2 Faces of Sam … My Baby Girl

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Note: This autobiographical story contains a lot of hot, sexual texting. I have decided, in the interest of readability, to clean up the text, rather to leave it as it was written. I have not changed the meaning or the passion in any way.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been drawn to young attractive women with confidence, curiosity, and initiative. Women that knew what they wanted and were determined to get it. The frustration was that I had a crush on almost every woman I ever supervised, mentored … would often wonder what it would be like to transfer my passion for their personal success to a physical relationship where the passion I felt for them knew no bounds.

Recently I discovered a popular fetish called Daddy/little girl. While there are many styles of “Daddy” … the one that appealed to me the most was called Gentle Daddy. This Daddy’s focus is his little girl, her protection, her training, her future; essentially her success and happiness in life.

This was also my goal for every young woman that I mentored throughout my life. So, the Daddy role came natural to me. There was, of course, that added advantage that the way the little girl thanks her Daddy is to meet all of his needs in the best way she can; it is important to state that she is not meeting these needs out of a sense of obligation, she is meeting them because she “loves” her Daddy and wants to please him in every way possible.

So, once I discovered this new type of relationship, the question was, “How do I find my little girl?”

I knew of one possible source, fetlife, the community where I discovered the Daddy/little girl relationship. In addition, I decided to add a post to Craig’s List.

Do You Need a Daddy?

You are a little girl (25-55, HWP, DDF, attractive, of any race) who wants a Daddy in her life, A Daddy who is older (6′ 2″, 190, DDF, white and very handsome) …

A Daddy who will believe in her, Who will help her become all that she can become. …

A Daddy to be her teacher and mentor. As she makes her way in the world, Daddy will be there to answer her questions, calm her fears, make her insecurities go away, and give her sound advice based on Daddy’s years of experience.

Sexually, Daddy will take her to places she’s never been, never experienced. Daddy will never tire of giving her the ultimate in pleasure and she will reciprocate.

If this interests you, put “Let’s Talk, Daddy” in the Subject Line of your response.

I had forgotten to mention that I was married.

Sam responded and stated that it seemed that I was just what she was looking for, a wonderful “older” man who would be there for her; meet all of her needs, while she met mine. She included a picture of an attractive Hispanic woman with dark hair and dark eyes, who appeared to be in her late 30s or early 40s.

I replied that I’d love to meet her, but that I had forgotten to mention in the post that I was married. I hoped that wouldn’t be a problem for her.

Sam answered back that it did. That she had promised herself that she would never be involved with a married man. With that, she wrote a sad goodbye.

I gave her my phone number and told her to text me if she changed her mind.

A week later, I received a text that she had reconsidered and was willing to give it a try. … “If you have not found anyone.

I texted back that I hadn’t and would love to get to know her better. I reminded her about the Daddy/little girl thing and she said she’d been drawn to that idea, that she’d love to call me Daddy and that it was exciting to be my sweet baby girl.

At this point, we began to text furiously, with each text getting hotter and hotter.

Daddy – wish I could be in bed with you right now so you could play with my pussy. Daddy, tell me what you want from me and what you want me to do to you that would please you.

Daddy would love to be in bed with you sweet baby. Cuddled up real close, skin-on-skin, your leg wrapped around mine, your pussy grinding into my thigh, you hand lightly stroking Silly ( that’s my name for my cock, baby), your head on my chest. We’ve just finished passionate love making … You climaxed three times … And you drift off to dreamland and sweet, sweet dreams of me pleasuring you.

Ahhhh Daddy. … I can hardly wait for you to fuck me and suck on my sweet, pretty breasts and finger me and eat … suck my pussy out.

Daddy you turn your little girl on so easily you make me feel so much pleasure and you make me cum multiple times. My pussy is so wet for you daddy. Xxx ahhh … my pussy can hardly wait for you to penetrate my teenage pussy that you are the first to get to fuck me daddy because you’re my only real daddy. …

I know my pussy belongs to your rock hard cock going in and out of my very wet pussy, daddy. Ahhhh … Daddy!

Daddy loves you to tell me what you want me to do to you, my sweet little baby; my sexy little teenager. I love hearing that you want Silly Escort Esenyurt to go in and out if your sweet pussy that you can’t wait for me to lick kiss, and suck your beautiful breasts.

Yes daddy I love for you to suck and lick and kiss my pussy and feel my hot breasts.

What does Daddy love?

Daddy has a clothes fetish, baby. Daddy wants to see you all dressed up; in shorts; jeans; tank tops; blouses; skirts … Thigh high stockings, knee highs, AND SILKY PANTIES AND SILKY BRA .., for Daddy you will always wear panties and a bra.

I want Silly to be anxious to go into my sweet Mexican wet pussy, Daddy!

Daddy loves: Oral … To eat your sweet pussy. Sit on my face, 69, and then to roll you over and I fuck you until you scream in pleasure

To kiss my neck while you are on top with Silly deep inside of you moving slowly in and out; to play with your tits, squeezing them while you are riding Silly with total abandonment

I love to do those things to my Daddy because he loves to fuck me and he knows how to make me groan with pleasure.

I promise … Sweet baby, that Daddy will take you to levels of sexual pleasure that you never knew existed.

Only he can make me so wet because he knows what to do to me to make me cum and cum ohhh Daddy fuck me soon!

Because what Daddy wants most is for you to scream with pleasure and to beg Daddy to take you there again and again.


Yes baby … When you think of your Daddy … You will always get horny and want me to fuck you … you will want to suck on silly and make Daddy happy.

Yes Daddy, I have to work now but thinking about how you are going to fuck your little girl so she won’t want anyone else to fuck her but you.

My pussy only wants you to fuck me daddy.

Yes sweet baby … you make your daddy very happy

Daddy, please suck my breasts long & hard!

Oh baby … Yesssss mmmmmm …While you’re riding Silly I will suck your breasts long and hard.

Later, after she was finished working, we were able to arrange to have dinner together the next Tuesday night. We planned to meet at a nice, reasonably priced, eating place on the North side of town. I, according to habit, arrived about a half hour early and waited for her on the outside patio. Although we had never met before, we did have each other’s pictures and I easily recognized her as she walked to the restaurant from the parking lot.

I was delighted to see that Sam’s body type was very acceptable. She was about 5’6″ and looked to weigh about 115, with dark brown hair and eyes; I judged she was in her early 40s. I found her to be very attractive.

As I approached her, she noticed me and, with my body language encouragement, gave me a very tentative hug. We went into the restaurant, we’re guided to our seats, and began the process of having dinner. During dinner we spent most of the time getting to know each other, but … to my disappointment … she showed none of the passion I had experienced in her chats.

At one point, she said, “After reading about your Daddy/little girl needs, I was afraid I would be too old for you.”

“What makes you say that? You’re a good 20 years younger than me and that’s perfect for Daddy/little girl.”

“How old to you think I am?”

“Well, I’d say as young as 38, no older than 45.”

“I’m 55.”

“You’re how old?”


“Wow … you sure don’t look a day over 40 … regardless, for me you’d make a perfect little girl. And, I would take good care of you, be there for you as much as I could, be the best Daddy for you.”

She replied, “That all sounds so very good, but, you know, because I mentioned this earlier, that I’m very uncomfortable with the idea of having a relationship with a married man. I’m really not sure I can do this.”

“I can understand that you might have a problem. You know, Sam, the decision is yours. I find you to be very attractive and I would love to be with you. … But, I’d only be comfortable if you wanted to be … were comfortable being with me.”

“I don’t know … I’m going to have to think about this.”

We finished our dinner and then I walked her to her car, where she gave me that same tentative hug that she’d given me earlier. I watched her drive away and said goodbye to her in my mind … I was sure that I would never hear from her again.

Two days later, I received a text from her stating that she thought she wanted to give it a try. That she found me to be very good looking and thought our love making would be very sensual. We discussed a time to get together and it looked like we’d have to wait till the next Tuesday night … my normal night out to partake of my hobby, karaoke singing.

Then my wife mentioned that she would be gone all day on Saturday celebrating the birthday of a good Etiler escort friend.

I texted Sam back, told her Saturday had opened up and asked her if she was free.

She said she was and couldn’t wait to be with me.

On Saturday, I picked her up and she asked if we could pick up some prescriptions that were ready for her. I told her I’d be glad to help out in that way. Then I asked how she was feeling … because the passion that I’d hoped for still wasn’t there. She was glad to hold my hand as we drove, but she was focused on how wrong it was to have a relationship with a married man. … She was not calling me Daddy and I was not comfortable calling her my sweet baby girl.

As the conversation progressed, she agreed to my renting a room at a motel and giving it a chance … “Let’s see what happens.”

I gave her hand a squeeze.

I found a nice clean and neat motel and we entered the room … both of us a bit tentative.

I shut the door, and reached out to her, she turned to meet me … then she was in my arms and we were kissing with all the passion that I had sensed from her texts; our mouths wide open, tongues thrusting, caressing, playing with each other’s tongue. I hugged her tight and said, “Whose your Daddy?

“You’re my Daddy! She whispered passionately in my ear. Daddy I want you to fuck me … please Daddy!”

We quickly stripped out of our clothes, I glanced at the clock and it was almost 2.

She laid down on the bed and I laid next to her. I fondled her breast and kissed her again. Earlier she’d told me that we might need some lub … so I had bought some. … But, now as I kissed her, fondled her breast and then moved to caress her pussy, I found she was dripping with pussy juices. I put my finger inside, she moaned, as it slipped in easily … I said, “I don’t think we needed the lub.”

She smiled and kissed me even harder than before.

At this point … moving from moment to moment purely on instinct … I knew that I had to taste those sweet pussy juices, so I got off the bed, stood up, and spread her legs wide so I could see that beautiful Hispanic pussy in all its glory. Then I dove in and buried my face as deep as I could, tasting those sweet juices, licking and sucking those pussy lips with even more passion than I had kissed her before. Then I put a finger inside of her searching for the special place … that place that’s a bit rough … finding it and stroking it while I continued to suck and lick and kiss her sweet pussy.

She moaned and moaned again. Then I heard her whisper … “Daddy, please fuck me … Daddy fuck me now … Please Daddy, I want to feel Silly deep inside of me.”

I moved up and gave her a big wet kiss, sharing her pussy juice with her. She licked and sucked my mouth wanting to taste what I’d been tasting. As I moved up, Silly of his own accord found his way into her pussy, as I thrusted forward Sam moaned loudly pulled me tightly against her and kissed me as deep, as hard, and as passionate as I’m sure is possible.

As I moved in and out she kept whispering, “Fuck me Daddy, fuck me real good. Oh Daddy, you fuck me so good. I promise Daddy, I won’t let any of the boys at school fuck me … I only want to be fucked by my Daaaaaaaddy!” Then she screamed and wrapped her legs around me and pulled me tight against her.

I waited until she went limp. And then I began to fuck her some more.

She moaned and whispered, “Oh Daddy, you fuck me so good … always fuck me Daddy.”

We kept at it, as I would push in and then pull out again, she’d grab my head and kiss me as hard as I’ve ever been kissed. I marveled that my lips weren’t black and blue the next day.

I don’t know how long we fucked, but it seemed like it was forever. At one point she asked me to put my legs on the outside of hers then we rocked forward and backward while she locked her legs holding my cock tight within her.

Shortly after that I rolled off of her … my energy spent for the moment. She cuddled next to me, threw her leg over mine and told me how much she loved her Daddy and how good her Daddy made her feel. Then she asked me, “What can I do to make Daddy feel real good?”

“Baby, Daddy does feel real good, Daddy loves to fuck you. … But, you could grab the lub, put a bit on Silly and stroke him while to lie next to me and hug me tight. Baby, your Daddy loves long, wet kisses and tight hugs.

Baby grabbed the lub put some on Silly and then stroked him while she hugged me tight, skin-on-skin, her breasts against the side of my chest.

It didn’t take even a minute before Silly was standing up straight again and baby didn’t hesitate, she immediately straddled me, slid Silly into her very wet pussy and began fucking me. I grabbed her breasts and massaged them, she began kissing me … that same hard, passionate kiss that told me she loved what we were doing, loved what it felt like to be fucking me.

Her movements were slow Eyüp escort bayan and deliberate moving back and forth, I could feel Silly slide in and out of her as I laid there not moving at all just feeling how it felt to have her in charge, fucking me, wanting to fuck me.

Then she whispered, “Fuck me Daddy.”

And I moved my legs up to gain some support and I began to thrust my cock into her, pull it out , and then thrust it back in again, over and over. I whispered, “Kiss my neck, Baby … I love it when my neck is kissed.”

And she obliged, kissing, licking and sucking my neck, while she moaned deeply with every thrust of my cock. Then I felt her cunt tighten and she let out a little scream, a shiver went through her body and then she collapsed on me, her mouth on my mouth, kissing me deeply, as her climax ended.

Sam rolled off of me, and laid on her back breathing deeply … I hugged her tightly began sucking her breast and playing softly with her pussy. She hugged me back and then climbed back on me, slipped Silly in and began to fuck me slowly, taking her time. She whispered, “Hold me tight Daddy.”

So I put my arms around her and hugged tightly with Silly inside as she slowly rocked back and forth. I am not sure how long we stayed like that. But, at one point she said, “Do you want your little girl to sit on your face Daddy?”

“Yes, baby, I want that very much.”

She straddled me facing my feet and settled down on my face. I was devouring her pussy once again … and I mean devouring it as she made sure that she was pushing it hard against my mouth and face. All the while she was stroking my cock. I put my finger inside again searching for that special place. When I found it she moaned and settled down even more.

After a bit, I said, “Baby, let me show you another way you can sit on my face.” And I had her turn around so that she was facing the wall and again she settled her pussy down, but this time I could see her … her beautiful breasts and her face filled with passion. I reached up and played with her breasts and she threw her head back and reveled in the feelings that my mouth, tongue, and lips were causing in her pussy.

Then she looked down at me and smiled, I smiled back and said, “I want you to remember forever this moment in time. This moment when you’re sitting on my face and I’m looking up at you.”

“I will Daddy, I will remember it forever. … Daddy, will you fuck again? Daddy, please fuck me.”

“Okay Baby.” And she moved off of me and laid on her back with her legs spread wide.

I entered her and began fucking her again … relishing the passion that she was expressing … the joy and pleasure she felt with me on top of her, thrusting my cock in and out of her pussy. We kissed, we moaned, we hugged, we were one, as close as two people could ever be … lost in the feelings that we were sharing.

Finally, I rolled off of her again … my energy spent. She snuggled up to me and began stroking my cock. Silly seemed to say, “You may have spent your energy, but I’ve got plenty left.” He stood up straight and Sam straddled me again and began fucking me.

I said, “Baby, whenever I get tired, you should just stroke Silly, he will quickly rise to the occasion and you can then climb on him and fuck him as long as you like.”

“I will Daddy, whenever I want to fuck Silly, I will stroke him and he will let me know that I can fuck him again. I love to fuck Silly, Daddy.”

After awhile she rolled off and I had her attain the spoon position, instead of cuddling. It seemed she’d never done that before, but she caught on very quickly and soon I was fucking her from behind and she was telling me how great it felt.

We stayed like that for a long time, experiencing the feelings of Silly inside of her, me kissing her neck with passion and my hands playing with her breasts. By now, we were both getting a little tired and I wondered what time it was.

“No Daddy, don’t leave me Daddy … please Daddy keep fucking me. You are the best Daddy in the world, nobody fucks me like my Daddy.”

“But baby, it’s getting late and I thought you had something going tonight.”

“No Daddy, I don’t want to leave you.”

“Let’s just see what time it is Baby.” And, I grabbed my iPhone and checked … it was 10 after 5 … we’d been fucking nonstop for over three hours. … that hadn’t happened for over a decade … “Baby, it’s after five, I think we both need to get going.”

“Okay Daddy.” She sadly responded.

It was hard leaving each other … I drove her back to her car, the whole way she was quiet, not talking; she seemed to be thinking furiously. Arriving at her car we did another tentative hug, and I was reminded of the night we had dinner … and she was gone.

Whatever lay ahead, I’d just experienced one of the best afternoons of my life.

The next morning, on a hope and a prayer, I texted her.”

Good morning! My Sweet Baby, I miss you.

Then, my prayers were answered.

Thank you for yesterday Daddy. You helped your little girl feel so good Daddy. I think you could tell how much I need you. I can’t wait to see you Daddy Tuesday night so you can do those things to me again. I hope you’re saving yourself to take care of your baby?

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