1950s-60s Boylust, pt.2

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In part one I told a bit about my early years in a small, country town. This picks up my story.

I’ll tell next how I did finally learn about jacking off, or I should say, about having my first orgasm, because it wasn’t by the usual hand method. It was totally by accident and definitely not one of the more common ways to discover it.

I had not yet had an orgasm, but it was fun and felt good. Not only did I like all the more active play, with our dicks, butts and all, but I also liked just feeling a friend’s smooth body against mine, so much like my own or sometimes different but being about the same ages we were all more alike I guess. Being that close to another boy, especially a close buddy, just made me feel good inside, warm and happy and content I guess. We usually slept naked and often we would wake up with our legs tangled up and start wrestling each other, maybe trying for the best spot in the bed. Being naked, we could touch everywhere and that usually led to sex play, grabbing each others dicks and playing with them, squeezing, but not too hard, and with some boys I did mutual sucking.

And sometimes in the night we might just be snuggling, but not in some mushy way (as we might have said) like our big sisters with their dates or whatever. But rather in that drowsy, half-asleep way, and it felt better to press up against another warm boy body than to lay apart. This was, I think, a different thing from our sex play and more instinct than intentional, but I remember the deep satisfaction and contentment of it. It happened mostly with my best buddies and not that many. We would have been embarrassed to talk about anything like this, and I doubt any of us thought much about it after we woke up and started our busy day. But we had no such qualms about the purely physical sex play. Yeah, we kept it secret from others but between ourselves it was very much part of our daily lives. We even sometimes talked about what one of us did with another boy and if we should try it too.

In those early years, it was always between just two boys at a time, at least with me and all the boys I knew and did it with. Later, after puberty, I did it two or three times with a couple of boys, twins in fact, but that’s a whole story in itself, so I may tell about it another time. Another time, also after puberty, I did it with 3 boys, and mostly we just watched each other jack off, to see each other shoot off. But it wasn’t the kind of close contact and stuff that we did with just two of us together. I don’t know exactly why but I think in part it was because there was a kind of trust, like an unspoken pact, between two of us when we did it, and that’s hard to have with more than two. Also, along with the sexual excitement and feeling, it was two boys giving each other full attention, that was important too. At that age, and even more in teenage years, boys can be insecure and self-conscious and crave the attention of another boy, or girl, an adult or anyone.

But no one except another boy is in a position to give so much: attention and camaraderie, and to be allowed time alone together, with some privacy, when they can explore so much more. But with more than two, even with boys the same age and friends, there can be competition or jealousy and it’s different. So maybe this is one reason. Whatever the case, two boys together Büyükesat Escort can have such a great time, exploring their bodies and just being boys together; I can think of nothing more natural and I’m sure glad I had the opportunities that I did

I still haven’t told what I intended: my discovery of orgasm. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was on a baseball team, in the league right before Little League, and we practiced at a field right down the street from my house, so I walked back and forth. I used to come home after practice and my mom usually wanted me to take a bath (we didn’t have a shower at the time). I didn’t mind because it gave me the perfect chance to get naked and play with myself, and to try different ways to masturbate. Up to that point I still didn’t know how to use my hand to get an orgasm and hadn’t had one, didn’t even know what it was, but I got lots of pleasure anyway. I liked my whole naked body, not just my dick, although it was the center for sure.

So, I came home one day after baseball practice and my folks were going out, leaving my older sister to stay there with me. But she wanted to go somewhere as soon as they left and I told her I would be fine and wouldn’t tell on her. I never did and she knew I wouldn’t. So I was alone in the house and I always liked that. This time I got into my folks closet looking for a book. I knew they had some medical type books that showed naked bodies and stuff, not anything much, but it was to me, as I was excited by almost anything to do with sex. I still recall being really excited by those art books with old paintings of naked people, of women’s breasts with big nipples and especially one that had several large prints of paintings with men naked in battle. Some weren’t so good but I remember one I looked at every chance I had. It had a young Roman soldier with a muscular but slim body standing naked with only a sword belt and helmet. It didn’t show his dick but his back and his lean hard butt. I guess I was always turned on by butts, especially if they were like his, and like some of my buddies.

Anyway, I didn’t find the medical book but I got the art book and was looking at that picture of the soldier, which gave me an instant erection and I was bouncing it on my palm. All of a sudden I looked down and saw something on the bottom shelf. It was a vibrator, not a sex toy but a regular one for massaging muscles, etc. I knew my folks had it, they didn’t hide it and used it for a sore neck and all. I had never thought anything about it and probably wouldn’t then, except I was already aroused and masturbating, in my own way. So I put the book down and got the vibrator. It was one of those small ones, just a handle with a flat rubber disk-shaped part that you pressed to the body. Well I messed around trying it on different places. Of course I fairly quickly put it on my dick but it was too intense. I saw I had it on high so turned it on low and tried again, putting it on the top side, behind the head of my dick and just pressing lightly. It felt amazing! I got harder than I ever had I think.

My dick began standing straight up against my body, so stiff that when I tried to pull it down it sorta hurt, so I had to move the vibrator and put it against the underside of my dick. Good god!! I’ll never Beşevler Escort forget that! Immediately it felt better than anything I had ever felt and within about 2 or 3 minutes I had my first orgasm! It happened fast but not like a jolt… it was like it built slowly, starting as soon as I put the vibrator against the underside of my already hard boy dick. Absolutely nothing could have made me move it away after I put it there and it built until an amazing warmth flowed all through me, especially in my tummy… and then my knees went totally weak when it reached the most intense point; and then eased off, again slowly, at least it seemed so. I felt like I was suspended in time or something.

Well I was never the same since. So this was the start of a whole new dimension of sexual feeling for me. I still did all the usual stuff with my friends but now I knew there was a lot more to it. Eventually I showed some of them my discovery but it wasn’t easy because I couldn’t take the vibrator out of the house and even when a boy spent the night with me I couldn’t always get it. It was a lot easier to find stolen moments to use it when I was at home without company, even with my folks there, and I often did it when I took a bath. But I did get it and show it to a few buddies and it became like a special treat on those occasions. In fact this is how I finally learned how to jack off by hand.

One boy that stayed over was a new friend from church and a year older than me. We got to messing around naked and I told him about ‘the feeling’, and told him the vibrator was the only way I knew to get it. He said he already knew about it, and had been having it but not with a vibrator. I was skeptical but he said he found out by watching his older brother. He had hidden in the closet to play a trick on him but before he could jump out he saw his brother feeling of himself through his shorts, so he waited and watched. He said his brother pulled his pants off and his dick sprang out really big and hard, and he took it in his hand and started ‘rubbing it’. I asked my friend to show me, so he did.

He was already stiff and he took his dick between his thumb and 2 fingers and pushed up and down. After just a few minutes he took my hand, palm down, and put it flat on the end of his dick, like over the slit, and showed me how to rub it around the way he liked, just kind of lightly making contact. So I did it while he jacked up and down. He sorta made a sound as soon as I touched it. While I slid my palm around he jerked and then really quick he said, ” I’m feelin it… I’m feelin it…” as he tensed up and then relaxed all over. I knew just what he felt… it’s what I called “the feeling” for lack of knowing any other term. I don’t recall having even heard the word ‘orgasm’ at that age. I was 9 and he was 10 and neither of us were into puberty, so he didn’t ejaculate, but I felt a little wetness on my palm as he got more excited and then came; it wasn’t sperm I don’t think but something, just a little wetness there. Then he said “see”. I sure did.

So I had him do it to me and then I took over jacking while he brushed his palm across the tip of my dick head. It took me awhile to get it right and find the rhythm, and he took over jacking me a couple of times, and then I got it just right and Cebeci Escort finally, yeah… that warm tingle deep in my tummy started and it happened, first time doing it by hand. Actually it didn’t quite feel as good right away as it did with the vibrator, I think because but I didn’t have as much practice, but I really liked the whole thing even better. I liked to see my dick in my hand, plus I could control it better… plus no need to plug something in. Best of all I could do it anywhere, anytime, almost. So I soon learned to get ‘the feeling’ this way just as good and began experimenting even more, and I hardly ever did the vibrator again, except occasionally I did.

Well, this is a little about my earliest years but I continued to mess around as I got older. This is getting long so I’ll tell about just one more adventure: about the first time I saw a boy shoot cum, well I didn’t see it but felt it. I still wasn’t into puberty, but was just about to start, and now was in Jr. High School. I didn’t know this boy too well but used to see him at school and thought about him too. He was good at sports and I had sort of a crush on him I guess. He had some hair on his legs and that turned me on a lot. It surprised me one day when he asked me to go do something after school and we just hung out, went to a swimming pool and stuff. Then on the weekend he said why don’t we spend the night and boy was I excited. I knew by then he liked me and was horny as hell too, because when we were changing into our trunks at the pool, all of a sudden he said, ‘look at that thing” and I turned around and saw he had his trunks half-way down and was swinging his dick back and forth. It was hard, not huge but a good size. I wanted to play with it right there but didn’t.

Anyway, on the weekend I had him stay over. My room was a kind of attic and I had a lot of privacy. Well, he was eager to mess around, like I was, and as soon as we went up for the night, right away he said let’s jack-off. When he took off his underwear I saw he had a small patch of black hair above his dick. I already knew he had hair on his legs, black like on his head, and for some reason at that age I was into leg hair and envied boys that had it, because I was totally smooth, no hair at all. And I liked boys with black hair a lot, still do, maybe because I am fair.

Anyway, we beat our own dicks awhile until we were hard as hell and then he reached over and took mine, at the same time he pulled my hand & put it on his dick. We did each other for awhile and then he asked if I wanted to try fucking. I said yeah but that I wasn’t sure how. He seemed to know what he was doing and he turned me over on my stomach, then reached around to play with my dick while he rubbed against me from behind. Then he started to slide his hard dick along my butt-crack, then under and against my balls and between my thighs. Turned out he didn’t know how to really do it either, not to penetrate that is. I was squeezing my legs and thighs together around his dick and he started breathing really hard and loud. I felt him raise up for a second and then, all of a sudden I felt something warm and sticky all over my butt. I didn’t know exactly what had happened, and he just collapsed on me and rubbed his hard body against me, all in his cum. I asked what happened and he said, ‘well, I just shot off all over your little butt’. For some reason that got me so excited, when he said that. With only a few jerks I came, while he held my balls.

Well, this got pretty long and I only told a little bit. I may post more about my experiences as I got older and things got even more interesting.

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