A Bath for Two

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I walk into the bathroom, I see her soaking in the tub, a huge smile spreads across my face at the wondrous sight. The bubbles cling to her sexy curves, thankfully though several of the most delicious curves escape coverage and this only heightens her sexuality and my desire to be together. She looks up at me, smiles; she sit’s up showing me there is room to slide in behind her. I let my robe fall to the tile floor and happily find my place behind her. I spread my legs so she has ample room to slide back against me, as the wet skin of her back touches my chest a further jolt of excitement jumps through my body. I wrap my arms around her tightly as we soak and enjoy the closeness as the time ticks by.

Eventually, I feel her hands slowly running along my legs, my hands follow suit and start to rub her shoulders. My strong hands massage along the top of her shoulders, down the side of her arms, and then back the way they came. I love the occasional soft moan that escapes from her lips when my hands find just the right spot. The silky feel of her soft skin under my hands encourages me to explore more and more of her beautiful body. My hands find their way down her neck, slowly further down her spine, until they finally slip under her arms and my hands cup her wondrous breasts. As my hands complete their journey my lips begin to kiss the back of her neck softly. I allow one finger from each hand to come free from cupping her breasts and I start to trace around her nipples, they harden at my touch. I lightly squeeze her breasts and she pushes back into me, I squeeze them again more firmly and enjoy how her body reacts to my touch. My lips continue to kiss the sides and back of her neck, my fingers start to work together with a thumb so I can pinch each nipple in turn, she turns her head so at last our lips can meet. We kiss, our lips meeting and parting slowly so we can nibble each other as my fingers continue to play with her nipples. canlı bahis Slowly she turns her body to face me; she wraps her arms around my broad shoulders and pulls herself up so her tits are level with my face. My hands reach around her wet body and grip her ass, squeezing and supporting her. Her hands find her tits, she squeezes them, and she pushes them together slightly and positions them directly in front of my waiting lips. I softly kiss each breast in turn, and then my tongue licks each of her hard nipples. My hands squeeze her ass, pulling her into me; I start to suck on her nipples each in turn. My tongue circles around each nipple before I take it with my lips, holding it there firmly, then I alternate flicking them with my tongue and sucking harder and harder on them.

With a happy sigh, she turns, then places her hands on my shoulders and pushes herself up into a standing position. She lifts one leg up to the edge of the tub, shifting a bit for comfort and stability, with a coy smile she spreads herself open to me. I gaze up at her wet, soapy and sexy form and wonder to myself however did I get so lucky to be with her. My hands run along the backs of her legs, my lips kiss their way up her…her knee, her thigh…her inner thigh…ever closer and closer. She puts her hand on the back of my head, guiding me to her pussy, she feels me pull my head away into her grip…ever so slightly. My feigned resistance makes her smile because she knows I want this even more than she does herself. With a little more ‘force’ she guides my face right to her, she can feel my warm breath sooooo close to her. I can’t control myself any longer and my tongue ever so slightly parts her lips as I lick all of her…tasting every inch of her and loving it. She keeps her hand firmly on the back of my head, my one hand squeezes her ass while the other strokes the inner thigh of her raised leg. My tongue works all around her pussy, exploring bahis siteleri everywhere, my tongue licks and my lips suck her from end to end. As she gets more and more into it my tongue dances along each large ridge before dipping into her, spreading her lips and going deeper and deeper with each pass. Soft moans escape from the lips my tongue is not currently enjoying and she begins to lightly grind into my face. She pulls my face closer into her, my tongue circles around her clit, lightly grazing it, flicking it, teasing it….I feel her second hand on the back of my head holding me in place, encouraging me to go on. I take her clit between my lips, firmly, holding it; sucking it….just as my tongue starts to dance on her soft clit…I slowly slide two fingers into her. My fingers begin to thrust up into her over and over as I suck, lick and enjoy her clit…everything is so slow at first, but using her bodies reactions as a guide everything moves together faster and faster, firmer and firmer. I never want this to end, but she has other ideas….

This time she reaches down with both hands, after one last pull into her, she begins to help me up into a standing position, as our eyes and lips meet we share another long kiss. As we kiss, her hand reaches between my legs to help get me ready for what is too come, but she finds me already so hard and waiting. With a smile, she slowly turns away from me, I then help bend her at the waist and place her hands flat against the tiled wall. I spread her legs just so, I don’t need anymore of an invitation that the stunning sight of her waiting for me. I place one hand on her hip, bringing myself very close to her, my other hand grabs my throbbing cock and I slide myself under her. I take just the head of my cock and place it against her very wet pussy, the head slides in ever so slightly getting so wet from her. Using my hand to guide myself, I rub the head of my cock up against her clit…holding bahis şirketleri it there…until I slowly slide it all the way along her lips right to her ass and then back again. I love how she feels against my hard cock and with a firm smack to her ass I stroke her like that, again and again. Eventually, both of us want more and so I take my hand off of my cock and place it onto her other hip, the head of my cock rests right against her pussy and before I can begin to thrust she pushes herself back into me taking all of me in. I firmly grab her hips, it is her time to act out feigned resistance, but my grip is very strong and I slowly begin to thrust up into her as I hold her in place. I alternate slow shallow thrusts with even slower deeper thrusts, my tempo picks up and she begins to move with me. My hands, no longer needed, on her hips seek to caress, squeeze, and fondle her tits and eventually even using them for slightly more leverage. My thrusts get deeper and more frenzied, we both get louder and louder, enjoying all the sensations we are giving each other. Listening to her breathing, feeling her body I can tell she is close, one of my hands leaves her tits and goes seeking her pussy. Shifting ever so slightly, I reach around her waist and two fingers find her swollen clit, I play with her clit in time with my thrusts, both of us are so close now. We move as one, me thrusting into her, her pushing back into me, my one hand playing with her tits, as my other rubs her clit. It takes all my self control to not release, waiting…longing to hear the magic words fall from her lips. At last she shouts “I’m cumming….I’m cumming” I feel her constrict around me…several more deep thrusts, several more moments of squeezing and fast, firm rubbing….and at last we both explode…fully…and completely. We let the wondrous feeling wash over us, wanting to be almost frozen in time, eventually her turn back to me and I take her in my arms. We kiss, deeply and then towel off.

As we leave the bathroom behind us and go into the next room that has a plush bed and a roaring fireplace both of our thoughts begin to wander about the possibilities….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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