Zoya’s Massage Parlor: Caitlyn Ch. 02

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[Previously, Caitlyn had stumbled into Zoya’s Massage Parlor after having a very rough night at the strip club. Zoya’s ability to sense erotic desires discovered that this dancer wanted to be the owner of a well-trained futanari slave. She got her wish, and is trying out what it feels like to get fucked by a lovely obedient dickgirl!]

Caitlyn wiped cum from her eyes, wrung out her bright blue hair, and discarded the sticky gold robe. As Zoya, her dickgirl slave, stood before her panting from her orgasm, Caitlyn tasted the cum on her fingers and nonchalantly responded with a grunt and moan for Zoya to continue speaking. “Mmm-Hmm?”

“Mistress, my favorite place to cum is in your pussy,” she said, biting her pouty bottom lip. “It is so silky inside, and so tight. Nothing, not your throat or ass feels the same, not quite the same. Your ass comes close, but your pussy is warm, wet heaven for my dick.”

Zoya’s cock still twitched, wrapped in the fine gold chain that Caitlyn held loosely.

“In the ass? I’ve let you stick that huge schlong in my ass before?”

“Yessss… Yes lots of times.”

Caitlyn thought about this for a moment, then stood and walked toward Zoya. “It doesn’t hurt?”

“A little. But it’s a good hurt, you say, Mistress Caitlyn.”

Caitlyn thought about it and unwrapped the chain Zoya’s poor throbbing cock. Released from the pressure, the last spurt ran out into Caitlyn’s hand and she licked her palm just for the sweet honey taste. Caitlyn pointed downward, and the obedient slave knelt before her master. Caitlyn took her time wrapping the excess chain around Zoya’s throat, watching her swallow nervously as the cold metal tightened a bit. Once secure, Caitlyn pulled to test it’s choking ability. Zoya flinched, whimpered, but didn’t grasp at her strangling bonds.

Satisfied, Caitlyn got on the bed, on all fours, and stuck her round little bottom out for Zoya to see.

“Show me. But if it hurts too much, I’ll choke you until you pass out.”

“Y- yes mistress… anything you want Mistress Caitlyn…”

Caitlyn was shaking, but excited. She’d seen anal porn before, and she had wondered what was so good about it. This felt safer, like a dream, so perhaps that footlong dick would actually satisfy more than just her curiosity. She felt Zoya draw near, felt her slave’s hands on each buttcheek, then felt Zoya’s warm breath on her exposed anus. It made her shiver.

“Mistress, I shall prepare your ass for fucking like usual,” said Zoya. She could feel each word on her asshole, as if Zoya’s mouth were within licking distance of her ass. Caitlyn was about to ask what that meant when a warm, wet tongue was pressed against her ass and she felt her whole body melting with passion.

“Unnhh! Z- Zoya! Oohh!” She could barely form words as Zoya expertly french-kissed her ass. Her arms and legs were drained of strength, and she could only sink down to the cum-slippery silk sheets beneath her. Still, her ass was perky and pointed up for Zoya to access. Lots of hot saliva slathered her ass from Zoya’s perfect motions. Her tongue licked, wiggled a bit, then poked into her asshole with jabbing darts that made her whole body jerk and spasm. She gasped at each new technique, and groaned and made noises from deep inside her throat that she didn’t know were possible.

“You taste so nice, Mistress Caitlyn,” Zoya said, licking her lips and working more saliva for lubrication. “You’re almost ready.”

“Unn-huh?” Caitlyn was almost out of her mind. She was drooling shamelessly into the mess on the bed, gasping for air as her ass was tongue-fucked by her dickgirl slave. She grabbed handfuls of the bedsheets and gnawed on them to keep from crying out loud when Zoya put her lips on her asshole and sucked lightly. When Zoya then pressed her tongue deep– inches deep– into her core, she did cry a muffled cry into her hands and into the silk covers. It was too much! Zoya forced a slippery dose of drool straight into her ass, and the orgasmic warmth spread from there to every part of her pulsing body.

“Now, I will fuck you sweetly in your ass, Mistress Caitlyn!” Zoya said as she climbed onto the bed. She straddled her master’s thighs, leaned over her back, and aimed her footlong cock at Caitlyn’s rear. Caitlyn was too far gone to be afraid. She kept her ass raised at a perfect angle. Zoya’s hips bucked, and the wide, pink head of her dick easily slipped into her ass.

“AHH!! FUCK!” Caitlyn screamed, short punctuated sounds. “FUCK! EASY! SLOW!! UNGH!!”

“Ah! Y-yes mistress! M-may I cum when I’m ready?” Zoya whined her plea as she bore down on her master, leaning so her tits pressed onto Caitlyn’s back, raising her ass to start a slow rise-and-fall fucking motion.

“No! NO! Not until– UNGH!! FUCK!! I say so slave! That’s good! Fuck me! A little faster!”

Zoya pressed deeper, drilling into Caitlyn’s tight but well-lubricated ass until half of her cock was hilted. She had amazing control. A well-trained dickgirl slave like her would fuck and fuck and fuck until commanded to cum.

“N- now? Mistress? Ahh–!” Zoya’s cries were cut short as Caitlyn pulled hard on her chain, choking her firmly so she couldn’t speak and her face turned bright red.

“Shut the hell up and fuck me! Harder! I love it!”

Zoya pressed all the way down, all the way in, and Caitlyn screamed as loudly as she could. Zoya’s hips smashed into her little round bubble butt, and a foot of throbbing dickgirl meat was in her ass all at once. The lubrication of her slave’s saliva made it glide easily in. Caitlyn reached under her body, sliding a hand to her own wet pussy, and slipped a finger into her hot fleshy folds to find her clit.

“I said fuck me! Not lie there!” Caitlyn pulled harder on Zoya’s chain, so hard that Zoya’s open mouth was against her ear. Zoya started pumping her hips with little bunny-fucks. It was all she could manage as she was being throttled and held firmly down on her master’s back. Caitlyn released her and she took a full breath. But immediately she started a long-stroke hardcore anal fuck on Caitlyn’s butt.

It went on for several minutes. Caitlyn fingered herself through multiple quick orgasms as Zoya’s cries of pleasure got higher and higher. Zoya was clearly beyond the point of cumming, but would not make another mistake and blast her master’s ass full of her semen without permission. Caitlyn realized that she could keep this up– lying there fingering her own clit to greedy climax after climax– for hours as poor Zoya ached and whined for a chance to let loose.

“OH FUUUCK!” Caitlyn cried, having lost count of her orgasms. Now her pussy wanted to be filled. “ZOYA! STOP!”

Zoya froze, her cock nearly pulled out fully from Caitlyn’s quivering ass.

“Off! Oh god enough! Damn I’ve never been fucked that long before!”

Zoya couldn’t speak. She leaned back and her cock popped out of Caitlyn’s ass, wiggling and bouncing in the air. It was throbbing, covered in pulsing hard veins, and was blushing a red color like the rest of her body. Zoya held her hands near it, as if she wanted to jerk herself to orgasm. But without a nod from Caitlyn, she wouldn’t dare.

Caitlyn flipped over, throwing Zoya to the side. Zoya covered her face and whimpered behind her hands as Caitlyn lay there catching her breath.

“You really can’t get off without permission?”

Zoya shook her head no, sobbing pitifully.

“Does it hurt? Your cock?”

She nodded, still not uncovering her face.

“Zoya, is this a dream? It seems so real.”

“It- It’s as real as you need it to be… I’m your sex slave.”

“Is this like an illusion?”

Zoya nodded, then shook her head.

“Which is it?”

“M-Mistress Caitlyn, please… you’ll ruin the magic. Wh- what do you want me to fuck next? M- may I cum in your pussy? Have I done well?”

“My ass is sore, but…” Caitlyn paused. She wanted to ask Zoya more questions about this magic, but didn’t know how to make it make sense to her. “Yeah, well, it’s sore. You fucked me hard, but damn it did feel good! Now, I suppose you deserve something.”

“S- serving you is enough, Mistress Caitlyn. But I beg you to let me cum in your pussy.”

“I won’t get pregnant, will I?” Caitlyn said as she rose and straddled Zoya’s legs. That thick throbbing cock bobbed with each heartbeat from Zoya’s body. It’s slick wetness shone under the bright lights in the sex chamber. Caitlyn teasingly shifted her body so that her crotch pressed against the base, making her cock lay flat so that the head was tucked under Zoya’s impressive tits.

“No! No Mistress! Don’t worry! Not in this place! Never!” She uncovered her face and laid her hands timidly on Caitlyn’s smooth thighs.

“Okay, then.” Caitlyn leaned forward and slid up Zoya’s body until she could cradle Zoya’s face in her neck. This way, that massive cock was able to aim at her woman’s entrance. “Mmmm… I feel that big girly dick at my pussy. Now, you’re the slave, so you do all the work. I’ll just let you know when I’m done so you can get off. Okay?”

“Yes mistress!” Zoya said, then took her owner’s hips in each hand and pressed upward to drive her cock into Caitlyn’s pussy in one thrust!

“OH GOD!” Caitlyn gasped as the thrust made her buck forward. She cried out, “OH!” with each thrust, which came in rapid force. Twice each second her slave’s cock fucked in and out of her tight pussy, and Zoya squealed loudly into Caitlyn’s soft tits.

“OH FUCK! FUCK!FUCK!FUCK! CUMMING!” Caitlyn was already gushing her own clear, slick fluids that squished out as Zoya’s hips slapped her thighs. Her whole body bounced with the power of this slave-girl’s thrusts. Her screams reached a feverish volume and became a tight squeal as she started cumming a second time, right after the first orgasm ended. There was no time between; the fucking cock was just that strong, that powerful, and that stimulating to her whole pussy inside and out!

“MISTRESS!! MAY- I- CUM- NOW- PLEASEEEEEE!!” Zoya wailed as she fucked her master at an insane pace. She then managed to get one of Caitlyn’s bouncing nipples into her mouth and suck on it hard. That triggered a third- or fourth- orgasm that felt like a solar flare in her pussy! She didn’t answer, but instead smothered her slave against her tits, cutting off her air supply but ensuring that she was still getting fucked.

One powerful climax after another exploded deep inside her core, until Caitlyn realized she was about to pass out from holding her breath. Her vision had darkened and her head felt full of throbbing cotton.

“CUM ZOYA!” she said, the words exploding from her lips.

Zoya fucked as she gushed cum from her cock into Caitlyn’s pussy. She slowed her pace, but each powerful fuck-thrust was enough to lift Caitlyn from the bed. She screamed through it all, and her girl-semen squished and splashed in full-bodied torrents as it had nowhere to go.

“Zoya!?” Caitlyn called, noticing that she was almost swimming in cum on the bed. After almost a full minute of cumming, Zoya wasn’t finished! “Zoya! Enough! Jesus Christ!”

Caitlyn tried to get off of Zoya’s spasming body. Somehow, she made a mistake, and Zoya’s steel-hard cock suddenly got rammed back into her ass!

“OW FUCK! DAMMIT! ZOYA THAT HURT!” She shrieked, but couldn’t get away! She pulled on Zoya’s chain, choking the slave girl, but it didn’t stop her. She gurgled and hissed some air that seeped from her lungs through her tight throat, but Zoya’s hands held onto Caitlyn’s hips and pulled her down until her still-spraying cock was again hilted in her ass.

“STOP CUMMING! ZOYA! LET ME GO!” Caitlyn commanded, yelling at her top volume. She felt the cum pumping into her like a waterhose, like a firehose! This was impossible! It flooded her insides, making her feel full and warm. She pulled at Zoya’s hands, but couldn’t make her let go.

“Zoya! Let me go! My god, are you still cumming!?”

Zoya’s eyes were wide and her face beet red from being choked, but she still gushed pints of cum into Caitlyn’s body. It wasn’t coming out. All of it was being forced into her tummy one spurt of hot semen at a time.

Caitlyn then realized that she had wanted this. Nothing that happened was anything but her deepest desire. She had had dreams about this, late a night, about being fucked silly by a futanari, a shemale, or a dickgirl, one without balls but who could cum like a faucet. She wanted to be filled up so that her body was used like a condom. One of her boyfriends showed her a video once from Japan, a cartoon, that showed girls being filled with gallons of semen from a demoness who was hung like a horse. Although she had acted outraged, and broke up with the jerk, she had wondered what it would feel like. That was the first glimmer of this fetish inside her. It had slept until now, only present in her dreams.

Her stomach filled up like a balloon with water. Only this was thick, sweet cum from her slave. Caitlyn lay back on her elbows. Zoya wasn’t fucking anymore; she was just cumming in spurts and gasping for air. When her abdomen was filled, she felt it rising up her body, up her throat, her neck, and into her mouth until it ran from her lips. Somehow, she didn’t gag or choke, or even feel as though she were about to suffocate. It was a dream, after all, and she had just received the biggest climactic orgasm of her life. Her whole body felt the orgasm from her head to her toes, and its power was more than all the ones Zoya had given her combined. As she spewed cum from her mouth like a fountain, she blacked out.

“Caitlyn… you there hon?”


“Caitlyn sugah, time to wake up.”

She groaned and grabbed her stomach. It was back to normal. She was covered in sweat, and felt both tired and relaxed at the same time. Zoya Dazzle stood over her in that same red dress as she’d seen her the first time. A flock of glittering white lights, like fireflies, pulsed around her in a glowing aura of shine. The individual orbs flickered and pulsed in time with Caitlyn’s heartbeat.

“What the fuck?” she said slowly.

“Mmmm… exactly,” said Zoya. The older woman stretched and sighed, and the orbs of light all drew inward toward her tall frame. Zoya’s body absorbed them, and she seemed to relish the pleasure they gave her.

“It wasn’t real?” Caitlyn said with sad, windy breath.

“It was real enough, hon. You needed that almost as much as I did.”

Caitlyn sat up, then tried to stand, feeling off-balance and dizzy in a good way.

“Careful baby, don’t fall!” said Zoya. “I ain’t got insurance, you know.”


“There’s a cab waiting for you. I’ve already paid her to take you anywhere you want to go.”


Zoya snapped her fingers. “You’ll be all right by the time you get home.”

In a sexy, post-orgasmic daze, Caitlyn let Zoya lead her out into the musky and sweaty night air of New Orleans. A pink cab was waiting like Zoya had said.

“Goodnight sugah,” Zoya said as the car took Caitlyn back to her own reality.

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