A Boy Grows Up Ch. 02

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I suggest that you read part one first to understand the relationship


After breakfast I attended church with my parents then jumped on my bike and was knocking at the back door of the candy store in no time. When Mary opened the door I was pleasantly surprised to see her dressed quite unlike she normally was. Today there was no ugly shapeless uniform, Mary was wearing free flowing knee length pleated light blue skirt topped with a white blouse that knocked my eyes out.

Her blouse buttoned up the front to the middle of her breasts then broke into an exaggerated V with a frilly edge that went from the center button up and around becoming a collar. The large V center was filled with pure alabaster cleavage that caused my mouth to water and my mind see multiple sexual scenarios simultaneously.

But as I momentarily looked beyond her I could see all the cabinets and bins were open. I was crushed Mary really was taking inventory. I felt so stupid; hell I should have known it was too good to be true. Since that marvelous night Mary always kept her drapes closed and this is the first time I was even near her. You didn’t need a degree or be a genius to figure it out, Mary had her fun, I ate her through a bunch of climaxes, she got me off and fed me my own come as more punishment and sent me packing.

Ooh well at least the view wasn’t bad; when we worked the top cabinets Mary had to stand on the ladder and of course I held it for safety as I logged in the inventory numbers. I had a great position as Mary would stretch this way and that my nose being even with her skirt hem made it possible to see her legs almost up to her panty line.

Ah, but the under counter cabinets were by far the best. Mary had to get down on her knees and bend almost into the cabinet to count items on the lower shelves. When she did I could see all the way inside her blouse to where was tucked into her skirt waist. Mary had on what I guess you refer to as a demi-bra that had a transparent top lacy and the bra itself was so small that you easily could see her puffy nipples.

Once the inventory was complete Mary and I locked up the storefront and went back into her office and organized the log sheets. Just as we finished Mary took a five-dollar bill and the backdoor key out of her purse and sent me up the street for two bottles of coke. When I got back and walked into her office I was so shocked I dropped one of the cokes.

Luckily I picked it up unbroken but as I stood back up my eyes once again caught a vision beyond even my wild imagination. A black semi-transparent peignoir robe had replaced Mary’s blouse and skirt. She was standing with one of the front edges of her robe clutched in her left hand and her hand was resting on her left hip. As she stood she leaned to the right with her right hand resting on her desk letting the robe fall wide open.

The only other garments she wore were a tiny bra that left little to the imagination, a pair of panties that could only be described as a small piece of transparent gauze that had to be the forerunner of today’s tiniest g-strings. And finally another minute thin strip of material made up the waistband of a garter belt that held up real black silk stockings.

I stood there like a statue unmoving and most likely looking quite stupid clutching the two cokes so hard that I’m lucky the glass bottles didn’t shatter.

Mary she raised her hand and with her index finger beckoned for me to come to her. Almost robotically I walked forward until I was just inches from her, Mary took the cokes from me and set them on the desk as they clinked together.

That was the first audible sound was either of us heard since I returned, ooh yes other than my initial gasp of total disbelief and exhilaration when my eyes first captured the vision that stood before me. That is until Mary murmured seductively do, you like it? I bought it just for you, I wanted you to see me in it, you like looking at me, don’t you?”

She then turned and strutted back and forth like a runway model finally stopping with her back toward me facing the credenza that was behind her desk. When she turned back towards me two glasses filled with ice filled her hands. She placed them on the desk, opened a drawer taking out a small bottle of rum. Mary added an inch or two to each glass, reached back in the drawer for the bottle opener, remember this was the fifties, then filled the rest of each glass with coke.

Giving each of us a glass she suggested we have a toast and before she could say another word I raised my glass and said, “To the most beautiful, the sexiest and most desirable woman I have or will ever have the pleasure to see.”

Mary smiled, nodded then raised her glass to which we both drank.

Mary reached out an ran the back of her hand gently across my cheeks as she smiled and asked, “do you remember what I taught you here in this office about pleasing a woman?

I sort of shrugged my shoulders, then after a sudden brainstorm I smiled and nodded yes.

Well bebek escort I want you to come here to me and show me what you remember.” With that Mary sat back in her chair and sort of gestured to the spot on the floor between her knees.

I stepped forward, finished my drink in a single swallow and fell to my knees between hers. I bent forward and began raining kisses all over the silky skin above her stockings. I kissed and licked her flesh over and over from her stocking tops to her panties. Mary moaned in obvious pleasure and leaned back in her desk chair. As she reclined in the chair Mary spread her legs into an exaggerated V, giving me unrestricted access to her.

While I was licking along the edge of her frilly panties I hatched my plan of attack; I smiled to myself thinking that I was going to make her remember today if it killed me.

I started by running my tongue along the gussets edge where it met the firecracker hot flesh of her inner thigh. Back and forth along its edge I went with my tongue before I shifted to the other side, recreated the same intense teasing on her other thigh. Once in a while I would let my tongue slip under the panty edge just barely touching her labia. As I did I could sense her enjoyment by the sound of her raspy breathing, while at the same time her anguished moans let me know she suffered from the frustration of my teasing.

Mary gave a gasp of relief when I slowly pulled her panties off, but she never seeing me put this once in a lifetime souvenir into my pocket. But her gasp of relief derived from the belief that I was going release her from this torturous teasing gave me great pleasure as she was falling into my trap.

Immediately I began to work her inner thighs again slowly, agonizingly slowly for poor Mary. She would rock her hips in desperation, stretch and bend her legs in a futile attempt to force my lips and tongue directly onto her pulsing sex. Knowing her frustration and her desire fed my ego as I pressed on with my plan to drag this out until she was ready to scream and beg in frustration.

When I finally let my tongue make full contact with her labia I made a single full-length swipe as I collected all her sweet nectar. I ended at her clit, which I had skinned back with my fingers and captured between my front teeth. I nibbled gently on the sensitive bud then I licked it softly. I nibbled, and licked, nibbled, and licked, repeating this again and again as I listened for the first time in my life to what would become my favorite music.

In all the wonderful adventures I enjoyed with Mary she was foremost one of my greatest lovers but she also was my first and greatest tutor. Mary taught me to make a woman come big, first and often would over shadow any faux pas that was ever apparent in his skillfulness. She also taught me that a cock of gargantuan proportions would never over shadow raw talent. That tutelage Mary bestowed on me so early in my life formed the origin of my adoration of my favorite music as well as how I approached lovemaking. The music I refer to is none other than a woman’s moans of pleasure, her pre-orgasmic verbal or physical expressions and of course witnessing her experience a colossal orgasm.

My deliberate teasing of Mary that day was my first attempt at trying to extend the duration that a woman lay suspended helplessly on the brink of orgasm.

As I continued to nibble and lick her totally inflamed clit I sensed the approach of her orgasmic explosion so I changed tactics. First I bit her inner thigh causing a second of pain taking her mind momentarily off her orgasm, and then began to once again take her back by softly licking the sides of her labia and teasing her still swollen clit.

Mary’s groan of despair resonated through the room like wolf’s frightening howl deep in the forest at full moon. Mary’s body only a moment before was rigid as an I-beam but now had fallen slack and lifeless in her chair, but her sensory nerves were still quite alive. I easily taken Mary down that same pre-orgasmic path three more times, each time I stopped her journey before she found utopia.

Mary would have no more of it, “IF YOU STOP AGAIN I SWEAR I’LL KILL YOU.”

Laughing to myself I realized that I had accomplished what I had planned and to continue any longer would be at least ungentlemanly and at worst torture. So I skinned her clitoral hood back and made steady gentle love to her clit’s tip with the tip of my tongue.

Moment’s later Mary’s legs shot straight out, slid onto my shoulders and began trying to crush my head like a grape. As Mary entered full-blown orgasm her reactions were so erotic to me that I came in my underwear without any external stimulation of any kind.


After a few minutes Mary’s thighs relaxed and her feet fell back to the floor as she still gasped for air trying to once again breath involuntarily. But as relaxed and let herself become malleable again I leaned forward and began to slowly work my tongue along istanbul eskort her inner thighs and on the sides of labia with steady and extremely light pressure.

Mary remained unmoving and totally un-reactive to my ministrations, or at least that’s what I thought until I heard, “ooh Doug, I don’t think I could stand it again please don’t.”

I suddenly had an enormous sense of raw power, a sense of control I had never felt over another human before. I loved the feeling, she had always been in control, but now during post orgasmic bliss she was too weak and powerless to stop me. I knew that if I could get her relaxed enough, I could take total control again. So I began to mercilessly tease her over her verbal protests I just repeated my previous successes. Success she showed me, not by her actions but reaction to what I had done and filed in my memory.

In just a few minutes of ignoring her weak protests I was once again locked tight in the vice created by Mary’s thighs as they attempted to crush my skull. And just like before she totally collapsed into her chair so I dropped my pants and boxers, leaned over her as she fought for her breath and whispered in her ear, “Mary can I, can, can I fuck you?”

Mary responded between gasp of air with something that sounded like permission, I really couldn’t say for sure, but I sure took it as more than permission in my mind it was a blatant invitation. So at any rate I drove my cock all the way into her in a single thrust.

I pumped in and out of her like a man possessed and she just laid there a willing but seemingly inactive participant. Her inactivity made little difference to me because I had just given up virginity and I was gone anyway, I lasted but a dozen or so strokes before I exploded into her with such force I swear I didn’t breath for over a minute.

Then in shame I slid off her body onto my knees with my head resting on her thigh broken hearted. I was so ashamed; I had taken total possession of this grown adult woman like a real man with my lips and tongue, only to be show her the adolescent that I was. I had just come in her in little more than a few strokes. I fought the tears that truly wanted to flow freely from my eyes, but something in me said that I somehow had to maintain at least some shred of manliness, so crying wouldn’t do.

I felt Mary caress my head and run her fingers through my hair as she continued finally to take control of her breathing. Once in control Mary said, ” ooh you sweet little bastard where did you ever learn to make a woman feel so wonderful. That was the most intense orgasm I think I have ever had, you know you are quite the lover for a young man.

Looking up at her I cried out, “you mean that? But I, I came so fast when I did it.”

Mary laughed out aloud, but when she saw my face she said, “ooh silly I am not laughing at you I am laughing at the ridicules idea that you failed, I know lord you had to be super excited after what you did to me, any man, even an experienced one would not last long.”

“Your, your not just saying that, are you?”

Mary laughed again, but for some reason the way she looked at me when she laughed made me smile back at her.

“You are so sweet, besides any man can come to soon once and a while, its how they handle it afterwards that counts.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well let me put it this way. To me the fact you came so quickly tonight means nothing after how you made me feel. But if it ever happens to you and your partner hasn’t come yet you’ve got to be brave, swallow your pride then make her come too, get my drift?”


With my obvious lack of understanding she continued, “Do you remember what I made you do after I sucked you off the last time?”

“Uh huh, you made me swallow my stuff,” I said wrinkling up my nose.

“Was it that bad? It didn’t make you sick or anything did it?”

“Well no, I guess it wasn’t that bad,” I said laughing.

“That was one of your first lessons, I was trying to teach you to be a real man. If you ever come too soon and your lady is left unsatisfied you have failed as a lover. But if you come too soon then slide between her legs and do what you did to me tonight you will be a lover any woman will want in her bed again and again, could you do that?”

“I guess, yes I could do that.”

“Could you?” she asked with different tone in her voice, as she spread her legs, pointed to her pussy that was oozing gobs of come I recently deposited there, are you man enough?”

I leaned toward her and stared at the mess oozing out of her, but at the same time her words “man enough” struck a nerve. Dam right I am I thought and dove into her pussy.

“Ooh my God Doug, I didn’t mean for you to prove it, you don’t need to do that, besides please give me a break I can’t take it again, I cannnn ooh.”

Huh attack my masculinity bitch, I thought. In that second I knew she would regret that “man enough” statement, so I attacked her clit, but this time with proven kağıthane escort experience. Take it again she did, in mere moments she was lost again as I ate her out like the pro I was rapidly becoming. Not to mention that I had just swallowed my pride as she called it. I also learned wasn’t all that bad and have never again hesitated to orally pleasure any lady in my life even if I had just fucked it.


The following Sunday afternoon my Dad and I were repairing our back yard shed and as I went in and out of the basement for tools I saw Mary down there doing laundry. The basement was divided directly down the middle lengthwise with each tenant having half. Mary had her washer and dryer just beyond the door to her basement area. We had ours in our apartment so my mother didn’t have to lug laundry two flights.

After my Dad and I were finished cleaning the tools and putting them away I was leaning in doorway to our basement area talking to him, when I glanced over towards Mary and could see her folding laundry that was just out of the dryer.

When Mary would pick up some article of lingerie she would wave it at me, then sort of dramatically sniff it before sensually folding it on her breasts. Her whole act was an evil attempt at teasing the hell out of me and unfortunately for me it was working. Thankfully my father was so involved in what he was doing so he never caught on to what was transpiring between Mary and I.

Mary had captured my attention whit her schoolgirl antics but it became far worse when my dick started getting hard and making that obvious lump in my jeans. But leave it to Mary, that bitch sure did know how to make me nuts. She pointed upstairs and with her hand mimicked jerking off, implying that’s what I was going to do up in my room.

When Dad finished and we were heading up to our apartment, as we passed her basement entrance the teasing bitch stepped out cut us off and began a conversation with my father. She was doing everything to make me crazy. As she talked to my Dad, she reached over and tousled my hair and told my dad how I was growing into a man.

Worse yet she said, “you wouldn’t believe how hard he works at the store, he a great help. In fact last Sunday he surprised me with how he took control of the work that needed to be done. He did it better than I could have imagined, yes he’s quite a little man.” Ooh and all the while she displayed her cute impish smile that she likes to use. I couldn’t help it, but while she piled on all that crap it made me blush uncomfortably.

When we finally got upstairs my father began laughing and said, “good lord son you’ve to learn how to accept a complement or two. Mary was just being nice and thanking you for your hard work, having a young man help her probably made her happy. Good Lord you were blushing, fidgeting and acting like a little school girl, be a man when someone like her complements you. Dam it son you look her in the eye and say thank you.”

I began laughing inside as I thought if he knew what kind of work did to make her happy he’d be blushing too. But then again him being my Dad, he might say boastfully, “that’s the way to go boy, ah yes just like his Dad, a chip off the old block.”

Then on the other hand I thought you nasty wise-assed bitch I’ll fix you, that’s it I’ll fuck your wise little ass that will teach you make a fool of me. Then just like the puppet she was trying to train and just as she predicted I went to up my room and freed old Willy from his confines and gave him a massage until he spit up his juice all over my belly and chest while I thought about playing with her frilly undies.

After I came for some strange reason I was still felt unsatisfied. It seems her teasing always made me feel that way and after tasting real sex with her, simply jerking off regardless of how good the orgasm it was no longer enough.

I got showered, dressed and headed out my parents thought. I wanted and need something more substantial so I headed back to the basement. I took the creaky old basement stairs quietly stepping in spots that I knew from experience wouldn’t creak. Once at the bottom I peeked through the plain boards that divided the basement areas and saw Mary bending over the washer pulling out clothes and tossing them in the dryer. Thank technology for tennis shoes that were quiet as the proverbial church mouse because they allowed me to sneak right up behind her unheard and unseen. With one hand I reached out and covered her eyes and with the other I grasped her around the waist pulling her lightly clad ass against my already hard cock.

Mary gasped with her initial shock but somehow knowing who it was she relaxed and rubbed her ass against my cock. As I deepened my voice and spoke, “Have you ever been afraid of being raped lady?”

“Huh, do you think that you’re man enough to rape me buster?”

I removed my hand from her eyes, put it at the back of her head and pushed her face so far down it was almost all the way into the washer. With my other I flipped her dress onto her back, unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. Using the head of my cock I kept trying and eventually succeeded in pushing the gusset of her panties aside and by the time I accomplished that her pussy was so wet I easily slid into her warmth to the hilt.

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