A Chance Meeting – Again

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It’s been a long week. Lots of work, too many volunteer duties, not enough time to spend with the woman I love. She’s been busy working in a school, and going to school at the same time. But tonight is going to be different. We’ve each taken time off for each other. I’m already excited by the prospect of spending time with her, smelling her hair, feeling her lips against mine. There’s always something exciting about kissing her and holding her, rubbing the small of her back, sliding my hand down into her pants and feeling the separation of her ass. Her skin is always so smooth, her ass so enticing.

We’re going to meet in the bar at our local steakhouse. But there’s a catch – we’re pretending we don’t know each other. Just a casual hook up at the bar. Maybe a little flirting, maybe a cautious kiss. Who knows what will happen? Sure, there’s a lot of odd people at a bar, but that just might make things interesting. We’ll at least make them jealous.

As I’m driving over the hill from work, I keep wondering what I’ll say. What’s a good pick up line these days? How do you approach a beautiful woman at a bar? I’m excited by the idea, but I’m a little cautious too. It would really be bad if I messed this up! As I get closer, I realize that I’m excited, feeling a little like Christmas Eve. Anticipation, excitement and a little bit of nervousness roil around my thoughts.

I leave the car with the valet and wonder if she’s here yet. What if I’m here first? I’m so looking forward to seeing her, I hope she’s sitting at the bar. I walk through the heavy doors, past the hostess and look into the darkened bar. Damn… I don’t see her. I look to my left, I look down the bar. Maybe she’s around the corner of the bar? Suddenly, a rather large man gets his drink from the bartender, and moves away. There she is! Sitting at the bar, sipping what looks like a rum and Coke. Wow, she lights up the room. Shimmering, golden hair and eyes that dance. It’s the moment of truth. Now that I have seen my prey, I need to move in. I quickly take the spot that is newly opened, and flag down the bartender. “Tanqueray martini, stirred not shaken. Olives.” I look to my right, and smile. “They never get it right, if you don’t tell them.” She smiles, but doesn’t seem impressed. Hmmm….

My drink arrives, with the little decanter of “extra.” I pick up my martini glass and turn to this gorgeous creature next to me and say, “Cheers.”

To my delight, she picks up her glass and clinks it with mine. “I’m Brian, what’s your name?” Simple, direct, no games here.

“I’m Laurie, nice to meet you.”

Yes! Contact! “So, are you celebrating? Or forgetting?” I ask.

“Celebrating. Celebrating the end of a long week.”

“I’m glad you’re here then, maybe we can celebrate together.” She nods, and I’m encouraged. “Is that a rum and Coke? Can I order you another?” She nods, and I know that this is going well.

As the evening progresses, we get closer. Sure, we know each other, very intimately, but this is part of the game. Flirting, knowing glances, “innocent” brushes against each other. My excitement level is very high, I need to be careful I don’t get a hard on just being next to her. We order some dinner together, continuing to talk and flirt. Every once in a while she puts her hand on my knee, even sliding it up my thigh halfway. We are starting to move closer to each other, trying to keep up the pretense of just meeting, but giving in to our lust for each other.

I have my hand on her thigh, she has hers on mine. We’re totally absorbed in each other, the conversation, the sparkle in our eyes, the closeness we have. She suddenly moves her hand up my leg and touches my balls. I jump a little bit, and she moves back. “That was nice. Did you mean to do that?” I ask.

“Yes, I find you very sexy,” she purrs.

“I live just a few minutes from here. Would you like to come over?”

I’m very excited when she says, “Yes, I’d like that.”

I quickly pay the bill and we get our cars from the valet. We arrive at the apartment and I open the door. I expect that we’ll continue our game. She’ll mention that it’s nice, and I’ll offer her a drink. But was I surprised. Instead, güvenilir bahis the minute we close the door she turns to me and says, “You make my pussy so wet.” She wraps her arms around me and gives me the deepest, most sensuous kiss I’ve ever had.

No one needs to tell me twice! I escort her to the bedroom and begin to move my hands all over her body. Kissing her, tasting her is always a treat, but tonight, with our game, everything seems heightened. As excited as I am, I have plans for her tonight. I’m planning on giving her the longest, deepest orgasms ever!

I start by taking off her top, undoing her bra and watching her breasts float out of their bondage. I kiss each nipple, pulling her entire areola into my mouth hard, flicking my tongue on her nipples. Her moans tell me that I’m on the right track. I unbutton her pants, and slide them off, taking her panties with them. I turn down the bed, and she sees that I’ve already placed the blue blanket. This is the protective blanket we use to keep the sheets from getting completely soaked. I think this is the first time she noticed that I had also tied off the red restraints to the head board. Unlike other times, there are all four tied to the headboard. I can see a little look of curiosity in her eyes. I help her lay down on her back and begin to kiss her mouth, her neck, her chest. She asks, “Are you going to take your clothes off?”

I nod and say, “Yes, but all in due time.” I continue to kiss her skin, her breasts, her nipples.

I move back off the bed and begin to take my clothes off. The shirt, the pants, the socks. Her eyes widen when she sees that I’m wearing the silky black shorts she likes so much. Or, maybe it’s the massive hard on I have for her. Either way, her look tells me that she’s enjoying the moment. I move on top of her, rubbing my cock on her leg as I position myself between her legs. Kissing her deeply, I feel her push her hot pussy against my throbbing cock.

I move my tongue down her body, stopping briefly on each nipple, down her stomach, to her aching clit. I give her a few licks, and it tastes so good. I can feel her clit bulging, wanting to come out of its hood, but I decide to make her wait. I rise up on my knees and take her left hand and wrap the first restraint around her wrist. Then, I take her right hand and secure it as well. I’ve made them tight to the head board, there isn’t a lot of room for her to move. Now she’s tied to the bed, her hands over her head, and her body stretched out before me.

I kiss her lovingly on the mouth, and begin to massage her pussy with my hand. She’s so wet already that it’s easy to move between her clit and her lips, to slide in and out, to massage every part of that beautiful flower between her legs. I go down on her with my mouth, using my tongue to drive her wild. She’s moving from side to side, back and forth. I can tell that she’s really enjoying this. I kneel between her legs, my cock straining the fabric of my already tight shorts, and I push my cock against her. Still bound by the shorts, there’s no penetration, but she can feel my hardness against her soft, wet pussy.

I reach down, and pull my throbbing cock out of my shorts, and rub the head against her lips. I’m not going to push it in, not just yet. Her moans tell me she would like me to, but I have other plans for her tonight. If she only knew what was coming, what excitement I have in store for her! I put my cock away, back into the shorts, ready for another time.

I reach over the bed, and pull out the G-vibe. This is always good way to get her really excited, as it starts to massage her G-spot. With the vibe on her clit and the rest of it inside, this little devil can really make her squirm. I turn it on to one of the harder vibrations, and insert it into her and place the rest of it on her clit.

“Mmmmm….” she moans.

I play with her a bit, moving the vibe around, licking her pussy, and that spot between her pussy and her ass. She always likes that. After a few minutes of this, I decide it’s time to really up the game.

While the vibe is still stimulating her, I put her legs over my shoulders, and move up to her mouth to kiss her. After a long, türkçe bahis deep kiss, I take the third restraint, and wrap it around her left ankle. Her look of surprise and delight is precious. I take the other restraint, and wrap it around her other ankle. I mouth the words, “I love you.” She smiles, but it’s clear she’s not quite sure what comes next. In my mind, I’m thinking that *she* comes next! She’s now bound, hand and foot, with her legs up over her head. Her pussy and ass are sticking up, exposed, vulnerable to whatever pleasure I have in mind.

Hmmmm… now what? I ponder the situation, I look at how gorgeous she is, her boobs exposed, her ass high in the air, the vibrator still massaging her clit like a tireless factory worker. With her exposed like this, I begin to lick her pussy, spreading my tongue wide, soft and warm. Every once in a while I thrust my tongue deep into her, wiggling around and tasting her deeply. My cock is throbbing, bulging in my pants, wanting her. I kneel at her ass, and pull my cock back out of my pants again. She has a full view of her pussy and ass in the air, and can see everything I do down there. I take my hard cock and begin to massage her with it. Occasionally slapping her with it. Her little squeaks and jumps tell me that she’s enjoying this.

Maybe it’s time to escalate this game? I push my cock against her ass, but don’t even begin to go in. I reach my fingers deep inside her pussy, warm and very wet. I can feel her squeezing my fingers, pushing and pulsating. I can feel the vibe still working, but it’s in my way. I pull it out, and now I have her entirely to myself. I reach deep inside her, massaging the places that give her the most pleasure. It’s so easy to get deep inside her with her legs up this way.

She’s almost ready to come, I can hear her moans and breathing, but I can also feel her insides pulsating to my touch. I remove my hands, and reach over the bed and pull out the pink plug. I can see her eyes get a little wider. I add a little lubrication to it, and easily slide it into her ass. “Ohhh… ” she moans. I move it back and forth, and in and out a little. It’s very exciting to see that pink base sitting outside, knowing that she’s got the rest inside her. I rub my cock against the outside of her pussy, not going in, but massaging her clit with my soft head, while I move the plug back and forth too.

I wonder what’s she’s thinking? Is she comfortable? Is she enjoying this? She seems to be, but I don’t want to push too far. I look deep into her eyes, and tell her how much I love her.

“I love you too honey,” she says.

“Are you enjoying this?” I ask.

“Oh, yes. I’m sooo wet for you.”

I rub my cock even harder on her, and push the head of my hard tool inside her. She moans, and I push deep inside her. I can feel the walls of her pussy trying to grab my shaft, but it’s way too wet in there for that kind of traction.

“MMMMmmmm…” she moans deeply.

I thrust hard again, with my balls hitting her ass hard. I pull out, not wanting to cum just yet, not wanting her to get any closer to that amazing orgasm.

I decide to pull out the rabbit vibrator, and begin to use it on her clit and lips. Thrusting it inside her, she moans as the shaft massages the walls of her cunt, and the “ears” rub and vibrate her clit. I pull back the covering over her clit, and can see how large and engorged it is. Instead of being a light pink, it’s almost red with excitement. The ears of the rabbit are really doing a number on her clit, and in this position, she can see it all.


I smile and push a little harder. I love that she’s enjoying this, but I don’t want her to climax with toys, I want to drive her crazy and see her cum. I want us both to see her squirt those lovely pussy juices out as she climaxes in that very special way.

I pull the rabbit out, and can see that her whole pussy is wet, hot and aflame. I push my fingers into her, and can immediately feel the walls of her pussy pulsing under my touch. With my left hand I push the plug deep into her ass, moving it back and forth to stimulate everywhere. My right hand is deep inside her, massaging her güvenilir bahis siteleri G-spot. My tongue has pulled back the skin that surrounds her clit, and I’m licking directly on it, and I can tell she’s about to cum. Hard.

Her breathing is short, and loud. Her moans are deep, guttural. Her body is pulling hard against her bonds. I can tell she wants to grab my head, rub me, push my face into her vulva. Her legs are pulling against the restraints, but they hold fast. She’s helpless against the onslaught of pleasure I’m inflicting on her. My tongue, my hands, my entire being is focused on her. I can feel the walls of her pussy begin to constrict, there’s a deep moan welling from her loins and moving all the way through her body.

“OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” I can feel her beginning to cum, I can feel her get wetter, and I hear the slapping, squishing that tells me she’s going to cum from her G-spot and make things very, very wet. Then it begins… her eyes are almost closed, but I can tell she wants to see what I do when she cums this hard. I’m still massaging her in every way, licking her clit, and suddenly I can taste and feel her cumming in my mouth. I move back, just in time to see her squirt her love juice up in the air, catching me in the face. I think she’d smile at that, if she wasn’t so consumed by her orgasm. I keep my hand deep inside her, and she keeps coming. She squirts up into the air again. She doesn’t always do that, sometimes it’s just a solid flow. But tonight is special and she’s really into it. She tries to catch her breath, panting almost. She can’t get away, so I can keep tormenting her with pleasure. But I know that sometimes it’s just too much, so I slow down. “No, don’t stop. Not yet.” she pants.

I think, “Ok, if you’re sure!” I decide that it’s time to join in on the fun.

I remove my hand from her, and slowly, sensually pull the plug from her ass. I want her to feel my balls slapping her ass as I ram my hard cock into her. I see her exposed parts and marvel at their beauty. I look at her magnificent breasts, and finally light upon her face. Tired, sweaty, red. Gorgeous. She opens her eyes and I see that beautiful sparkle, that look of love that always melts my heart.

I say, “I love you. I love your body, I love the way you look at me. I love to love you.” She smiles, almost too tired to respond.

She’s still bound, ass in the air, exposed and waiting for me. I slide my more than ready cock into her, and let out a moan of enjoyment. I slide up and down, deep and hard. My balls are loose, and they fall hard onto her ass as I thrust ever more deeply into her. She moans and I can tell she’s enjoying this. After all our adventures, I don’t think I’m going to last very long. I decide that since she’s had the chance to watch me lick her, use my hands on her, have her cum all over the both of us that one more visual would be in order. I can feel her squeezing me, starting to cum herself. As her moans and noises get more and more intense, the feeling in my cock is becoming undeniable. I hear her cum, I feel it, the warmth of her juices are all over me. I pull out of her hot pussy and rest my cock on her, rubbing back and forth across her hot, wet lips. I begin to cum over her pussy, squirting hard across her belly and right into her cleavage. I secretly wish it had gone further, into her waiting mouth, but that’s asking a lot. I shiver with excitement and every muscle in my body is responding to the feelings emanating from my throbbing, shooting cock.


We are exhausted. I’ve got her pussy juice on my face, and she’s got my cum on her stomach and tits. We both smile and say “I Love You” at the same time. I reach up and release her legs, then her hands. We lay next to each other, and I play with the cum on her chest. I rub it over her tits, and massage it into her nipples. I hear it’s good for the skin. We laugh together, and get up to shower.

After our shower, we lay back down on the bed. I ask if she’s going to spend the night. I remind her that we just met tonight, in a bar. “Is this just a one night stand?” I ask. “Or is there something more?”

She plays coy with me and says, “After that, what’s left?” She rolls over and seems to be asleep almost immediately.

As I fall asleep, I’m thinking, “Oh baby, there’s so much more. You can’t even imagine.” Our next adventure begins to take shape in my mind as I fall asleep and dream of her some more.

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