick-started, here’s a little story about an already established Daddy Dom/little girl relationship. Note: In this fic there is no actual incest. These are two consenting adults. Thank you!



Sunlight streamed in jagged rays through the partially-sheathed windows, pallid snowflakes cascading from the grey morning’s sky, colliding with the glass rectangles, liquefying against the sun-warmed glass.

Inside a stone, suburban home slept two figures, tangled up in one another. The silk sheets were intertwined with long, slender limbs, the covers shifting with consistent breaths. Pressed tightly against a chiseled, male form was a smaller, more demure anatomy; pert, rose-tipped breasts pressed against a rigid chest which was dusted lightly with coarse, ebon hair. Corn silk tresses as golden as the sun outdoors were splayed across the pillows, obscuring the soft features of the young woman.

Stirring, the young girl yawned sleepily, shifting against her lover, who slept soundly besides her. “Mm-,” Turning onto her back, the youthful blonde stretched her tanned, little arms, her tits expanding across her tight chest.

“Daddy?” Whispered the girl in a child’s voice, rolling back onto her side to face the sleeping male. Her lips connected with the flesh just below his ear, her teeth enclosing playfully around his lobe and tugging. A small hand caressed the broad canvas of his bare chest, pinching his nipples before sliding her warm palm down his abdomen.

When her hand came in contact with his half-hardened cock, she mewled, eyes opening more fully to peer at her sleeping lover. Wrapping him tightly in her little fist, she rolled atop of him, dragging the foreskin forward with a small gasp. “Daaaddy~,” She wriggled on top of him, the wetness growing between her legs.

“You’re playing with fire, little girl.”

A low rumble escaped the male’s lips, and his eyelids fluttered, before his beautiful blue eyes were gazing at her, now heavy with lust. His güvenilir bahis cock grew stiff and expanded in her little hands, making her squeal with delight.

“You hurt me last night,” The little feigned a pout, her free hand lowering to grope his thick, sensitive balls. “It’s my turn. I want control. Pwease?”

Daddy chuckled as his foggy memory became more and more clear, recalling how he’d spanked his little girl’s plump ass until it was a bright red, and roughly fucked the back of her throat, making her gag on his cum. He’d taken her from behind, sprawled out on her hands on knees like an animal, a toy for his use. He’d climax, spilling his load in her tightest of holes, before finally fingering her throbbing little pussy to allow her to climax. She’d been a bad girl, disobeying him, but he figured she’d done well enough to earn a little bit of dominance. She was his good little slut.

“Fine, kitten. It’s your turn.” He conceded with a chuckle, reaching down to slid his thick fingers between her thighs. “Are you wet for me, baby?” Without giving her time to respond, his fingertips brushed her soaking wet cunt, causing him to groan. “Good girl.”

She mewed and wriggled her hips, her juices of anticipation seeping from her needy pussy. “Daddy!” She gasped, though instinctively thrust into his hand, before drawing her hips back. “I’m still sore, Mister.” She pouted again.

Daddy chuckled lowly, retracting his hand as she requested with her body. His hands found themselves on either side of her hips, gripping her rather forcefully, his cock beginning to throb with need. “I thought you liked it when I used you like my pretty cumslut? When I fuck that tight, inexperienced little ass of yours?” At his words, his palms slid back to cup her ample bottom in his hands, squeezing her bum roughly in his hands.

She giggled, wiggling her booty playfully in his grip, just to be a tease. “You know I do, but what I love even more is making you go crazy,” She began peppering butterfly kisses down his chest, lowering herself inch by inch down his body. His cock was pressed against the swell of her gorgeous breasts as she kissed and nipped his abdomen.

“I like when you become completely unhinged, and you türkçe bahis can’t do anything but shudder and fuck me.” She finished murmuring this as her lips came in contact with the wide crest of his cock’s helm, giving him a sweet, loving kiss. Her warm, pink tongue emerged from her plump lips, licking the tip with a little moan in appreciation of his beautiful dick, now completely hard, just for her.

Cursing under his breath, Daddy gripped his little girl by her hair, resisting the urge to grind upward and thrust his massive dick roughly into her pretty little throat. “Careful, baby. Lick daddy’s cock nice and slow.”

She obeyed wordlessly, her tongue gliding up and down the entire rigid, veiny length. “Mmph~ Daddy tastes so yummy~,” She giggled, before taking the entire head of his dick into her hot mouth, sucking on it like a lollipop. Her fingertips grazed his muscular thighs, and she purposefully went at an agonizingly slow pace, just to drive him mad.

“Mmm, little slut… Yeah, suck it just like that… Worship his dick, fuck…” His fists tightened around her blonde tresses, gently nudging her forward onto his cock, the rigid length twitching with arousal. Fuck, she was such a tease.

“Mmmfh?” Her words were lost against his huge cock, which she slowly eased into her greedy mouth, pausing slightly at the halfway mark to take a deep breath through her nose. Her tongue continued to caress his pulsating veins, and once more she lowered her head, the head of his dick pressing toward the back of her throat.

His maw tightened in pleasured agony, the feral urge to thrust ruthlessly against her throat was overwhelming. “Oh, baby, your mouth is so good… So good… Don’t forget to play with daddy’s balls, angel, and you’ll get a nice, big reward… Mmm, relax, baby… Let daddy in your mouth, yeah, just like that… Let him feel your hot little throat. Mm, sexy slut… You love this, don’t you? Love teasing daddy… You make him feel so good.”

She moaned softly around his cock, any fears she had about fitting his full nine inches into her mouth disappearing. He knew it drove her crazy when he spurred her on with his words, told her what she did to him… Her cheeks hollowed out, tightening her mouth güvenilir bahis siteleri around his length to elevate the pleasure for her Daddy.

When the tip of his cock pressed against the back of her throat, her nose nuzzled against his pelvis, she gagged slightly, pulling him out, almost completely, ceasing at the tip, before thrusting him back into her waiting mouth completely, gagging again, but quickly encouraged by daddy’s contented moans, somewhat strangled from the need to increase his pace, but loving it nonetheless.

“Oh, fuck… Good little slut… Yeah, mm… Choke on daddy’s cock, let me hear your whimpers, baby… It makes me so hard.” His fists tightened ruthlessly around the roots of her hair, urging her to go faster.

Letting out a little whimper which vibrated lovingly against his dick, she began to increase her pace, lifting her head up and down, thrusting him into her mouth aggressively.

Her hands reached up to grip his heavy, sensitive sac, squeezing and massaging his balls with a soft growl. She wanted her daddy to cum. To become completely unhinged.

“Baby, mm… God, you make daddy’s cock feel so nice… Yeah, little slut, take it all; fuck yeah… What a good girl you are, Daddy is so proud…”

His words tugged at her heartstrings, making her work more vigorously, her lips and tongue squeezing around his cock, thrusting him roughly against her throat. She needed his cum.

“Daddy’s going to come, sweetheart. Do you want to swallow it, baby? Choke on daddy’s cum, baby, mm…”

She squeezed his balls, though not too hard, enough to madden him. With a guttural groan Daddy started to cum, spurt after spurt of his hot, sticky seed. It filled her cheeks, making her gag and choke, but she quickly began to swallow it before it overflowed past her plump lips. The salty substance filled her senses, making her moan inwardly as she drank up his cum greedily.

Only after the final shudder of his orgasm passed did she pulled off of him, a string of saliva and cum streaming between her hot little lips, and the tip of his cock.

She wiped the corner of her lips, taking several heavy, much-needed breaths.

Daddy wrapped his arms around her waist, tugging her into his lap, and pressing his lips tenderly against hers. He shivered as he tasted his cum on her lips.

When the two broke apart, his little girl offered him a sly giggle, kissing his nose sweetly. “See, Daddy? You’re mine, too.”

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