A Billionaire’s Life Ch. 06

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— CHAPTER 6: The Houseguests —



“Can you really believe it’s been a year?” Taylor smiled and tilted her champagne glass back for a sip. But halfway to her lips, her hand froze and she squeezed her eyes shut, moaning softly.

I glanced down to where Cassandra was kneeling between Taylor’s legs, slurping my cum out from my wife’s saturated pussy. Taylor herself was reclined in a bucket seat on the jet, fully naked and covered in sweat.

When Taylor opened her eyes, the deep blue pools were unfocused and her lower jaw quivered as the small orgasm passed through her. I was surprised she managed not to spill her drink. And then with a sigh, she sagged into her seat and Cassandra sat back with a satisfied smile on her face.

My gorgeous blonde assistant scooped some cum off her chin and popped it into her mouth. She looked unbelievably sexy even though she was still fully dressed, what with the dribble of semen, the way her hair was mussed where Taylor had been holding her head, and especially the intensely aroused expression on her face.

“A year of ups and downs. But a happy year nonetheless,” I agreed with Taylor while keeping my eyes on Cassandra as she moved over to my naked body, where I was sitting in the next bucket seat across the aisle from Taylor. Then the blonde bent and slurped my still-wet half-hard cock into her mouth.

Taylor raised her champagne glass to me. “Happy anniversary, honey.”

I looked down and saw the glow of adoration in Cassandra’s eyes before returning my gaze to my wife. “Happy anniversary.”

A few minutes later, I was as hard as I’d ever get. I nodded to Taylor, who got out of her seat and moved behind my assistant, reaching around her body to begin opening the various fasteners of her clothing.

Cassandra pulled me out of the back of her throat, taking a few deep breaths. And then I held my hands out to both of the great loves of my life. “Come on. Let’s all go back into the bedroom.”


Six hours later, we awoke as the pilot informed us we would be landing in Paris soon.

We dressed and returned to our seats. Cassandra hadn’t cleaned herself up since I’d nutted inside her, and I thought I heard a wet squelch as she sat down.

An hour after that, we checked into the Imperial Suite at our posh Parisian hotel. After taking two steps in through the doors, Taylor sighed. “Doesn’t this bring back memories?”

Cassandra and I looked at each other and smiled. This was the same hotel and the same suite we had stayed at when Taylor had been whisked away by Fashion Forward magazine for a photo shoot. It had been quite the special week. During that trip was the first time Cassandra and Taylor had sex with each other. It was the time Cassandra and I began to fall in love. It was also the first time Taylor began to fall in love with me.

Now while things had gotten quite complicated upon returning home, all three of us had very fond memories of our last trip to Paris.

Taylor had a further surprise when she emerged from the bedroom wearing a resplendent blue dress, form-fitting to her lithe body and electrically captivating in the light. The skirt was short and flowing at the same time, and almost immediately I remembered how practical that skirt had been the last time we were here. Predictably, the very first thing Taylor wanted to do was visit the Louvre.

Once we were in our limo, Taylor laughed and rehashed the sordid details of that Louvre encounter to Cassandra. On the drive over, I could see my wife rubbing her thighs together as she was evidently getting quite wet at the memory.

And when we pulled up outside the museum itself, Taylor fixed me with a heated look and asked, “Cassandra, will you keep a lookout for us?”

“Of course, Taylor,” the blonde immediately answered, a grin on her own face.

I had by now figured out that Taylor meant to recreate the encounter from nearly three years ago. And while the risk of getting caught tempered my arousal, the prospect of public sex with Taylor already had a noticeable effect on my penis.

Taylor was giggling like a schoolgirl as we got out and then quickly located the same bench. Not five feet away was another bench with another couple sitting on it, but luckily “our bench” was free. And then soon, I found myself sitting down and staring at the Arc de Triomphe, and then Taylor slid herself onto my lap while Cassandra circled around miming as if a camera was in her hands.

Taylor’s feet were together on my right side with her arms around me, looking at Cassandra over my left shoulder while I gazed at my wife’s face. I could feel the heat radiating from her crotch, and she turned to press her lips to mine and we began to make out like a million other couples were probably doing in Paris.

With Taylor’s ass grinding on my boner, I soon began to moan in obvious arousal. The gorgeous brunette took that as her cue and she pivoted in my lap, kicking one leg over me so that Sex hikaye she was straddling me. Cassandra immediately turned and began to look for observers.

Cassandra did flash us a “stop” sign with her open palm. There was one young man walking by who was gawking at Taylor, merely the look of a man appreciating female beauty. But Taylor was still busy grinding her crotch against my erection.

And then, when Cassandra waved us “all clear”, my wife slipped her hand underneath the skirt, fished my rock hard erection through my fly, and then pushed me past the strap of her panties and sunk me into her very wet snatch.

“So naughty…” Taylor husked, her eyes now a brilliant violet against the sunlight.

She barely moved, rotating slowly and moving up and down without any rhythm. To any outside observer she would appear to be sitting astride my lap, kissing me like many other young couples in Paris. But the reality was that we were fucking in broad daylight in the courtyard of the Louvre.

Oddly enough, while we’d come to this sight three years ago, we’d never gone into the museum itself.

So twenty minutes later, the three of us walked through the museum with our personal guide. Twenty minutes after that, Taylor actually dribbled some of my cum onto the parquet floor, after which she finally excused herself to a restroom to wipe herself up.

And that wasn’t our only trip back down memory lane. We strolled along the sidewalks lining the River Seine. We played “I spy” and Cassandra laughed when she pointed out a green bench. And then we dolled up and went to the Opera.

Three years ago, I could never have imagined my life would be where it was now. Even with all the hopes and dreams for each woman I’d felt during the incredibly intense week we’d all spent in Paris, I never would have guessed the three of us would end up together.

I had consider myself a truly blessed man.


Late that night, after a playful shower, the three of us tumbled into bed together. Now, at 12:15am local time, it was actually the day of Taylor’s and my wedding anniversary.

I’d obviously seen both women fully naked in the shower. But that didn’t stop them from tossing a pair of silk boxers at me and then shooing me into the bedroom while they went into the closet to change.

A few minutes later, my ladies emerged wearing their lingerie. Taylor’s was a red ensemble, a very rare thing since she usually preferred darker colors. She’d chosen well, as her outfit spiked my anticipation and arousal at a brand new look from my familiar wife. Her lace panties were cut high over her hips, enhancing the length of her legs. The strapless bra had only half-cups, leaving the upper hemispheres of her breasts completely exposed and practically spilling over the top. And she wrapped the thigh-length matching silk robe around herself, both hiding her body and teasing me as the thin material hugged her curves. And my wife’s dark blue gaze pierced through the thin veil of her long, dark bangs as she devoured me with her eyes.

And Cassandra was a vision in white. Somehow, in the very few minutes we were apart, she’d added some makeup that made her look devastatingly sexy in sharp contrast to her usual business façade. Her hair was up save for golden curls falling down, framing her pretty face. Already taller than Taylor, her white silk robe hung all the way to her ankles, making her look even taller and imposing. Her bra seemed to use some form of nanotechnology to support her large tits despite being made from a sheer, see-through cloth. And she was wearing white boyshorts that clung to her asscheeks and crotch quite enticingly.

My wife approached first and I opened my arms as she joined me on the bed.

“I love you, Taylor.”

“I love you, Johnny.”

And we both turned to Cassandra and rolled her in-between us. I glanced at Taylor and then we said together, “We love you, Cassandra.”

Cassandra first reached up to Taylor, her hands on my wife’s cheeks as she brought their faces together for a tender kiss. I started pulling off Cassandra’s robe, then kissed the back of Cassandra’s neck and let my hand run along her flanks before palming her ass in my hand. The two women had begun to caress each other while their tongues intertwined, and I slid lower down and snaked Cassandra’s boyshorts off, leaving her naked ass and engorged pussy lips bare to my gaze.

My wife and assistant were still passionately kissing, but then Cassandra’s hips shot forward in surprise when I slipped a finger into the wet folds of her pussy from behind.

The action caused the taller, bigger blonde to push Taylor’s relatively lighter body and rolled the brunette onto her back. Cassandra quickly removed my wife’s strapless bra while leaving the silk robe around her shoulders, then moved atop Taylor and began to kiss her way down the brunette’s naked torso.

“Oh, Cassandra…” Taylor crooned while the statuesque blonde Sex hikayeleri took my wife’s sensitive breasts in her mouth. And as the blonde moved lower, Taylor began whimpering in anticipation.

Those whimpers jumped an octave when Cassandra pulled away the panties and got her tongue on Taylor’s clit. And then the brunette supermodel was writhing amongst the bedsheets, her head tossing left and right as my beautiful blonde assistant worked her pussy over.

While she ate out Taylor, Cassandra was stretched out further on the bed and I dropped my shorts then circled around and started pulling Cassandra’s legs apart. The busty blonde pushed herself onto her knees and spread them to the sides, her backside forming a triangle with her bubble butt at the apex. I was already iron hard from watching my two ladies making love together, and with a firm grip on Cassandra’s hips, I guided my cock into her from behind.

At my penetration, Cassandra picked her head up. “Ohhh… Jonathan… Fuck me, Jonathan!”

“Whatever you desire,” I husked.

The three of us moved in a familiar rhythm. Over the course of our relationship we’d tried out every possible three-person pretzel-position and awkward gymnastics in the Kama Sutra. But in the end, we’d settled on the good old- fashioned three person combinations as being the most pleasurable. They were positions we knew intimately, and I focused on bringing the utmost in pleasure to Cassandra while she focused on Taylor.

We moved in harmony and the longer we went, the better the euphoric bliss filled our heads without needing any drugs, potions, or toys. The lustful love we felt for each other was more than enough.

And as we continued, I felt like my brain was melting away, stripping off all ancillary thoughts and worldly concerns until there was nothing left but the pleasure in my head and the imperative to please my women. And with all those external feelings absent, all I had left was the sense of what Taylor and Cassandra wanted to feel.

We needed no words. When Cassandra wanted me to move harder, I did without her asking. There was just something in the way she wiggled her hips at me that told me what she needed. When Taylor wanted Cassandra to pop a finger up her ass, she did so almost a split second after the thought came to Taylor. It was like the three of us were fucking in a trance, with one shared mind.

Both my loves came to multiple orgasms before I spunked my load into Cassandra. And with the coordinated precision of an experienced dance troupe, all three of us stripped our remaining clothes off and changed positions so that Cassandra was in a sixty-nine on top of Taylor, reviving my dick with her mouth for another round while she drizzled her mingled cum down into Taylor’s gaping mouth.

And what came next was automatic. As soon as Cassandra moved out of the way, I bent down and lifted my wife’s legs and wrapped them around my waist. She cooed and held her arms out to me as I slowly slid my cock inside of her, Taylor’s dark blue eyes rolling back with pleasure as I sheathed my dick in to the hilt. And then we were both groaning unintelligibly as we began the ancient rocking motion of love.

This was my wife, on our anniversary. I was making love to my wife. And a thought then came to me, borne out of the incredible love I felt for this woman. And I spoke our first words in half an hour. “Taylor, honey.”


“What do you think about having a baby?”

Her eyes lit up and a smile crossed her face so wide that I thought she might split her face. “When?”


Taylor reached her hands up to cup my cheeks. “Of course.”

I glanced to the side to see Cassandra beaming at us, her left hand stroking Taylor’s forehead while her right was on my shoulder.

I smiled down at my wife. “Are you ready to lose this wonderful figure? Put on thirty pounds and add several inches to your hips?”

Taylor grinned and palmed her breasts. “And grow another cup size?”

I smiled at that thought.

“Yes, I’m ready,” she said sincerely. “It’s not like I NEED the modeling work. Just promise me you’ll still love me when I’m fat and bulging and you have all these gorgeous women around,” she swept her hand towards Cassandra.

I turned back to my wife. “Always…”

“Ready to practice?” Taylor husked as she hunched her hips at me. She also started on some incredible inner muscle massaging, a technique she had begun to master for getting me off whenever she wanted to.

Meanwhile, Cassandra was not idle. She lay beside us, kissing Taylor’s cheek and neck, giving just gentle caresses without trying to interpose herself between the sight line of me and my wife. Her hand snaked down and around behind our joining, and I soon felt the soft tickle of her fingers as my assistant rubbed my balls, even while my cock pistoned in and out of my wife.

The whole while, Taylor stared right into my eyes. Her irises Ensest hikayeler weren’t the violet of arousal. Instead, the blue was so clear and bright that the color more began to resemble Cassandra’s sky blue, instead of her own usual dark navy. It didn’t even seem like she was blinking. I just stared at her with complete adoration, and I saw her own blissful gaze reflecting back at me. The intensity of the moment and the exquisite pleasure soon brought me to my limit.

“Ready when you are,” I grunted as I felt the rippling walls against my sensitive rod.

“Cum for me, Johnny. Cum inside me. Imagine you’re making a baby inside me. Imagine my womb opening up for you.”

I groaned again and sped up, hearing the answering whimpers as Taylor also started in on her next climax.

“I can’t wait! I wanna feel you shooting inside me! Bathe my womb in your sperm, honey! Cum! Cum! CUM!!!”

My balls contracted in Cassandra’s hands and then I was doing as my wife commanded. I slammed my hips into her crotch one final time, pushing my rod in as deeply as I could. Taylor helped out by digging her heels into my ass, and then I let fly with several long bursts of cum that smacked straight into her cervical walls.

I knew Taylor couldn’t get knocked up on this trip. We’d have to wait for the next cycle at the earliest once we got her off her birth control.

But for the next two weeks while we traipsed throughout Europe, we certainly tried.


“Oh, gawd. Harder! Harder!” Rebecca groaned while I wailed away at her backside, my hips slapping against her asscheeks with every thrust. I was pounding my cock up her asshole so hard already that Mia was having a really hard time keeping her mouth on Rebecca’s pussy.

So, from her bottom-position in the sixty-nine, Mia reached up and got a tighter grip on Rebecca’s hips, holding her steady. And this only gave me an even more stable target to really ream out the brunette’s anal chute.

All three of us were dripping wet. After a playful time in the pool with Taylor, we’d retired to the locker room and the wide-array of shower sprays, soaping each other up and building ourselves into a sexual tizzy. But Taylor had excused herself at the last minute to go deal with other things.

Then after ordering the computer to turn the water off, I’d bent both remaining women over the bench and began to pound their pussies from behind. After getting Rebecca off once and Mia twice, I’d pulled out and then squirted all my cum straight against Rebecca’s rosebud. And then I’d used my own spunk as a lube to stuff my still-hard cock up my brunette trainer’s ass. I thanked Mia for the idea.

Rebecca’s tight muscles and some light thrusting meant my cock never really went soft before I felt it swelling back up into a full-blown erection. And then Mia had maneuvered us all into our present sixty-nine plus one.

After ten minutes of pounding her ass, Rebecca couldn’t take anymore. Along with several violent thrusts, her ass clenched and her back arched as she came, pouring out a flood of honey that drenched Mia’s face. I sawed my cock through the tight constriction for a few more pumps before nutting as well, shooting several bursts of ejaculate into the depths of Rebecca’s bum.

I’d stopped breathing for about ten seconds while I’d poured my cum into her rectum. And now that I finished and pulled out, I started gasping for breath and took two steps back towards a shower head.

Meanwhile, Mia just spread Rebecca’s asscheeks, and after a few creamy white bubbles popped up, the rest of my jism began to trickle out of the brunette’s obscenely stretched anus and Mia giggled as she began to tongue it up.

We turned the shower sprays back on to clean up… AGAIN. But once we were done rinsing off, both girls became strangely quiet. The giggles, the playfulness was suddenly gone. And then Mia stepped forward into my arms and gave me an intensely passionate kiss.

I was immediately on edge. Her kiss was pleasurable enough, but her every motion had a deliberate seriousness that was just completely out of character for such a flighty, bubbly person. And then as soon as Mia stepped away, Rebecca flowed into my arms, almost crushing me in a bear hug as she planted her lips on mine as well. In that kiss, I felt a tender passion from Rebecca that was somehow too intimate and affectionate for the wildness of our recent fucking.

When they were both done, I turned off the water. “What was that all about?”

Mia was already moving to retrieve some towels, refusing to look me in the eye. Rebecca had a sad expression on her face when she turned to me and said softly, “Let’s got to the Underground Bar, okay?”

I nodded and we dried off before slipping into some bathrobes. We walked out of the locker room and down the stairs to our intimate Zen alcove. Mia and Rebecca immediately went to their usual chairs, and as Mia looked at the transparent window completely covered with the blue pool water, she sighed and absently said, “I’m going to miss this…”

“Mia,” Rebecca warned gently, as if Mia had just said something she shouldn’t have. Her voice was just barely above a whisper, like everyone when they came down to this cool, dim place.

The Chinese girl quickly became alert and nodded.

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