34A Bra and Size 6 Panties

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I have a small handyman business. A friend is always finding me work because he knows so many families that need help on their homes. Without Jim I would have been no where successful as I am. He had asked me to paint his daughters duplex, which was on the other side of town just a mile out of the university. He bought the building so that his daughter could be close to school and away from home. He also placed a pair of Asian graduate students in the other unit. It was for his daughter Leah, about 19 or 20 yrs old. I had never seen much of her because she was always involved in that child program life, on activity after another. Jim and his wife had also a son who was not even 12 yet.

I finally went over to look at the job. Leah knew that today while at school I would be around to figure out how much to charge for the painting of the 2 bedroom unit. I was given a key by Jim and was told to go there about 1 pm. I showed up. No one was home. I was looking around sizing the job up. Standard college living quarters, cheap couch, dinette set, no dishwasher, 2 bathrooms, vary sparse if you bonus veren siteler expected a Taj Mahl. At one point I had to move Leahs’ dresser so I could look at the wall it was hiding. While moving it, I noticed it was just starting to fall apart, so I was going to give it some attention. I went to my truck and came back with my tools and some glue. I started to empty out the drawers. As I unloaded the first one, I found a video at the bottom of the socks and leggings.

I looked the tape over and it had no markings on it. I figured I had 2 hours there and knew that 800 dollars I would paint the unit. I turned on the TV and played the tape. It began with it being out of focus and a lot of noises. Like an amateur was trying to figure out how to run the camera.

The picture cleared up and began to pull away from the black mess that turned out to be female. I began to notice that it was 2 females and they were kissing. As the kiss ended I could tell that one of the female forms was Leah. She was kissing the other girl and she was shirtless. As the camera picture bedava bahis opened up more and showed she was with a bunch of girls. All were topless and Leah was fulfilling their requests. These other women were calling “Baby Leah to …” kiss feet, asses, and breast, whatever they were asking she did. She then was told to strip and get ready.

The camera moved in and framed her as she removed her bra, then her bikini panties. The music was like a Gregorian chant. I watched her move up to a bench or low table and lay down on her back. This table turned like those you have seen with a lazy Suzanne ring. As she was moved around her legs were opened and she was being rubbed by some of the other women. I began to wonder just what the fuck this tape was about. Was Leah a witch or into alternative lifestyle that had an occult spin.

She was given a big black dildo. She was told to end her old ways and accept that to be in she had to show her ability to satisfy all request. Leah took the big black dildo and began to rub near her fur covered pussy, and then, lick it clean. Some deneme bonus of the females around her would take the dildo and fuck her with it. This was some video.

While watching it, I laid down on Leahs’ bed and freed my dick so I could stroke it. Leah was just smoking hot watching her do this to herself. That voyeur aspect in life was giving me such a boner. As I looked around her room I became aware of her dirty clothes. I noticed her bras and panties on top of the heap.

Leah is about 5 ft 3 in. and was very fit by what I saw in the video. I took notice of her tag on the bra and it said 34-A. I checked out her panties, size 6. I could smell her heady scent. Watching, this video made me hard. I was pulling on myself. I was really into this whole erotic scene. Here was this young woman I knew doing this very lesbian event and I was sniffing at her bra and panties. I did not hear when Leah had come through the front door of her home. I did hear her as she just about entered her bedroom.

“Hey Andy, what’s you doing?”

Into her bedroom she came. Here I was with my dick out and watching a video. Beating my stick like it was no tomorrow. Leah fell silent and just stared down at me. Damn she is young, cute, and bubbly with small areola and nice nipples, taut stomach and that hairy pussy.

Let me tell you about the rest later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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