2 Couples and Me

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It was a beautiful warm Saturday afternoon. I decided to laze by the pool to get a tan. After about an hour I was joined by an older women dressed in a skimpy white bikini; she had a very nice body. She sat down beside me, and after a few minutes introduced herself while she rubbed her body down with sunscreen. She said her name was Wendy and her and her husband had just moved in to the complex. We chatted for an hour or two while getting a tan before she said she had to go, as she was having friends over for dinner and had to prepare. As she got up and gathered her things I couldn’t keep my eyes off her gorgeous body. Before she left she asked if my husband and I were free and would like to join then for dinner. I told Wendy I had never married, I was single, but would love to join them.

That afternoon back at the room, I picked out a nice summer dress to wear. I took a shower, did my hair and makeup and around 6pm I headed off. I knocked on the door and was greeted by Wendy. As she invited me in I handed her a bottle of wine I had brought with me. Once inside Wendy introduced me to her husband Barry.

“Nice to meet you Toni, I’m Barry.”

Both Wendy and Barry were in their late 50s, and were both very attractive for their age. We headed out to the balcony where Wendy introduced me to their friends Chrissy and Jack. Chrissy and Jack were around the same age as Wendy and Barry and were also very attractive.

We sat around eating and drinking and getting to know each other. Both couples had been friends for a few years and spend most vacations travelling together. I could tell both couples were very close.

“So you are not married?” Asked Barry.

“No I’m single. I enjoy my fun” I replied.

“We love our fun also, but I think our fun might scare you.” Wendy replied with a laugh.

“I doubt your fun would come close to scaring me.” I replied as I looked at Wendy with a smile.

“We met Wendy and Barry at a couple’s night.” Said Chrissy.

“You mean partner swapping. Swinging?” I replied.

“Yes. Does that bother you?” Said Chrissy with a smile.

“Hell no. That’s a turn on. I think what I get up to would scare you.” I replied.

“Please tell.” Said Barry

I looked at the four of them and thought where do I start.

“Well I’ve been with multiple men and woman. I love being the centre of attention and especially with men and women older than me.”

“Gangbang. Nice. ” Said Barry with excitement on his face.

“So what’s the most you’ve been with.?” Asked Jack.

“If I told you thirty older men, would that scare you.?”

“Hell no. I’m jealous.” Said Wendy.

After a few hours of chatting and drinking, we decided to head inside. I sat on the couch where I was joined by Barry.

“So Toni. You up for joining us for some fun tonight?” Barry asked.

“What have you got in mind?” I asked with a smile on my face.

Barry moved closer next to me on the couch and put his hand on my leg. He moved in close and we started kissing as his hand ran up my thigh. I could feel my pussy getting wet. I slowly spread my legs apart as Barry slid his hand up further. We stopped kissing and I looked over at Chrissy, Jack and Wendy on the other couch watching us as Jack removed his pants. His cock stood erect and hard and was very big. Wendy got up off the couch and came over and sat on the other side of me. We started kissing as she ran her hand up my thigh until she found my wet pussy.

“You’re nice and wet.” Wendy commented.

Barry got up off the couch and removed his cloths before joining Chrissy and Jack. Chrissy stood up and removed her cloths and knelt down on the floor in front of Barry and Jack. She took turns taking each cock in her mouth sucking. Both guys enjoying their subayevleri escort cocks being sucked watched Wendy exploring my body. Wendy stood up and stripped off her cloths and knelt down in front of me. She slid my dress up and pulled my panties to the side and started licking my wet pussy. I pulled my legs up spreading them wide giving Wendy more access. Her tongue explored every part of my pussy, tasting my wetness. I looked over at Chrissy still sucking Barry and Jack, and could tell the guys were enjoying it by their facial expressions. Watching the three of them sent me over the edge, as I was ready to cum. I grabbed Wendy’s hair and press her mouth harder in to my pussy.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” I screamed.

I closed my eyes and my body shook as Wendy continued licking my pussy, tasting my cum. My body started to relax as I leaned back in to the couch. I opened my eyes to see Chrissy, Jack and Barry watching.

“Does she taste good?” Asked Chrissy.

“Mmm she tastes very good. ” Replied Wendy.

“Why don’t you come and taste her for yourself?”

Chrissy got up and came over as Wendy got up and headed over to Barry and Jack. She straddled Jack’s cock taking him all the way inside her pussy. She took hold of Barry’s cock and stroked him as she continued to ride Jack. Chrissy knelt down between my legs and started tasting my pussy.

“Mmm you do taste good.”

After a few minutes I got up and helped Chrissy up off her knees and guided her on to the couch. I knelt down between her legs and started licking her very wet pussy. She moaned as my tongue teased her softly.

“That feels so good. Don’t stop” Chrissy said between her moans.

I slid a finger inside her pussy while I continued licking her. Her moans became louder as my finger slid in and out of her.

“Oh God Toni, you are going to make me cum.”

I could feel her body start to tense as she started to moan. I could tell Chrissy was close. She laid her head back as her body started to shake and she continued to moan.

“Yes, yes, yes, oh God I’m cumming.”

I continued to finger Chrissy until her body collapsed back in the couch. I gently licked her pussy tasting her cum from her very wet pussy.

I looked over at Wendy riding Jack’s cock. Jack had both hands on Wendy’s breast, and I could tell she was enjoying his cock inside her.

“Why don’t you come over here and ride this old cock Toni?” Barry asked.

Immediately I got up and walked over to Barry, and mounted his hard cock. He felt so good.

“Are you enjoying yourself Toni?” Wendy asked as she looked at me riding her husband’s cock.

“Oh hell yes.” I Replied.

Wendy looked over at Chrissy lying on the couch rubbing her pussy. She got up off Jack’s cock and went over and knelt down between her legs. Chrissy spread her legs further, as Wendy moved in close ready to taste her pussy. I continued riding Barry, enjoying his cock deep inside me.

“You like that Toni?” Barry asked as I let out a moan.

“God yes. You feel so good.” I replied.

“Honey I want to see both your cocks inside her.” Requested Chrissy.

“Oh god yes, then Fuck my arse.” I requested.

Jack got up off the couch and stood behind me. I lay my body on Barry’s chest, ready to have my pussy filled. Jack pressed his hard cock against my pussy, and I could feel the head of his cock slowly enter as he spread my pussy apart.

“Oh god yes, yes, that feels so good.”

I looked around as both Barry and Jack were working their cocks deep inside me. Chrissy and Wendy were in a 69 position on the couch. I could tell both women were enjoying the other’s tongue teasing their pussy. It was getting me so turned on, and I was ready to cum. yenidoğan escort I bucked my hips harder taking both cocks deeper.

“Oh Fuck yeah. I’m going to cum. God I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” I said as I let out a loud moan.

Both guys continued fucking me harder until I collapsed on Barry. Jack pulled his cock out and sat down on the couch.

“My turn honey. Ride my hard cock.” Said Jack.

I slowly slid Barry’s hard cock out of my wet pussy and stood up. I still had my dress on so I slid the straps past my shoulders dropping my dress to the floor before unclipping my bra and revealing my completely naked body.

“Wow you are gorgeous.” Commented Wendy.

I looked at Wendy with a smile. I mounted Jack and slid his hard cock inside my wet pussy, taking him deep. Barry stood stroking his cock before moving behind pressing his hard cock into my arse. I felt the head of his cock spreading me apart before sliding inside me.

“I’m cumming, don’t stop.”

I looked around as Wendy sat up. Chrissy’s tongue continued licking Wendy’s pussy as her body shook cumming all over her lips. Both girls got up off the couch. Chrissy lay on the floor and Wendy lay down between her legs, licking her pussy.

I continued enjoying both cocks inside me. Bucking my hips, I could feel each cock deep inside.

“That feel good?” asked Jack.

“God yes. Fuck me harder.”

Both guys continued fucking me nice and hard. After a few minutes Jack slid his cock out of my arse and helped me up off Barry’s cock. He guided me over to Wendy and Chrissy, where I lay on the floor. Wendy and Chrissy lay one each side of me and both sucked my nipples as they fingered my wet pussy. I looked over at Barry and Jack watching their wives explore my body, as they sat on the couch stroking their cocks.

After a few minutes of Chrissy and Wendy exploring my body., I got up on knees and positioned myself on top of Wendy in a 69 position, with both of us now tasting each other’s pussy. I noticed Chrissy get up and I realised she had moved behind me as I felt her tongue teasing my arse. Now with a tongue teasing each hole it felt amazing, and I was ready to cum. I lifted my head watching Jack and Barry stroking their cocks as my body was over come by pleasure.

“God don’t stop, I’m cumming.” I said as I let out a moan.

My body shook and I could feel Wendy’s tongue exploring my pussy tasting my cum.

Barry got up off the couch and stood up. He stood stroking his cock as Chrissy got up. He moved behind me, and I felt the head of his hard cock press against my arse. I let out a moan as his cock slowly slid inside me.

“Oh yes fuck her arse.” Said Wendy as she continued licking my pussy.

Barry fucked my arse for a good five minutes before he pulled his cock out. I moved onto the floor and lay on my back near Chrissy. I grabbed Chrissy’s hand and guiding her, sat her wet pussy on my face. I worked her pussy hard with my tongue tasting her wetness. She lay on top of me in a 69 position as I spread my legs giving her tongue access to my pussy. Jack got up off the couch and moved behind Chrissy.

“Want to watch my cock Fuck her pussy Toni?” Jack asked.

“God yes.” I replied.

I watched the head of his cock spread her pussy apart then slide in nice and slow. As my tongue continued to work her pussy I could feel Jack’s cock sliding along my tongue as his balls slapped against her wet pussy.

Chrissy continued licking my pussy and I felt her slide her finger inside me. Being fucked by Chrissy’s fingers and tongue and watching Jack’s cock fuck Chrissy, I was ready to cum. I felt my body tense before I let out a gasp.

“Yes,yes, I’m cumming.” I screamed as my body shook.

I yenimahalle escort felt my pussy cum all over Chrissy’s fingers as she continued licking my pussy.

I lay catching my breath as Jack slid his cock out of Chrissy’s pussy and pressed it against her arse. Chrissy raised her head as she let out a loud moan. I continued licking her pussy and it wasn’t long before she was ready to cum.

“Harder, harder,. Fuck my arse.” Chrissy screamed.

All of a sudden her body trembled over and over as she came hard.

“God your pussy tastes good.” I commented as Jack continued fucking her arse.

I looked over at Wendy on her knees sucking Barry’s hard cock as he watched on.

After a few minutes Jack pulled his cock out and stood up. I got up from under Chrissy and sat on the couch, leaving her on her knees.

“Your turn to fuck her arse Barry.” Jack said as he made his way to the couch.

Barry knelt behind Chrissy and slowly slid his cock in her arse.

“Oh god that feels good.” Chrissy moaned.

Sitting on the couch, I started rubbing my pussy. Wendy knelt down between my legs, and with both hands I spread my pussy apart allowing her tongue to taste all of me. I looked at Jack watching and his cock was very hard. He knelt behind Wendy ready to fuck her as he pressed his cock In tointo her arse.

“Oh god yes. Fuck my arse. That feels so good.” Said Wendy.

I watched on as both ladies had a cock in their arse. Wendy continued to eat my pussy and I was so turned on ready to cum again. I ran my hands through Wendy’s hair and pulled her mouth in close. Her tongue started working my pussy harder and faster, as my body started to shake.

“Yes, yes, yes. I’m going to cum again.” I screamed.

The orgasm was intense and felt amazing. Wendy continued licking my pussy tasting, my cum.

Jack pulled his cock out of Wendy’s arse and stood up. Wendy took me by the hand and pulled me down to the floor where we kissed. Not long after, Chrissy joined us and both ladies took turns sharing my lips before both got up and sat on the couch.

“God you look so beautiful Toni. You boys should give her all your cum.” Said Chrissy.

“Give it to me.” I replied.

Both Jack and Barry got on their knees, and one at a time fucked my mouth with their cocks. I could feel Barry’s cock in my mouth getting hard as he pulled it out and started stroking.

“I’m cumming. Taste it baby Taste it.” Barry said as he stroked his cock.

I opened my mouth as he shot his warm cum over my face. I could taste his cum in my mouth as I licked my lips and swallowed. I turned my head towards Jack and took his cock deep in my mouth.

“That looks so good. Suck him Toni.” Said Wendy.

I continued sucking Jack’s hard cock and I knew it wasn’t going to be long before he came.

“I’m going to cum.” Jack moaned as he pulled his cock out of my mouth and started stroking.

“Cum all over her honey. Give it to her.” Said Chrissy.

I opened my mouth with my tongue out ready to taste his cum. Stroking his cock, he exploded and his warm cum shot all over my face and in my mouth. I licked my lips taking in as much cum as I could before swallowing.

I lay on the floor with my legs apart watching Chrissy and Wendy rubbing their pussy ready to cum.

“Oh god Toni. You look gorgeous covered in all that cum.” Said Chrissy ready to cum.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” She screamed as her back arched and her legs shook.

As she relaxed, Wendy arched her back.

“Yes, yes, god yes.” Wendy moaned.

Her body trembled over and over as she came. Both ladies lay back into the couch as they relaxed catching their breath.

“That was amazing. Hope you enjoyed yourself Toni.” Said Wendy.

“I did very much. We should do this more often.” I replied.

“Honey you’re always welcome over now we are neighbours.” Said Barry.

I got up and collected my cloths and headed to the bathroom to freshen up. I rejoined everybody a few minutes later, before saying my goodbyes and walking back to my apartment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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