A Brief Moment of Insanity Ch. 09

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Female Ejaculation

All characters are 18 years or older. This is told from an outsider’s point of view, seeing the others through his eyes. I hope you enjoy and as always please vote and comment telling me if you enjoyed this or not.


Warren Harrower: Arch Mage and Former Primarch of the Family

Willow Harrower: Primarch of the Family

Odin Allfather: Sky Deity and White Player

Loki Sutekh: Trickster Deity and Red Player

Nick Shaw: Founder and CEO of Numenor Technology [Iron Rain]

Kat Shaw: CFO of Numenor Technology [Iron Rain]

Jon Masters: Eternal Master of the Order and the Blue Player [Evil Bitch]

Louis: Archaeologist and Black Bishop for Yog Sothoth [Spell, Crook and Handle]

Gabrielle De Courtney: Inquisitor and Head of the Ordo Hereticus [Spell, Crook and Handle]


Mike’s Place: Tavern of the Gods

The English call it a pub. The old west films it was a saloon or watering hole. My dad called it a tavern. But most folks just call them bars. It was on a Tuesday just after noon that the couple walked into my place, Mike’s Tavern. My dad opened the place about twenty years ago after he retired from the police force. I took it over when the cancer settled into his lungs after forty years of heavy smoking. My name is Mike but everyone just calls me Junior.

The interior is dark woods, stain glass and lots and lots of framed photos. The pictures are not of famous visitors or celebrities they are of police officers that have retired or died in the line of duty. The photos with the black frames are those that fell protecting the public, there are far too many black frames in this place.

Like I said, it was early on a Tuesday when the couple walked into my place. The lady walked over and smiled at me. She was the kind of pretty that curls your toes and makes your pecker stand out like a bar of American Steel. With a smile, a few words and a wad of cash enough to choke a horse my place became hers for the next twenty four hours. I turned the sign on the door, poured them two pints of Guinness and waited on their pleasure.

I had never laid eyes on gods before. Oh I didn’t know then at the beginning mind you but when they staggered out there was no doubt that I had spent time with immortal beings with powers that defied reason and sanity. But I am getting a little ahead so here goes it from the start. I set down their beers and asked if they needed anything else.

“I am hungry, what do you say to splitting a pepperoni and sausage pizza with me old man?” the woman said.

“You know I haven’t had pizza in forever,” the old man replied. “Sure kiddo considering how fucked things are, why the hell not…”

“I know just the place,” I told them and they smiled up at me from the booth.

The man looked like a muscular version of Santa; just add an eye patch and a thousand dollar suit. The woman wore jeans and a tight black t-shirt that read ‘Bad Kitty’ in glittery silver letters. I called over to Sam’s Pizzeria just a couple of blocks over and told him what I needed.

I had just hung up when the gal was standing next to me holding two empty glasses. I smiled and couldn’t help but glance down and see the perky nipples pressing against B and Y on her shirt. I refilled the glasses and the gal had the look. Any bartender worth his salt can spot it a mile off. She wanted to say something but needed a little coaxing. I pondered my approach and went with cute but lewd to test the waters.

“You look like you have something to get off your chest, besides your shirt,” I said and she actually laughed.

“Cheesy but cute,” she replied. “If this was your last day on earth how would you want to spend it?”

“Wow that is pretty heavy.” I said and she nodded. “Are we talking dying of some horrible disease or end of the world type situation?”

“Armageddon… Ragnarok…” she said her perfect lips forming a frown.

“Hey cheer up, if it was my last day on earth, shit I’d be hold up in the nicest place I could afford with the hottest gal I could land and drink and fuck until it all came crashing down. A penthouse suite with one hell of a view would be mandatory of course.”

“Of course,” she said and smiled as I handed her their second round.

I watched her ass as she returned to her booth. Who the hell were they? She was so damn serious about the whole Armageddon thing. I went to the back and turned on the television. I flipped on the news but there were no stories about the end days or any of that other crap. However, they were still covering the guy that appeared and then disappeared from Times Square. I remember that night, well most of it anyway. I was home with Donna or was it Carol… what the hell was her real name? Hookers, they have such memorable street names but I always forget when they tell me what mommy dearest named them.

“Dhonna,” I said to myself. “Donna with an H…”

Her street name was Aphrodite, like the goddess and she could suck dick like one, a goddess I mean. She was always so damn eager to hook up with me. I think she liked my cock more than me. Hell she talked to it while she blew me. Maybe she had daddy issues, hell I don’t know.

I returned to grandbetting giriş the front and the pair was locked into some serious discussion. The old man was all stern and shit while she was laughing and gesturing to beat the band. I saw that they were running low so I poured two more and carried them over. I was curious to what they were talking about. I wish I hadn’t. I wish to god I hadn’t.

“How the hell can you be so chipper woman? Nemesis is almost within range, again. You know what that means for us.”

“You worry too much,” the lady replied. “We sleep and they take over. It’s not a big deal, everything to its season as they say.”

“Here’s your next round,” I said catching only the gist of what they were saying.

“Ask him what he wants to do on his last day. It is so human, come on dad ask him!” The girl taunted the old man.

“If I must, so Mike what would you do on your last day?”

“Well,” I said looking from the gorgeous gal to her dad. “I’d live it up proper. Penthouse suit, all the booze I could get and the sexiest gal I could land.”

“So drunken debauchery for your last moments,” the old man said and I smiled.

“Hell yeah, if you gotta go, might as well go with style!” I said and picked up their empties.

“Abandon pride for the baser things of life,” he replied and I smiled even wider.

“My mom had a saying, pride comes before the fall. I guess that’s why I like being a bartender. I am just me. There is no one to impress, no high expectations and little or no stress. I prefer the simple life.”

“I love this guy,” the gal said smiling at me. “He is what makes them so damn adorable. The wise ones don’t eat, drink and shit stress. He prefers a low key position.”

“What about the ‘Touched’ daughter,” the old man asked. “What about them?”

“Someone has to look out for our interests while we are gone,” she said all serious now. “I did what I had to do.”

“Tell that to them. Tell that to Jon and Nick and Gabrielle and all the others. Can you look them in the eye and honestly say I’m the one that put you through all of this.”

“If you need anything,” I said. “I’ll be at the bar.”

I hate seeing women cry. The tears streamed down her face and I wanted to kiss them away even though we had just met. I could hear her sobs all the way across the distance between us. I pretended to wash mugs while my insides turned to knots. I happened to glance up and see someone standing at the door. They were about to knock when I waved at them. I walked over and opened the door for Simeon the pizza delivery kid.

“Simeon, your timing couldn’t be better,” I said as I took the two pizzas from him. “Wait, hold on a second, I only ordered one.”

“We ordered the other one,” a tall twenty something guy said that was standing behind Simeon.

“Sorry we’re late,” a second man as dark as the other was pale added.

“I know you,” I said all smiles. The pale man smiled and began to offer me his hand. “You’re Louis… the archaeologist, right?” I said shaking hands with the dusky skinned youth.

“Geez, that was years ago,” Louis said taking my hand. “This is Nick Shaw, billionaire and Tony Stark clone.”

“Dude, I love your stuff,” I said shaking the hand of a billionaire. “I just wish it wasn’t so damn expensive!”

“Let me see what I can do,” Nick said as they followed me inside.

“Pizza is here,” I called out. “As well as some stragglers at the door…”

The pair became a group and I dug out plates and more booze for the newcomers. I had barely put the plates down when Nick slapped his forehead and cursed. He said something about Kat wanting to park the car. I rushed outside and there was a stretch limo attempting to Parallel Park. I was waving and shouting at the driver. They stopped and were blocking half the street. I raced to the driver’s side door and it opened. The stunning red head and the violet eyed Asian stepped out. They both offered me their arms and I led them to the tavern.

“I’m Mike and I’ll be your host for the evening,” I said as an introduction.

“I’m Kat Shaw and this lovely young thing is Shu Fang,” Kat said leaning close.

We reached the front door and the ladies let go so I could open the door for them. I was about to step in when a familiar face appeared from down the other end of the street. I was looking at a ghost or at least I thought I was. I knew my mouth was open in shock as he smiled and took my hand.

“Jon… is that really you? You haven’t aged a day.” I said as we leaned into a man hug.

“Little Michael, you are all grown up,” Jon Masters said as he followed me inside.

I went behind the bar and began taking orders from the new comers. It was beer for the gents and cocktails for the ladies. Jon sat at the bar while the others mingled near the booth. I stared at the man that had saved my dad’s life thirty years earlier. I was just a kid then but hell here he was and the same as I remembered him, exactly the same.

“How is your mom?” I asked and he did the strangest damn thing. He looked out the front and shrugged.

“She’s good. She’ll be here later on. The sun is still up.” Jon said matter of factly. grandbetting yeni giriş

A second stretch limo appeared right outside the front door and a second group of people came walking in. There were cries of recognition from those inside the tavern. Apparently, the foursome coming in was Warren, Willow, their mother and Janine. If that was his mom I’d have my arm around her waist too protecting her from men like me. I’d hit that all night long. Three more blondes came in after waiting a minute or so in the back of the limo. They were all arm in arm and apparently the one in the middle was Nick’s mom Petra Shaw and the twins she was sporting on either arm were Carol and Colleen, Jon’s younger sisters.

“That’s a lot of gorgeous woman flesh all in one place,” I muttered and Jon laughed.

“Tell me about it,” he replied as he poured another shot of Patron from the bottle.

“So is this some sort of going away party?” I asked and Jon nodded.

“Yep, it is our official Ragnarok Party, the Twilight of the Gods. And you Mike, you are our host and supplier of vast quantities of alcohol.”

“Glad I got that extra shipment in yesterday,” I said and he winked.

The girls fired up the juke box and began dancing. People began to break up into smaller groups now that over the next few hours formed and reformed as the day wore on into night. A small group had formed with Warren at the center. He was telling a story. His face and hands were going a mile a minute as he tried to describe something or other. Suddenly a monster appeared in midair and everyone gasped. Nick joined in at this point and with a few waves of his hands the monster was surrounded by some sort of three legged robots. I walked over to hear what they were saying.

“This fucker came up from miles down,” Warren said. “He was at least five stories tall and uglier than sin.”

“Then these three things come crashing into the ocean. A cloud of steam obscured everything. When the steam cleared there they were three freaking Martian tripods, straight out of the book!”

“Oh good, they arrived in time I wasn’t sure,” Jon Masters added from the sidelines.

This must be some kind of game they were talking about. Jon talked about aliens called the Zyxys or something like that. They were the real inspiration behind Well’s books apparently. He opened the palm of his hand and yet another hologram appeared displaying the strangest creature I had ever laid eyes on.

The body of the thing was a triangular pyramid with the point facing down. A limb protruded from each side of the body and each limb possessed three long dexterous digits. Above each limb was a triangular eye with a queer three sided iris. The mouth of the thing was located at the pointed end of the lower body. As I watched the flaps opened and we all got a worm’s eye view of the thing’s maw. There were three feeding tentacles that could shoot out impaling its victim and dragging it up into the mouth.

The battle ensued and I watched as two ships appeared now, one was the Numenor and the other was the good ship Miskatonic. I watched as two magician avatars fired beams of white and black energy at the monster. Then without warning the Miskatonic blew up in an amazing blast of emerald light. The hologram disappeared.

“How did you survive,” Nick asked looking really concerned. It was just a game after all.

“I teleported everyone away,” Warren said.

“No, I teleported everyone off the ship,” Louis jumped in the conversation now.

“Oh,” Jon said and began laughing. “That explains everything.”

“What are the odds of two simultaneous attempts at teleportation and everyone surviving?” Shu asked.

“Not everyone survived,” Warren replied frowning.

The group broke up and the mood took a plunge as if the characters had been real people. They had been discussing a game right. I stood there as Nick and Warren took a booth and began another conversation but this one was serious and they both looked upset.

“It is time Nick,” Warren said soothingly. “I hate to say it but you need to follow through.”

“Have you any idea what will happen if I do?” Nick said snatching up the fresh pint and taking a healthy swig of its contents.

“I know exactly what will happen. If you don’t, it will be a thousand times worse!”

I carried away the empties and the heart breaking expression on Nick’s face haunted me. It would be years later until I learned the pain of one man’s decision and its terrible cost. I returned to the bar to find Jon talking with the gorgeous brunette that had walked in here with her father. She was sitting next to him and attempting to apologize for something.

“For what it is worth, I am sorry,” she said.

“Loki, it is in the past, the distant past. I forgave you a very long time ago. So for my sake and your own, just drop it.”

“Loki, that is an interesting name for a girl,” I said making small talk.

“It is just a name. I also go by Raven, Coyote and lately even Sutekh.” She replied smiling with a wicked gleam in her eye. “Jon… Jon… have you met Mike? He is going to be my boy toy for my end game party, aren’t you Mike?”

“Lucky grandbetting güvenilirmi guy,” Jon said. “Nobody sucks cock the way this bitch sucks cock!”

Jon left looking disgusted and I stared across the bar at this amazing woman. The longer I stared the more attractive she became. I couldn’t find a single flaw anywhere. There wasn’t a single hair out of place. Her features were perfect and symmetrical in a way that seemed to spit in the face of nature. It took me a moment to realize she wasn’t wearing any makeup of any kind. What I was looking at was her raw natural beauty.

“You’re staring,” Loki purred.

“Sorry, I’ve never seen anyone as beautiful as you. You’re not wearing any makeup.”

“Nah, never bothered with all that crap,” she admitted. “What is that face for?”

“I just remembered something,” I said and blushed furiously.

“Okay, now you have to tell me,” she demanded with a disarming smile.

“Try not to laugh,” I said. “I won’t make you promise.” She nodded and I continued. “When I was a kid, my dad and I used to spend downtime watching television together on Saturday nights. When he wasn’t on duty that is, anyway, I just remembered a show we watched and well your name reminded me of it.”

“Which one,” she asked leaning over giving a better glimpse of her cleavage.

“There was this guy, he was a time traveler. In one of the episodes he ran into a villain named Sutekh. This Sutekh was imprisoned by others of his race, Osirins that was it. Sutekh was another name for Set the Egyptian god of desert and darkness.”

“I take it the time traveler defeated the evil Sutekh and saved the world.” She pouted.

“Yeah, something like that,” I said feeling silly. “I’m sorry I never should have brought that up.”

“Yes you should,” she said. “Your face lit up when you talked about spending time with your dad. Memories are what separate us from the animals. Cherish the good times Mike, in the end it’s all we really have.”

I smiled at her even as Carol, Jon’s sister, came over and asked for a pitcher of beer for one of the tables. The tap was done so I had to go down and swap it out. I told her it would be only a minute. More people kept arriving and I was going to be swamped unless I called in help. That’s when Carol and her twin sister offered to cover the bar while I swapped over the tap. I went down to the basement but I didn’t go down alone. The gal that everyone called Precious followed me down. She appeared to be curious about what I was up to.

“I am just changing the tap out,” I said.

“Who are you,” she asked as we reached the bottom of the steps.

“I don’t understand,” I said as I headed over to the beer supply.

“Why you… why here?” Precious asked.

I looked at her like I had been slapped upside the head. She saw how upset I was her demeanor changed drastically. Her entire body language became more sensual as she walked over to me. I changed over the tap and felt her tits press against my back.

“I hurt you I am sorry,” she purred in my ear. “Let me make it up to you.”

“What are you suggesting?” I asked smiling now.

“I want to show you my real self,” she offered. “But I need a promise from you. If you can keep from crying out I’ll let you do whatever you want to me. Do we have a deal?”

“Done,” I said and turned to face her. “Sure, we got a deal.”

I watched as she took a few steps back and she changed. I don’t mean took off her clothes. I mean her form altered to a sapphire colored translucent skin. I blinked a few times and then I knew why she had asked her question. Why me? Why were they here? I remembered the holograms of that terrible thing in the ocean and the tripods. It wasn’t a game it was real.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t see Precious drop to her knees and take out my cock. It wasn’t until her lips wrapped around me that I came out of my fugue. I moaned and looked down. I could actually see my cock slide down her throat. Precious possessed no gag reflex at all. I let her suck me off as Carol called down to ask if I was okay.

“I am showing Precious around,” I shouted up to her.

“O-Kay, I can hold down the fort until you finish,” she replied. I could hear the humor in her voice.

“Damn girl you do like sucking dick don’t you?” I asked Precious and she winked up at me.

I was panting and close to firing off my load. She stopped cold and stood up. She never said a word as she turned around and bent over. I knew what she wanted. I took my cock in hand and teased her with the tip.

“Fuck me Mike,” she growled. “Fuck me real hard! I like it hard and fast.”

I slammed my dick into her slit and she cried out in surprise. I cupped her tits and began hammering her from behind. The loud slapping sound of my balls hitting her clit was music to my ears. The more force I used the louder her moans became. I slowed down and used a gentler pace with her. She looked over her shoulder and pouted. It was her time to be teased. I was getting real close to losing it so I broke down and gave her what she wanted. I picked up speed and force again. Precious began thrusting backward to drive me as deep as possible. I warned her I was close but she didn’t seem to care. I cried out and was grateful for the music upstairs to mask the noise. My cum gushed inside of her and she ground against me. I could feel her pussy muscles squeezing me in a rhythmic sort of way. The cock hungry blue skinned bitch milked me dry and left me breathless.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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