A Bus Journey and an Adult Store

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After discovering a burning desire within me to remove my clothes in front of older men, I started to figure out ways to manufacture situations where I could make it happen.

I was also thinking about why I had such a desire. Was it purely the idea of being seen naked, or semi naked? Or did I want more than that? Was it enough to be seen?

I realised that removing my clothes was actually a means to an end. I had a desire to be touched, more importantly to touch, to please and bring pleasure. The idea of seducing and pleasuring an older man was a massive turn on for me. Fantasizing about orally pleasuring an older man was all I could think of. There were days when I could not concentrate, and so I would invent potential opportunities for this in my mind, then, if I had the courage, I would try them out. I would make a ‘dummy run’, then if it looked safe and possible, I would go again and see if I could take things further the next time.

Many of my exploits went nowhere, and there were times where there was just no opportunity. But being prepared to strike when the opportunity presented itself was a very horny game.

So making an older man, often a stranger, know that I was attracted to him and wanted to play was the fantasy, you could maybe call it a fetish.

A great way of doing this, was to remove clothes, or wear sexy clothes to gain the attention in the first place. Taking it to the next step was then logical and easy.

I loved wearing sexy lingerie and revealing clothes, so I always had suitable clothing to wear. I would simply cover it with a coat or jacket that could be removed easily to reveal more than a stranger would expect.

I am often asked on lit why I enjoy being an exhibitionist and what it is I like about older men. Well, Firstly, It is just my thing!! Secondly, I fell that older men are more respectful, appreciative and have less attitude. One thing I cannot stand is immaturity. I also just find older men’s bodies more attractive. The ideal age for me would be anywhere between 55 and 75.

On this particular day, I decided to take a bus into the centre of town. I would get off around 5 miles away and simply return should my plan not materialize. There was always the return journey that may then offer potential opportunities.

I wore a knee length black skirt and a white blouse. I had a black bra on beneath the white blouse which showed through and caught the eye. The bra, although black, was see through, so if stared at and certainly when they were erect, my large pink, and very sensitive nipples could be seen. Underneath my black skirt I wore a black thong. The skirt was loose and flared, so easy to lift up and reveal my legs, or as high as I wanted to go.

I had been masturbating during the morning and was very excited about my bus ride. I was hoping to meet someone today who would want to touch me when invited and would be excited by receiving a blow job from me, one of my favourite pastimes! So I was very horny, and maybe willing to take a risk to get what I wanted.

I walked to the bus stop and waited for the bus alone.

The bus arrived and I bought my ticket and took the stairs to the upper deck. A few people sat on the bus, so I made my way to a quiet area at the rear of the bus to keep an eye on the passengers and any new people getting on or off.

Two seats in front of me, to my right, was an older man who smiled at me as I walked past him. I smiled in return before taking my seat. I removed my coat and waited for him to look around at me. He was around 70 years old.

After a couple of stops, another guy had sat down in between us, also a lot older than me, but maybe early 60’s. He was looking out of the window and paid neither of us any attention. The older man then decided to look around at me. As he did, I smiled and gently squeezed my right breast with my left hand. He quickly looked away and got off the bus at the next stop looking a little embarrassed. With no one looking I gave it another squeeze and felt my nipples harden. I was horny and ready to play, but sadly with no one to play with.

A couple of stops later it was just me and the guy in his 60’s a couple of seats on front of me left on the bus. I had noticed that he was drinking beer and had looked around at me a couple of times.

As he looked around and smiled, I smiled back to be polite, but found him a little scary for some reason and maybe a little drunk, so I did not encourage him.

I then caught his eye in the window reflection. I then realized that he had been watching me when I was caressing my breast earlier and was hoping for another show.

With few other options, I thought, to hell with it, let’s go for it!

I stared at him in the window reflection and a broad smile crossed his face as he lifted his eyebrows at me. I smiled in return and reached again for my breast.

He pursed his lips in approval and continued to watch me in the reflection. Slowly, I undid a button, I then put my top teeth over my bottom bursa escort lip, as if to suggest I had done something naughty. He then swung around to look at me.

He had a look of mischief in his eye and was looking around to see if there was anyone around. He then got up and walked over to me and sat next to me. I could smell the alcohol as he asked me if it was Ok if he sat next to me.

I told him that I was getting off the bus at the next stop and I remember him saying that the bus wasn’t there yet. At this point he quite roughly grabbed my breasts with both hands.

I had a reluctant smile as I lifted my hands and gave him access. He squeezed and looked me in the eye as he rubbed his crotch.

I stood and told him that my stop was here, and he made me climb over him to get into the aisle. As I did, he grabbed my ass cheeks and squeezed them, putting his hand up my skirt to squeeze my ass in the flesh. A little scared but hugely turned on as his rough hands touched my almost naked ass.

He stayed in his seat as I went to walk down the stairs. After a couple of steps, I looked over at him and smiled and nodded my head to invite him to get off at the stop with me. He didn’t need a second invitation. He rose and followed me down the stairs.

Once off the bus, he walked in front and asked me to follow him. Across the road was a park and he walked into the gate and headed over to a wooded area.

I followed him knowing that he would grab me if I went into the woods with him.

He walked in and stood behind a large bush, surrounded by trees, there was no one around.

I slowly walked towards him and as I approached, I lifted my skirt so he could see my tiny panties. He reached out and grabbed my ass, pulling me towards him and thrusting his hand inside my panties. He slid a finger into me which glided in effortlessly due to the high state of arousal making my pussy wet, almost embarrassingly wet.

He pulled his cock out and grabbing my shoulders pushed me down onto him, his semi erect cock bobbing in front of my face.

Without hesitation I grabbed it with both hands and put it into my mouth. I slowly started to suck and lick it, relaxing and enjoying myself when he pulled it out and started to wank it fast in front of me. As I put my mouth back around it and tried to tell him to relax, he grabbed my head with both hands and pushed his cock hard and fast into my mouth and almost down my throat. He continued to push in and out and I tried to relax and let him do what he wanted, I tried to enjoy the moment, which was a little difficult!

He then pulled his cock out and started to masturbate quickly again then groaned and asked me to open my mouth. I did as he asked, and he shot a load of cum straight onto my tongue. More followed as I looked up with my mouth open to catch it all. He then shoved his cock back into my mouth and pushed it in and out to finish ejaculating.

He pulled his trousers up and fixed his belt and walked away from the park, leaving me on my knees, with a mouthful of cum and a wet pussy! I stood, fixed my clothes, swallowed his load of cum, and made my way back to the bus stop. He was also standing there and never said a word to me! I got on the next bus and went home.

Once home I changed and thought about the days adventure. Did I enjoy it? A strange one but actually, I did. Although he was a little scary, I had got what I wanted. Maybe not a great idea to go into a strange, wooded area with an equally strange man, but no harm done. I would have enjoyed a slower more sensual blow job, but it did the trick, he came in my mouth, which was what I had wanted.

After a couple of successful bus journeys, a grope here, a wank and occasional suck there, I decided to up the ante.

Whilst out shopping I stumbled upon an Adult shop that I had not seen before. I walked around outside for a while seeing who was going in and out. It was all men, and most of them in my target age group — Over 55. I decided to go in.

Once inside, I walked around and looked at the magazines sex toys, dolls etc and found myself walking around the DVD aisles. This seemed to be where the men tended to hang around. I constantly felt eyes on me and found it very arousing. The shop had bright lights and a young sales assistant was walking around and asking people of they needed help, it seemed to be putting them off and they eventually left empty handed. I couldn’t help thinking that the owners were missing a trick if they left people alone and made them feel a little more relaxed.

The Adult stores in the US are very different and have all the opportunities you would need to have some fun in, more of which later…

I travelled North for work and found myself in a somewhat unpleasant town in the North West, names withheld to protect the innocent or easily offended!

Again, I stumbled across an Adult shop as I drove towards my meeting venue. I was staying overnight after the meeting and decided that I would drop into the shop bursa üniversiteli escort at my first opportunity. The meeting went on longer than expected and dinner followed so the evening was gone before I knew it. All I had to do the following morning however was to travel South 3 hours and get back home.

I had played as usual in the hotel in the morning and was feeling horny, so after breakfast and a run in the gym, I decided to park and pay the Adult store a visit on my way back. It was just after 10am when I arrived, and the Shop was just being opened by a guy in his early 50’s. This was a much less ‘corporate’ looking shop, I assumed I would be the only one there if I went in, so I took my time parking and walked towards the shop.

At this point, I should point out that the area was a little ‘rundown’ I parked my car safely and discretely and hoped it would be there when I returned. I should also point out what I was wearing.

A black tight business trouser suit. Under which a cream-coloured blouse. I brought some nice matching white bra and panties in my case and put them on in the morning, but whilst deciding to go the Adult shop, I removed them, so I was without underwear.

A walked towards the shop and pushed the door open. The smell that greeted me was a strong one of damp and an old smell, I’m sure the place could have done with a woman’s touch, not the kind it was used to either!

As I walked in, the guy behind the counter looked up at me in surprise. “Are you lost love?” he asked in a strong northern accent.

“No, sorry are you not open yet?” I responded.

“Yes, we’re open, is there anything I can help you with? Any reason you’re dressed like a copper?” he asked, clearly concerned that I might be law enforcement.

I smiled, “Well I am here on a short business trip. What do your customers normally dress like?” I responded, keeping it light and hoping he would see the funny side.

“Well certainly nothing like you. Now, how can I help you?” he said. I was getting the impression he was sure I was part of the law enforcement regime and would prefer it if I left.

“I was just coming in to browse, is that OK?” I asked.

“I suppose so. Did you want to browse sex toys, DVDs magazines, underwear?” he asked, as he came from behind the counter and out on to the shopfloor.

“I could do with some new underwear.” I suggested.

“Follow me, what kind do you like?” he asked, as he led me over to a dusty rail with underwear, I would not be seen dead in!

“Not really my thing.” I smiled and looked around the shop, thinking of a reason to stay as I felt he was trying to get rid of me. But something was telling me to stay, fun was to be had.

“Not your thing no? Well, what do you like? What are you wearing today?” he asked.

“Actually, I’m not wearing any.” I said, grabbing my chance, staring at him with a sexy smile on my face.

“What if I said I didn’t believe you.” He said, playfully now as he looked me up and down. I was loving the attention and smiling at him, looking over my shoulder as he stared up and down at my ass and legs.

“I don’t know, do you have any suggestions?” I asked.

He walked over to the front door and locked it.

“Well, I think I’d like you to prove it. I’ve locked the door so no one can barge in and see you, so what are you waiting for?”

I smiled and started to undo my jacket. Then changed my mind.

Instead, I undid my trousers and pushed them down to my knees, I lifted my blouse and jacket and showed him my bare pussy. I stroked it gently with my left hand. “See?” I said.

“Why don’t you bring that lovely little pussy over here for me.” He suggested, licking his lips.

I walked over and grabbing his hand put it on my pussy, I smiled at him and went in for a kiss.

He snogged me (very tobaccoey!) and grabbed my breasts.

“Lovely tits, this is turning out to be my lucky day.” He said.

“It’s definitely that.” I said as I got on my knees and started to undo his trousers.

He had a big, circumcised cock, Long, veiny and very thick. I opened my mouth and took his big helmet in. I started to sensually suck his cock, licking it all over, up and down while giving him eye contact as I pulled his trousers down further to stroke his thighs and behind his legs, all the way down to his calves.

He took hold of his cock and lifted it onto my face.

“Lick my balls darling.” He said, oohing and aahing, enjoying my cock worship.

I smiled and licked his balls, putting one in my mouth, and gently sucking, before doing the same with the other while he slowly jerked his cock.

I continued with my worship, licking his legs and tummy and coming down slow then fast on his cock, feeling it touch my throat as he tried to push it in deeper. It was just simply too big.

He now lifted me and sank to his knees, lifting my right leg and burying his head between my legs, pushing his karacabey escort tongue straight inside me.

He licked and slurped at my pussy, while flicking my clitoris with his thumb, he used his other hand to first squeeze my ass, then tickling around my asshole, pushed his finger inside it. It was too much for me and I convulsed as I orgasmed with his tongue in my pussy and his finger in my ass, my clitoris being stimulated all the while.

As my orgasm subsided, he was turning me around and I soon felt his big cock enter me.

“Let’s see how you like a big northern cock inside you love.” He said as he started to rhythmically fuck me, grabbing my left breast with his left hand and stroking my clitoris with the other.

He pushed hard and soon brought me to a second orgasm, this one felt stronger and lasted longer.

“I can’t let a southern slut leave my shop without a good ass fucking you understand.” And as he said it, he pulled out and started to push his cock into my ass. It took some effort and natural lubrication before it eased in, taking my breath away.

“Slowly.” I said, still panting in ecstasy.

He eased it in and soon found a rhythm, the pain started to fall away as he pushed a finger inside my pussy as he fucked my anally.

“Get on your knees love.” He said as he withdrew his cock from my ass and slowly stroked it.

“Mouth or tits love, you decide.” He said, such a gentleman!

I opened my mouth and took his cock in. “Cum in my mouth.” I confirmed

He grabbed my hair and jerked furiously, his cum shooting out into my mouth and flying on to my face as he jerked about a little while enjoying his orgasm.

Using his finger, he scooped the cum on my face onto his finger and placed it into my mouth.

“Suck it all up like a good dirty southern slut.” He said, in his ‘charming’ northern accent

I did as I was told. I swallowed every drop.

As we got dressed and small talked a little he asked me where I was parked. I told him I had parked in the residential area behind his shop.

“Blimey, you’re brave.” He said, filling me with confidence.

“I’ll walk you out there, just in case.” He said as he unlocked the door

“You’re such a gentleman.” I joked.

“Don’t mention it.” He responded, unaware of the joke…

My car was in one piece, I got in and prepared to drive home.

“So do you want my number then? I’ve got a few guys I know who would enjoy your company when you’re back up.” He suggested.

“I know where to find you.” I responded and sped away. My pussy and ass relaxed on my car seat after a very good session, his cum in my throat and tummy. He pushed a card into my hand, and I put it into my bag. All in all, a good morning!

A few days later I called my new Northern Sex Shop friend, Alex was his name. I was feeling horny and playing with myself and thought I’d give him a call to see if it would add to my state of arousal.

During the phone call it became clear that from his shop, not only did he deal in the occasional recreational drug, but he also assisted in running a small escort service using local girls. He was thinking of adding to his portfolio of girls by offering a ‘posh southern slut’, was I think the phrase he used. He wanted me to be a lawyer or solicitor that he could offer out to higher paying customers.

“You’re a swallower too, we don’t get enough of them around here. My guys would love you.” was another observation Alex was keen to point out.

I was a little horrified that he thought this was acceptable. He justified it by telling me we could make a lot of money together. I reminded him that I was not a prostitute and declined his kind offer.

It did get me thinking though.

Whilst I had no intention of earning money from sex, I did have an interest in traveling North and having sex with the odd dirty old man. I would be nowhere near home and could potentially rely on the fact that the guys would be vetted by Alex, he was however not someone anyone could trust.

He was right about one thing though. I am a swallower. The thought of swallowing cum from some older northern men that would be excited about seeing a ‘posh southern slut’ strip naked and suck their cocks and swallow their cum was a massive turn on for me. And one I just had to act on.

I called Alex and told him I was up on business in a few days and would love to meet him in the shop. I told him it was nothing to do with his offer, just to show him how much I liked swallowing! Of course, he agreed.

I met him at the shop around the same time, mid to late morning. When I entered the shop, Alex came out from behind the counter and locked the door.

We had a hot session, this time at the back of the store. He really did like anal!

I offered to meet him at the store the same time the following morning. This time however, there would be another guy with him. An Indian guy who runs a small wholesale business close to the shop. A very religious family man, who unknown to his community likes to visit the sex shop and have sex with the odd prostitute!

“He is obsessed with oral sex. Always asking me to get girls to suck his cock. Loves cumming in their mouths and over their faces. Thought you might like him.” Alex suggested with a twinkle in his eye.

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