A Bet Makes Sister Notice Brother

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Britt stormed into the house, slamming the screen door behind her. As a freshman at State she’d felt like one in a million, part of the crowd, unmemorable and unnoticed. Until last week when the Co-Captain of the basketball team took notice of her. At first, she was flattered that she’d managed to catch the eye of someone so popular and revered on campus. She made an attempt to look her best, painstakingly choosing her clothes for each day. She’d gone and had her hair trimmed and even splurged on a spray tan. It wasn’t until the fifth day after Kevin had asked her out that she’d come upon him and a few other guys from the team to overhear them talking about the bet. Her heart stopped when the realization hit her that she was the bet.

Apparently, Kevin, drunk at a FRAT party, was challenged to find a quiet fresh-flesh, as virgin freshman were often referred by, and get her to sleep with him before the final four game next week. As she stood around the corner of the Science Lab building listening to the conversation her horror turned to anger and she spun on her heels and practically ran home.

Throwing her backpack against the wall in the family room she was stopped short when Ryan demanded she apologize to the wall for the abuse. Britt stopped short and gave him a death stare. Two years her senior, Ryan opted to forego college and enlist in the Army. He’d been stationed in Texas and only arrived home for a short leave the day prior. When she’d walked in, she hadn’t seen him sitting on the couch, head bent looking at something on his phone. Now, as she glared at him, he gave her a lopsided grin, flashing his dimples, his left eyebrow raised in a question.

“You know you’d be on your hands and knees kissing the ground doing push ups for abusing your personal property if Sarge’d been here to see that.” Ryan said.

“Oh cut it Ryan, I didn’t sign my life away to be yelled at and abused like you did.”

“Maybe if you had you’d have more respect than to be slamming doors and throwing your stuff around.”

Britt, huffed and stood up a little taller, jamming her fists into her hips. The action brought her tee tight across her chest, outlining the slopes and curves. She was mad, but not so blinded by her anger that she didn’t see Ryan’s eyes drift to her chest and his tongue dart out to lick his bottom lip. A lip that Britt just realized was plump and soft, and now wet. She took a moment to look him over as she stood there, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees. The position stretched his jeans tight across his thighs and his shirt was taut across his broad shoulders.

Ryan had always been a big guy, taking pride in his appearance. Since he’d left for the Army, he’d only improved his physical appearance. He became broader and more defined. He now looked like a man, not just a boy with muscles. Britt suddenly felt butterflies in her lower stomach that trickled down making her clit tingle. She shifted her weight onto her left leg, the action making the crotch of her jeans glide across her fold, making her wet.

“Listen, if you’d had my day you might want to take it out on someone or something too.”

Britt felt a little embarrassed that she was trying to justify her actions to her brother like a scolded child. She huffed and blew out a breath to the ceiling, staring up at it she felt the corners of her eyes well up with tears. Ryan noticed her change in demeaner and his gut clenched. He’d meant to have fun with her, but now felt like a cad.

“What’s wrong Britt?”

“What’s wrong with me Ry?”

“What do you mean what’s wrong with you?”

“Am I attractive?”

Ryan leaned back on the couch, taken aback with the question. Of course she was, she was beautiful. He’d always thought so. She’d grown into a stunning young woman. With a body that had just enough curves to make his eyes take notice, despite being her brother. It was wrong celtabet giriş but there was no way not to take notice. He’d threatened every one of his friends since he’d been fifteen and she’d turned thirteen. As they’d grown up it had only gotten worse. As he listened to the guys talk about her perfect tits and round ass he fought the memories of her in her cami and boy shorts, or worse, bikinis.

Clearing his throat, he looked at her in the eyes, “What happened?”

“Just some guy, he’s not worth it though, I should have known…” She was rambling but the sincerity in his eyes made her heart skip a beat. “If you weren’t my brother, would you want to fuck me?”

His Adams apple bobbed in his throat as swallowed back his answer, looking her up and down. Of course he’d fuck her, well if he wasn’t her brother. His jeans felt tighter as his gaze travelled to the vee of her jeans, the juncture where he could envision her neatly trimmed pussy.

As his eyes met hers again he had to ask, feeling protective and possessive, his eyes turned hard and his muscles flexed.

“What guy?”

“Forget it. I though this guy from school liked me and I found out today that he’d been chasing me to win some bet with his buddies.” Taking a look around the room, noting the time on the clock was just after two, she calculated that there would be at least four hours until her parents returned home from work. Feeling brave, and curious, she lowered her hands to the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up and over her head. As the bottom of the tee caught on the underside of her breasts, they bounced several times before her arm came back down to her side. Before he could catch his breath, she had unbuttoned her jeans and began shimmying them down her legs. Bending over to pull the material over her feet, her breast fought from spilling out of the simple bra she wore. Ryan’s mouth had gone dry and he lost all train of thought as he discovered just how much she’d grown since he’d been away.

“Please Ryan, tell me what’s wrong with me. Why don’t guys notice me unless it’s a bet?”

His cock was so hard it hurt. She was gorgeous, and so fucking sexy. He shifted his hips, relieving some of the pressure his jeans were putting on his throbbing dick. Deciding to see how much more he could see before he’d have to go jack himself off he replied, “Turn around, slowly. I can’t give you an honest answer without seeing all of you”.

Britt’s wet pussy clenched in excitement as she spun slowly. Twisting her body in a way that emphasized her tiny was and made her hips looked wider, curvier. As her ass was in his full view she heard him suck in his breath. She was getting wetter with her wanton display, enjoying how sexy it felt to be showcasing herself for him to enjoy.

As she came back round to the front she brazenly reached behind her and unclasped her bra. As she let the straps slide down her arms and the material puddle at her feet, her nipples puckered at the look of pure lust in his eyes.

“The panties too.”

Ryan felt brave enough to ask. She’d just put her beautiful tits on display and he was never one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Her hands were confident as she tucked her fingers into the waistband and slowly lowered them from her waste. As they released from her wet cunt she could smell a faint trace of her musk, making her head feel light and dizzy. She wanted him. That he was her brother made her mad with desire. He was supposed to be forbidden. This was too taboo. Yet her cunt was now making the decisions and it was begging to be touched.

She stood there, completely exposed and vulnerable, and wet. So wet. She fought the urge to reach her hands up to cup her breasts.

“Are you a virgin?”


It was a lie of course, but she knew if she told him the truth he’d walk away. She wasn’t ready for him to leave. She was tired celtabet yeni giriş of being untouched. Her fingers would never be enough. She wanted to feel rough fingertips graze over her clit, thick fingers plunging into her. Her small hands were fine for a quick release but her body was ready for more.

“I need to see more. Show me your pussy Britt.”

Her left hand slid across her belly and down the thin strip of hair reaching into her folds. She used two fingers to spreads her lips apart, showing him her swollen clit.

“That’s not good enough Britt. Lay down and spread your legs wide, show me your cunt.”

Her finger felt a puddle empty out of her at his words. Following his orders she knelt down and rolled on her hip. Thrusting her generous breasts up, she reached back and balanced herself as she laid back. Knees in the air she spread her feet wide, showing him everything.

Ryan leaned forward, off the couch onto his knees. She was spread wide just two feet from him. His eyes followed her mountainous breasts, nipples sharp peaks, over her flat but soft stomach, down to the airstrip shape of her pubic hair. As his gaze found her bare pussy, wet and glistening, his cock pulsed inside his pants.

“I need to touch you, taste you, if you need a truly honest answer.”

“Please touch me Ryan, I need to feel you touch me.”

Ryan crawl forward like a predator, lust in his eyes and positioned his shoulders between her knees. Leaning back on his haunches he let his hands travel from her ankles, up her shins and knees, slowing feeling her smooth legs up to her thighs. He couldn’t resist touching her, it was like he was a moth drawn to a flame. He let his fingers dust over her soft and lush hips and across her stomach, itching to get higher he felt a sense of relief when they began to travel up her breasts and to her hard, pink nipples. Oh God, he was losing control. His sister was the most beautiful woman he’d laid eyes on. Her body had him losing his mind with desire to thrust his thick cock deep into her wet pussy. He was fighting his conscious on his desire to fuck her and knowing he should walk away before things went any further.

“Yes, oh yes, that feels so good Ryan.”

Being encouraged by her, he bent forward and took one nipple into his mouth. As he sucked the nub and nipped at it with his teeth his other hand pinched and pulled at the other. She smelled heavenly. The body wash she used was a faint honeysuckle and when combined of the musky smell coming from her moist cunt he lost all sense. His mouth moved to the other breast as his free hand travelled down between her legs and over her clit. Her hips bucked under him and he trailed kisses down her body, forcing her back to the floor. His fingers rubbed in circles over her throbbing clit, spreading her wetness and making her cry out in pleasure. As his mouth came down between her thighs his fingers dipped into the folds and his fingertip teased her opening. As his mouth crashed over her clit he thrust his finger inside of her.

Britt’s body felt alive, sensations if ecstasy travelled from her cunt to her nipple tips. The moment his tongue reached out and touched her she saw a flash of light. Closing her eyes tight she saw colors swirl behind her eyelids as his sucked hard drawing her honey nub into his mouth. Her juices flowed from his finger out and down the crack of her ass. The friction deep inside her was making her womb contract. Crying out from the intense pleasure she began thrusting her hips into his face, making round motions, fucking his finger and face.

“More, give me more.”

Ryan thrust another finger into her. She was tight, but his fingers easily slid into her slick cunt. Not being able to hold back anymore he used his free hand to release his dick from his too tight jeans. Yanking them down over his hips he let out a moan of satisfaction has celtabet güvenilirmi his balls were freed from their confinement. He grabbed his thick shaft and stroked it, feeling it twitch with anticipation in his hand. He continued to lick and stroke, bringing them both closer to release. As he raised his eyes, he saw that she was pulling at her nipples, making their peaks jut out further than he’d have thought they could go. Her actions were enough to push him over the brink of sanity.

He thrust his fingers as deep as he could take them, curling them into her and finding her g-spot. As he stroked it once, twice, she crashed over him with her orgasm. He could feel her cunt walls contract on his finger and her juices gushed out onto his mouth. He drank from her and was drunk with desire. No longer thinking logically, he withdrew his finger and crawled up her torso. Positioning the tip of his cock at her entrance her rubbed it over her, letting her juices get him wet and ready. With a look of pure lust he bent down to kiss her passionately, the moment his tongue thrust into hers mouth his cock thrust into her cunt.

Even if he hadn’t heard her cry of pain he’d have known. His head tore through her virginity, breaking the barrier. He felt the tight channel grab him, locking onto his shaft. He’d never felt anything so tight around his cock, not even when he’d used his hand. His mouth tore from hers.

“What the fuck Britt!”

“Don’t stop, please”

“You said you weren’t a virgin.”

Ryan was holding in his temper while his dick was fully sheathed inside if her. Despite his anger his cock began to twitch in anticipation. She must’ve felt it because he could see her look of shame change to one of wonder. Her eyelids fluttered closed and her face took on a look of bliss.

“I want you to fuck me Ryan. Your cock feels so good. Please don’t stop.”

Britt rolled her hips in a small circle, trying to take him in deeper. The pain had been quick and intense, but behind the piercing sting was an intense pleasure building in her womb. Without realizing that her ministrations were hypnotizing his body he began making small thrusting motions.

Britt reached her hand around his waist and rubbed down his back to his well-toned ass and pulled him deeper into her. The groan he released made her feel sexier than she’d felt her whole life. She rubbed her hand up his back and back down to his rear encouraging his thrusts to be longer and more intense. Once he had found the rhythm her body was demanding she let go of him and reached up to massage her breasts. The added pleasure of having her tits and nipples caressed was enough to force an orgasm from deep within her, grabbing his cock tighter than he could have dreamt. The force of her pussy clenching around him tore his orgasm from him. His balls had barely had a chance to tighten up before he released himself deep within her pussy. Pulses of his cum shot out of him as her cunt milked him dry.

Exhausted from the intensity of his orgasm, Ryan bend down over her chest, laying his forehead over her erratic heartbeat. He couldn’t bring himself to look at her. He’d just experienced the best orgasm of his life, with his sister. He felt shame for what he’d done but didn’t think he’d be able to leave her alone after this. As he lay there his cock refused to go limp. Fully drained, it still throbbed and was encouraging him to resume thrusting. Keeping his head down he kissed her body while he spoke.

“You are so fucking sexy, Britt. I’ve never wanted another woman as much as I wanted you, still want you.”

“Ryan, look at me.”

He lifted his head and looked into her eyes, sleepy from her multiple releases.

“You are the sexiest man I have ever seen and I want you to fuck me again. All the time. Right now.”

Ryan reached behind her, wrapping his arms around her and pulled her toward his torso. She instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist, refusing to let him withdrawal from her. Using his strength, he stood up, with her clinging to him, and started toward his room.

“I will fuck you all night if you’ll have me. But I want you in my bed where its more comfortable.”

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