30 Years in the Making Ch. 02

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This is the second part of my first work and while it can be read as a stand alone piece the full flavor is better by reading Chapter 1 first. As always this is a work of fiction and resembles nothing but my imagination. Please feel free to rate, comment or post about what you think of my story.


The miles were ticking by under the power of the big motor and the oversize tires were eating up the road. I was at the helm with a vision of blond sultriness face up in my lap with a smile of self satisfaction caressing her lips. I had begun to tease her with gentle caresses and an occasional concentration on her nipples which kept her in the game alternately intensifying and relaxing her state of arousal. The mile marker and exit I was looking for appeared on the road ahead and I shifted lanes and mashed the clutch. The interstate exit sign simply said 243 and Pike. None of the usual gas station, fast food or hotel signs that accompany most exits. Hearing the change in the motor she looked up at me expectantly. “Do I need to put you back in your pants?”

“Might be a good idea we have to go through two towns to get where we are going.” I was still half hard from her previous oral ministrations and the act of playing with her body as we had rolled down the highway. She rolled over and took my cock in her mouth working it with her tongue and lips until I was fully hard again. Then she stroked me just a few times before tucking me back inside. She zipped me up and latched my belt patting my rock hard cock and scooted over to the other side of the cab buckling in. She looked sideways at me with a devious smile. “That is for keeping me on edge for the last hour. Where are we?” I groaned at her teasing “A little place called Pike. Someplace I found on a business trip one time.”

The first town was Pike; it was all of six blocks long with one stop light. A few miles later a lonely gas station stood by the side of the road next to the town watering hole. It was a scene cut directly from an early eighties movie, kind of run down with one old boy in a rocking chair that waved as we rolled by. She waved back and turned to me “Did we just go through a time warp?” I laughed “Yeah about 30 years worth. We’ll be passing through 1970 here in a few minutes.” The next town was called Bellville and was only about four blocks long with no stop light. It even had a park bench under the town flagpole with two men and their dogs watching the world go by. On the far side of the ‘town’ was a single modern looking sign that said “Kitskaptic Place” with an arrow. I mashed the clutch and grabbed a gear as I made the turn onto a side road that penetrated a wall of trees.

The road twisted and turned through the woods before it finally crested a rise providing a brief glimpse of a lake before it descended into the trees again. Breaking out of the trees I rolled up to a very modern gate in a wide open field that looked up towards the main house. It was more of a log cabin lodge with a large wide front porch with three black Suburban’s parked in front. I came to a full stop before the gate and after an instant it began to open. A man dressed casually emerged onto the front porch with three men in dark business suits as we rolled up the road. The suits eyed the truck from behind their dark sunglasses and the casually dressed man waved and smiled as I drove past returning the wave. “Who was that?” she asked. “That was Captain Rogers. He owns the place, retired Navy doctor and a friend of mine.”

She was looking at me as I slowly rolled the truck down towards the lake and off to the right. At each driveway we passed another black Suburban was parked across it with more suits inside watching us from behind their sunglasses. At the end of the road there was a turn around and one driveway with no Suburban, I turned in there. The driveway twisted and turned before emerging into a clearing with a little cottage facing the lake. I heard “Ohhh wow! What a view!” from the right hand seat.

I grinned as she said, “How did you ever find it?”

“I told you, business trip.”

I hopped out of the truck and came around to her side opening the door for her. She stepped on the side bar and her dress rode up just a bit giving me a tantalizing view all the way up her thighs. She hopped down with a grin and a giggle as I slid an arm around her shoulders and grabbed her suitcase in the other hand leading her around the cottage. The view was peaceful and spectacular. While you knew there were other cottages around there was no sign of anything but nature and a small dock with a row boat tied to it. The back deck had izmir escort bayan a hot tub, table and two chairs and two lounge chairs. The back wall of the cottage was all glass and it looked into the bedroom. I took her hand and lead her up onto the deck and inside. There was a huge California King bed and an equally large Jacuzzi tub shower as well as a pair of overstuffed chairs. An archway led to a gourmet kitchen and a small living room. There was a table for two dividing the spaces with a bottle of champagne in ice and fresh strawberries on it. There was also a note written in an elegant yet masculine hand.

My good friend,

It is wonderful to have you back here after so many years. I hope you enjoy your stay and as always if you need anything just give a ring. There will be a small dinner reception tonight at the lodge for selected guests and you are both most warmly invited to attend should you desire. 7 PM. Casual evening attire is the order of the day and I will provide transportation. Additional friends are not required or desired given the company.

My very best to you both


“It seems we are invited to dinner. Did you bring your little black dress?”

“Yes I did. What’s the part about friends?”

“Jerry’s other guests are very security conscious.”

“Is this where you tell me to stop asking questions?”

“Yeah.” I said with a grin as I turned towards her. “So it appears we have roughly five hours to kill. Got any ideas?”

She stepped forward and draped her arms around my neck “I can think of one or two.” Her eyes were sparkling in the dim light. I placed my hands on her hips and leaned down to kiss her. As our lips touched there was a jolt of electricity between us and I was suddenly drawn into the vortex of emotions that I had been keeping at bay up until that point. Her lips burned me like fire and I felt the softness of her tongue caress my own. Passion was building at an incredible rate. My hands slid from her hips to fully encompass her ass cheeks and I squeezed them, kneading them through the fabric of her dress. A moan came from deep within her and passed through her lips to mine. Her arms dropped from my neck and encircled my waist pulling at my shirt with a fevered intensity. She succeeded in pulling my shirt clear of my head and tossing it aside as our kiss broke. I squatted a bit and lifted her physically into my arms by her ass cheeks. Her legs instinctively wrapped around my waist and she hitched up so that she was looking down into my eyes.

Her brilliant blue eyes were smoldering in lust and love as she leaned forward and took control of my mouth again. I was lost in the passion of the kiss for untold minutes as I held her. Slowly the burn in my forearms began to mount as her position half way between up and down began to register. I let go with my left hand and wrapped my arm under her and the dress grabbing the opposite cheek. She instinctively clamped down harder with her legs so as not to lose position. I was rewarded by the position change with the holding of both her naked ass cheeks for the first time ever. I also became acutely aware of the hot wetness that was on my belly. Her naked sex was pushed up against my abdomen and the heat was flowing into my core, the wetness was dribbling down my front.

I thought for an instant to lay her across the table but decided that for our very first time we should be somewhere comfortable. I walked with her mounted to my chest into the bedroom. I lost track of time again as we were locked in that position over the bed, our mouths trying desperately to make up for lost time. Her breathing had become labored and was only escaping from her nose in short bursts. Her hips were moving against me rhythmically increasing in intensity. She suddenly stopped kissing me and leaned back as she began to shake, her hips rocking and her eyes unfocussed. A low moan escaped her lips as an orgasm ripped through her body, her hips bucked once, then twice against me and the light slowly came back into her eyes.

Her grip slackened around my neck and waist as the orgasm continued to ripple through her body, her hips convulsing of their own accord. I felt the heat emanate from her body as the flush began to rise from her chest and make its way up her neck. I stepped forward and slowly lowered her to the bed keeping hold of her dress as I did. Her arms came up and I pulled the dress over her head tossing it away. The cool of the cottage must have shocked her back to reality. Her eyes sparkled again she traced finger through the wetness on my abdomen. A little grin caressed her lips escort izmir as she began to try and undo my belt. I put both hands on her shoulders and caressed the skin from there to her neck and back. I pushed her back on the bed suddenly, she hadn’t expect it and landed with a “whoof”. “My turn.” I growled.

After 30 years there she was spread out before me. She was the object of countless dreams, fantasies and musings. There she was in all her glory staring up at me with love, lust and hunger in her eyes. I couldn’t move, only my eyes seemed to be able to function. Her breasts had bounced once and jiggled just a little as she had landed on her back. They were larger than I had dreamed about and their all pink nipples were rock hard. Her belly was flat and tapered gracefully down to her thighs. She was completely shaved and with her legs wrapped around mine she was wide open. The lips were swollen and her clit stood out a lighter shade of pink than the darker folds of her sex. She was wet, glistening with desire. I’m sure I looked quite the fool standing there staring at her. Her soft voice broke my mental picture taking “Are you going to leave me like this and stare all day or do something Stud?”

The last word snapped me from my revelry. She had begun using it shortly after the doors of our desire had been ripped from the hinges that hot August night. I grinned at her “I have great plans for you my missy but first I intend to explore every inch of your body in the greatest detail.” Her eyes sparkled as she grinned and she scooted back across the big bed dragging her feet across my ass as she went. When she got to the middle she raised up on one arm and with the sultriest voice I have ever heard said “You have entirely too many cloths on Stud.”

The last word again ripped me from my fading resilience. “Your right, but I have something to do first.” The California King was a big bed to begin with but in its configuration it was not only big but tall, at six two the bed came up to my crotch. She giggled and laid back stretching her arms over her head and closing her eyes. I raised a knee and in a second was hovering above her when her eyes opened again. She rose up to kiss me but I purposely avoided it to land my lips at the junction of her shoulder and neck crushing her back down with my weight. She eased back enjoying the sensations of my lips and tongue dancing across her neck. I bared my teeth and gently bit her neck. The reaction was instantaneous, I saw her eyes snap open and felt the heat surge through her body again. She had only mentioned it once in our many conversations but I had remembered she liked that. I began the long slow journey from her neck and shoulders. I kissed, nibbled, licked and sucked every part of her. My hands played across her body as my mouth lead the way.

I stopped at her breasts paying close attention to the whole of them not just the nipple. They responded to the lightest and hardest touches, bites and licks. The nipples stood out like little pebbles and the aureola crinkled up at the slightest approach. I teased them with a passing lick and a follow up breath. Finally I sucked each one in turn fully into my mouth ravishing them with my tongue causing her to arch her back as another orgasm broke inside her. The heat again coursed through her body. I left them wet and wanting in the cool air as I continued my travels down her body. She was still twitching as I kissed, licked and nibbled my way south bypassing her sex and moving on to her thighs. I could smell the desire of her womanhood as I passed by but resolved myself to tease every other inch first.

As I drew to her feet she began to react as my tongue traced across her arch. I made sure that my ministrations were strong to prevent an outburst of ticklishness. I was rewarded with another shudder. Looking at her from my vantage point she was soaked, pulsing and dripping wet. As her shudders of orgasm coursed through her body I removed my pants never taking my lips from her ankles. I slowly began to retrace my steps up her legs. The inside of her knees proved to be most receptive and I spent some time there building her back up to the edge before I ventured further up her thighs.

She was flat on her back breasts heaving as she tried to gather her breath when I arrived between her legs. I let her calm down just a bit before I began alternately kissing her upper thighs and blowing across her sex. She pulled her legs up and grabbed me by the hair pulling me in. I obliged her with a full tongue drag as I rose up off her. My first taste of her was succulently sweet but I needed to stop her before she izmir escort caused me not to stop. I raised both her hands and kissed her finger tips sliding my tongue between her palms as I held them together. Then I placed her hands on her own breasts kneading them through her own hands. “You do that again and I’ll tie you up.” There was hunger in her eyes, passion and longing. She was close.

I eased back between her thighs. The heady smells of her sex were intoxicating but there was still more to do, I had a goal. I began playing kisses and licks all around her sex and she began to move to meet me. I brought my hand into the game and teased her outer lips as my own lips teased her thighs. I played my finger up and down her sex feeling every fold and crease as she became wetter and wetter, her gyrations in time with my touch. I moved forward and engulfed her with my mouth playing my tongue across her engorged clit. There was no more teasing and I gave into my desire. My tongue ravished her sex and my fingers played her anatomy. Her orgasms built, crashed and built like waves on an approaching tide. She was riding her last orgasm as I slipped a finger inside her and curled it up. The skin inside transitioned from smooth to something like shark skin, rough, aroused and filled with passion. I pulled against it and began to massage the rough spot while mercilessly flicking her clit with my tongue. Her body jerked once, twice and a high keening sound began to emanate from deep within her. Her hips went flat but the rest of her body was in contractions. My lips were glued to her clit as I sucked on it for all I was worth and flicked it with my tongue between breaths. Her hips began to move spasmodically and her pussy began to pulse. I was flooded by her juices as she squirted her love into my mouth and across my face. Her body rocked uncontrollably to the sensations.

Her thighs clamped hard around my head and she began to roll back and forth. I was no longer in control and her hands grasped my head and pulled it in tighter. Her body convulsed and the siren song of her climax continued. Slowly her hips and thighs relaxed but she continued to twitch with the aftershocks. Suddenly her two hands grasped my head and pulled me forcefully up to her, her eyes were blazing with lust. “I want you inside me. NOW!” She pulled me down and sucked my drenched mouth into her own. I felt her hand slide down between us grabbing my hard cock and guiding it into her lips. I dropped my hips and sank up to the hilt in one thrust, her legs wrapped around my waist forcing me even deeper. All my dreams came true in that instant. She enveloped me like a molten glove milking me from within as she drew me into her soul with her mouth. We were locked in each other’s arms, I was thrusting deeply inside her as the heat built further than I thought possible. My own orgasm was mounting and I heard the blood rush in my ears. Her movements became more impatient as did my own. I broke her kiss to watch the love, lust and desire blaze in her eyes she was staring straight through my soul “Now. Give it to me NOW!” 30 years of want, desire, love and longing welled up and shot forth from me deep into her as she pulsed around me. She was erupting again in her own release.

Her eyes blazed during the final orgasm. The waves crashed over her and she succumbed to onslaught of sensations her body shaking uncontrollably beneath me. I hung on just barely maintaining consciousness as my own body trembled after the exertion. I was completely spent, I held myself above her with all the energy I had left as the sensations faded. She pulled me down wrapping her arms around me and I melted into her body as the reality of it all washed over me. I could still feel her pulsing around my deflating cock as I pumped into her slowly not wanting the feeling to end. We stayed locked in each other’s arms as the world filled in around us again. She was stroking my sides as I kissed her neck. She whispered softly in my ear

“I love you. I have always loved you.”

“I know, and I loved you from the instant I saw you all those years ago.”

I rose up slowly and pulled out of her as she let out a disappointed “Ohhhh.” I collapsed next to her on my side looking at her stretched out before me. I could still feel my heart thundering in my chest. She turned her head to the side looking at me and slowly rolled over onto me forcing me flat resting her head on my chest. I stroked her lower back softly with my fingertips enjoying the smell of her hair and her weight on me. I felt her fingers trace up my thigh and gently caress my balls. She giggled.


“You’re soaked.”

She turned her head to look at me “I’ve had lots of orgasms but only have cum like that a few times and never twice in a row.”

I grinned at her “That was my goal.”

To be continued…

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