A Bisexual Man’s Hidden Secret

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Double Penetration

While walking one evening I saw a friend go into his new neighbors garage. A man walking into another mans garage may not seem odd, but rumors have surrounded this new neighbor since he arrived in town. Everyone says he is gay. He isn’t married, nor does he appear to have children, but that doesn’t mean anything. He seems quiet and keeps to his self, so no on really knows for sure. Chalking it up to idle gossip, I pushed it from my mind until now.

I continued my evening walk, around and around the block I live on. I hate to say it but every time I walked by the garage I wondered if they are still inside or if he had returned home. An alley ran along the garage so I decided to walk down it. The curiosity killed me each time I passed. Some of the guys in the neighborhood were laughing about the possibility of a gay man on the block. Part of me wondered if my friend went over to see if he really was gay or if he was just being a good neighbor.

When I approached the garage I heard noises that grew louder the closer I got. It sounded like someone was hurt, so I poked my nose up to a window for a better look. I saw my friend, a big burly guy, bent over the workbench with the new neighbors cock buried in his ass. He was moaning and whimpering, but he didn’t appear to be struggling too much. Edging closer to the side door, I heard their muffled voices better.

“Oh yeah, fuck my ass… come on, bury that cock hard and deep, yeahhhh”

“Take it big boy, take it all, you know you love it slut!”

I was shocked to find out my friend was gay, not that it made me feel any differently about him. Actually I felt sad that he had to hide it, behind a smoke screen marriage that eventually ended in divorce. It felt like there was lead in my shoes, I could not move. Watching the two of them made me horny. I have always dreamed of reaming a man’s ass with my strap-on. To be this close and watch someone fuck a man in the ass was just too tempting to walk away from.

My friend, Ned, reached down to stroke his cock while he leaned over the workbench. The new neighbor, Jim was pounding him pretty hard. Ned started to whimper louder but did not beg him to stop. Finally Jim drilled into him one last time. I knew he was spraying his ass with cum, the way his body tensed and jerked. He let out a muffled cry of release. Soon after that, his limp cock withdrew from Ned’s ass. I turned and headed down the alley at a hurried pace so I would be gone by the time they walked out.


The following weekend I saw Ned with some friends at a local bar. He did not fit the typical stereotype of a gay man, but I knew better. Actually he was hitting on a woman at the bar. I figured he did it to overcompensate, so his friends would not think he was gay. I walked over to Ned and his friends to visit. There were times Ned had hit on me but I always pushed it aside, tonight I would flirt and see where it got me.

“Hey Mary, how’s it goin?”

“Good Ned, how are you?”

“I’m good too. Wanna shoot some pool with me?”

“Sure, that sounds fun!”

After we picked out a stick, he racked the balls. I took aim and blasted them all around the table. One dropped in so it was still my turn.

“So Ned, what’s the wager on our game?”

“Ummm, I dunno, what do you want it to be Mary?”

“Let’s see how it goes.”

I knocked in a second ball then missed on the next. Ned took over and shot a couple.

“It’s a pretty close game, did you decide on the wager yet?”

“Not yet, but I will. Another drink?”

“Sure, let me get us a round.”

He returned with the drinks. It was his turn to shoot. When he bent over to aim I ran the thick end of my stick against the crack of his ass when no one was looking. Jumping, he turned and chastised me.

“Now quit that Mary, I’m not like the new neighbor guy.”

I leaned closer and whispered in his ear, “That’s not what I saw in the garage the other night.”

His face went blank, turning white. “What did you just say?”

“You heard me.”

“Mary, let me explain please.”

“Later Ned, let’s finish the game. Oh and by the way, I decided on the wager.”

“Ok, what is it?”

“If I win I get to use my strap-on with you.”

“Ummm, ok. What if I win?”

“That’s your choice Ned.”

Ned started playing pool like his life depended on it, which in fact he probably felt like it did. After he cleared the table and dropped the eight ball in, he grinned and put his stick away.

“Come on Mary, let’s go.”

“Where to?”

“I’ll tell you when we get there.”

“Ok. What was your end of the wager?”

“I’ll tell you that when we get there too, come on.”

He took me to a quiet road and parked. “We need to talk Mary.”

“Ok, I’m listening.”

“You probably think I’m gay, but I’m not.”

“What I saw says you are.”

“I’m bisexual Mary. In this town that’s as good as gay. Please don’t tell anyone what you saw, it would kill me.”

“I would never tell anyone Ned, you know I’m not like that. You really need to be more careful though. That could have been anyone standing outside the garage and they gaziantep escort may not be as nice as me.”

“I realize that now.”

“Your secret is safe with me Ned; of that you have no worries.”

“Thank you Mary, it means a lot to me.”

“So tell me, what is your end of the wager. I’m ready to pay up.”

“You have to use your strap-on with me.”

“No, that was if I won.”

“I know. You said if I won I could decide what I wanted and that is what I want.”

“You’re serious!?”

“Yes Mary, I’m serious.”

“Well hell, let’s go to my place then.”

He drove to my apartment without another word. When we went inside he seemed nervous, almost apprehensive.

“Are you sure this is what you want Ned?”

“Yes Mary.” He bowed his head slightly.

“Ned, something’s wrong. Please talk to me.”

“God Mary, this is so hard. I love the feel of a woman and sometime that is all I want. To feel my cock buried in that velvety warmth, banging away pleasing her. Other times I feel this horrible need to be used and fucked like some wimpy assed pussy. God, why can’t people just let people be who they are?”

“How do you feel right now Ned?”

“I need used Mary, really bad. I need to be told what a slut I am.”

“You are a slut Ned, a dirty filthy anal slut.”

“Oh GOD, Mary, my cock is so hard!”

“Take your clothes off Ned, now!”

He stripped on the spot. His average sized cock stood at full salute. Walking to him I slapped his hard cock with my hand a few times, while he moaned.

“Slut boi, don’t you dare cum before I fuck you!”

“Yes Ma’am.”

Grabbing him by the cock, I pulled him into the bedroom and shoved him back on the bed while I removed my clothing. He lay watching every move, with half-veiled eyes.

“Roll over!”

He rolled over and I promptly began slapping his ass, “You deserve this, for being such a slut.”

“Yes Ma’am, more please. Spank my dirty ass.”

I continued until his ass was rosy read and hot. When I felt he had enough I walked to the closet to retrieve my toys. A nice set of anal beads caught his eye.

“Oh Ma’am, what are those?”

“You don’t know?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Mmmm, good I will show you. They are anal beads.”

“How do you use them?”

“Better to show you boi, than to explain.”

After greasing his ass I pressed the first bead against him until it slid in.

“Oh God, that feels good Ma’am!”

A second bead, third, fourth and finally the last bead pressed at his tight, filled ass.

“Oh God, Ma’am, my ass is full. I don’t know if the last one will fit.”

“It will fit, relax.”

I let the other four beads rest and started slapping his ass hard again to distract him. With my other hand I pressed until the final bead passed his tight sphincter.


“Good boi, now turn over.”

He rolled and I immediately straddled his cock burying all seven inches inside my hot juicy pussy. His body quivered and shook.

“Son of a bitch Mary, fuck me!”

“It’s Ma’am to you slut!”

“God Mary, forgive me but I can’t help myself your pussy is so hot.”

“Forgive you for what?”

“What I’m about to do.”

He was much bigger and stronger than me. Grabbing my arms he rolled me off and pinned me to the bed before he buried his cock in my pussy again. The string of the anal beads whipped against my ass as he pounded my pussy hard and fast.

“God damn, these balls in my ass are making me so fucking horny I can’t help myself. I’m so sorry Mary, damn I can’t help it!”

“Fuck me Ned, give me your slutty cock.” I hissed up at him.

He drilled into me like it was the last time he was ever going to fuck someone. Grabbing his cock he pulled out quickly.

“If I don’t stop I’m gonna cum Mary.” He panted.

“Good boi. Take a few deep breaths and fuck me again.”

He beat his cock against my pussy a few times and then dipped in again, riding me hard and fast. When he was sweating and straining, I reminded him he was not allowed to cum yet. He withdrew his cock in a panic, afraid he would cum.

“That’s a good boi. Beat it a few times until the urge passes, then fuck me some more and this time I better cum!”

He grabbed my legs and held them in the air, using his hips to bang his cock into my pussy. I couldn’t take much more and dropped my legs to wrap them around him. My hands grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled his body deeper into mind, to grind his pubic bone against my clit. Rocking back and forth I found my release and screamed into his ear, right before I bit down on his shoulder softly.

Holding his cock inside me while I came, he looked pained trying to hold back his own release. I released my leg lock on him and let him pull out for a moment, while my body trembled.

“Put it back in boi, I’m not done yet.”

“Yes Ma’am, damn my balls are about to explode.”

“They won’t, now fuck me hard again. I have a few more orgasms in here that need let out. My pussy is hungry tonight.”

He rode me harder and deeper, taking me there quicker while his pained expression escort bayan consumed him. When I came, he floated on the cloud knowing he was pleasing me, but had to pull out again for fear he would spill inside of me. After I came three more times I could tell he couldn’t take much more.

“Put your cock inside me Ned, but hold it still.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

When he was buried I reached back and grabbed the string to the beads. One by one I pulled them out of his ass. Each time I felt his cock jump inside my pussy, growing from its sedentary stance. When the last one came out, he let out a moan.

“Damn, those felt so good. I like having my ass full.”

“Good, you are about to have it full again but this time I am going to fuck you.”

Crawling from beneath him, I had him lie on his back and stroke his cock while I prepared. He watched every move I made as I strapped on the harness. I held up three dildos that fit on the harness adaptor.

“Which one do you want in that slutty ass of yours?”

“Which one would you like to use on me Ma’am?”

“I’m not mean Ned. The big one may be too much. That is why I give you the chose.”

“My neighbors cock is big Mary.”

“This big?” I held up the largest dildo that measured 12″ long and 6″ around.

Embarrassed, he nodded his head, “Yes, that big Mary.”

“Damn, I may need to go visit him myself!”

“He would most likely enjoy that, he is bisexual also.”

“Mmmm, thank you for that little tidbit. Now raise your legs and show me that slut hole of yours.”

I shoved a few pillows under his back to raise his ass, while he held his legs in the air. Before I fucked him, I played with him. Rolling my tongue around his ass, teasing his sphincter, he whimpered, pleaded and begged me to fuck him. I slid a small egg vibrator into his ass while I continued to lick and stroke his ass. Raising my head I lowered my mouth on his cock and sucked it hard and deep, just as I turned the vibrator on.

“FUCK, oh my God Mary! What the hell is that thing in there?”

“It’s a vibrator, relax.”

“How the fuck am I suppose to relax? I feel like I’m gonna dump my load any moment!”

“Grab your cock and squeeze it hard, now!”

He did as I told him, panting and moaning to stop from cumming. I alternated the speed on the vibrator in his ass from slow to fast, taunting him further.

“Mary, I can’t take much more.”

I turned the egg off and slid it from his ass slowly. Grabbing the grease I slathered some on his ass and slid one, then two fingers into his hole while he panted and moaned with bliss. Finger fucking his ass to stretch it, eventually I had all four of my fingers working in and out.

“Are you ready Ned?”

“Yes Ma’am. Are you sure you don’t want me to roll over?”

“No, I want to see your face while I fuck the shit out of your ass!”



“If I beg you to stop, don’t.”


“If I beg you to stop, keep going. I like feeling like I don’t have control.”

“You like being taken without consent?”

“Oh god, yesssss!”

“Good, I am going to use you hard, no matter what you say. If it get to the point you can’t take anymore just holler PICKLES really loud.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

My heart raced, my fantasy was about to become reality. Poised with my strap-on at his ass, it pressed against his unrelenting muscles. He wiggled against me while I pushed, afraid that I might hurt him. Finally the head of the big dildo slid in. His fingers clenched the blankets and squeezed.

“FUCK! God damn, your cock is so fucking huge!”

“Take it slut, you know you like it.”

“Yes, oh please, I need it.”

I pressed into him spreading his ass wider, while his knuckles turned white from the pain and pleasure. Withdrawing slightly, I watched as his puckered ass tried to turn inside out around my cock just before I lunged forward and drove it into him again.

“FUCKKKKK! More, oh God, YES Ma’am!”

Inch by inch, I held the long shlong and guided it with my hand, until it was almost buried. I let go with my hand and pressed the final few inches up into his waiting bunghole, only to hear him scream out in pain.

“Are you ok Ned?!”

“YES! Oh God, yes, this is so fucking good Mary! Don’t stop no matter what! Please don’t stop!”

“Ok, you asked for it!”

I withdrew and drove the dildo deep into his ass repeatedly, fucking his slutty ass hard and steady. His fingers, still wrapped in the blankets, pulled it to his mouth so he could bite down on the fabric. The grimace on his face looked like he was in horrible pain but he forewarned me that I was to continue, no matter what, so I did.

“Talk to me Mary, tell me what a whore I am, pleaseeee!”

“You are a whore, a filthy little anal whore. My cock is buried so deep you won’t sit right for a week bitch!”

“Yes Ma’am, oh god, harder pleaseeeeeee.” He begged.

I drilled him, withdrawing almost the entire dildo then ramming it deep in his bowels again. Each time he clenched the blanket in his teeth and screamed a muffled scream. His brow furrowed and his body twitched.

“Roll over, you filthy little whore, so I can get my cock deeper!”

“Yes Ma’am, that’s what this anal slut needs, thank you Ma’am.”

He rolled and shoved his ass up in the air towards me. The dildo had reamed his ass so good it was a quivering gapping hole, pulsing with excitement, ready for more. I grabbed his hips and slid the head of the dildo in easily. Steadily I drove it all the way in while he beat the bed with his fists and screamed out. Knowing he enjoyed it turned me on so much. I felt like I was going to cum again at any time.

Stroking in and out, I pulled the entire length of the dildo out to let his ass slam shut so I could watch it impale him again. His puckered red ass readily accepted it each time I drove it home again. Grinding it deep into his ass, my pubic bone felt the friction against my clit. I reached around his body and grabbed his cock underneath, to stroke it. It was semi-flaccid when I started and hard as a rock in no time. My body shuddered from grinding my clit against the harness.

“Oh God, I’m gonna cum again!”

He purposely bounced his ass back against my body, while I came hard. My body went limp with surprise. I fell against him for a moment. That was all he needed. Turning, he forced me onto the bed on my back again, pinning me under his weight. Grabbing the snaps on the harness he ripped it from my body, tossing it aside. The look on his face was anything but docile.

“Now who’s in charge Mary?”

“You are Ned.” I was a bit nervous.

“Do you know what I’m gonna do to you Mary?”

“No Ned, what?”

“I’m gonna fuck your tiny little ass.”

“Oh, so you enjoy fucking asses too.”

“Yes Mary, and the tighter the better!”

“I like anal sex, Ned.”

“I hope you like it Ned style.”

“How is Ned style?”

He slapped some grease on my ass, rubbing it around. “Long and hard Mary.”

“Mmmm, it sounds great.”

“I don’t like a lot of foreplay with asses, it softens them up too much. I like to feel those tight muscles the minute I slam through them.”

“Ok, well, just don’t hurt me.”

“Oh, I won’t Mary. If it hurts too much just scream PICKLES really loud.” He said almost sadistically, making me wonder if he really would stop if I yelled it.


He grabbed my legs and shoved them up over my head so my pussy and ass were high in the air. His hands grabbed my wrists, holding them beside my body. I was completely and utterly helpless. Raising his body like he was preparing for pushups, his stiff cock slid along my ass crack until it hit the spot. Working the head of his cock into position I felt it pressing against my hole. He dropped like he a rock. His cock slammed through my ass and kept going until it was buried to the hilt.

“FUCKKKKKKKK! Holy shit Ned, that fucking HURT!”

“Good Mary, doesn’t it feel good that way?”

“Hell no, damn, I don’t like pain.”

“I didn’t either, until I met Jim. His cock is so big, but it feels so good.”

He moved in and out slowly as we spoke. I felt myself relaxing more.

“Are you ready for more Mary?”

“I think so.”

He slowly raised his body, pulling his cock completely out of my ass.

“No, no, don’t take it all the way out please. It hurts when the head goes back in.”

“Too late Mary.” He pulled his cock out and repositioned at my hole, waiting just long enough that my puckered ass tightened up again.


“No, yes, oh God I don’t know.”

“Here it comes again bitch!”

He dropped his weight and impaled my ass again while I screamed in pain, but did not utter the sacred word. Rising slowly he withdrew and dropped again. Each time I felt my ass relax more and more, purely from the abrupt abuse to the muscles. Less time between drops occurred, he removed his cock and drove the entire length into me repeatedly, faster and faster. Finally when I was a quivering mess, he released my wrists and lowered my legs. Grabbing the anal beads, he handed them to me.

“I want you to reach back with your hands and shove the beads up my ass Mary.”

I did as he said, reaching over his back to his ass, inserting the beads. When the first one slipped in his ass he moaned. After each bead slipped into his ass, his cock grew harder in my ass.

“Now, put the vibrator in there too.”

I shoved the egg vibrator in his ass with the beads and turned it on low. It hummed inside while he moaned in ecstasy. Moving in my ass he stroked long steady strokes, in and out without leaving my ass. In a rapid rhythm his body moved with mine until we were both on the verge of orgasm. When he tensed I pushed the vibrator to high. He screamed out.

“FUCKKKKKKKK! Yesssssssssss!”

My body convulsed under him, joining him for the climax. Lurching inside my ass he sprayed me full of cum.

“Damn, I have not cum like that in a long time.”

“Mmmm, good.”

He rolled his body off of mine and lay beside me on the bed. Wrapping his arms around my body, he literally purred from deep in his chest. We grabbed the blankets and pulled them over us. I knew I would sleep well, I was exhausted. Ned left the beads in while he slept. When I woke in the morning he was gone, but the toys were all cleaned and placed back in my toy box, ready for next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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