Zoya’s Massage Parlor: Sophie Pt. 02

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“FUCKING TAKE ALL OF IT!” screamed Zoya. Dazzle hollered and thrust up as her sister used all of her strength, and Sophie came again. The older woman felt like her body was ruptured and the two massive cocks were meeting somewhere in the middle. She gushed juice from her pussy and quivered as her vision blurred. Her head felt immense pressure from deep inside her body where those cocks were.

“She’s cumming again!” cried Dazzle, who started bucking her hips up into Sophie’s mouth. “More! Please! She’s cumming and cumming more! Ahhh!” Dazzle managed to ram the last inch of her cock in so that Sophie’s chin was against her balls.

Sophie came several times before she was allowed to breathe again. It was several orgasms in waves, one right after the other, each lasting about five hammering heartbeats in duration, and each making her feel like she was going to scream for joy.

“Gahhhhhh!!” Sophie exclaimed as both sisters allowed her to pull the meatpole out of her throat. Gooey lines of drool slopped out of her mouth, draped like strands of thread from her lips to that fat cockhead. Shuddering, she coughed and panted to get lungfuls of much-needed, glorious air.

“Damn her pussy feels good! She’s been fucked a lot, but she’s still tight!” Zoya started moving her hips back and forth just a little. A few inches of her arm-thick cock pumping in and out of her stretched kitty.

“That’s ’cause you’re so huge, Sissy,” said Dazzle, writhing underneath the older woman. “Her boobs feel good on my slippery dick. Can I titfuck her?”

“Maybe… but I’m gonna wear this pussy out first!” Zoya started fucking harder, moving about half her cock in and out. Sophie, blissfully used like a slut, relished the feeling of having her body trashed and fully reamed. Zoya’s hips slammed her butt repeatedly, and Sophie’s pussy made louder squishing noises as her juices flowed freely. Her tits rocked back and forth on the thick wet girldick of Dazzle.

“Damn, wet bitch! Hahaha! Sweet! She’s like a fucking waterfall, Sissy. Get under her and lick us both. Sixty-nine with ‘er! I can watch that way.”

Sophie regained some of her senses as the more timid futanari underneath her changed positions. Zoya lifted her by the hair again, still impaled on that horsedick in her pussy, and allowed Dazzle to get her face under both of their crotches. Her fourteen-inch dick bobbed in Sophie’s face. Then, she felt Dazzle’s tongue on her tightly-stretched pussy lips.

“Oohhhh… that’s nice…” she cooed. Looking down, and no longer straining against the zip tie around her wrists, she swallowed hard at the cock aimed at her face. “You’re- transgend-”

“Not exactly,” Zoya said, releasing her to fall face-first onto Dazzle’s cock. The shaft was tucked neatly between her full tits. “We’re futanari, but ya prolly ain’t gotta clue what that is. Show her yer pussy, Dazzle.”

While still licking and sucking her stuffed, drenched pussy, Dazzle nodded. The motion made her lips press against Sophie’s thick clit. Then, Dazzle obediently raised her hips and spread her legs. At the same time, she cupped her large balls to lift them and reveal a small, pink pussy, glistening with sweet juices and visibly pulsing with lust. Her pussy lips parted slightly to reveal a cute little button clit and a tight vagina.

“Oh my God! That’s amazing! F- fuck!” cried Sophie as Zoya started fuck-pummeling her pussy again. Between the licking-sucking action and Zoya’s fierce thrusts, she was already cumming again and showering Dazzle’s open mouth with her womanly cum.

Grunting as she thrusted, Zoya said, “I knew you loved being fucked like a slut, like a street hooker. I know what a bitch like you needs. You wanna be used up like a toy, fucked silly, spanked and pinched and forced to gag on cock!”

“MMMM! YES!” Sophie cried, sobbing and cumming with one consecutive orgasm after another. “FUCK ME! USE MY PUSSY!”

Zoya paused her fucking and pulled out long enough to check on what her sister was doing underneath them. The dirty submissive twin was aggressively attacking Sophie’s clit with her lips, sucking and pulling on it. She giggled and wiggled her tongue across Sophie’s pussy lips and got rewarded by another squirt as the older woman came again.

“Didn’t I tell you she’s the one?” Zoya asked, but Dazzle had her mouth full of cumming pussy. Zoya took a moment to lift Sophie’s head- again by the hair- as she used her other hand to orient her twin sister’s cock at their fucktoy’s open, gasping mouth. “You’re ‘sposed to suck on this, worthless piece ‘o ass!”

Sophie already had her tongue extended fully and her mouth open wide and ready for the invading teenage futa cock. She inhaled, sucking, gulping, working her jaw and her throat like an expert to allow it to slide all the way down until she was nose-to-balls with Dazzle’s scrotum. It felt good this time, so filling and stretching, and her gag reflex set her off with another gushing wet orgasm as she tried to puke the cock back out of her gullet. Dazzle screamed into the fountain of juice that flowed from her pussy and started to throat fuck Sophie slowly and smoothly.

“No no no…” said Zoya. “Now I’m gonna fuck you for real, bitch!”

Zoya let Dazzle take over from underneath. Her twin sister grabbed Sophie’s head with both hands the way a lover would grab a girl’s ass when fucking for one goal: a fast, explosive cum. Zoya then started hammering her from behind, letting her large, slippery balls bash into Dazzle’s face with each thrust. “Bet I… cum first… Sissy… unh!” Zoya grunted as she fucked harder and faster.

Both twins fucked her this way for a half-hour, one in her mouth, the other in her pussy, until Sophie lost all sense of what she was. It was bliss for her, and she didn’t have enough sense to wonder what this was doing to her body. She forgot to breathe. She climaxed constantly. The pain of stinging slaps on her ass made her jump and yelp and scream around the cock in her mouth. Every time she opened her eyes, she saw Dazzle’s futaballs slapping her in the face and buffeting her nose with drool.

She had no way of knowing which girl came first, but as they did, she became aware that they were both screaming and pumping their cum into her body from both ends. Zoya pressed her weight down as her cock jetted the contents of her balls into her stretching, swelling womb. Dazzle’s fingers held her head like a steel harness, pressing her balls to Sophie’s face so hard that she could feel the girl’s cum-filled scrotum pulsing against her nose and cheeks. Her belly swelled with the volume of futa-semen being forced into her abdomen. It was so unreal, she passed out and lost the world in the biggest, most volcanic orgasm of her long life.

[to be continued… I’m thinking of a double-anal scene with these two because this milf is just so responsive to pleasure that Zoya won’t be ready to send her home just yet!]

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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