30 Days

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I shut the door on my parents; they had just left after a 30 day hiatus at my condo. Thank God they were gone. I certainly love my parents but I was in desperate need of private time with my boyfriend, and my girlfriend. Neither of them had I seen because I didn’t want to have to discuss either of them with my parents. I walked over to the phone and dialed Lizzie’s number, she answered on the second ring. Of course she was happy to hear from me and said she would be over in an hour or so. I flashed the phone and waited for the dial tone, dialing my boyfriend he too answered quickly, I invited him over knowing he wouldn’t be over till he got off work.

I walked to my room and pulled out a pair of black lacy panties, and a t-shirt that was lite and see through, sexy I thought. I took a shower, and shaved my legs, I ran water in the tub, and put the stopper in the drain. I lay back in the tub, and lathered my pussy up. Taking the razor I spread my legs and rested them on the sides of the tub. Running the razor back over my pussy lips until they were nice and smooth. I spread my lips apart and shaved along the edge and just on the inside until there was nothing left but a nice slick little pussy. I got out of the tub toweled off, and got dressed. I brushed out my long dark hair, and heard a knock at the door. I walked to the living room, looking out the side window I saw Liz, I felt an instant throbbing in my pussy. I opened the door, standing behind it since I was barely dressed. She walked in, and smiled when she saw me. Her arms went around my waist as I kissed her deeply on the lips my tongue parting her lush lips in search of her hot tongue. I could barely get her in and the door closed when she had my shirt up and her hot thick lips were on my tits, sucking, and kissing. Her teeth clamped around my hard nipples and she nibbled on first my right tit then my left. I felt my breath get stuck in my throat as my hands clamped on to her ass as I hung on. She walked me backwards to an arm chair. She shoved me down, and pulled my panties off. She moaned when she saw my fresh slick little pussy, she spread my legs and her mouth was instantly around my little pussy. She put her entire mouth over my mound and that probing tongue found its way between my slit into my cunt.

My body arched in response to the consistent licking of her tongue on my clit, my inner lips into my pussy hole and back to my clit. The rhythm was almost earth shattering for me, when I felt her fingers slide into my pussy. First she slid in two fingers then three, she banged my pussy hard and fast, I was close to cuming as I watched her fingers sliding in and out of my bare little pussy. As my legs stiffened a shower of cum sprayed from my hot little snatch all over her tits, and her face. She smiled widely rather than letting me stop, she proceeded to shove another finger into my cunt, she then slid in her thumb, I had all of her fingers into my pussy. I watched as my pussy stretched further than I knew was possible. My outer and inner lips hugged her fingers as she slid in and out slowly at first and then faster and faster. I could feel my climax mounting again, as I felt my pussy give and suck in the rest of her hand. I looked between my legs and was surprised to find her entire hand put to her wrist inside my sweet little puss. I moaned loudly as she shoved more and more inside of me, as I felt another huge orgasm leave me, she was again covered I squirted all over her once again, in her face and all over her tits, dripping off of her nipples that were hard. She pulled her hand out, as I looked down at my gapping snatch it was still opened up wide and looked wonderful. Her tongue and lips went into the big hole she had created. Immediately I came again, I rose up from the chair and kissed her on the lips, the neck down to her tits. She had nice round tits, with hard brown nipples that stood at attention nicely. I loved to look at her naked she was so sexy. I moved my hands up and down her body ensuring that I kneaded her ass as I worked my way down.

She stood and we walked into my bedroom, as I entered my bedroom, she was already splayed out on my bed. I reached into my bedside table and pulled out a huge strap on that I had. I saved this just to fuck her on special occasions. I strapped it around my waist and adjusted the big dick to hang off my shaved little pussy. I climbed up on the bed and moved up to her mouth. I put the big hard dildo into her mouth fucking her mouth making her suck more and more of it into her hot throat. She gagged and tried to shake her head free of the hard cock, I was relentless, i fucked her throat thrusting again and again until her eyes watered, and her face was red. As I pulled the hard cock out of her mouth she was panting hard. I moved back down between her legs. I was far from gentle with her, I just wanted to fuck. I hadn’t fucked anyone for 30 days with my visitors and damn I was going to get it all today if I had to fuck for hours until I collapsed. I slid the big purple strap on into her little pussy. She didn’t shave as I did the hair was thick and red, curly and sweet smelling. I parted her lips and slid the head of the big cock into her. She moaned, with the next shove I was completely into her cunt. She inhaled sharply, I knew it hurt her because she was always very right. She had never been fucked gaziantep escort by a guy before, she was tight and hot, and extremely slick and wet. I set the rhythm fucking her harder and faster, she hung onto my hips and pulled me further and further as she came.

I became aware of someone standing behind me. As I watched her reach orgasm I became aware of a presence over my shoulder, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her beautiful pussy filled with my purple cock. As she rocked I turned around to find my boyfriend standing behind me watching, I didn’t know what to say. As I turned further around I found he had his cock in his hand stroking it slowly. My eyes went to his, he smiled at me, and I motioned with my head to come to the bed. Liz still had her eyes closed and was breathing hard. I eased the cock out of her pussy, as my boyfriend replaced me. I instructed her to keep her eyes shut I had a surprise for her. She did as she was told. I pinched her hard nipples between my fingers roughly she moaned again as he slid his cock into her cunt, he had moved it in and out three or four times, before she realized it wasn’t me that was fucking her. Her eyes flew open before she could protest I shoved my right tit into her mouth. She tried to get away from me, but I was relentless. My fella was even more brutal, he knew that Liz had never been with a guy, he was not moving gently or slow, he fucked her. He drove his hard cock all the way up to his balls over and over into her virgin little pussy. She had stopped fighting and was sucking my tit, I put my thumb on her clit and began to rub in conjunction with his cock pumping her. She was coming, she quivered and spread her legs even further as his cock rammed her over and over. I had moved down to her pussy holding it open so I could watch his hard cock slam her cunt. I began to lick his cock as it slid out of her little creamy hole each time. She was cumming in my face she squirted my face in my mouth as I tried to swallow her hot salty load. He was getting close as well, he pulled his cock out, and picked her legs up. I knew what he was doing but she sure didn’t. He spread her legs like he would split her open and slammed his rock hard dick into her asshole. In one quick stroke he was in and ramming her little asshole. She screamed and dug her fingernails into my ass, it was the closest thing to her. He didn’t stop he fucked her hard, and rough slamming her asshole over and over, when he jerked it out and grabbed it in his hand and spewed his hot milky load into my face, he moaned loudly over and over as he continued to spew cum into my mouth and on my face. I moved up to her face, she began to lick his cum off of my face.

My boyfriend collapsed beside us on the bed, but I was still horny and wanted to fuck. I left the two of them trying to rest on the bed, I walked up the hallway and onto the back porch, I whistled loudly and my Great Dane came running up the walk and into the house. I led him to the bedroom, I was going to give them both a show. Fucking my dog was something I had done many times but never in front of anyone. I walked in with the dog, as they both rose up to see what I was doing. No one spoke I sat on the floor and spread my legs supporting my back against the wall. The dog knew what to do, he immediately stuck his long hot tongue into my pussy hole, and he licked as I stroked my clit. It was turning my boyfriend on his cock was rock hard again, as I looked at him. The hot tongue was more than I could stand, I was close to cumming, as I watched Liz begin to suck his cock, he was on his knees and she was in front of him taking his cock into her throat. I flipped over and got on my knees, making sure my man had a good view of my cunt the dog mounted me his long dick slipping into my slit, his nails scratched my back but I didn’t care, I was crazy at that point, my pussy throbbed and I wanted to spew my cum everywhere.

The dog pushed and pumped until his knot shot into my pussy, it didn’t hurt because Liz had been fisting me not more than an hour ago. I was going to cum, Liz’s lips were wrapped around his cock sucking and slobbering, and gagging it down. He had his hand on her head as he crammed his hard dick into her mouth. The dog fucked me hard and relentlessly as well, I felt him dump his cum deep into my puss. I was still as he waited for his knot to go down. It popped out like pulling a suction cup off of a window, the dog moved on. I quickly stood up, and went to the bed. I pulled Liz off of my boyfriend’s hard cock and shoved her down on the bed. I climbed on top of her, and straddled her face my pussy wide open over her mouth. I reached behind me and grabbed my man’s cock in my hand and began to stroke him hard. I could feel the cum from my pussy running out and I knew it was all over her face and mouth, I could feel her lips brush my pussy as she tried to swallow the acidic load that filled me up. My boyfriend was ready to cum, I moved off of her face and moved my ass around for him, and he plunged his dick into my asshole. It hurt like hell but I didn’t care, I came I squirted all over the bed, and the floor as I came. He filled my asshole full. I collapsed onto the bed, my needs had been filled for the time being. I lay between them both drifting off to sleep, knowing as I was drifting that it wasn’t over I’d be fucking these two all night long.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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