A Brief Rendezvous

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Big Butt

When I was younger, I always had a thing for older guys… who the hell am I kidding? I still do!

One evening, while driving around in the city, eighteen-year-old me noticed an amazingly hot M-A-N on a red crotch rocket. I flashed my headlights at him as I signal I wanted him to pull over and talk. He looped back around and then pulled into the parking lot where I was at.

He literally sauntered off his motorcycle and walked up to my window. He was tall with a very athletic build, sandy blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes with a brilliant smile to match.

“Hello,” he said in a deep and sexy voice.

I was instantly wet.

“Hi, I really like your motorcycle,” I replied.

We talked for a few minutes and he offered me a ride on his motorcycle; I had never been on one before and happily agreed. He secured his helmet on my head and instructed me to climb on after he did and to wrap my arms tightly around his body. I complied. During our ride I felt him touch my hand, he moved it down so that my hand was now grabbing his impressive crotch.

I was shocked, but not turned off. He didn’t say a word, he just did it.

After our ride we exchanged phone numbers. He rode off as I sat in my car dumbfounded.

“What the fuck just happened,” I muttered to myself.

At 18 I wasn’t a virgin, but I wasn’t exactly overly experienced either, especially with a man like this beautiful stranger I’d just met. My friends would never believe this. They all thought of me as a goody goody and probably thought I’d die a virgin… I was pretty good at keeping secrets.

The next couple of days passed by slowly and I couldn’t stop thinking about this new and exciting beautiful stranger, Jack. It took three days, but he finally called! We talked for a couple of hours about everything from the weather to our favorite kind of music. Toward the end of our call, he gave me his address.

“I want you to come over tomorrow around one,” Jack instructed. “I want some alone time with you.”

“Um… okay, yeah, sure… I’ll come over,” I reluctantly stammered.

I was a bit naïve and most definitely in unchartered territory. I had a good feeling he wanted to fuck me, but I wasn’t positive. I showered and shaved everything that I thought needed shaving, and put my curvy body into a pair of my favorite jeans and a snuggly fit shirt that did wonders for my breasts. I left my wavy long dark brown hair down and applied just a little bit of makeup.

“You can do this,” I muttered to myself as I looked in the mirror. “You are a sex kitten, a sex goddess. You can totally do this.”

My little pep talk at home didn’t give me the confidence boost I had hoped for. My heart was pounding so hard on the 20 mile drive over to Jack’s home I could hear it in my ears. I checked my reflection in the mirror and Kartal Escort noticed how flushed my face was. I pulled in his driveway and took my time getting to his front door.

I knocked and waited for him to answer, I almost turned around to leave but then the door opened. Jack wore a smug smirk on his handsome face. He was wearing low slung faded denim jeans and was without a shirt. I didn’t mind the sight at all, he had a beautifully cut body!

“I’m glad you came,” he said.

“Well, not yet I haven’t,” I replied feeling a little brave.

Jack laughed low and deep. He stepped to the side ushered me inside of his house wearing a cocky grin.

“Don’t be nervous,” he said to me as he placed a light hand on the middle of my back. His touch was like a shock of electricity and I jumped just a little bit.

I smiled shyly back at him and said, “I haven’t done anything like this before.”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“I mean, I hardly know you and here I am inside of your house getting ready to do god knows what with you,” I said with a shaky voice. “How old are you anyway? Twenty-26, Twenty-seven?”

“I’m thirty-three,” he said.

I was floored. I was about to fuck a bonafide, grade A, 100% piece of man meat.

The room we were standing in was a little chilly and smelled lightly of cinnamon.

We awkwardly stood in his living room staring at each other before he stepped closer to me, leaned down and placed his hands on either side of my face. He started kissing me – slowly at first and then a little more urgently and his hands went from my face to the back of my neck.

“Let’s go downstairs,” he said. “I want to show you something.”

Oh my God, this was it. I was getting ready to fuck this man. My body actually quivered as I followed him through the living room, kitchen, and down the stairs. Despite being nervous, I followed him anyway. It was time to shake off the nerves and the let my inner sex goddess (she was in there somewhere) break free.

As soon as we got to his room, he shut the door and walked us over to the bed. He backed me up until the backs of my knees hit the mattress and then gave me a light push onto the bed. He slowly started undressing himself as I stared while in a trance of pure sex and lust. He had the largest cock I’d ever seen, granted I had only seen two others in my very short sex life. He was already rock hard and his cock jutted straight up towards his belly button. His beautiful cock was a good 8.5 inches and oh so thick! I was dumbfounded and just stared at it.

He gave me one of his sexy sly smiles and crawled on the bed with me. Jack slowly started kissing my soft skin while he gently removed my clothes. I was fascinated by this man. He pulled off my shirt, undid my bra revealing my full 34C breasts. Tuzla Escort He paused to touch them and he brought his mouth down to say hello to my small nipples. He gently sucked and nibbled my nipples while making a low sounding moan that vibrated throughout my body. He brought my nipples to such rock hard little points it was almost painful. He took off my shorts next, and my white panties soon followed.

“Stunning,” he whispered. “Just relax, you’re going to enjoy the hell out of this.”

He spread my legs wide, exposing my bare pussy. Jack started placing tender kisses down my stomach and inside my thighs. He gave my inner thighs some nibbles before he spread my pussy lips and dove in, lapping at my clit with his tongue. I was in pure heaven! He made hard full strokes from my hole up to my clit. He continued this beautiful worship for several minutes.

“Mmmm,” he moaned. “You’re fucking delicious. Here, have a taste.”

He dipped one long finger into my tight hole and around my clit before bringing it to my mouth.

“Suck my finger clean,” he demanded.

I quickly obliged and did something I’d never done before. I sucked hard at his finger tasting my own salty and sweet juices for the first time.

He let out a deep moan and took his finger out of my mouth and went back to work on my ready and willing pussy. He manipulated my clit with one hand and then plunged two fingers deep inside my pussy. It was a glorious feeling. When he started nibbling slightly on my labia I moaned like a madwoman. He went back to my clit and increased the motion with his fingers. His fingers pumped furiously inside of me and he decided to add a third one, stretching me wide. I felt a beautiful burning sensation and the warm build up before my orgasm shook me to my core in an explosion as I came all over his face.

“Uh, oh God! Oh God! FUCK!!” I screamed out.

I can still hear the low sexy growl/laugh sound he made. He looked up from my pussy and into my eyes, I could tell he was proud of himself for what he had just done to my body.

He slithered up my body, placing light kisses along the way. I felt the bed shift as he reached to the night stand for a condom that was laying out in the open. He didn’t take it slow. As soon as he expertly rolled on the condom, he thrusted forward and was instantly balls deep inside my tight wet pussy, the musky smell of sex saturated his room. He took me hard and fast and I was screaming with pleasure. I had never experienced anything like this before. His thrusts were relentless as he kept driving deep inside my pussy.

Jack grabbed ahold of me tightly and flipped us over so that I was now on top of him. He told me to arrange my body so I was on the balls of my feet and in a squatting position over his cock. He grabbed my hips and pulled me Anadolu Yakası Escort down, impaling me with his giant cock.

“Put your hands behind you on my thighs and lean back a little,” he instructed.

This was new for me, I had never ridden a man before.

Feeling wanted and empowered, I ground myself onto his cock and worked my hips fast and steady while he toyed and played with my nipples pinching them slightly. I was so full of his cock and I fucking loved it! His hands soon left my big breasts and he started drawing fast hard circles on my clit. It drove my body wild, the feeling was fucking sensational! I felt another orgasm building and I couldn’t believe it.

I came with a scream of pleasure and spasms. He grabbed my hands and pulled me tightly to him. Jack then flipped me over once again and drove into me from behind. We were both making noises that weren’t quite human. He placed a strong hand on my back to push me down so that my chest and head were buried in the soft mattress.

Jack started grunting and groaning loader and shouted, “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum so fucking hard!”

He came with an urgency I had never experienced before.

Jack stopped thrusting, I could hear him behind me panting. He quickly pulled out, leaving me feeling empty and wanting more. I couldn’t believe I was already ready to go again. He placed gentle kisses on my back and massaged my body. His hands were everywhere.

He removed the condom and eased me back on my back so I was looking at him. He immediately crawled back down my body and opened my legs wide. He started eating my sloppy wet pussy again. The feeling was so intense I thought I’d die right there in this man’s bedroom. He continued lapping at my hungry pussy for several minutes and he must’ve sensed I was close to another earth shattering orgasm. Jack suddenly sat up, positioned his cock at my entrance and thrusted his now unsheathed cock so deep inside my pussy I was sure I could taste it.

“I want you to cum all over my dick,” Jack said while staring deeply into my eyes.

He was serious, very serious.

I wasn’t sure I would be able to, but I nodded in agreement, I was too spent to form actual words. He pumped hard and slow. He grabbed tightly ahold of my hips, so tightly there were sure to be bruises later, and angled my hips up so he could hit a spot that had never been touched before. I came with scream and felt my body let go. I squirted! Holy shit, I fucking squirted! I had seen it in porn and had heard about it but I never thought I’d be able to do it.

He withdrew and slapped his cock on my clit as I came. I was in extasy. He plunged back into my pussy just as my spasms and involuntary convulsions were letting up.

“You’re so beautiful when you cum,” he said as he pulled his cock out, threw his head back, and came all over by belly and breasts.

He collapsed on top of me and just smiled before kissing me. We didn’t say any words as we both drifted off to sleep – sticky and sweaty.

I couldn’t believe when we woke up a few hours later that we ended up going at it again…

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