Zoya’s Massage Parlor: Sophie Pt. 01

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On a quiet and salty hot night in New Orleans, a weary party goer might get lucky enough to find Zoya’s Massage Parlor. It’s deep in downtown, but no one can say exactly where. Only those who really need Zoya can find Zoya. It’s best to look where the cobblestone streets are the oldest, and narrowest. Look around beyond the popular crowds and well-known streets. Seek her in the back alleys on the fringes of the party district. Seek her, but know that Zoya herself is half-demon, half-human, and all mystery, smoke, and mirrors.

Sophie tapped the bar and got the attention of the young redhaired woman serving drinks. The server smiled at Sophie with full red lips and approached after straightening her dark green apron.

“What can I get you?” she asked.

“Straight bourbon on the rocks,” Sophie said, and added, “honey,” after an awkward pause. Sophie read the nametag, and added, “Skyla,” after yet another awkward pause.

Skyla looked at Sophie through a pretty face that darkened with the drought of a long night of tiring work. Sophie cringed, knowing that a pretty one like her probably got hit on by guys and girls all night long in a bar like this. Skyla had to be about 25. She was very sexy even though the apron covered her forward assets. She was the kind of young one that Sophie and her husband, Mitch, used to woo aggressively at the swingers clubs. The kind they would take home and share in endless nights of sloppy threesome sex. But that was ten years ago, a lifetime ago, and so much had changed. Her marriage was as empty as her sex life.

“Nothing else in it?” she asked, but didn’t reach for a glass yet.

“No, no I just want to get drunk,” Sophie answered, hoping that it would spark a conversation.

“I’ll need to see your ID,” she said.

“That’s funny. I’m old enough, can’t you tell?”

The bartender tilted her head and offered a look of exasperation, to which Sophie relented and dug her driver’s license- revealing her age to be 46- from her tiny purse. It was the purse her husband gave her three Christmases ago. It cost $900 on sale. She and Mitch hadn’t exchanged gifts since then.

Skyla wordlessly nodded and poured her drink, then went back to cleaning the bar. Of course she did. It was late, and Sophie wandered in here a half-hour before closing on a Thursday night. Poor little Skyla must be pretty pissed at this old married woman coming in to get drunk at the last minute. Sophie was once a bartender back in her twenties, before she married Mitch’s money. She used to hate it when some depressed middle-aged lout had spousal problems- male or female- and wanted to get soused and wanted to whine about it.

Sophie watched Skyla turn around and reach to the back of the shelf for something. She got a good view of that tight little ass in designer jeans. It would be nice to do another threesome, to have an eager tongue fucking her pussy while she slathered juicy love from her tongue onto a tasty thick dick, or into a sweet, sensitive ass.

Never mind, she thought to herself. Sophie had just locked eyes with her reflection in the bar mirror. The dim light of the bar didn’t hide her age totally. Still, she thought she looked pretty damned good for a Miss Missouri plus twenty-five years. She still had those nice cheekbones and well-formed lips. Her wavy-styled hair was two-tone caramel and chocolate brown with zero grey. Her body was still tight and flexible under that white silk shirt and black skirt. Sophie’s tits were all-natural and big. They grew steadily every year even though her waist stayed narrow and her tummy stayed flat with regular workouts at the gym.

Sophie crossed her legs, loving the feeling of the nylon pantyhose stretched across her firm thighs, and watched herself in the mirror as she raised the glass of whiskey to her lips. She tried to make it look sexy, and managed to turn herself on.

It didn’t matter. Someone like Skyla would never let Sophie touch her. She might as well get on with the business that brought her here- sucking down liquor until she couldn’t see straight and celebrating her twenty-third wedding anniversary alone and depressed, and sexually unfulfilled in every way a lusty woman like her could be. It would be the third such time in a row. She drank the bourbon all at once. Its caramel-fire heat coated her mouth and throat and sparked a flush of chills down her body and into her belly. As she shuddered and grunted, Sophie noticed that she wasn’t alone anymore at the bar.

“Hey sugah!” said a small, bright voice. It came from a youngster on the barstool next to her. Although ‘youngster’ meant somewhere around half her own age, Sophie thought. It was a short girl who couldn’t be more than twenty, with a small cute face and finely-formed features, dark eyes and a punkish, slanted hairstyle of black and red locks. She wore a black leather half-jacket and apparently nothing but a black leather bra underneath. She had on ripped fishnets and the shortest leather skirt possible without revealing her crotch to the nearly-empty bar.

“Hey sugah?” Sophie asked, speaking the words slowly and deliberately mocking the girl’s silly Southern drawl. “Are you speaking to me?” Sophie replied.

“Ain’t no one else here to talk to honey, ‘cept my sissy.”

“Except your what?” Sophie could feel the bourbon already making her groggy. It was difficult to follow simple sentences already. One thing she had to admit to herself- she could not tolerate straight whisky. This stuff seemed stronger than before. Two drinks like that and she’d be ready for a cab.

“Hon, it’s gonna be a looooong night if I hafta ‘splain everything to ya. My sissy… sister? We’re the only ones here, sugah.”

“Who? Wait- who’s your sister?” The room was already drawing outward, and that was the most coherent question Sophie could form.

“Me,” said a voice behind her. “I’m her sister.”

Sophie whirled around on the swiveling barstool and saw another girl behind her. This one’s face was identical, it seemed, to the first girl. But her hair was long and straight, and she had little makeup on. Still, the fine features were there, along with the same dark eyes. She wore a t-shirt with a swooping cloud pattern in dark blues and purples, and baggy blue-jeans low on her slender hips. Whereas the first girl with the makeup had a kinky, devious grin, this one smiled softly. The punk girl seemed only superficially interested, like Sophie was something to play with through friendly aggravation. The softer one behind her seemed more like a friend or relative, ready for comfort and sharing.

“Are you two old enough to be in here?” Sophie asked, finally thinking of a good question.

Both laughed in response, but didn’t answer.

“Do I know you? I mean, either of you? You’re um- twins I guess,” Sophie stammered, trying to focus on her memories.

“Nooooo–” said the girl behind her. “I’m Dazzle, and Zoya’s my sissy.”

“Sissy? How old are you?”

“Old enough for this,” said the punk girl, who leaned in suddenly and planted a wet kiss on Sophie’s lips. A hot tongue immediately invaded her mouth, causing Sophie to reflexively pull away. She almost fell, but was caught by the arms of the twin behind her. Sophie gasped as the girl’s hands reached around her body to firmly cup her breasts and prevent her from falling.

“Ahem… we’re 18 today, hon,” said the milder Dazzle, who still held her chest. “We just turned 18 this morning, and we just had ta find us a present. Let’s getcha to our place before someone hurts you. It’s dangerous in Nawlins at night.”

Sophie couldn’t help but nod and follow the girls out the door. She didn’t even remember paying for her drink. For some reason, this felt familiar, like when she and Mitch used to drink at swingers bars and wait until the youngest, hottest-looking thing came in alone so they could team up on her and take her back to the hotel room. Only now, it seemed that she was the pick-up. It was so fast that she didn’t have time to question it. Before she knew what was going on, she was dripping horny and being walked down an alley, high-heels clicking on the cobblestones, with a girl on each arm. Each one was about five feet tall, and the top of their heads came to the top of her shoulders.

“But wait a minute,” Sophie said, feeling their little hands roam down her back towards her ass. “You two are sisters? Do you just pick up strangers like this all the time?”

“You ask too many questions Sophie,” said the more stern-sounding Zoya on her right. The alley was dark except for a single light from an old and faded neon sign that read, ‘Zoya’s Massage Parlor’ in red and pink. “And we’re already here, and you’re too fucked up to drive, and you’re safer here with us than you’d be on your own, and any other questions you can just shut up about.”

“It’s better if you just go along and do what Zoya says, sweetie,” said Dazzle, hugging her close as they walked up the dusty wooden steps to the narrow massage shop. Zoya went ahead, and Dazzle lowered her head and snuggled to Sophie’s side. “Please? We just want to play a little.”

They entered a room that looked like a cheap motel. It was the kind that Mitch used to rent for their threesomes with random swing partners on weekends. A large bed in the middle waited for hardcore, shameless fucking and sucking like Sophie used to relish.

“You’re twins? This isn’t right, it’s too much like incest.”

But Zoya was already undressing. She threw off her jacket and whisked away that black bra to let out two perky tits with dark red nipples turned up like arrows. It made Sophie’s mouth water with anticipation. This girl was eighteen years old and had a body like a Miss Teen USA pageant winner. There she stood in a black skirt just barely long enough to cover that fantastic tight butt.

“Dazzle, git on the bed,” ordered Zoya as she took her time to run her fingers through her spiky red and black hair. Dazzle was already obeying when Zoya gave her next command. “On yer back, strip to the waist.”

“This has got to be some kind of… trick or gag or something?” as Sophie as Zoya walked behind her and placed her arms around her waist. There, she tugged at her silk blouse until it was free and loose, then literally ripped the buttons open and yanked it away. Before Zoya could complain about the cost of that top, Zoya cuddled her from behind and expertly slipped a hand into the waistline of her skirt. The fingertips wiggled down, deftly passed under her nylon pantyhose and then pressed lower toward her crotch. That hand quickly found her moist pussy and went to work.

“Ohhhh… What the hell are you doing? It’s been a long time, and I can’t stop now!” Sophie said, getting more turned on as she watched little Dazzle on the bed pull off her t-shirt and reveal her own small, firm tits. She lay there smiling sweetly and playing with her nipples only wearing those overly baggy and unladylike bluejeans.

Sophie could feel Zoya’s breathing between her shoulder blades. She felt those fingers slip into her pussy and roughly squeeze her clit. She felt Zoya slowly grinding her hips against her butt from behind. Something firm was pressing against her ass, down low, at the top of her thigh. Sophie imagined it was the girl’s hip bone since they were so lean and athletic.

“And you don’t want to stop do ya, sugah?” said Zoya. A little warm hand pulled at her bra and whisked it away, like it was meant to tear up and toss. Her heavy tits were free with their thick nipples. Zoya grabbed one and pinched the hell out of it, twisting hard. Sophie felt her knees buckle, leaving the sturdy little teenager in control of letting her fall or holding her up.

“No- no it’s just like I remembered! Only I n- never had two teen girls before. Much less, twins!”

“And you like yer nipples pulled too, don’cha Sophie?”

Sophie nodded, biting her lip and unable to take her eyes off of Dazzle’s gorgeous teen frame. The little lithe youngster rubbed her hands over the smooth, milky flesh of her tummy and played with her tits, gazing longingly into Sophie’s eyes.

“Well now yer gonna have a big surprise, sweetie pie,” said Zoya, pushing Sophie toward the bed. She couldn’t stop if she’d wanted to. This girl was in charge of her, and she had already submitted. It made her feel free, somehow, to submit. She was giving control of her body and her orgasm to someone else, and she no longer had to make any decisions.

When she got on the bed, Sophie stood on her knees at Dazzle’s writhing feet. The girl had kicked off her shoes earlier, and her bare feet with pink painted toenails gently tickled her thighs.

“You’re both very beautiful girls, but this is… this is… incest. You’re sisters!” complained Sophie with a weak tone saturated with lust. Zoya moaned like a bored roar of anger, then shoved Sophie on top of Dazzle’s legs. In a quick, simultaneous motion, her skirt was whipped away, and Zoya spanked her nylon-covered ass three times with passionate force.

“Shut the fuck up ’bout that! I fuck anyone I want to fuck. Just count yourself lucky I found ya, hon. Yer gonna cum ’till you pass out when we get to fucking ya.”

Sophie whimpered and nodded. Her nipples were pressing against the coarse fabric of Dazzle’s jeans, and her face hovered over the button that would open the teenage girl’s crotch. She licked her lips, ready to taste such a young pussy, wondering if it would taste as fresh and as sweet as she wanted it to be.

“Open them jeans with yer teeth, baby,” commanded Zoya. “I like watching that. It turns me on.”

Dazzle whimpered and squirmed underneath Sophie. “Come on, Sophie please just do what she says… I’m so hard, um– wet I mean!”

Sophie panted and grabbed the flap with her teeth and yanked to the side. It popped open easily, a button hole worn out by so much repeated use. The feeling gave Sophie satisfaction. Next, she nuzzled her nose into Dazzle’s fly and found the metal zipper, which she pulled down. It slid like an oiled machine, and Dazzle tensed her body underneath her and moaned with pleasure.

There was something under the fabric, something firm and large. Was the blistering hot teenage girl wearing a strap-on? Sophie’s spine crawled with anticipation, and when Zoya’s fingernails ran over the nylon of her thighs and buttocks, she started gnawing at the jeans that covered the bulge.

“Ohhh… Fuck what is that?” Sophie groaned, and felt fingernails gliding onto her asshole and her drenched pussy. Zoya’s nails stabbed the fabric and ripped it, then she split her pantyhose wide open to expose her whole crotch at once. “AHH!! OH GOD! YES! PLEASE!”

Zoya chuckled and started frigging her clit with her perfect fingernails. “Get in there and find that fucking cock, Sophie. You ain’t gittin’ shit from me if you don’t.”

With that, Zoya grabbed both of Sophie’s wrists and pulled them tightly behind her back. It was rough, and a little painful, but it turned her on just a little more to be so rough handled by a spunky teen full of attitude. This had never happened before. No youngster had ever been so forceful with her, so commanding, and so eager to make her suck on a strapon dildo.

Next, she felt her wrists being bound by something… plastic, flexible but not stretchy… a zip tie? ‘

,’ she thought.

She panted, felt herself starting to drool shamelessly onto Dazzle’s jeans. The air on her exposed crotch made her shiver even though it was hot air and her loins were on fire.

“Damn baby!” said Zoya, laughing a little. “You’re fucking wet as a sloppy Na’wlins hooker after Mardi Gras! And I ain’t even cum in ya yet! We gonna have us a good time, now that y’all tied up. I can get my cock out and start fucking the shit out of ya!”

Sophie didn’t fully understand. She was too dizzy and swamped with lust. Panting and wet with drool, she swished her face back and forth across that bulge in Dazzle’s jeans, slowly opening the fly to where she could bite again and pull at the fabric. Dazzle yelped, squeaked and cooed every time Sophie’s face pressed against that thick hard lump.

“Oh Jesus, it must be a footlong dildo!” Sophie cried, barely able to enunciate the words with her lips smeared into the opening of Dazzle’s jeans. She didn’t see the mess she was making of her makeup. She also didn’t see any harness to hold a dildo on her teenage lover’s waist. There was a cute pink lace panty that was saturated with her saliva. Something was stretching the fabric very tight, pressing it up like a mound. There was no hair whatsoever on the petite teen’s pubic area.

Zoya and Dazzle both laughed hysterically as Sophie dove on the girl’s jeans with her lips and teeth, pulling so hard she thought she’d damage her jaw, or lose a tooth. Instead, Dazzle wiggled her hips and the pants suddenly came down like magic.

A thick meaty pole of girl cock swung upward, freed from the denim bonds, and thumped into her throat like a soft punch. It made her cough. It was throbbing against her neck when she gasped and looked down.

“Fourteen inches, sugah pie!” said Zoya, firmly grabbing her ass with both hands so that those nails dug into her flesh. She used her thumbs to spread open her pussy from behind. “My sissy’s got a fourteen inch dick, and I got one even bigger…”

“What the…” cried Sophie, but didn’t have the chance to finish it. A cock that felt like a baseball bat had just been shoved into her pussy. As wet and ready as she was, it went in easy, all at once, down to the hilt with a soft

for a sound. Sophie’s eyes almost leaped out of their sockets, as if they were making room for that dick inside her. She threw her head back and made a noiseless shriek. When Zoya grabbed her hair and pulled nearly hard enough to rip it out, in that instant, she came, and her eyes rolled back in her head as she smiled, unable to breathe. Zoya held her suspended over her sister’s cock until her climax started to subside.

“Wah! We gotta fast cummer here Sissy!” said Zoya, still not fucking, but sitting there admiring the married woman’s nice ass and pussy skewered by her monster cock. Sixteen inches were planted there, throbbing deep in her wet hole. “She cums hard, too. Feel all that energy? All that mana she’s leaking? We’ll get enough to last all month, cause I’ll bet she can cum a hundred times.”

Sophie let the compressed air explode from her lungs, and Zoya dropped her face right on Dazzle’s cock. Dazzle, still underneath Sophie, bit her bottom lip as she wiggled out of her jeans.

“Hahaa! Make ‘er suck you,” said the dominant twin dickgirl. “I wanna watch her gag.”

“Sophie! Come on, come on, please snap out of it and suck me…” Dazzle spread her legs and took the older woman’s head in her hands. “I wanna cum, too.”

She aimed Sophie’s panting mouth straight at the head of her cock and let her do the rest. Her sucking lips automatically slipped around Dazzle’s cock head, causing the little teen with the big dick to buck upward with excitement. It opened her jaw wide enough for two dicks, smashed her tongue down flat, and impacted the back of her throat. Instantly, she jerked back from reflex. She pulled at the zip tie on her wrists. It had been a long time since she’d sucked one– a long time since she was tied up and forced to suck one like this, but never had any of them been this big and hard.

“Ah!” piped the little Dazzle as her cock spurted a tablespoon of precum into the warm, wet depths of her throat. “She’s lubed, sis! I lubed her!”

“Goooood…” groaned Zoya as she leaned forward and put one hand on the nape of Sophie’s neck, and the other on the back of her head. There, she pushed down, slowly applying more steady force.

Sophie gagged and choked as the gargantuan member was forced against the back of her throat, then down deeper into it. Dazzle’s precum made Sophie’s gullet ever the more slippery. She could deepthroat, but it had been forever, and this cock was impossible to imagine. Inch by inch disappeared into her mouth. Her cheeks puffed with each cough or gag, her eyes rolled back again, and drool flowed from her lips down Dazzle’s smooth shaft. It stretched her throat, threatened to unhinge her jaw. Drool slimed out of her nose, and she felt like she was losing her grip on reality, the world, and her own body. Her wrists hurt as she twisted against the plastic bonds still holding her arms behind her back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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