A Birthday Present for Neil

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Rachel adjusted the chair’s position and stepped back to examine her handiwork. Perfect. Neil should arrive any time, and everything was ready. She still couldn’t quite believe that she had actually offered to give him a lap dance for his birthday, nor that he had accepted so quickly!

She moved to the mirror in the hallway and checked over herself again. Hot. Or at least, the perfect balance of hot but normal, hinting more than actually showing. Her bright pink bra was just visible through the tight white top, with the straps peeking out at the shoulders. She loved the way it clung to her curves, and the same for the black pencil skirt which accentuated her hips and ass. The shiny red fuck-me heels might be overkill, but damn if they didn’t make her legs look fantastic.

Ding dong. The doorbell. He’s here. She took a deep breath then strode to the door, letting it swing open while she leaned half casually against the frame.

“Hey,” she said.

“Hey yourself,” Neil replied. “You look amazing!”

Rachel giggled a little self consciously. “Thanks. Come on in.” With that, she stepped back to make space for him. Neil was a big guy, well over six feet, and solid with muscle. He filled the doorway and dominated the hall as he entered. “Follow me,” Rachel instructed. “I’ve set up through here.” She led the way into the living room, loving the way her heels clicked on the floor and swinging her hips seductively.

Neil chuckled as he saw the lone chair in the centre of the room. “Remind me what this is, is it a interrogation?”

Rachel laughed. “You should be so lucky. Sit. Hands on your knees. You can look, but you can’t touch.”

“Aw. What about you? Can you touch?”

“Of course. I’m in charge! Now sit back.” Rachel stepped to the table and pressed play on her phone. The Bad Touch by the Bloodhound Gang. Perhaps not the sexiest, smoothest ballad, but laden with innuendo and just the right level of light heartedness.

#sweat baby, sweat baby, sex is a Texas drought

Rachel started to dance in front of Neil, moving her hips with the beat. She ran her hands through her hair, then down across her chest and belly onto her thighs, bending her knees and gyrating lower then higher. Not easy in this tight skirt she realised, as it slid halfway up her thighs as she moved.

#put your hands down my pants and I’ll bet you’ll feel nuts

Maybe a little quick she thought as she moved up close, between Neil’s legs, and swung her hips side to side as she lowered herself again before turning her back and repeating the manoeuvre, feeling her skirt ride up a little further.

#you and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals, so let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel

“Mmm, love this song,” she murmured as she put her hands on Neil’s shoulders and danced with her breasts right in front of his face. Again she kemalpaşa escort swung her hips and sunk down, bringing her face level with his. She could feel his hot breath on her lips. She bit her bottom lip, looking into his eyes, before leaning forward and to the side and cheekily nibbling his ear before slowly straightening up again.

#so if I capsize on your thighs

Rachel stepped back and straddled Neil’s left knee, grinding against it as she danced. Was there a bit of a flush on his face? She slid herself forward along his leg, pushing his hand along as she went and pretending not to notice where it was touching. She lifted from his leg and turned her back to him again, backing towards him as her favourite line approached.

#and then we’ll do it doggie style so we can both watch X-Files

She pressed her ass against his crotch and twerked in time with the music, and if she wasn’t mistaken she felt something stirring against her!

“Er, Rach. Your skirt…” murmured Neil, sounding a little distracted. Rachel realised that while she had been absorbed in the music, her skirt had ridden all the way up and Neil was now staring at her bright pink thong, which unlike the outer clothing left very little to the imagination.

#you and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals…

Rachel stepped back, and swaying her hips to the music slowly pushed her skirt down over her hips, down her thighs and dropped it to the floor. “Well, you’ve seen it now,” she remarked.

“I didn’t think this dance was going to involve a striptease,” Neil commented.

“It wasn’t,” Rachel replied. “Complaining?”

“Hell no!”

#let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel

Rachel turned her back and leaned all the way down to the floor, showing off her ass, knowing how perfectly the hot pink thong framed it. Then, straightening up, she pushed the shoulders of her top down her arms and rolled it down to her trim waist, revealing the matching hot pink bra.

“Wow,” remarked Neil, his jaw practically in his lap.

“You like?” asked Rachel, dancing provocatively and running her hands over her breasts.

“More than like,” Neil replied. “Smoking hot.”

“That kind of compliment deserves a reward,” Rachel told him, moving closer to place her hands on his shoulders again while dancing slowly up close. “Maybe,” she said, undoing one of his shirt buttons, “I will let you touch, a little.”

Neil did not need to be asked twice. His hands moved from his thighs to Rachel’s ass, caressing and squeezing the curve of her buttocks. He pushed her top down from her waist, easing it over her hips and down to the floor as the Bloodhound Gang faded out.

Rachel continued to swing her hips rhythmically as she slowly unbuttoned Neil’s shirt, while his newly freed hands squeezed and stroked her ass. escort kemalpaşa As she pulled his shirt from his waistband and eased it off of his shoulders, she remarked, “I thought I felt something when we got to the bit about watching X-Files.”

“I’m not surprised,” Neil replied. “You caught me off guard there, I was worried I was going to burst my jeans for a moment!”

“Wow, we can’t have that, you’d better take them off, just for safety.”

“Good idea.” Neil stood, kicked if his shoes, and unfastened his belt and jeans, pushing them down and kicking them aside. For a moment they stood and looked at each other, Rachel in bright pink bra and thong, plus red heels, Neil in tight teal boxer shorts, displaying a clear bulge.

“Sit down,” Rachel ordered. “We ought to check that it has helped.”

Neil sat back down, and Rachel turned around and reversed into his crotch once more. She gasped as she pressed into Neil’s hardness, now separated only by two thin layers of fabric. Slowly she started to move up and down again. Neil groaned.

“That has helped a lot, much more comfortable,” he told her.

“Mmm, I’d have to agree.”

Neil held her hips as she moved against him, before leaning forward and unclasping her bra. Rachel let it drop to the floor. Neil’s hands stroked her hips and ass again before sliding up her sides and forward to her breasts. Rachel gasped as his new position moved his cock further forward so it pressed against her clit. She rocked her hips back and forth as Neil caressed her breasts and nipples, occasionally pinching gently.

Rachel moaned as jolts of pleasure ran through her. She reached back and stroked Neil’s cock through his boxers, pressing it harder against her clit, exulting in the extra stimulation.

Neil gasped as he felt Rachel’s hand on his cock. He tilted his hips to give her better access and moaned as she used his erection to pleasure herself.

Rachel stood and turned around, moving close to Neil and kissing him hungrily. His hands explored her back and she eased his boxers down as their tongues whirled around each other’s mouths. Neil began to kiss and nibble Rachel’s neck, before moving down to her breasts. He lightly circled a nipple with his tongue before taking it into his mouth and sucking, then nibbling gently. Rachel gasped and grabbed his hair as his teeth teased her nipples.

Pulling away slightly, Rachel knelt between Neil’s legs. She took the base of his engorged cock in one hand and pumped it, then leaned forward and ran her tongue round its head. Neil gasped, then groaned aloud as she took the head of his cock into her mouth and sucked, all the while pumping with her hand and tickling the very end with her tongue. Slowly her lips slid down his shaft, before retreating and accelerating. Neil leaned back with his eyes closed, but when kemalpaşa escort bayan she started to caress his balls with the other hand he had to stop her. “You’ll make me come too quickly, that feels unbelievable. Now it’s my turn.”

As Rachel stood, Neil slid her thong over her hips and off. “Sit down and lean back,” he told her. She did as requested, and he knelt between her legs. Neil sucked a finger to moisten it, then stroked her clit before sliding it gently into her pussy. Rachel gasped, then held her breath as Neil’s tongue slowly circled her clit. Neil slowly pulled out his finger, added a second, and started to slide them slowly in and out. Rachel gripped his hair with one hand and squeezed and twisted her nipple with the other as his tongue alternated between circling her clit and licking up and down.

Suddenly, Neil upped his tongue’s tempo, and started to make a beckoning movement with his fingers as they slid in and out of Rachel’s pussy. Her breathing started to come in gasps as her pussy walls began to tighten around his fingers. She released his hair and started working her other nipple as his tongue worked rapidly back and forth over her clit. Her moans drew to a crescendo and she let out a long, drawn out yell as her pussy clamped and then pulsed around Neil’s fingers as an orgasm thundered through her.

“Fuck, that was amazing,” she said when her breathing had calmed a little. “I don’t have the X-Files to watch, but now I want you to do me doggie style.”

Rachel moved onto her hands and knees, pushing her upper body down and her hips up to offer herself to Neil. He placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy, then put a hand on each hip and slowly pulled her back along the whole length of his erection. Rachel growled deep in her throat as he filled and stretched her pussy walls and moaned aloud as his strong hands gripped her hips as he worked his cock in and out of her heat, gradually speeding up. She reached back and caressed his balls as he fucked her, feeling his cock swell as she did so.

Neil could feel Rachel’s pussy walls starting to tighten around his cock. He gasped as he felt his balls beginning to tighten in response as he drove his cock deep into Rachel’s body. Her moans were turning into shrieks as he pounded harder, starting to lose his rhythm slightly as his own orgasm built.

“Fuck Rach, I’m going to come,” he gasped. Rachel did not respond verbally, she simply moaned and gently squeezed his balls. This was too much for Neil. His cock swelled, he thrust forward again, pulling Rachel’s hips towards him as his cocked bucked. He yelled as he came, shooting his hot seed deep inside her as her pussy walls clenched around him in response.

Rachel felt Neil’s cock swell inside her as he came, which sent her back over the precipice. She screamed as her orgasm crashed through her, waves of pleasure electrifying her as Neil slowly continued to fuck her as their orgasms peaked and receded.

Rachel collapsed forward onto the floor, and Neil lowered himself down beside her. She turned towards him and kissed him deeply. “Happy birthday,” she murmured.

“Best birthday ever,” he replied.

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