Month: October 2018


I NEVER KNEW WHAT COMING hOME 2wks early of HALLOWEEN dressed like DOLLY PARTON was going to do to my life. First I never knew my wife Lisa was having a MARY KAY party that day. I would have never walked into that dressed the way I was. My wife was furious she hid it

Interviewing… Belinda and Emily

Interviewing… Belinda and Emily Author: Bonercreator69 As it had been for all the versions of the show, the first episode of The Truth Behind the Women of TV had been very successful, the episode watched by millions of people. Luckily for me, no-one knew about the after-show events that had occurred and so the memory

Two couples play games on a camping trip

Al and I were on a softball team several years back and we became good friends. We both liked working on cars and roughing it. It was a few years before our schedules and our wives’ all allowed us to set up a rafting trip together. (Al’s wife Deedee is a teacher, so that part

My GF gang bang-2

For the ones catching up late, do read my earlier story.So as decided, my friends had set up a few cameras in the hotel room which I imagined resembled the set up of a porn shooting.I put the pen drive into the laptop and started the file named “The Whore”. From here onwards I’ll describe

My GF gang bang-1

Roshni (name changed), is a busty slut. Her vital stats are to die for; 36-32-38. She has had sex with many of her fuck buddies but never before had she gone for a groupsex. So the other day I was reading a very dirty story on how a woman was turned into a slut by

My GF gang bang-3

Hi, so I continue from where we left last time. For a quick recap, Roshni had hot sex with a few of my friends when I was waiting outside a hotel like a pimp who had left her girlfriend to get fucked like a whore. After returning to the hotel, we saw the video clip

Sex With Mom And Her BFF Zoya Part 2

Later in the evening, my dad arrived. My parents and Zoya aunty had wine and biriyani cooked by expert Zoya aunty. I wasn’t allowed to drink then, so I had food and went to bed. All the while I was waiting for sexy Zoya to join me. I had switched off the light so that

Sex With Mom And Her BFF Zoya Part 1

This erotic story is between my mom’s Muslim BFF Zoya and me that took place during my 12th standard. I was a virgin then and an average student with a big 6″ cock. Coming to Zoya aunty, she is married but her hubby and daughter were settled in the US for her daughter’s education. So

The Camera Club

It turned out to be quite a night. Not at all what I was expecting as I drove to the station to pick up the young lady who was going to be our photo model for the evening. It was not the same model we had had on previous occasions, we had been informed that

Gangbang Ambush

Fucking car, costs me a fortune as the drive with the flat to the garage. Can’t afford kwikfit, 2 weeks till payday, so you decide to go Jed, and you’ve met Jed before in the Kings Arms. He pounded you sore and loved fucking you so much he promised a cheap deal if you ever
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