A conversation with Dee Ch. 09

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(I hope readers are not getting bored with this affair with Dee. But this is the last episode, though I wasn’t to know that at the time. It was the second week of December. I knew Dee was away, but when I logged on mid-morning, I was surprised and delighted to see that Dee was already on!)

‘Wow Dee!’

‘Woke up early.’

‘Very early! Still in bed?’

‘Yes. All alone. How are you Sarah?’

‘So much better having heard from you. Mmmm … can I climb in with you? And curl up into your back, put my arms round you and press my thigh against your bottom..’

‘Mmmmm I wish you could. Perfect way to wake up.’

‘Pushing against your pussy, kissing the back of your neck, inhaling the scent of your hair.’

‘Lovely … Sarah yes please.’

‘Hand caressing your tits ….’

‘Oh mmmmm I want you.’

‘Kissing your ear, murmuring words of love and passionfeeling your pussy getting wetter.’

‘I can feel that too.’

‘I’m seeing Sue this afternoon instead of this morning. She’ll be delighted to know that we’ve been in touch again.’

‘Good, give her a kiss from me.’

‘You smell of sleep – lovely womanly smell – I’m stroking your bottom.’

‘Big bed, all alone. Naked. Come to me Sarah,’

‘I can crawl all over you then, lie on top of you.’

‘All over me. I can feel you kissing you all over, nibbling nipples. My lips are dry.’

‘Come here then – let me kiss them – kiss kiss – run my tongue over your lips.’

‘Now that’s better … mmmmm. My nipples need caressing.’

‘Squeezing your breasts and nipples. My thigh is now between your legs, pressing against your clit and labia.’

‘Oh Sarah.’

‘Pressing and rubbing against your special jewel, rolling you over on top of me so that I can prod your bum.’

‘Pulling you closer. Tighter. Looking down at you. Kissing you. Rubbing my pussy against yours.’

‘Thigh kneading your pussy finger probing your rosebud feeling your thighs shake, and your belly flutter … you are wonderful. Kissing your neck and now your nipples.’

‘Suck them. Bite them. Grinding my pussy … Rubbing together.’

‘Coming down to get my face between your thighs. I want that pussy … inhale your scent and taste those delicious juices.’

‘It’s all yours Sarah. I’m very wet.’

‘Taking your whole vulva in my mouth … tongue discovering the vagina once again. OMG so marvellous … eating your pussy and fucking your bum again and squeezing your tits.’

‘Omg … eat me … oh Sarah … gasping … I want you. Fuck me darling.’

‘Mmmm! I love you Dee.’

‘I love you Sarah.’

‘Tongue fucking you … nose rubbing your clit up and down.’

‘I can feel it. Delicious. Sarah… Perfect.’

‘Mmmmm wonderful. You are so very sexy and wonderful.’

‘So are you darling.’

‘Your loins are heaving … pushing against my face.’

‘I’m close Sarah. Gasping for breath. Kissing…. oooooo.’

‘Three fingers now thrust into your vagina, hard and fast and deep feeling you cum.’

‘Oh yessssds. Faster. My bum. Fuck my bum!’

‘OMG what a wonderful feeling … feeling you start to orgasm with me. Faster and harder all four fingers. Sliding finger deep into your rosebud. Wet with your dribbling juices.’

‘Please. So wet. Pushing my thighs upwards to meet your fingers.’

‘Deep inside your vagina, tongue lashing your clit, finger fucking your bum, feeling you shaking – tensing – muscles gripping.’

‘Grinding against your tongue … Comingggggg.’


‘Omg. Gasping.’

‘Yes yes Dee, yes yes yes – a BIG one.’

‘Yessssssss … Sarahhhhhhh … Aggghhhhhhhh … Yessssdsssss.’

‘Oooooooooooo oh hell – me too.’

‘Fuck meeeeeee …Cum baby. I’m there. OMG OMG!’

‘Oh so marvellous being with you again smelling you tasting you – kissing you deep and long … tongue fighting yours.’

‘Omggggggg … Panting! Love you … I want you to taste me … Kissing you now – Fighting.’

(Pause while we get our breath back.)

‘Sigh … phew – that was urfa escort marvellous Dee darling. I’m all yours.’

‘Did you cum darling?’

‘Panting still – oooo you’re telling me … you??’

‘Yesssss – Big one … I want you with me here – and always.’

‘Oooo thanks darling.’

‘Thank you xxxx.’

‘I’m so glad you woke up early.’

‘What’s the time now?’


‘OMG – yes 11.20 here – I’m just lying with my hand cupping your pussy.’

‘Standing behind you, Kissing your neck – both naked. Running my hands down your front. Touching your tits… Ooooo yes please Sarah – take me darling.’

‘Sucking your earlobe. Squeezing your wonderful nipples. Feeling them grow … Squeezing them … mmmm my hands stroking your thighs, round to your bum cheeks … head back on your shoulder – feeling the warmth of your bum.’

‘Opening my thighs for you Sarah. I take your hand and stand you up. Bending you over your desk.’

‘Mmm I’ve got my other hand between your thighs fingering your pussy lips … so wonderful. OMG darling – I’m in heaven.’

‘Kissing your back. Kissing your bum. Licking it. My fingers running up your thighs. So soft. Feeling your pussy. Mmmmm so wet. My fingers trace your lips. My tongue finds your bum hole – Licking it – Tracing it.’

‘Mmmmmm. That’s rude – but so nice.’

‘Teasing. My fingers tracing your clit..’

‘Yes please.’

‘Feeing it grow. Licking your bum hole, tongue gently probes it. My fingers entering you.’

‘OMG Dee – you’re bringing me again …..’

‘Feeling your pussy muscles.’

‘I’m trembling like jelly … knees buckling.’

‘Deeper inside you.’


‘Two fingers fucking my gorgeous Sarah. Deeper inside you. Tongue probing. Licking your bum hole … Fingers fucking you.’

‘*************** bucking and heaving … cummming …ooooooooooo OMG OMGGGGG.’

‘Cum baby … CUM on my fingers. Deeper and deeper. Faster.’

‘ARRRRRgggggggggggggggggggjhh … soaking your fingers … squirting for you.’

‘Fucking you. Harder.’


‘Squirt on my hands Sarah. Pushing harder. Faster. Deeper. Three fingers. Four.’

‘Phewwwwwww … panting.’

(A pause and deep breathing.)

‘Did you cum baby?’

‘Mmmmm … again! You are so fucking good – or so good fucking.’

‘I love fucking with you.’

‘Turn round I want to smack your bottom for being naughty … face down on the bed.’

‘Omg Sarah. No please I’ll be good.’


‘Oh Sarah please.’


‘Oh Sarah.’

‘Picking up your slipper.’



‘Please Sarah.’

‘Red cheeks.’


‘Your bum is blushing.’

‘It hurts Sarah – Please.’

‘Rubbing them better, then another smack on each, SMACK SMACK.’

‘I’ll be a good girl I promise Oh. Yessss. Yesssss.’

‘Head now between your thighs, hands smack your bottom while I suck your labia and tongue fuck you.’

‘I’m sorry for being naughty. Oh yes. Harder.’

‘Nose rubbing against your rosebud.’

‘Please don’t stop.’

‘Rimming your bum.’

‘Love you.’

‘Smacking while tongue fucking your bum.’

‘Dee loves Sarah. Oh such pleasure.’

‘And four fingers deep inside you vagina. Cum again for me Dee darling?’


‘Then you can have a peaceful nap.’

‘I wish.’

‘Dreaming of us together.’

‘Smack my bum again.’


‘I am. I love it when you do that.’


‘Oh Sarah.’

‘My wet pussy is rubbing over your back while I use the slipper on your bum.’

‘I can feel your juices. Oh wonderful.’

‘And my other hand penetrates your pussy wanting to feel you cum again. Heaving.’

‘Yessss … Close already. Pushing against your fingers.’

‘Now licking your bum and finger fucking your vagina, tongue probing your bum as fingers search deeper into your pussy, hard and fast … you taste divine.’

‘Omg urfa escort bayan – Yessssds – Yesss … Close … omg … Agghhhhhh.’

‘Your pussy is so wet and hot. I can feel the deep fluttering… your whole body is shaking … shaking … shaking. You are moaning. Gasping. Wanting to feel the orgasm shatter your loins.’

‘Yesss. Cumming. Aggghhhhhhhh. Looking at you in mirror. So sexy. Yesss.’

‘Mmmmm … you are so beautiful and sexy and marvellous … feeling your private places.’

‘Building up to a big one, Sarah.’

‘Mmmmm cum on then Dee, I’m loving your pussy now with my lips and finger, nibbling the clit … fingers and tongue fighting for the vagina.’

‘Yessss … Omg Sarah … Eat me … Fuck me. Bite me. Agggggghhhhhhhhhhh.’

‘Wanting to eat it and feel it CUMMMMING.’

‘Yessssssss … Now wheeeeee.’

‘I can hear you … MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.’

‘Yessssds. Thrashing. Bucking. Cumming.’


‘Agghhhhhhhhhh. Yessssssss.’

‘Mmmm I felt that.’

‘Omg yes. Mmmmmm. Hugging you. Gently stroking your back.’

‘OMG that was a wonderful reunion. Just clasping you to me.’

‘Perfect reunion.’

‘Our naked bodies held together. Kissing you.’

‘Gently licking your lips.’

‘I love you Dee.’

‘I know … and I love you Sarah.’

‘I’m spent!! Phew.’

‘Me too. Are you wearing panties?’

‘panties so wet. I didn’t expect to orgasm in them so I took no precautions.’

‘Wish I could feel them.’

‘But what the hell …. lets exchange panties again… you can wear mine all day – though they might be a bit smelly … lol.’

‘I would love too.’

‘Phew …. still breathing hard. Just recovering.’

‘Sweating here. .’

‘Have you got a busy day ahead?’

‘Lots of meetings.’

‘Mmm … poor you.’

‘Better now though.’

‘I shall be seeing Sue at about 3.30 for tea and sympathy … but mainly sex.’

‘Sympathy. Lol. Lucky Sue.’

‘And lucky me, to have made love to my two most wonderful ladies on the same day.’

‘I know. Give her a big kiss on her pussy from me.’

‘When you put honey on your toast think of me.’

‘I will. All day long. And especially when your with Sue.’

‘She’ll be so pleased. I was surprised she actually said ok to sending you that pussy shot.’

‘It was wonderful.’

‘I think she secretly fancies you as well.’

‘Her pussy is nearly as nice as yours.’

‘When I signed on today I was secretly hoping you would be online at Sue’s.’

‘That would have been great!! What a shame.’

‘I know. No fault. Glad you were here.’

‘Me too. You’ve no idea how my heart lurched when the message came up that you were online – to say nothing of my loins!’

‘When I signed on I didn’t see you online. Then you popped up. Perfect.’

‘But so very delighted you came – in both ways!! Lol.’

‘Me too. I wanted you on the plane yesterday.’

‘Phew – I don’t want to go, but hubby is looking hungry!!!’

‘I want a full blow by blow account. Ok go feed him. Then go fuck Sue.’

(After lunch I logged in again only to find Dee still available.)


‘What … still there?’

‘Just had breakfast.’

‘Mmmm did you enjoy the toast and honey … didn’t expect a second chat – but thrilled!!’

‘I can’t get enough of it. Or you. Back in my room.’

‘Good. getting ready for the first meeting I guess – so can’t be going with sticky knickers!’

‘Wish you were here.’

‘Me too.’

‘Being picked up around 8:30.’

‘So we have a few minutes – want you so badly.’

‘Just chilling. Kiss. Yes for you.’

‘How’s Ruth btw?’

‘She’s great. But it’s you I want ….’

‘Still having sex with her though?? Mmmm wonderful.’

‘Yes, wonderful sex.’

‘I’m so thrilled that you got together with her. We’ll no doubt be talking about you over tea!!’

‘See what you have done to me.’

‘Made you into an insatiable sex maniac.’

‘A escort urfa lesbian maniac.’

‘I’ll tell Sue about you being on line at 5 am, desperately wanting me to fuck you in bed. Don’t you want cock any more??’

‘Yes, but I want pussy more.’

‘Or both – sucking cock and finger fucking me.’

‘Omg that would be perfect. Do you still like cock?’

‘Yes I do, but the orgasms are nothing like as fulfilling.’

‘Agree. You make me cum harder than anything I’ve ever experienced.’

‘What about Ruth?? That’s the real thing.’

‘She’s great, but you’re amazing.’

‘You flatterer … but I love you … I must say, I never expected to meet anyone like you on line!!’

‘Me neither … and I love you too. I really needed help at the time, Sarah.’

‘I know, and you got it in spades!!’

‘Gosh! Sure did! I love you. I want to be with you and Sue this afternoon.’

‘Well, you will be in our thoughts.’

‘I like the agony of your smacks. The time you tied me to the bed and then raised my legs was such a turn on.’

‘I shall do that again, sitting on your face, looking down at your private places – slipping a carrot in there … lol.’

‘I hope so. Licking my parts. Wonderful. I would like you to squirt on my face one day too.’

‘Are you getting wet again???’

‘I’m very wet.’

‘Change of panties then before you start the day.’

‘They are off! And bra open.’

‘Oh – so just a quick wipe then and a dab of perfume!!’

‘No. I want you. I played with myself on plane thinking of you.’

‘Mmmm your wonderful boobs are spilling out of their cups. I just have time to suckle the nipples … get them all hard, and slip my hand between your legs to cup your leaking pussy.’

‘They are ready for you … mmmmm … They love you sucking them. Sarah, fuck me!’

‘Fingers starting to slide into the vagina. Other hand feeling for the rosebud. Can I kiss your clit.’

‘Mmmmm please Fuck my waiting pussy all swollen ready for you.’

‘I want to eat you darling. Spreading your lips, gently blowing on your clit. So big darling, sucking it. Mmmm it’s like a cock. Lovely to suck. Licking it.’

‘Mmmm feels good as well. Oh Sarah … Fuck me … Hard.’

‘I like sinking my tongue inside your pussy. Eating your clit. Nibbling it.?.’

‘Yesssss 69. Eat me darling.’

‘Chewing your fleshy vulva. Nose rubbing your bum again.’

‘Fingering your ass hole. Omg … I love you so much Sarah. Tongue inside you … you’re so wet.’

‘Mmmm you have a fantastic body and I want it!’

‘You too. Deeper. Finger inside your bum hole. Tongue fucking your pussy … Deeper. Deeper. In and out. Suck it Sarah. Eat me!’

‘Fingers now fucking you wildly while I suck your clit. Finger deep inside your bum.’

‘Oh Sarah. Yesssss deeper. Fingers inside your pussy. So wet. So big. Tongue licking you.’

‘Sliding in and out in rhythm with my fingers fucking your pussy.’

‘Three – Four – Can I fist you?’

‘Gosh … that’s a stretch – please. I can take it.’

‘Fist inside your pussy. Mmmmm so deep. So big.’

‘Don’t stop.’

‘Licking your clit.’

‘I’m fizzing again Dee – ooooooooooooo.’

‘Deeper inside your pussy.’

‘OMG you are a devil – and I love you.’

‘Eating your clit. Fisting you. Deeper. In and out. Eating your clit.’


‘Licking your ass hole. Cum baby.’

‘OMG Dee.’

‘Omg I’m cumminnng too.’


‘Oh shit. Saaaaaarah. Yesssssss.’

‘Cum with me. Together. NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.’

‘Omg. Aaaggggghhhhhhhh.’


‘Yessssss. Oh Sarah. Omg.’

‘Phew – panting – oh what a beautiful morning!!.’

‘Same here. I want you. I need a shower. Lol. I want you and Sue to kiss my tits.’

‘If your meeting gets boring come to me. A quick one!! It’s almost 8.30.’

‘I will. Give Sue my love.’

‘Thinking of you. Come home soon.’

‘Enjoy … And email me … Kiss Sue’s pussy for me.’

‘Mmmmm I will.’

(And I did!! To a very satisfactory outcome. I e-mailed Dee several times since then. But weeks passed with no further message from her. Not a peep! Sue and I have talked about it often but neither can think why Dee’s remained silent for so long. I miss her. I do hope she’s well.)

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