A Birthday Party

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I rang John’s doorbell. It was my birthday and he had invited me over, saying he had a special birthday present. Finally I was 18-years old! My best friend opened the door and hugged me. After shaking my hand, he hauled me inside into the living room. The curtains were closed. It was cool in the room. I could hear muted music from his stereo in the family room.

“Stand still and close your eyes. I am going to give you your birthday present. I hope you like what I have planned.”

I closed my eyes and was startled as I felt a cloth being wrapped around my head.

“You okay?”

I nodded and he tied the blindfold around my head.

“Can you see?”


“Good. Be cool and trust me. You know I wouldn’t hurt you.”

I thought, “What the hell is this?”

He hugged me and then I heard the music get louder as he pulled me into the family room.

I felt something touch my shoulder. It was a hand and as it caressed my shoulder and arm, I heard a male voice whisper in my ear, “Happy Birthday. I have a candle you can blow out if you dare.”

I felt a twinge of sexual excitement. Could it be?

Another hand caressed my other shoulder and a different male voice said, “How many candles do you want to blow out, Birthday Boy?”

My sexual excitement increased. Maybe!

I felt a hand run down my back and another run across my chest. A hand grabbed my right hand and raised my arm up. Another hand grabbed my other hand and raised that arm up.

“I’ve got a cock you can suck. Do you want to suck my cock?” A voice whispered.

My world spun. My mouth felt like it was full of cotton. Pictures of locker rooms, showers, and naked men flashed into my mind. This was happening so fast that I was not nervous or tense. My cock stirred as I remembered the many nights that I had laid in bed or stood in the shower jacking off; thinking of men, cocks, balls, and asses.

“Mmmmm.” I groaned.

The men slowly unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it from my pants. The cool air felt wonderful on my bare skin. A hand touched my left tit and another touched my right tit. My body tingled as they caressed my tits.

“Oooo!” I moaned.

“We like playing with your tits. Wanna play with our tits?”

The fingers pinched my nipples, sending small tingles across my chest.

“Do you like having your nipples pinched? Do you want to pinch ours?”


A hand slid up and down my chest and other hands pulled my shirt down my arms. A mouth sucked on the fingers of my right hand while another mouth sucked the fingers of my left hand. I groaned at the sensations. I was fully aroused now and ready for anything.

“Like that don’t you? Do you want to suck our fingers?”

“Yes,” I groaned.

Fingers danced on my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked on the fingers as they slid in. Hands were caressing my chest and back, raising gooseflesh. Hands pulled and tugged my pants down my legs. Hands were caressing my arms, my chest, my back, my legs, my neck, my ears, my ass, and all the time my fingers were being kissed and sucked.

A mouth closed on each tit and sucked.

“You’ve got lovely tits. Your nipples are hard. Does it feel good to have your tits sucked? ”

“Yes,” I whispered.

“I like your neck. I think I’ll kiss it and nibble on it.”

Lips kissed the back of my neck. Teeth nibbled lightly on my neck and I shivered.

“I like your ears. A tongue sliding in and out should feel good, don’t you think?”


A tongue entered each ear and twirled. Teeth nibbled on my lobes and I giggled.

“Do you want to stick your tongue in my ears and nibble on them?”

“God yes!” I moaned.

A hand ran down my back and another down my front. The hands loosened the belt and zipper on my pants.

A hand brushed my superhard cock and felt my balls.

“Great package. Let’s see what the Birthday Boy has hanging.”

Hands tugged and pulled my pants and underwear down my hips and legs. One at a time, they lifted a foot and pulled off the sock, the pants leg, the whole pants and finally my briefs.

Hands cupped my ass cheeks and ran up and down my legs and I shivered at the male touch.

“You got a great ass. Feels good when somebody plays with it, doesn’t it? Betcha you’d like to play with my ass?”

I could only nod.

“Look at his cock. It’s long, hard, and thick. We like long, hard, and thick cocks.”

“Do you? How about it?”

“Yes, but…” I stammered.

“Has a man ever touched your cock?”


I gasped as a warm hand closed around my cock and stroked it.

“I like his balls. Really, nice large hairy balls.”

“We like balls. All kinds of balls, small, large, high, low.”

“Has a man ever touched your balls?”

“Doctors.” I said.

“Did you like it when they held your balls and told you to cough? Did you get hard?”


“Do you like balls hairy or clean-shaven? Do you even know what you like?”

“I don’t know…”

A hand was çankaya escort stroking my cock while another hand played with my balls. My legs were trembling and I thought I was going to collapse.


Hands pushed on my shoulders and I knelt.

“Kiss my cock!”

A cock brushed my lips and I kissed the warm silky head.

“Suck my cock!”

I opened my mouth. The head of the cock slid past my lips, into my mouth. I sucked the meaty head and leaned forward. More of the cock slid in.

A hand on the top of my head guided my head back and forth.

I was sucking cock for the first time, and it was wonderful!

The cock withdrew and after a couple seconds another cock slid into my eager mouth.

“Suck my cock, Birthday Boy!”

I moaned as the larger cock slid in. I sucked and this time needed no help or orders. I moved my head back and forth, letting the hard cock go deeper and deeper on each inward thrust.

The cock retreated from my mouth and I sighed as it left my lips.

I felt the head of another cock touch my lips.

“Suck my cock, Cocksucker!”

I moaned as another prick slid into my open mouth.

“Come on Honey. Take it all!”

I swallowed more of the prick gliding between my lips. I moved my head back and forth, absolutely loving the hard organ sliding between my lips, touching the back of my throat, and gliding across my flat tongue. My nose touched his stomach and my stomach flipped.

The cock pulled back and fell from my mouth. Another cock slid into my mouth.

“Suck on it, Sweetie!”

This cock was longer than the others. It went deeper and deeper until the head was touching my throat. I gagged and the cock withdrew until only the head was in my mouth. I reached up, and wrapped my hand around the hard shaft. I sucked on the large head, and heard a moan from above me.

The cock slid out. Another prick slid into my mouth.

“Suck my prick, Birthday Boy.”

I swallowed this new cock, loving the feeling of it sliding across my lips. I moved my head back and forth, driving the prick down my throat each time my head went forward.

Hands grabbed my head and held it still. The cock was slowly pulled from my mouth and I sucked in cool air.

A prick brushed my lips.

“Take it. Take as much of my prick as you can swallow!”

I opened my mouth and the large head slid in, followed by a long hard shaft. I gagged as it touched the back of my throat. I relaxed and moved my head forward and the head slid down my throat. I moved my head back and forth on this cock, my jaws starting to ache.

Suddenly it was pulled out and I could breathe.

Different voices:

“Do you like sucking cock?”

“Do you want to suck more cock?”

“How much cock do you want to suck?”

“There is a lot of cock in this room.”

“Do you want to suck each hard cock and swallow a gallon of hot, sticky, slimy, white cum?”

“Do you?”

“Can you Birthday Boy?”

“Oh my God. Yes, yes, and yes!” I moaned.

I was pulled back onto my feet. There were mouths, tongues, kisses, and hands all over my body. A hand slid between my legs. Fingers probed my anus. It stung, as first one and then two slippery fingers slid into my asshole. I didn’t care. I just didn’t want it to stop!

I gasped as a mouth sucked on the head of my cock. I gasped again as more of my cock slid into the warm wet mouth. I moaned as the mouth slid from my cock and kissed and sucked my balls.

“Feels good, doesn’t it? Having your cock and balls sucked.”

My body was pulled against another body. My cock slid between his legs and I felt his hard cock against my belly. Another body was mashed against my back and I felt his prick slid between the crack of my ass.

“Ever kissed a man?”


A tongue brushed my lips. It was forced into my mouth. The tongue explored my mouth and withdrew, leaving me almost breathless.

Again, different voices:

“Suck my cock. Swallow my cum. Fuck my ass.”

“Suck my cock. Swallow my cum. Fuck my ass.”

“Suck my cock. Swallow my cum. Fuck my ass.”

“Suck my cock. Swallow my cum. Fuck my ass.”

“Suck my cock. Swallow my cum. Fuck my ass.”

“Suck my cock. Swallow my cum. Fuck my ass.”

“Happy Birthday to you.” “Happy Birthday to you.” “Happy Birthday to …”” “Happy Birthday to you.”

The hands and fingers and whatever had touched me were gone. A few seconds later, a hand lifted the blindfold from my eyes. I blinked and could see John in front of me smiling. Except for us, the room was empty.

“Well? Did I guess right?”

“God yes! Fuck, I’m so hot I can’t stand it. I’ve dreamed about this forever. I’ll do anything you want.”

“Come with me.”

I followed him down the hall; my cock as hard as it had ever been in my life. My balls ached and felt like they were going to explode.

We entered a bedroom and I gasped.

Lights bathed the bed and a naked man keçiören escort lying on his back with his arms and legs spread.

I moaned at the sight of his hard cock and large balls.

“His cock and balls are all yours. You are not to touch your cock.” John said and left the room, shutting the door.

I walked across the room and looked down. I wanted to suck his cock and balls. I wanted cum streaming from them down my throat.

“Hi Birthday Boy. My present for you is my cock, balls and cum. Get down here, lick my balls, suck my prick, and swallow my hot cum.”

I knelt down between his legs and lowered my head. I tongued his balls, delighting in the coolness of the shaven skin. I swallowed one testicle and then the other and rolled them around my mouth. I gently squeezed his balls and he moaned. I let his balls fall from my mouth and moved my head up letting my tongue glide along his hard cock. I closed my upper lip over the head of his cock and lifted my head and his cock slid into my mouth.

“Suck my cock.”

I started bobbing my head up and down his hard cock and he moaned. He moved his hips in time to my bobbing head. He started to move faster and I followed. I took more and more of his cock until I thought I was going to die from the pleasure.

“Swallow my cum, cocksucker!”

He grunted and his cock spewed cum. I swallowed and he spurted again. Each time he spurted, I swallowed. I sucked his cock, milking it of cum, until he told me to stop.

I raised my head, loving the sensation of his cock gliding past my lips.

I licked my lips. The taste was delicious, as had been the feeling of his cock sliding up and down my throat.

I felt tremendous satisfaction when I realized that I had just finished giving my first blowjob.

He rolled from the bed, his softening cock hanging between his legs.

“Not bad for a beginner. You can blow my candle out anytime Lover Boy.”

He left the room, leaving the door open. I followed and John met me at the end of the hallway. “Well?”

“Oh my God, John! It was fantastic. I want more!”

“Come with me.”

I followed him down the hall. We entered another bedroom and I gasped.

On the bed on all fours with his ass pointed towards us was another naked man. His balls and cock were just visible between his legs.

“He is all yours. And again you are not to touch yourself or cum.” John said and left the room, shutting the door.

I walked across the room and looked down. I wanted to fuck his ass. I wanted my sperm streaming down my cock into his ass. How would I stop from exploding?

“Happy birthday. My present to you is my ass. Get over here and lick my hole with your wet tongue and fuck my ass with your long hard cock, assfucker.”

I walked to the bed, crawled forward, and ran my hands over and around the firm cheeks of his ass. I lowered my head and ran my tongue down the crack of his ass.

I lowered my body, tongued his balls, and ran my tongue back up his crack. I spread his cheeks and looked at his brown hairless rosebud. I tongued it and he moaned. I stuck my tongue in and he pushed back. More of my tongue slid into his asshole. I fucked his ass with my tongue until he said, “Fuck my ass.”

I reached down and picked up the tube lying between his legs. I squeezed the jelly onto my fingers and onto my cock. I smeared it around my cock until my prick was glistening in the light. I put the tube down and moved closer. I held my slippery cock in my hand and placed the tip against his anus. I pushed and the head slid easily into his ass. I pushed again and my cock slid into his hot hole. I pushed harder and my cock slid all the way into his ass. I pushed forward, he pushed back, and we started a mutually satisfying fucking action.

I reached around and found his cock. My slippery hand slid up and down his cock and he groaned. I fucked his ass and jacked him off until I felt it. IT! No, I was not supposed to come! I pulled back and my whole body spasmed as my prick popped out of his ass. I grabbed my cock and squeezed and squeezed and the urge to come subsided.

He started to get up and I told him, “No. Roll over.” He rolled over on his back and spread his legs apart.

I reached down, lifted his balls, and gently massaged them. I moved my hands up and ran my fingers up and down his shaft. It was hot and felt like steel, it was so hard.

I leaned forward and tongued his balls. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft and kissed the head of his dick. I leaned back and stroked his cock with my hands. I looked into his blue eyes and he moaned as I squeezed the head of his cock.

“Suck my cock!”

I leaned back down and holding his cock straight up with my hands, I sucked the head of his prick. He jerked and the head flew into my mouth. I sucked and stroked his prick and played with his balls. He groaned as I lowered my head, feeling his cock slide into my mouth and down my throat. I started sucking his cock faster and his prick got harder.

“I’m etimesgut escort coming!”

I pulled my head up until just the head of his cock was in my mouth. I jacked him off with one hand and squeezed on his balls with the other. He jerked and a shot of cum splashed into my mouth. He jerked repeatedly, spewing hot cum into my eager mouth. I squeezed his cock as it softened and he moaned.

I lifted up and tilted my head back. I rolled the cum around in my mouth and tasted it with my tongue. It was salty, yet sweet and I swallowed it.

“Great head job, cocksucker! Not bad at fucking my ass, either.”

He got up and left the room, leaving the door open. I followed and John met me at the end of the hallway.



“Come with me.”

We entered a bedroom and I gasped. You would think by now that he couldn’t surprise me, but he did.

A naked man was running his hands up and down his well-greased cock. He smiled at me and beckoned with one finger.

“His cock is for your ass.”

As John shut the door behind him, I walked across the room and looked down. I wanted him to fuck my ass. I wanted his cum streaming into my ass.

“Happy birthday. My present for you is my long, hard, slippery cock shooting cum into your ass. Get over here and sit on my prick.”

I positioned my ass above his cock, leaning on my arms and hands. I lowered my hips and felt the tip of his cock on my anus. I groaned as I felt the tip enter. It stung as the head of his cock slid in and I stopped. I took a gulp of air and lowered my ass again. His cock slid in deeper and again it hurt.

“Take your time. Christ your ass is tight and hot!”

I rested until the pain went away. I wanted his cock deep in my body, spurting hot cum. I moved up and down, slowly fucking his cock, taking an inch at a time. I felt a wave of pleasure and moved my ass further down his cock. The stinging and pain had stopped, replaced by an extraordinary pleasure.

“Fuck me!”

I fucked his cock steadily, feeling it go deeper and deeper. I moaned as his cock went all the way in and waves of pure pleasure passed through me. Each time I raised up, I could feel his cock sliding against the walls of my rectum. I squeezed my ass cheeks, clamping down on his cock, and he groaned. More pleasure pulsed through me as I started energetically fucking his cock. He started to thrust up with his hips driving his cock deeper. He grunted and thrust upward, ramming his cock deep into me and climaxed.

I felt the hot cum hit the walls of my rectum as he continued to cum with powerful spurts. I moaned and fell forward as his cock started to soften. I lifted my hips up and his cock slipped out.

I moved from his body and he sat up. He took me by the hand and we went into the shower. He gently soaped my entire body and rinsed me off. I did the same to him and we stepped out of the shower and dried each other.

“You have a great ass and it is lovely to fuck. Happy Birthday.”

I walked out into the hallway where John was waiting.


“Oh fucking Great Christ! More!”

“Come with me.” He said.

I followed him down the hallway back into the family room and I groaned.

There were six naked men sitting or lying on the floor, stroking each other’s cocks, balls, and asses.

“They are all yours. Do what you want with them.” He said and John left the room.

I almost ran into the living room. I wanted to suck a cock, any cock, be fucked by a cock, any cock and to fuck an ass, any ass. I looked at the men and their cocks. Some of the cocks were smaller than my cock and others were fatter. Some were shorter and some were longer. Each was a delight for me to enjoy! It was the same with the men. Some were older and others were younger. Fatter. Slimmer. A delight, each one of them.

I knelt between the legs of the closest of the men. I moved his hand from his cock and I lowered my head.

His prick was about six inches long and very fat.

“All right! Suck that cock!” A voice yelled out.

I swallowed his dick and bobbed my head up and down for a couple of minutes taking him all the way each time. He moaned and I switched to another man. His cock was not as thick as the first one, but it was longer. I swallowed his prick and started giving him head.

I felt hands on my legs spreading them apart. A tongue licked my anus sending a thrill through my groin. I gasped as the tongue drove into my butt. I gasped again as fingers replaced it. I moved my head back to the earlier cock and sucked on it. I moaned as I felt the head of a cock enter my ass.

“Fuck his ass!”

The cock slid in and I realized that it was bigger than the earlier one and my asshole stung.

I sucked the cock in my mouth and felt hands on my head. They pushed down on my head and he raised his hips. He fucked my mouth, his cock spurted hot cum, and I swallowed.

The cock ramming my butt drove all the way home as I swallowed each spurt of cum. When the cock in my mouth started to soften, I sucked on it one more time, kissed it, and moved to another cock. This cock was fatter and the head filled my mouth.

The man fucking my ass started fucking with more powerful and faster thrusts. As I swallowed the cock before me, the assfucker grunted and shoved forward and came. I felt his cum explode in my ass and I sucked the cock before me faster.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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