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During my freshman year of college, I learned about something called a “flashbulb memory” during my introduction to psychology class. It’s a memory of an event that was so meaningful at the time it occurred, your brain can recall vivid details of what happened in that particular moment years after it took place. I have about a half-dozen of these flashbulb memories that I can recall off the top of my head. Losing my virginity, my first car accident, winning a state championship for soccer; all these things I can retrieve with relative ease. They aren’t my favorite ones, however. There are a series of memories that I revisit in my head more frequently than others, and they all revolve around one particular person.

For me to describe Zoey to you in a few short adjectives wouldn’t do her justice. Even though I’ve known her for over seven years now, it’s still sometimes difficult to explain her to friends and relatives without making her sound a bit crazy, but I’ll do my best. Maybe you’ll develop an appreciation for her nuances much the same way that I did when I first met her.

It was freshman orientation where I first encountered Zoey. Everyone had arrived to college a few days before classes began to get acclimated with, for some of us, a very new way of life. Our college residence hall was broken into four wings and our particular floor was girl heavy. There were three sections of females and one section of males. To any 18-year old teenager on his own for the first time, this was the epitome of what college is all about. Me, however? I was pretty mild mannered compared to some of my floormates. I never slept around, got too drunk with friends, or stirred up major drama. By college standards, my freshman year was a bit mild-mannered now that I think about it. It didn’t bother me, though. I was never one for keeping up with a crowd. I lived my life simply (and sarcastically).

My path to college wasn’t a conventional one by any means, either. My dad left when I was two and we never heard from him again. My mom did the best she could but finally broke a few years after. She left with some fling never to return. She created a pretty big rift in the family. She tried to slide back into the picture a few times, but my family shut it down pretty quick. Anyway, I was left in the care of my aunt and uncle at age 5. They were great to me growing up and gave me the best possible life (given the circumstances) I could have asked for. My uncle made partner at Morgan Stanley and cashed out early to enjoy retirement with his wife. Needless to say, they are doing just fine. They never left me hanging, though. They took good care of me during my teenage years and helped me get to college. For that, I will always be eternally grateful.

So, it was my second day of orientation at school and I was hanging in my dorm room with the door open. I opted for a single room in my hallway since I didn’t want to deal with anyone else’s bullshit (like I said, minimal drama). I was busy drafting my fantasy football team when I heard two hard raps against my door frame. When I peaked my head around the corner of my desk, there stood one of the most gorgeous individuals I had ever seen in my life up to that point. She was easily 5″7′ with an athletic body. Her dark brown hair complemented her naturally tan complexion. She had this sexy Asian/European mix about her that I had never seen before. Her firm breasts complemented her equally firm ass. She was wearing a white tank top and short black athletic shorts. Total flash bulb.

“What the fuck are you doing in here by yourself?”

“Good thanks, and you?”

“I like what you’ve done to the place. Minimalist in design, but gives you a sense of home.”

“That’s a pretty name. I’m Josh.”

“Anything in your fridge, Josh? It’s hot as balls in this fucking place.”

“Won’t you have a Pepsi?”

She opened the fridge, grabbed a can, and headed for the door.

“Spies Like Us, huh? We’re gonna get along just fine.”

The funny thing was I didn’t learn her name was Zoey until about a week later. I pieced her story together over the course of the first month of school from other people. She was at our school on a full-ride scholarship for volleyball. She was inherently smart, quick witted, and punchy. Her dry, sarcastic sense of humor complimented my personality quite well, but most guys in that dorm that I talked to couldn’t find many nice things to say about her. She didn’t fit the stereotypical mold for someone that beautiful. She was foul-mouthed and crass. Personally, I think it frustrated guys more than anything. They didn’t get her personality or sense of humor. But I did. And for whatever reason, she took to me. We had a pretty good friendship in the early stages. A-typical, yes, but she kept me on my toes. Our interactions weren’t deep and meaningful in the beginning. Rather they were short-lived quips and movie quotes, but it worked for us.

I can remember one interaction we had freshman year coming back from a party. Her beşevler escort and I usually didn’t drink too much, but we indulged that night. We were about halfway back to our dorm when she needed to stop because her shoes were bothering her feet, so we sat outside of one of the academic buildings shooting the shit. We talked about the year, the party, and our personal lives. It wasn’t until the end of the conversation that I knew she was something special.

“Josh, can I ask you a loaded question, and feel free to say no.”

She turned to me and took both of my hands in hers. Her big brown eyes melted my fucking heart. She could have told me she just got done keying my car and it wouldn’t have changed how I felt at that moment. We were deadlocked. I helped move the conversation along.

“Go for it,” I said.

She leaned in a bit.

“I could destroy an entire cheese pizza right now by myself,” she said as seductively as anyone could that sentence.

“That’s so hot,” I whispered.

“When we get back, will you eat half with me so I don’t feel like complete shit about myself in the morning?”

There was no doubt in my mind that I had feelings for her in that first year. And they grew with every interaction between us. Sophomore year came and went, and we remained good friends. If you asked me then, possibly best friends. And by the start of our junior year, I had a hard time seeing her as anything but my best friend. Those feelings that I developed my freshman year were buried deep. I didn’t want to complicate our friendship, nor did I get the vibe that things were mutual. I figured it was for the best that I didn’t do anything stupid that would compromise what we had.

Our friendship kept going strong throughout our junior year, but by the halfway point of our senior year, Zo’s personal life got a bit chaotic. Her father called towards the end of the semester to inform her that he’s “going away with a special friend” and wouldn’t be back for a few months. Zo was pretty hurt by this.

Scratch that.

Zo was pretty fucking pissed off about it. It was pretty clear she didn’t factor into his life right now, taking off on a trip around the world right before the holidays and all. We later found out it was some older woman with money. That certainly didn’t render any sympathy.

Exam time approached quickly and both of us were equally busy trying to get our shit together before the final push towards graduation. My exams finished up in mid-December, so I headed back to my uncle’s place until the day after Christmas. Him and his wife lived the snowbird lifestyle. They spent summers up north and winters in Naples. I checked in on their house every couple of weeks, collecting mail and shoveling when needed. That year, as a ‘thank you’ for keeping an eye on things, they invited me to spend 10 days at their beachfront condo while they cruised the Caribbean for New Years. I was exhausted and couldn’t think of any better way to recharge my batteries.

It was around noon on Christmas Eve when I texted Zoey to see how everything finished up at school. We chatted a bit before I asked her what she was up to for the holiday. It wasn’t until she sent me a picture of her off-campus apartment couch that I realized that her recent family troubles left her high and dry for the holidays. She didn’t always have the greatest relationship with her father, but she always had a plan for the holidays.

I was only a few hours from school and my flight out wasn’t until the 26th. I couldn’t let Zo fly solo on this one. I packed an overnight bag and my Florida luggage, tied up a few loose ends around the house, and took off back to school. About halfway through the drive, the weather started to pick up and made the second leg of my journey a nightmare. When I finally arrived, the sun was just setting and the snow was picking up in intensity.

I pulled into her complex to find just a few cars left in the parking lot, hers included. I grabbed the still-hot bag of Chinese food and bottles of wine on the seat next to me and took off into the elements. I knocked twice and the door opened.

“What the fuck is this?” She said, trying to hide her smile.

“It’s chicken and broccoli with fried rice. Now get the hell out of my way. It’s snowing like a son of a bitch out here.”

“That better not be merlot. I’m not drinking any fucking merlot.”

“Shut up and get plates.”

Over the course of the next several hours, we ate, drank, laughed, cried, made fun of one another, made fun of others, quoted movies, and laughed again. We ran the gamut of emotions as all good people should do during the holidays. I even convinced Zo to put up a few Christmas decorations to give her apartment a festive motif. I found the yule log channel on TV to complete the ensemble.

So there we were. Drinking moderately priced wine on her couch, watching the snowfall with a fake television fire crackling in the background. Not bad for spur of the moment.

As beypazarı escort the evening rolled into midnight and the wine all but gone, we both decided it was time to call it a night. I told Zoey I would clean up and headed to the kitchen to take care of things. She headed to her bedroom to turn in for the evening.

After the dishes, I headed to the second bedroom and set myself up. With the stressors of final exams over the past couple of weeks, I was looking forward to catching up on some much needed sleep. I stripped down to my underwear, threw on a clean t-shirt, and popped into bed.

“You need anything?”

I turned around from adjusting my pillows to see Zo in the doorway, and she was stunning. And no, it wasn’t the wine talking. Even in her simplest of moments, she had this sexy air about her. Her hair was back in a ponytail and her t-shirt was about a size too small accenting her toned midriff about an inch above her waist. Her black lace boy shorts hugged the curves of her beautiful back side. It took me a second too long to respond, but finally got something out.

“Maybe some water?” I fumbled.

“Your legs broken?” And with that, she rapped the door frame twice with her hand and headed down the hallway to her room. It took me a minute to bring myself back down to reality a bit. For as long as we had been friends and for as much as we shared with one another up to that point, we’d never shared that level of intimacy prior to that evening.

I peeled back the covers and headed down to the kitchen. I snagged a bottle of water and was headed back to my room when the snow outside caught my eye. I peered out the window, took in the beauty of mother nature, and admired the stillness and calm it presented. Deep down I knew I was the one that was going to have to shovel that shit in the morning, but in that moment it was pretty to look at.

I headed back down the hallway and as I rounded the corner into my room, I stopped dead in my tracks at the sight of Zoey, nestled cozy in my bed.

“I was cold and you have the better winter sheets.”

“Did you just say ‘winter sheets?'”

“Fuck off, Josh.”

“Perhaps it’s your clothing, or lack thereof?”

“Perhaps you should go get the bottle of wine we didn’t finish?”

I quickly about-faced and headed right back to the kitchen. I grabbed the bottle, headed back to the bedroom, and got under the covers with Zo.

“Should I light a fire?” She quipped.

“It’s probably best. It’ll get rid of the chill in the air.”

Zo turned on the small television on top of the dresser and quickly found the yule log. I took a long sip of malbec straight from the bottle and passed it to her. We didn’t really say anything to one another. We were just enjoying the moment and each other’s company. I took a few more chugs and she eventually polished off the bottle. My eyes were getting heavy and I kept dozing off here and there. Zo was awake. She positioned herself to where her head was resting on my chest along with her right hand. She laid there quietly while I bobbed in and out of consciousness.


“Yeah?” I asked groggily.

“Can I tell you something?”

“Do it.”

“Your cologne sucks. You should try something different.”

I smiled and continued fighting my rem cycle.

I’m not sure how long I had been out for, but I was suddenly startled awake. The winter sheets that we once shared were down towards my feet and my shirt slightly up past my midsection. Zo was still laying on my chest, however her hand moved from an idle position to a state of exploratory caress. She was running her fingers back and forth across my lower abdomen. She would go down to my waist and back up again. She alternated between index finger only, to index and middle finger combined. Thank Christ I wasn’t a ticklish person. It’s hard to explain, but the sensation of a fingertip touch was just as intoxicating as the malbec. She continued exploring, but moving further and further down my body. She ran her fingers over the waist of my boxer briefs, then worked her way back up to my abdomen. Slowly back down and back up again. I started to breathe a little bit heavier the further down she went.

As she caressed over my waist and down towards the base of my shaft, I felt like I had to say something.


“Yeah?” She asked as she slowly moved her head from my chest to lock eyes with mine. Those eyes. Those fucking eyes. I was literally speechless. The crackling of the fireplace in the background illuminated her face in the sexiest of ways. It was difficult to formulate words coherent enough to express my every emotion, so I did the best I could.

“Does this mean you’re not cold anymore?”

She smiled, then laid her head back down on my chest and started caressing the base of my shaft once again. She followed the outline of my cock down, then back up again in a circular motion. I began to react to her every caress. My breathing became heavy. ankara escort My cock began to slowly harden. She gently wrapped her fingers around my head, and then trickled them down my shaft, over and over again.

Zo lifted her head up once again, but instead of some smartass comment, instead of her getting up and leaving like I half expected her to because she’s Zoey and that’s what she does, she didn’t say anything. We locked eyes once again, and she leaned in and kissed me on the lips. Her lips we soft, and she kissed me more gently than anyone had ever kissed me before in my life. I was taken back. Not only by the kiss, but by her actions; her demeanor. I liked this side of her.

We continued to kiss slowly and softly. She moved her hands away from my cock, threw her right leg over my torso, and straddled my waist. We continued to passionately kiss. From time to time our tongues would briefly connect and Zo would let out a quiet moan, almost a whimper. She began to slide up and down my body as our making out picked up in intensity. The tip of my cock was ready to breakthrough my underwear. I could feel the tip of my penis pulsating. She began to slide down my body but only slightly. Just far enough to where she began teasing my head with her most intimate of parts. She would back up, caress my cock, then come forward again. The lace of her underwear couldn’t conceal how wet she had become over the past 10 minutes.

I was beginning to question my ability last much longer when she sat up abruptly and worked her shirt over he head. There was just enough light in the room for me to see Zo’s firm, natural breasts in front of my face. I grabbed her by the waist and moved her slowly towards me. I brought her close enough to me where I could run my tongue around her hardened nipples. Zo let out a long, drawn out gasp as I circled around the most tender parts of her. I teased, then gently took her breasts in my mouth. I could feel her wetness seeping through her underwear with each suck that I made.

Finally, she pulled away.

Without saying a word, she dismounted me and did a complete 180 on the bed. Her head was now between my legs and she quickly had my hardened cock in her hand through my underwear. She moved her hand around with more fervor using her other hand to caress my thigh.

As Zo continued to push the boundaries of my body, she slowly began to bring her ass towards my face. I could literally feel the warmth of her pussy and see how wet she was. I gently kissed the inside of her legs and the lacy fabric around her vagina. I heard her moan as she continued to tease my cock at the same time. She kissed the head of my cock through my boxer briefs, getting slight tastes of pre-cum through the fabric.

As she continued to caress me, I gently pulled the fabric of her boy shorts aside exposing her clean shaven sex. I leaned in slightly and ran my tongue across her vagina in the slowest, most methodical way possible.

“Jesus fucking Christ, Jay,” she panted.

I took that as a good sign and began to run my tongue all over. I paused for a brief moment and slipped her underwear off completely. I quickly brought her back to me and continued ravaging her pink, perfect sex. I inserted two fingers inside her while I slowly tongued her clit. I worked my fingers inside her as I focused on her most sensitive area. She kept losing her concentration on me, taking quick, concise breaths.

“Jay, if you don’t stop, I’m going to cum all over your face.”

I slowly worked her clit and inched my fingers back and forth inside her. I could hear the build-up in her voice that she was about to cum. She grabbed both of my hamstrings as she took a deep breath.

“Jay, I’m coming! Don’t fucking stop,” she exclaimed with all the passion in the world.

As she let out the loudest, most emphatic moan of the night, I could feel her pussy contract around my fingers. I could taste every ounce of cum that left her body in that moment of pure elation.

Zo dismounted me and laid to my left hand side trying to catch her breath. She breathed deep running her fingers up and down my thigh. Before I had a moment to process what just happened, Zo rolled over towards me, still half out of breath, and grabbed the waist of my boxer briefs. Without hesitation, she pulled them down just enough to expose my swollen cock on the verge of exploding. She wrapped her mouth around my head, only this time there was no caressing. No teasing. I watched Zo’s mouth move up and down my shaft with unmatched passion.

“Holy fuck, Zo.”

Further and further down she went, each time picking up a little more speed. I grabbed whatever I could dig my nails into that wasn’t her to try and make this last as long as possible, but my body gave way.

“I’m going to cum so fucking hard…”

Zo finished me off with her mouth and hand, perfectly timing each orgasm with an upward thrust of her palm. Each cumshot into her warm, inviting mouth was a headrush. I was seeing stars.

Zo slowly backed off. She grabbed the covers from the bottom of the bottom of the bed, pulled them up over the two of us, and collapsed in my chest. She wrapped her arm around my waist, still breathing much heavier than usual. I was still coming down from my high, trying to get my head on straight.

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